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Lakehead University Graduate Scholarships in Canada 2023

The Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship for the academic years 2023–2024 is presently accepting applications. At the graduate level, Lakehead University is pleased to offer a broad range of undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and diploma offerings. The university also offers much more than a large number of program choices.

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About Lakehead University

In 1965, Lakehead University was founded. It is a comprehensive institution with a standing for cutting-edge research and creative programs. In addition to cutting-edge facilities like the famous Paleo DNA Laboratory and the Bio-refining Research Institute, Lakehead is honored to be home to 11 Canada Research Chairs.

Lakehead University has a tradition of giving students an excellent educational experience, and it has a well-known international reputation that dates back almost 50 years. In its 2021 University Rankings, Maclean’s ranked Lakehead University among the top 10 predominantly undergraduate institutions in Canada.

In addition, Research Infosource recognized Lakehead University the top undergraduate research university in Canada for the fifth consecutive year, marking a first for the institution in this area. In accordance with the 2023 edition of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Lakehead University is ranked between 801 and 1000th, and according to U.S. News & World Report, it is ranked #1279 among all universities worldwide.

There are two campuses of Lakehead University, one each in Thunder Bay and Orillia. There are 7,500 students enrolled at The Thunder Bay Campus. The Orillia campus serves as home to more than 1,500 students. The Thunder Bay campus is surrounded by fields and greenery, and because all the buildings are in one place, it has the feel of a complete campus. Paved trails around the campus, making it an ideal location to take in the scenery while strolling, jogging, biking, or rollerblading. There are 57 fields of undergraduate programs offered at Lakehead.

Programs in areas like anthropology, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, etc. are available for students to choose from. More than 30 master’s and doctorate degree programs are supervised by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The size of Lakehead University allows for the inclusion of a worldwide perspective. The university is home to more than 1500 international students from more than 70 different countries. Additionally, Lakehead University offers its students a variety of housing options. You have the choice of choosing an on-campus housing community or nearby off-campus accommodation. Students will be close to their classes and labs while residing in one of Lakehead University’s on-campus housing complexes. The social activities offered by Residence Services are all available to resident students, who can also take advantage of additional safety and assistance.

At Lakehead University, scholarships are also an option for overseas students. Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, Faculty Research Awards for Graduate Students, etc. are a few of the Lakehead University scholarships that are accessible to students.

Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship
Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship

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International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

The Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships will be given consideration for non-Canadian citizens who are entering Lakehead University directly from high school or who are transferring from an overseas college or university. The top international applicants at Lakehead University for the academic years 2023–2024 are eligible for the award.

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Lakehead University Graduate Scholarships

These are some of the Lakehead University Graduate Scholarships available to international students:

International Lakehead-Georgian Scholarships

Rewarding Excellence:

International Visionary Award and Entrance Scholarships 2023–2024
automatic consideration Application for scholarships is not necessary.

Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships will be given consideration for non-Canadian citizens who are joining Lakehead-Georgian from high school or who are transferring from an international college or university.

The top international students who apply to Lakehead-Georgian for the academic years 2023–2024 are eligible for the award. International Lakehead-Georgian students can apply for the $4,000 International Visionary Award beginning in Fall 2023, in addition to the admission grants (based on academic achievement).

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Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship
Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship

International Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Assistantship:

Some full-time graduate students (including visa holders) may be eligible for graduate assistantships, which are paid at a rate of $10,506.69 CAD for master’s degrees and $11,457.79 CAD for doctoral degrees (2021- 2022 rates). Over the Fall and Winter terms, a regular appointment can total up to 270 hours of work, or no more than 10 hours per week.

Faculty Research Award for Graduate Students:

A Faculty Research Award may also be given to some graduate students. A full-time degree applicant may receive this stipend for academic or research pursuits pertinent to their field(s) of study within the academic program. The student’s supervisor bestows Faculty Research Awards.

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How to Apply for Lakehead University Graduate Scholarships

Reviewing the program’s entrance standards should be the first step for interested candidates. Visit the list of Masters, PhD, or Diploma programs, click on a program title, and then choose “Requirements” to access this information.

NOTE: There are no pre-assessment services offered. Once a formal application package has been submitted to a graduate school, applicant qualifications will be evaluated.

Reviewing the program’s application requirements comes next if you meet the minimum admission requirements for the program. Please visit the official scholarships page for further details.

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Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship
Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship

Lakehead University Graduate Scholarships Application Deadline

Despite the fact that applications are accepted continuously, we advise interested candidates to submit a comprehensive application package for each of the Lakehead University Graduate Scholarship by the following dates:

  • February 1st for a Fall start term
  • September 30 for a Winter start term
  • January 15th for a Spring start term

The Faculty of Graduate Studies will not accept any paper copies of documents that the candidate has submitted that are not needed by their program.

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Application Supporting Documents

Graduates of an accredited university, college, or institute who are applying for admission must also provide documentation of their academic success. Domestic degree students must have a four-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with at least (B) based on their last 20 half-courses or equivalent, unless specifically specified in the entry requirements of a specific program. It is advised that international applicants have a Second Class – Upper Division or higher overall ranking.

Even if you meet the minimum application requirements, admittance is not guaranteed. When the program notifies the Faculty of Graduate Studies of its decision about admission, it will notify all candidates in writing. For the most recent information, applicants are advised to often check their Lakehead University email and application portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lakehead University a good choice for students from abroad?

Lakehead University is small enough to provide you with the individualized support and education you need to succeed. We are also big enough to represent a truly global viewpoint. More than 1,500 foreign students attend Lakehead University, representing more than 70 different countries.

Is Lakehead University a Public or Private one?

Located in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario, Lakehead Institution is a public research university.

Is admission to Lakehead University easy?

With an acceptance rate of 83%, Lakehead University is rather simple to get into.

Can you get a student visa easily in Canada?

Getting an acceptance letter from a Canadian university may make it appear like the challenging part is finished. But the reality is that obtaining a study permit for Canada might be far more difficult than you might imagine. According to data from IRCC, around 30% of all study permission requests are turned down.



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