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40 Easiest Doctorate Programs without Dissertation – PhD et al

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Easiest Doctorate Programs without Dissertation – PhD et al 2022!

You may obtain a doctorate without submitting a dissertation, did you know that? Even though a doctoral degree requires a dissertation, several colleges provide some of the simplest Doctorate/PhD programs without one. They can take the form of online study or the traditional physical instructions but they are mostly offered online.

This article will inform you on the Doctorate programs without dissertation available in 2022. Continue reading!

What is a Doctoral Dissertation?

The culmination of most doctoral degree programs is a doctoral dissertation, which is a sizable written document in which the student applies the knowledge and abilities gained over the entire program to create and explain an unique thought, theory, or practice that will advance the subject.

Many colleges have developed alternatives that enable students to demonstrate their knowledge and make significant contributions to their subject without finishing a conventional dissertation because this assignment is difficult, demanding, and frequently necessitates years of research. Read further to know the Doctorate programs without dissertation you can study.

What is a Capstone Project?

The capstone project, often known as the capstone or capstone course, serves as the students’ culminating intellectual and scholastic experience.

Capstone projects are the climax of your schooling, similar to dissertations. They typically entail some original investigation or a form of field-specific practical application of knowledge. Everything is based on the program and the school.

Frequently Asked Questions on Doctorate Programs without Dissertation

Is a PhD Superior to a Doctoral Degree?

No. A PhD falls under the category of research doctorates. The most typical doctorate in research is this one.

What Distinguishes a Thesis from a Dissertation?

The major distinction between a thesis and a dissertation is that a thesis is founded on already completed research. A dissertation, on the other hand, is founded on unique research. A dissertation is often completed during a doctorate program, whereas a thesis is typically required to acquire a master's degree.

What Conditions must be met before Applying to PhD Programs?

The following are typical requirements for most universities: CV or resume Having a master's degree in addition to a bachelor's degree in a particular discipline, most recent GMAT or GRE scores, Statement of Purpose and Letters of Support

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Doctorate Programs without Dissertation

40+ Doctorate Programs without Dissertation

Here is the list of Doctorate programs without dissertation in 2022:

A list of Doctorate programs without dissertation requirements is shown below. Instead, you finish a PhD study project or a capstone project.

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Management
  3. Information technology and computers
  4. Criminal Justice
  5. Education
  6. Finance
  7. Healthcare Management
  8. Homeland Security
  9. Management
  10. Nursing
  11. Public Administration
  12. Public Health
  13. Psychology

DBA in Accounting without a Dissertation

Some Doctorate programs without dissertation are offered under Accounting. The domestic and international managerial accounting concentration of the doctor of business administration includes specializations in accounting.

There is no dissertation requirement for these accounting programs:

  1. Accounting-focused online doctorate in business administration
  2. Finance-focused online doctor of business administration

Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) without Dissertation

Business professionals working in businesses, the public sector, or academia should consider earning a doctor of business administration, the highest academic degree available in the business world.

There are numerous Online DBA concentrations that don’t require the dissertation process or any related research. As an alternative, you finish a capstone or doctoral study project. These initiatives offer possibilities for leadership development and practical learning.

The majority of online DBA programs provide you the option to customize your education by choosing the specialization that most closely matches your interests and career goals.


  1. DBA in Leadership Online
  2. DBA Project Management Online
  3. DBA – General Business Online
  4. Accounting DBA online
  5. Finance DBA – Online
  6. Human Resource Management Online DBA
  7. Supply Chain Management Online DBA
  8. Information Systems Management DBA Online
  9. International Business Online DBA
  10. DBA – Online Marketing
  11. Online DBA – Business Administration
  12. Healthcare Management Online DBA
  13. DBA – Homeland Security online
  14. Social Impact Management Online DBA
  15. Technology Entrepreneurship Online DBA
  16. DBA – Energy Management Online

Online Computer and Information Technology Doctorate

You can prepare for top management positions in businesses, governmental organizations, and nonprofits by earning a doctorate in computer information systems or information technology.

A Dissertation is not Necessary for these IT Programs:

  1. Online information technology doctorate
  2. Information Systems Management DBA Online

Both the Doctor of Business Administration and the Doctor of Information Technology are applied Doctorate degrees.

Criminal Justice Doctoral Programs

You can evaluate and work in the social sciences in fields including law and society, crime, policing, homeland security, and criminal behavior with the help of a doctorate in criminal justice.

The following Criminal Justice Programs are available:

  1. Criminal justice Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.)
  2. Psychology Doctor in Criminal Justice (PsyD)
  3. Criminal justice Doctor of Business administration
  4. Criminal Justice Doctor of Management (DM)
  5.  Doctor of Criminal Justice (DCJ)

The PhD in Criminal Justice is one of these five sorts of Doctorate programs without dissertation that is the most popular. The other four sorts of doctorates, however, are for professional fields, and thus are more likely to substitute a capstone project for the dissertation procedure.

