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Depaul Arts and Letters Hall Vivid Description

The Depaul Arts and Letters Hall was built by Antunovich Associates with the goal of achieving LEED Gold Certification. The new building on the Chicago campus of DePaul University’s Lincoln Park neighborhood holds classrooms, administrative offices, lounge areas, the English and History of Art & Architecture departments, as well as other amenities.

The Depaul Arts and Letters Hall has a sizable courtyard and is comparable in height to other nearby campus and neighborhood structures. It was created to blend in with the distinctive residential character of Lincoln Park. To guarantee that the structure blends in with its surroundings and the rich historical vernacular of Lincoln Park, brick is employed extensively on the building’s outside façade.

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Depaul Arts and Letters Hall Overview

The Depaul Arts and Letters hall’s nearby high-traffic courtyard area improves the student experience by offering a useful and well-kept outdoor space.

This well-liked area has transformed an area that had limited usable outdoor space before thanks to the pedestrian activity created by the building and its location within the DePaul Campus. An overhead trellis structure that provides shade, a canopy above, and a pedestrian-friendly scale for this space—as it sits near to the new four-story building—is the focal point of this park-like campus addition.

Brick and limestone piers that frame the entrances to the Depaul Arts and Letters Hall are reminiscent of the building’s and a large portion of DePaul’s campus’ construction materials. Dense boundary plantings and piers prohibit shortcuts across the space and the resulting landscape damage while providing clearly marked pedestrian entry locations. Under the trellis, integrated terraced sitting is offered, and around the perimeter are free-standing benches and companion pieces of seating. Hardiness, durability, seasonal interest, and low maintenance were the key goals of the planting design and plant selection, which also had straightforward horticultural needs. The structure also makes use of a built-in green roof.

Structural Images:

Take a look at some beautiful images of the Depaul Arts and Letters Hall.

depaul arts and letters hall
Front structure of depaul arts and letters hall

depaul arts and letters hall

depaul arts and letters hall

depaul arts and letters hall

About DePaul University

Depaul University, which was established in 1989, is the largest private educational institution in Chicago and the largest catholic university in Illinois.
With over 2,500 pupils, it provides a distinctive training environment. The 17,000 m2 Art and Literature faculty was created by an international team of architects, and it is a vibrant and useful environment. Floors from the Frontier line that seamlessly blend with the furnishings and interior design define this area of striking visual impact.

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Concluding Facts of Depaul Arts and Letters Hall

Bulley & Andrews was honored to serve as the general contractor for the exciting addition Depaul Arts and Letters Hall to the Lincoln Park Campus.

Academic space, shared classrooms, student computer and study labs, faculty offices, and administrative offices are all provided in the new 115,000 square foot structure. The new building has lots of casual study and lounge areas for students, encouraging a thriving student life and offering many possibilities for interaction.

The structure accommodates for future university expansion as well. The building’s lower two floors have comfortable classroom, lab, and lounge areas. Large faculty and administrative offices are located on the upper floors, which may also be programmed to add extra classroom space as needed. All areas have been designed to be flexible in order to enable growth and change with ease.

Construction on the project started in July 2010 and was finished in November 2011.

FAQs about Depaul Arts and Letters Hall

Where is DePaul’s Arts and Letters Hall?

N. Kenmore Avenue 2315 The 119,000 square foot Arts & Letters Hall, which was constructed in 2011, has 47 modern classrooms and an inner stairway that looks out into a striking, four-story atrium.

What makes DePaul University unique?

Every year, DePaul is a top producer of Peace Corps volunteers and Fulbright award recipients. DePaul is consistently rated as one of the best colleges in the Midwest and is honored by US News and World Report for both social mobility and innovation. It has received praise from both The Princeton Review and Forbes.

Is DePaul’s art program of high quality?

DePaul's art program offers a solid foundation in studio art with programs that emphasize research, conceptual thinking, creative problem-solving, the development of artistic skill, and the historical purposes of art and how they affect the present and the future.

The DePaul Museum of Art is it free?

Everybody can use DPAM for free and without charge. However, making reservations is strongly advised for admittance.



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