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StartStudyTop Online Culinary Certificate Programs 2023

Top Online Culinary Certificate Programs 2023

The ability to work anywhere in the globe and having a lucrative career are advantages for chefs. Around the world, there are several institutes and universities that focus on culinary education and training. This article includes some of the best online Culinary certificate programs.

What are Culinary Schools?

A culinary school is a college that imparts both fundamental and sophisticated cooking skills in order to satisfy international standards.

Cooking techniques throughout the world, kitchen management, food inventory, and other practical knowledge can all be learned in culinary schools.

The training covers a wide range of topics, such as understanding various diets, cooking a variety of nutritious meals, and learning about food safety. Read further to know the best Culinary schools in the world.

What’s the Price of Attending a Culinary School?

The price of a culinary arts degree can range from $35,000 to $54,000, depending on whether it is an associate's or a bachelor's. By enrolling in a reasonably priced culinary school at a community college or other institution, a student chef can cut costs.

Is it Worthwhile to Pursue a Profession in the Culinary Arts?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the culinary arts will increase by 25% by 2030. This is much greater than the average occupation growth rate, taking into account expected pay growth and the economy's recovery from the Covid-19 recession. Given the promising future of the sector, now is a great moment to get a degree in culinary arts.

Do Dorms exist at Culinary Schools?

Many prestigious universities, such the Culinary Institute of America, offer conventional dorms. Each year, over 1,700 pupils attend this school. Other four-year universities and institutions that are regarded as destination schools provide comparable housing options.

What are the Careers Available for Culinary Schools Graduates?

1. Chef.
2. Cook.
3. Sous-chef.
4. Chef de partie.
5. Personal chef.
6. Pastry chef.
7. Baker.
8. Restaurant management.
9. Caterer.
10. Food stylist.
11. Chef de cuisine.
12. Sommelier.
13. Food And Beverage Director.
14. Food science Teacher.
15. Food critic.
16. Food technology.
17. Food Service Managers.
18. Food safety Supervisor.
19. Chefs and Head Cooks.
20. Chef Instructor.
21. Dining Room Attendant.
22. Restaurant Culinary / Kitchen Manager.

Automobile repair, court reporting, computer programming, cosmetology, dental hygiene, food service management, forestry, hotel management, plastering, secretarial skills, television repair, travel agency, make-up and welding are among the vocational training programs that range from accounting to X-ray technology.

These disciplines are distinct from those that need extensive course requirements, typically require a college degree, and frequently necessitate post-graduate study, such as aerospace engineering, chemistry, law, teaching, nursing, and pharmacology (such as law school).

Online Culinary Certificate Programs

Online Culinary Certificate Programs

Here are the top online Culinary certificate programs available in 2022, you may enrol and have your certificate within a short period.

1. Baking and pastry arts program at Penn Foster Career School

All diplomas and certifications can be obtained online through the for-profit Penn Foster Career School. Nearly 150,000 people attend the career school, which offers more than 80 different career diploma and certificate programs that are completely online and asynchronous. At Penn Foster, which was established in 1890, you can obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Although it has its headquarters in Scranton, Pennsylvania, there isn’t a physical campus where students can enroll.

Penn Foster boasts that it is accommodating, provides students with lower rates, and gives them a range of payment options. Along with programs, you can also enroll in individual courses to finish your degree and refresh your professional knowledge to keep yourself current.

If you didn’t want to pursue a full degree program, taking a few courses might be a good idea to supplement the cooking experience you are already gaining. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission have fully accredited Penn Foster.

Students can choose from a variety of online Culinary certificate programs at Penn Foster Career School. Due to their dual accreditation, each program is entirely online and is accepted across the country. Anywhere in the nation is a viable place to pursue your degree.

2. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh 

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, whose parent company is Education Management Corporation, served as the blueprint for the construction of all other art institutes in America, serves as the country’s de facto flagship institution.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh provides a variety of degree programs in the hospitality industry, including management of hotels, restaurants, or food and beverages. A Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management, a Certificate in Event Management, and a Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations are the three degrees offered by the AIP Online Division. Only one-third as long as the online bachelor’s degree, both certificate programs are only 5 quarters long. Students may enroll in some of the more traditional online Culinary certificate programs, but for the majority of the courses, they must visit the Pittsburgh campus.

The school’s nonprofit organization works to keep costs low for students while still offering them a rigorous curriculum taught by enthusiastic faculty.

