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Full Sail University Campus Life – Is Full Sail University Worth it? 2023 Review

Full Sail University Overview: What is Full Sail University Campus Life like?

Full Sail University is an Orlando-area for-profit private school of entertainment and media studies that was once established as an Ohio-based recording and music production studio. Programs like Film, Games, and Music are among the 93 subjects of study in which Full Sail awards degrees and certificates. On top of having classroom space, Full Sail’s campus houses the only sports technology lab at a university in Florida, the Sports Lab Powered by ESPN. Every year, the campus celebrates the induction of six graduates into the university hall of fame with a week of block parties and guest speakers.

full sail university campus life

Full Sail University Accreditation

An educational institution with accreditation is Full Sail University. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges is the organization in charge of its accreditation (ACCSC). Because it is designated as a recognized accrediting agency by the US Department of Education (USDE), the school’s accreditor is valid.

Every non-traditional student must take one extremely crucial step before submitting an application to an online school. And the only thing to do is to confirm its accreditation.

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Full Sail University Ranking

A first for the reputable US news publication, Newsweek ranked America’s Best Online Learning Schools for 2022 with Statista, and Full Sail University came in at number 86. One of the top universities for music creation in the world, according to Haute Living, is Full Sail University.

Looking at a college or university’s ranking might give you an instant indication of how good it is.

It’s no secret that many high school seniors who are compiling a list of colleges to apply to turn to US News for college rankings. Unfortunately, Full Sail University is not ranked by US News.

Rankings for colleges should be regarded with caution, thus it’s okay in this case. Also, several college ranking services have given Full Sail University a ranking. For instance, Niche places it at #7 in Florida’s Best Colleges for Communications, #10 in Florida’s Best Colleges for Student Life, and #36 in America’s Best Colleges for Music.

On-campus programs are not offered online, and vice versa.

full sail university campus life

What is Full Sail University Campus Life like?

Most on-campus students spend 32 to 40 hours each week in lecture and laboratories. Labs are held after lectures, which can take place during the day or at night. Full Sail University does not offer on-campus housing for students, in contrast to other colleges and universities.

True, Full Sail University is not a place where people go out to party.

Even yet, if you decide to pursue a degree at the university using the conventional method, boredom shouldn’t be a concern of yours.

This is due to the fact that Full Sail University students have access to a wide range of clubs and organizations. They include anything from volunteer work, faith-based organizations, and scholarly pursuits to, of course, the arts and entertainment. There are shopping centers, dining options, nightclubs, museums, gardens, and parks nearby the campus.

There is no on-campus housing at Full Sail University, as was already mentioned. Students must, of course, live outside of the school’s boundaries. However, Full Sail University has a housing division that aids students in finding apartments and, if necessary, helps them look for roommates.

Advantages of Attending Full Sail University


1. Instruction at Full Sail is quick and concentrated.

Full Sail University’s semester format was created to prepare you for life in the real world, particularly the fast-paced entertainment sector. As a result, you’ll graduate sooner and earn more credit hours each month. The bachelor’s degree programs at the Full Sail school last 20 months, while the master’s degree programs last 12 months. (about half as long as a standard degree).

Campus students may attend classes and labs five to six days a week because their course load and class time will be full-time. It is not suggested to attempt to work a full-time job while attending Full Sail on campus due to the larger and faster-paced course load.

2. Lessons are constructed in order.

Each student enrolled in a Full Sail degree program follows a predetermined course plan, taking each course in the same order. As they advance, this enables students to build on their core knowledge and hone their skills. (It also means you won’t have to worry about signing up for the incorrect class or skipping one because there aren’t enough spots.)

Project-based learning is the main focus of both undergraduate and graduate programs. As they progress through the curriculum, students compile a portfolio of projects that serve as evidence of their knowledge and abilities.

Supplies and Equipment:

3. Always be hands-on.

The university’s lessons go beyond the abstract. You won’t only be studying instructions on how to operate the machinery specific to your sector. You’ll essentially take control of your education. Students will work behind the camera, on the set, creating, coding, 3D printing, designing, or lighting the stage.

You’ll be trained for your industry by employing the tools, abilities, and standards you need to get started quickly.

4. Project LaunchBox: All the essentials

Tuition includes everything students need to get started. A laptop outfitted with potent media creation software and tools unique to your degree program is included in Project LaunchBoxTM. No additional costs for books or resources are required because it enables students to learn and create from any location.

