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StartStudieUmfassende Rezension der James Madison Online High School 2023

Umfassende Rezension der James Madison Online High School 2023

James Madison Online High School Reviews

Is a GED preferable to a James Madison online high school diploma? How much does it cost to attend James Madison online high school? How long will it take me to finish it? You may be looking for answers to these questions.

We attempt to address each of these significant questions in this review. Therefore, thoroughly read this review before you make any decisions.

One of the nation’s top schools for online high school education is James Madison High School, which over the years has assisted thousands of students in obtaining their high school diplomas.

The institution is a for-profit, private high school that offers distance learning and is a branch of Ashworth College. The main campus of the online high school is in Norcross, Georgia.

James Madison High School (JMHS) enables students to achieve a secondary education degree online from the convenience of their homes or wherever they choose by providing inexpensive and adaptable high school education courses.

The institution is part of Ashworth College, which was founded in 1987. One of the top suppliers of online education, career training courses, and programs leading to certificates and degrees in the country is Ashworth College.

james madison online high school
james madison online high school

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Overview of James Madison online high school

As the demand for comprehensive distance learning high school education options for adults who hadn’t finished their high school education grew, JMHS was established in 1996.

Students aiming to achieve their professional and/or personal objectives have a terrific option in the school’s online high school programs.

Regardless of whether they want to enter or develop in the job market or want to continue their education in college, this is a fantastic alternative.

Many James Madison High School alumni choose to continue their education online by enrolling in one of Ashworth College’s degree-granting academic programs.

Students can enroll in college-level curriculum and potentially earn college credits by taking Advanced Placement (AP®) courses provided by institutions like Keystone online high school.

James Madison High School awards diplomas to over 2,500 adult students each year, including traditional-age students and homeschoolers.

So if you want to finish your high school coursework, this James Madison online high school option can be your best bet provided you have the self-discipline to study on your own.

James Madison online high school
James Madison online high school

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Is James Madison High School Accredited?

We are aware of the significance of accreditation. Students are guaranteed to get an extensive curriculum and high-quality educational standards when a school is officially accredited. This is true for online high school diploma programs as well.

James Madison High School has received accreditation from two significant accrediting bodies, demonstrating that the school offers top-notch academic programs that adhere to the highest national standards for high school education.

Nearly all prestigious online high schools in the United States are accredited both regionally and nationally. The greatest approach for them to ensure the caliber of their online academic programs is by doing that.

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Regional and National Accreditation

Being regionally and nationally certified indicates that the institution upholds and upholds strong academic standards.

James Madison High School has received regional accreditation from the Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) (CASI).

JMHS is also accredited by DEAC (The Distance Education Accrediting Commission) and AdvancED, two of the nation’s top organizations for the advancement of online learning.

SACS CASI is one of six regional accrediting organizations in the US that checks to determine if educational programs adhere to all applicable laws. These organizations ensure that both public and private educational institutions uphold and uphold the highest academic standards.

As with any high school credential, there is no assurance that a JMHS diploma will help you get into college, however many colleges and universities are only taking credits from regionally accredited institutions.

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James Madison Online High School Tuition

James Madison High School gives students a variety of flexible ways to pay their tuition. The most affordable option for students is to pay their entire tuition up front, but they can also choose to make monthly installments. The maximum monthly payment is $50.

Remember that transferring previously earned credits could significantly reduce your tuition costs! The cost of tuition at JMHS without transferring credits ranges typically from $1049 and $1599. Similar online high school graduation programs, like Penn Foster High School in Scranton, Pennsylvania, provide tuition rates to students.

Online GED VS. James Madison Online High School

Today, students can also obtain their GED online, so let’s examine which option is preferable. In the past, many individuals who didn’t complete high school would attempt to obtain a GED diploma in order to obtain a secondary education degree.

However, it is still the case that several industries prefer applicants to have a high school graduation over a GED. Thus, some students continue to believe that a traditional high school graduation is preferable to a GED. For instance, high school graduates are valued more highly in the U.S. Military than GED holders.