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3. St. Philip’s College

In San Antonio, Texas, there is a public community college called St. Philip’s College. The St. Philip’s Normal and Industrial School was founded in 1898 with the intention of educating recently freed slaves. It is still a historically black college today, and it takes pride in being the only college in America that serves Hispanic students as well as historically black students.

A school that participates in a federal program that helps universities aid first-generation and low-income Hispanic students, empowering them to pursue an education, is known as a “HSI,” or “Hispanic-serving institution.” The college, which has over 12,000 students and is recognized by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, also has two other programmatic accreditations. Over 70 different disciplines of study, including academic and technical ones, are covered by the college’s degrees and certifications program.

Online Culinary Certificate Programs

4. Lenoir Community College.

Lenoir Community College offers online Culinary certificate programs that prepares students for the American Culinary Federation certification. In addition to the fundamental cookery classes, students will study a wide range of subjects that will help them become well-rounded and well-prepared candidates for any profession they may be applying for. Sanitation/safety, baking, garde-manger, culinary foundations/production skills, nutrition, customer service, purchasing/cost control, and human resource management are some of these themes.

Many of these courses are available online in an asynchronous style, allowing students to get their certification fast and enter the industry in entry-level roles or serve as a launching pad for furthering their education.

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5. Scottsdale Community College

Cooking school online Certifications in culinary arts are offered by Scottsdale Community College.
Scottsdale, Arizona, a suburb of the Phoenix area, is where Scottsdale Community College is situated. It is a two-year institution that offers associate degree and certificate programs. In contrast to the 948 pupils who made up the initial enrollment when doors opened in 1970, there are currently about 10,000 students. Seven distinct fields of study offer degrees, and there are 22 different professional programs offered, including standard options like business and nursing as well as unusual career paths like horse science and yoga instruction.

Scottsdale offers a wide variety of degrees, even if there are fewer of them than there are students. A bridging or transfer program is also offered by the college thanks to a collaboration with Northern Arizona University. Six different degrees are available for enrollment, and students can begin any of them at a community college before transferring to NAU to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Scottsdale Community College offers online Culinary certificate programs as one of its occupational programs. The program’s on-campus components are delivered in a cutting-edge building with modern, top-notch teaching kitchens so that students may learn using the same tools they’ll probably use in the workplace. The American Culinary Federation has granted this program accreditation. For students who wish to keep developing, partnerships with Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and Johnson & Wales make it simple to do so.

For students who lead busy lifestyles, the online component of this degree has been established to retain the highest level of flexibility. This program, which was started approximately 30 years ago, is always changing and growing to meet the needs of a varied student body and new industry standards.

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6. Ozarka University

Ozarka University offers an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts curriculum. The two-year program offers specialized training through classroom instruction, cooking labs, and practical fieldwork. Students must engage in labs on the Melbourne campus and finish their practicum at a site that has been authorized nearby. To accommodate the schedule of a working adult, all classes offered by the university’s adult learning programs are held on the evenings and weekends.

Many of the general education courses and theoretical cookery lessons can be taken online, despite the fact that there are on-campus requirements. You’ll take classes in baking, meat, seafood, and poultry in addition to garde-manger. International and contemporary cuisine, food production, nutrition, shopping, and, of course, sanitation and safety are all topics covered in this culinary arts degree program.

The distinctive feature of this program is that in addition to teaching you about the culinary skills, it also gives you some background in the managerial facets of the industry. You would be qualified to work in restaurant entry-level roles after getting this degree.

7. The New England Culinary Institute

To round up our online Culinary certificate programs, the NECI offers courses in baking and pastry, cooking, culinary arts, as well as courses in food and beverage business management. Alumnus Alton Brown is the well-known host of Good Eats, Cutthroat Kitchen, and numerous other programs. Although NECI boasts a 54% acceptance rate, there are no fixed requirements for program entry.

Each and every applicant is carefully examined to see if they are a good fit for the institution. With the exception of one, the Associate of Occupational Studies in Baking & Pastry, all degree programs are offered online.

The remaining ones are exclusively offered online in an asynchronous fashion so you can receive a top-notch education without ever leaving your home. Research, academic education, and even at-home cooking labs are all components of certain courses.

Online Culinary Certificate Programs


If you have a passion for cooking, preparing delicacies and you wish to earn a certificate of Culinary, you should enrol in any of the best online culinary certificate programs provided in this article, or search for the Culinary schools near you.



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