The Campus Life:

5. Investigate a setting designed for practical education.

With its music studios, game studios, live venues, boardrooms, and movie sets, the Full Sail campus is designed for the real world. It is the location where you can fulfill your goal using the equipment utilized in actual industrial production environments.

6. Seek assistance in locating a home and a roommate.

Although Full Sail does not have on-campus housing, there are many options close to campus that may be reached by walking or biking. A housing guide providing details on nearby, student-friendly housing is updated by the university’s Housing Resources department. They can also help you use the Full Sail roommate list to find a roommate.

Academic staff & Faculty

7. Gain knowledge from an expert community.

At Full Sail, instructors are seasoned experts who remain engaged in their fields. They are industry experts who know their fields and the practical abilities required to succeed in them. They include corporate executives, filmmakers, producers, tech experts, game developers, and designers.

8. Education that changes along with the market.

For the purpose of acting as program advisers, Full Sail collaborates with working professionals in each sector. By constantly contributing their professional views from the field, they keep Full Sail in touch with the most recent technical advancements, hiring requirements, and the ongoing growth of the entertainment industry.

Activities and Possibilities

9. Participate in an artistic community.

We do nothing small when we gather together. The university hosts formal networking events, career fairs, livestreamed lectures, and huge, extravagant celebrations. Students can attend workshops and panels, network with alumni and business leaders, and celebrate what makes the institution special throughout the year.

10. Locate your Tribe.

People at Full Sail get together as a group because they all want to learn by doing. Full Sail University’s courses are designed to foster collaboration and the development of deep relationships for your professional future. Do what you love while surrounded by others who are in classes, clubs, and student organizations working toward their goals.

Financial Aid & Scholarships Available at Full Sail University

Full Sail University still provides financial help even though it is a private, for-profit university with national accreditation. In fact, the institution maintains a separate department for financial aid. Students can get information on how to complete the FAFSA on the website of the aforementioned department.

The fact that private for-profit schools can be exceedingly expensive to attend is just one of the factors that make many students and their parents dislike them.

There is hope if you love one of Full Sail University’s degree programs but come from a low-income home.

The school, which is located in Winter Park, Florida, provides financial help to qualified students in the form of grants, loans, work-study opportunities, and scholarships. The Academic Advantage Grant is an institutional scholarship offered by Full Sail University that entitles qualified students to $5,000 to $15,000 in annual awards.

Full Sail University Acceptance Rate

Open admissions apply at Full Sail University. The private for-profit university has a 100% acceptance rate, which should go without saying. However, in order to be accepted, applicants must fulfill the minimal standards. The first step is to arrange a meeting with an admissions representative.

Some college-bound teenagers will attempt to apply to prestigious schools with low acceptance rates because of the bragging rights they can obtain if they are admitted there.

Others simply choose non-selective institutions and universities that have open admissions policies and 100% acceptance rates. The Full Sail University is one of them. Only a conventional high school diploma or an equivalent document, such as a GED certificate, is required for admission.

Additionally recommended but not strictly necessary are two letters of recommendation.


Full Sail University Campus Life FAQs

How many days of vacation do students at Full Sail University get?

2 weeks as usual + typically 1 week around Christmas. You get a week off for the holidays in addition to your accrued vacation days. 3 weeks. Naturally, if you take a trip during the 48 weeks that your class meets each year, you will either have to rearrange the class to accommodate your absence or you won't be able to.

Where do the majority of Full Sail students reside?

Central Orlando. However, given that UCF and Full Sail students predominate in the neighborhood, student housing near the downtown area is much more alluring. More than only the lively and busy streets, downtown attracts a lot of students.

What does Full Sail consider a failing grade?

A passing grade in each course and 90% attendance are prerequisites for students. A D- or a numerical grade of 60 is considered a passing grade in an associate's or bachelor's degree program. A C or a numerical grade of 73 is considered a passing grade in a master's-level program.

Does Full Sail University give you a laptop?

Through Project LaunchBox™, students receive a laptop computer, plus professional software and industry technologies.

full sail university campus life


In some institutions, interviews are not required. With Full Sail University, however, it’s a different scenario because, as was already mentioned, the very first step in the enrolling process is a meeting with an admissions representative.

Therefore, although having an open admissions policy, the school still makes every effort to ensure that only those applicants who would be a fantastic fit will push through with their application.



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