Dissertation-free Online Doctoral Programs in Education

A graduate degree in education might make you stand out and lead to new opportunities. Programs leading to a doctorate in education can help with that.

Many colleges now offer online Education Doctorate programs without dissertation, so you might be able to finish the program sooner without sacrificing your other responsibilities or having to write that hefty research paper!

A doctor of education (EdD) degree places more emphasis on the practical application of knowledge in the actual world than a PhD in education program, which is largely focused on research.


  1. Educational Leadership and Administration Doctorate Online
  2. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the online EdD
  3. Reading, literacy, and assessment online doctorate
  4. Higher Education Leadership & Management Online EdD
  5. Online EdD – Community College Leadership
  6. Online EdD – Educational Technology
  7. Online EdD – Special Education
  8. Online EdD – Early Childhood Education
  9. Online EdD – Higher Education Leadership and Adult Learning

Doctorate Programs without Dissertation

Doctoral Programs in Finance

The Doctor of Business Administration offers specializations in finance and focuses on international finance, entrepreneurial finance, law, and compliance.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial managers are in high demand with a mean salary of $134,180.

These Finance Degree Programs do not Require a Dissertation:

  1. Finance-focused online doctor of Business Administration
  2. Accounting-focused online doctorate in business administration

Online Healthcare Administration Doctoral Programs

Some of the Doctorate programs without dissertation are offered online in Healthcare Administration. The Doctor of Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare management offers advanced training in professional management, human resource development, and organizational leadership.

Programs leading to a DBA in Healthcare Management can equip you for senior leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Management Online DBA
Develop a profound understanding of both theory and practice as you investigate cutting-edge leadership and decision-making techniques.

Doctoral Programs in Homeland Security Online

There is an increasing need for Homeland Security executives who are skilled in crisis preparation due to the surge in terrorism and natural catastrophes around the world.

Not necessitating a dissertation; DBA – Homeland Security online

Among the topics covered in-depth in the courses are business infrastructure vulnerability analysis, business infrastructure planning, and homeland security policy.

Online Management Doctoral Programs

Your preparation for strategic leadership will be provided by a doctor of business administration with a management concentration. You’ll not only acquire sophisticated research techniques, but you’ll also get the chance to discover fresh approaches to tackle difficult issues in your sector.

There is no Dissertation Requirement for these Degree Programs:

  1. DBA in Leadership Online
  2. DBA Project Management Online
  3. Supply Chain Management Online DBA
  4. Information Systems Management DBA Online
  5. Human Resource Management Online DBA
  6. Healthcare Management Online DBA
  7. Social Impact Management Online DBA

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) online

In order to improve patient outcomes, nurses enrolled in the DNP program will learn to apply evidence-based research.

You can finish this DNP in as little as two years. Focus areas include;

  • Innovation and Constructive change in the healthcare system
  • Leadership and Innovation are also areas of focus.


Online Doctorate of Public Administration

Some of the Doctorate programs without dissertation are under Public Administration. The Doctor of Public Administration is a doctorate in applied science that provides you with the in-depth information you need to lead successfully and contribute to good change in non-profits, governmental organizations, or organizations of a similar nature.

Programs leading to a doctorate in public administration can help you get ready for a career in academia or in the public, commercial, or nonprofit sectors.

PhD Programs in Public Health Online

You can take some Doctorate programs without dissertation under Public Health. A professional doctorate degree in public health is available to those who are currently employed in the area.

The multidisciplinary discipline includes subjects like advocacy and marketing as well as communications and leadership.

There are several concentrations offered, including those in biostatistics and epidemiology.

Programs for a PsyD Online without a dissertation

A professional degree program that includes both clinical psychology and counseling psychology is the doctor of psychology.

A few online PsyD programs don’t call for a dissertation.

Typical specialty areas include:

  1. Behavioral Health Leadership
  2. Occupational Psychology
  3. Psychology of the Child, Adolescent, and Family
  4. Cognitive Psychology
  5. Applied Psychology
  6. Family or Couples Therapy
  7. Criminal Psychology
  8. Psychology in Health and Behavioral Medicine
  9. Mental Health
  10. Neuropsychology

Doctorate Programs without Dissertation


Due to their rarity, it could be challenging to find Doctorate programs without dissertation. Therefore, we painstakingly made the decision to share some of the easiest Doctorate programs without dissertation with you.

This post on the easiest Doctorate programs without dissertation is now at the end. Please leave any questions you may have in the comment section.


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