The internet and technical advancements have made it much simpler to acquire a high school graduation online. Therefore, there are more possibilities than ever for individuals who want to obtain a regular diploma rather than a GED. They have the option of returning to high school online and graduating from their homes.

Online high school students (including JMHS students) have the flexibility to complete their graduation requirements whenever, wherever, and on any device they choose.

James Madison online high school
James Madison online high school

Programs Offered at James Madison Online High School

JMHS offers three online diploma tracks: “General Diploma,” “College Prep,” and “General HS Diploma + Career Pathways Certificate.”

All courses are for grades 9 through 12, and they all follow the Common Core English and Math Education Standards in the United States.

As previously said, the school’s extensive and nationally and regionally certified high school diploma programs are designed to help you succeed whether you wish to further your education, enter or advance in the workforce, or perhaps desire to accomplish other professional or personal objectives.

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Duration of James Madison Online High School

Well, that rests entirely on you, the student. Although every student is unique and some of the JMHS courses are harder or more complex than others, maintaining your academic success is the cornerstone of finishing the program on time.

In the high school curriculum, each subject can be finished in six weeks, and students are allowed to enroll in multiple courses concurrently as long as they go through them in the correct order (for instance, English I must be finished before English II).

Students can finish the program in 23 times 6 divided by 2 = 69 weeks, or slightly over a year, if they enroll in two courses at once, for instance (52 weeks). They can finish the program in less than a year if they can take three classes at once!

But one thing is certain. It takes some serious self-discipline to enroll in and successfully complete an online education program. There is no one to hold your hand, but the teachers and counselors at JMHS will support you every step of the journey! The secret to success for any study programs is to cultivate strong study habits, even through online classes!

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James Madison Online High School General  Diploma

If you want to earn your high school diploma to achieve some personal goal, want to advance in your career, attend a career training or advancement program, enroll in a program at a community, technical, or junior college, or want to enroll in one of Ashworth College’s online programs, you can enroll in JMHS’s 23-credit “General High School Diploma” program.

Up to 17 credits from their prior high schools may be transferred by students, which could result in significant financial savings. Remember that the “Career Pathways” program is also offered by James Madison High School (more details are found below).

Lehrplan: The 23-credit, comprehensive high school curriculum offered online by JMHS is in line with the Common Core State Standards for Math and English.

Math, Life Skills, English Writing and Reading, Science, and Social Studies are all covered in the curriculum. Health, American and world history, English grammar, vocabulary, pre-algebra, algebra I and II, geometry, physics, personal finance, business, American government, civics, economics, biology, earth science, and geography are among the subjects covered in the courses.

Additionally, students have the option of taking any of the following open electives: Spanish I, II, or III, Business, Chemistry, Fitness, Nutrition, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Public Speaking, and Spanish I, II, or III.

Application Procedures and Eligibility

Students must be at least 14 years old to enroll in James Madison online high school. They can then sign up for the school’s 9th through 12th grade program at that point.

Applications from those under the age of 18 must include documentation of their advancement to the ninth grade at their prior institution. They must have one of their parents or a guardian enroll them; they cannot do it themselves.

All applicants must have dependable internet access and submit the school’s online enrollment application form. Alternatively, they may call 1-800-349-6861 to speak with one of the school’s admissions advisors. Although a down payment is necessary, students can simply pay their entire tuition up front.


Häufig gestellte Fragen

Is James Madison a Reputable Institution?

Virginia's Harrisonburg — James Madison University has once again received praise for the excellent education its students receive from its creative, top-notch instructors and staff.

Is James Madison High School a part of Ashworth Colleges?

Yes. James Madison High School, Madison School of Healthcare, PCDI Canada, and Ashworth College are all members of the family of online institutions operated by Ashworth College.

Are Online Degrees taken seriously by Employers?

Do employers accept degrees earned online? Employers should generally treat an online degree in the same manner as a degree earned on campus. The quality of the school matters much more to most employers than the way in which the degree is delivered.

Where is James Madison Located?

In Harrisonburg, Virginia, James Madison University is situated little over two hours from both Richmond and Washington, D.C.

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