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Employee spotlight posts

Employee spotlight posts!

Employee spotlight highlights your organization’s most valuable asset: its people. Employees describe what it’s like to work for your organization and what sets it apart from others in their own words.

Employee profiles are an integral component of any employer branding plan. CoEmployee spotlightnsider: applicants are applying to spend several years of their lives and at least 40 hours per week working for your firm.

That is an enormous commitment. A job description and a careers page are the major materials on which they can base their decision. Candidates expect organizations to supply them with more and more information about what it’s like to work for them and what the team culture is really like.

At various phases of the recruitment process, providing candidates with employee profiles will assist them in determining whether or not your organization and role are a good fit for them. Please feel free to use the links provided to skip ahead.

Let’s examine the employee spotlight, its benefits and best practices, as well as some outstanding examples of the employee spotlight.

What is an employee spotlight?

Employee spotlight

The employee spotlight is a sort of content that highlights an employee’s tenure with the organization, accomplishments, personality, work anniversaries, successes, and more. Employee spotlight pieces are a great way to share employee tales, establish relationships among employees, and enhance your company brand.

A post highlighting an employee can be published in many formats, such as a photograph accompanied by a brief text, a short video, or a written interview. These posts are typically published on internal communication channels, social media channels, and career pages.

The employee spotlight is analogous to the employee testimonial. However, whereas employee testimonials are primarily intended to provide social proof to prospects, employee spotlight is also utilized for internal corporate branding.

Benefits of employee spotlight

Employee spotlight

Still on the fence about whether an employee spotlight project is worthwhile?

Consider the benefits listed below:

Recognizing your staff members

The employee spotlight highlights the outstanding work of certain staff members. The acknowledgement enhances a person’s drive and morale; hence, they work harder and exert their best effort. Motivated employees are more engaged and inclined to remain with your organization.

Creating a culture of gratitude

Employee spotlights foster an environment in which superior performance is recognized by management and coworkers, so fostering a culture of mutual respect and appreciation.

It also communicates the great work culture of your organization to the outside world. The online presence of a contented and involved team conveys to prospective employees that your company has a fantastic culture where employee respect and appreciation thrive.

fostering relationships amongst employees

When working in a large organization with multiple teams working remotely or in multiple locations, it can be difficult for employees to get to know one another.

Communication and collaboration are crucial to breaking down boundaries between employees and teams in a hybrid/remote work environment.

Therefore, staff spotlights might serve as a conversation starter between individuals and departments. These initial interactions can lead to deeper interpersonal bonds.

When disparate groups connect on a deeper level, engagement and teamwork increase. Eventually, more teamwork increases production and the bottom line.

Genuine employer branding content

It is difficult to attract applicants with whom your employer brand and corporate culture relate. When searching for a new job, applicants want to learn as much as possible about the company they are applying to. They are interested in the job’s benefits and possible teammates.

Candidates seek genuine information about what it is like to work for your organization. They trust your staff three times more than they trust the corporation to deliver such information.

Job review websites such as Glassdoor make it simple to discover negative remarks about your firm.

Obviously, you must address the issues raised by your (former) employees in their reports in order to make your firm a desirable place to work. A well-executed employee recognition program can also contribute to a more favorable impression of your firm. Employee feedback can demonstrate that your firm provides a satisfying workplace.

In addition, sharing an internal employee spotlight with candidates at various phases of the hiring process will assist them in determining whether your job and organization are a suitable fit for them.

Effective sales technique

In addition to being a tool for employer branding, employee spotlights can also be utilized as a sales tool for your organization.

When potential customers are uncertain about a company’s reputation, it makes sense for them to visit the About page. Knowing the company’s personnel can inspire confidence in its goods and services.

When one product or service has the same features and price as another, the customer’s choice typically comes down to whose firm they believe will be more fun to work with.

Employee profiles posted to your website are persuasive on their own. When posted on social media, however, where they may be watched, liked, remarked on, and shared by your employees and potential consumers, their value to your firm grows substantially.

Similarly, you might incorporate them into your company’s newsletter. With email, you have a greater chance of getting viewed by prospects because you do not have to compete with other companies that are clogging up their LinkedIn network. It is also a far more personal method of communicating with clients because you are speaking to them privately one-on-one.

Employee spotlight best practices

Employee spotlight

Now that you are aware of the benefits of employee spotlight, review the best practices for making the posts:

1. Determine the optimal format

How you intend to use the content and the audience you wish to reach will determine the format of your employee highlight pieces.

With TikTok and YouTube’s continued popularity, it makes sense to create staff showcase films. You may record and edit a basic video on your mobile device.

Another popular format is the podcast, which is perfect for commuters and drivers who prefer to listen.

If you have the means and desire the greatest outcomes, you should hire a professional.

Then, you can convert your podcasts and movies into other formats, such as blog postings. Publish a mini-interview on your website or put it in your organization’s newsletter.

Additionally, reuse your spotlight as social media posts. Combine the photograph of the employee with the interview quotes. Then, publish them to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can also ask your marketing team for assistance in generating employee spotlight ideas.

2. Determine who you will highlight

Your employee spotlight pieces should ideally highlight personnel from all departments and levels (from interns to senior leadership).

Give everyone an opportunity to be acknowledged. Keep in mind, though, that they must be willing to engage.

3. Prepare your employee spotlight questions

Popular themes to address in your employee spotlight include the purpose and vision of the company, leadership, organizational culture, challenges and successes, significant projects or milestones, work perks and benefits, and prospects for career advancement.

Here’s a sample of questions you can ask: 

  1. How would you describe your work?
  2. Why do you wish to remain with our organization?
  3. What do you appreciate most about our company’s culture?
  4. Can you tell us more about your favorite aspect of your job?
  5. How does your daily schedule look?
  6. Describe the most major project you’ve managed and its influence on our business.
  7. How does your present position compare to previous positions?
  8. What characteristics about our management team stuck out to you?
  9. Which company values are most meaningful to you?
  10. What are your most notable accomplishments while working for our company?
  11. Who most motivates you within our organization?
  12. What is your favorite workplace bonus or perk, and why?
  13. What makes working for our organization special?
  14. Describe your professional development since you began working for us.
  15. What is the most challenging obstacle you’ve encountered while working for us?
  16. What would you like to ask our CEO if you had the opportunity?
  17. How do you envision yourself in five years?
  18. What is the finest piece of advise you can give to someone who is interested in working for us?
  19. What is the most exciting project you are currently working on?
  20. Which skill do you believe every person should acquire?
  21. What inspires you?

During the question-and-answer session, you should not attempt to provide a flawless response. Instead, let your workers to respond in a natural manner. And when something is mentioned for which you believe a follow-up question is warranted, proceed accordingly.

You may be tempted to follow your own Q&A format, but you want each employee spotlight to highlight each individual in a unique manner.

4. Promote employee recognition

Share your staff feature posts via the aforementioned channels, including social media, video platforms, and your business blog.

Don’t forget to advertise it internally via the intranet or other internal communication channels, such as Slack or the corporate newsletter.

Remember that these posts are helpful for increasing employee morale and introducing them to their coworkers.

5. Monitor the results

After publishing and distributing a few employee spotlights, solicit feedback from your employees regarding what they liked and disliked about the interviews and the posts themselves.

The collected input can then be used to enhance the next round of employee spotlights.

Track the performance of posts in various forms on social media and email. Thus, you may determine which formats to prioritize. For instance, if your objective is to draw visitors from your social media accounts to your website, you may determine which format accomplishes this the most effectively.

Employee spotlight examples

Employee spotlight

Need further suggestions for creating your employee spotlight posts?

Consider the following examples for ideas:

1. MessageBird

In their Employee Spotlight Series on their blog, MessageBird, a cloud messaging platform, features employees (whom they refer to as “Birds”) from all over the world.

In one of their postings, they provide a detailed look into Guila’s work experience at MessageBird, including her beginnings with the company, her professional motivations, a description of a normal workday, and her greatest accomplishments.

The direct remarks from her regarding her trust in MessageBird’s offers and her appreciation for the company’s flexible work schedules enhance the company’s reputation as an innovative workplace.

2. Delta

Delta Airlines uses their Instagram account, Life at Delta, to market job openings by highlighting their employees.

This particular employee profile highlights Delta’s dedication to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI).

Wee (Victor) H. was thrilled to rejoin the employment by joining the Res & Care team of the organization after his retirement.

This post further proves that Delta is the place to be, regardless of whether you are building a career in the aviation business or hunting for your next position after retirement.

The candidate’s photograph while on duty is a good addition.

3.  E.J. Gallo Winery

This Instagram employee spotlight details Siobhan’s professional progression at E.J. Gallo Winery, from Production Engineer to Warehouse Analyst and Start-Up Manager to her present role as Product Owner.

It is evident that E.J. Gallo Winery goes above and beyond when it comes to employing people and believing in and trusting their abilities through promotions. Consequently, job satisfaction and staff retention are enhanced.

Personal information about the employee, such as Siobhan’s family and hobbies, is also included to “humanize” the employee.

4. United States Army Corps of Engineers

In commemoration of Women’s History Month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers posted a series of staff spotlight posts on its Facebook page.

Teralyn Murray, P.E., Chief of Regulatory Branch, advised employees in her employee spotlight to never be intimidated.

Despite the obstacles, Teralyn pursued a profession in engineering despite being female and Black.

In addition, she promoted the Chicago District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as an inclusive organization and urged all interested parties to apply.

5. Staples

Another corporation committed to the professional development of its employees is Staples. In this sample employee highlight, Riley began her career as a manager, advanced to director, and is now a vice president.

She asserts that despite a lack of sales expertise, anyone with tenacity, perseverance, and the ability to hear customers’ issues may pursue a career in sales.

The movie also highlighted her enthusiasm for cultivating associates and seeing their careers flourish, much as hers did, through fostering their personal or professional development.

6. SHL

This employee spotlight took a unique approach by letting the employee, in this case the intern, write about her experience working for SHL, a talent evaluation and talent management platform.

According to Azraa, launching a profession and locating a single stepping stone is difficult, but not impossible.

The most important lesson she learned from her experience was how to be disciplined when working remotely. She counseled individuals just beginning their professions to take risks and be genuine.


Include your new hires in your social media posts as an additional employee spotlight suggestion.

At AIHR, we welcome each new hire with a Linkedin post in which they are introduced and their responsibilities are outlined. Thus, our colleagues will be able to connect with their new teammate, and our followers will be able to discover who is behind AIHR.

FAQs On Employee spotlight Post

How do I introduce my spotlight to my employees?

An employee spotlight post can be published in multiple formats, for example, an employee's picture accompanied by a short text, a short video, or a written interview. Typically, these posts are published on internal communication channels, the company's social media channels, and career pages.

What does employee spotlight mean?

Employee Spotlight content focuses on your employee's work history. Employee Highlight posts are a great way to tell stories about your team. It contributes to the growth of employee connections.

How do you write a good employee recognition?

Express your heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. For greater impact, add specific details about what the employee did to deserve the recognition. Speak from the heart. Tell your recipients why their accomplishments or talents made a difference to you, your team or the company.

Why should you do employee spotlights?

Ultimately, the main goal of an employee spotlight is to garner trust among employees and provide new hire prospects additional information about the company and people they will potentially be working with in the near future.

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