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Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software. You get what you see when it comes to website success. The first thing visitors see when they follow backlinks or click through search engine results is the visual appeal of your website, even though engaging text, blog posts, and social media material can help distinguish your business from the competition.

According to recent research, consumers’ eyes can focus on a particular section of your website in as little as 2.6 seconds. Furthermore, it only takes 0.05 seconds for a visitor to create a general impression of your website. This means that you only have three seconds after they arrive to alter or strengthen their initial impression.

Therefore, it’s essential to design webpages that are both visually pleasing and pertinent to their context. Larger companies typically employ specialized graphic designers to create visually appealing designs and apply them uniformly throughout websites, but SMB budgets might not allow for this kind of expenditure.

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Best Free Graphic Design Software

1. DesignWizard

  • Plattform: Windows

One of the greatest free graphic design programs for novices is DesignWizard. Together with a plethora of free templates (over 10,000), the program has an easy-to-use interface and a sizable picture bank. Although you can rapidly make your own templates, DesignWizard works well as an excellent free graphic design tool for novices.

Though DesignWizard has an intuitive interface and no initial expenses, it’s important to remember that the majority of its more advanced features are exclusive to its premium version.

2. Lunacy

  • Platforms: Linux, Mac, and PC

A graphic design program called Lunacy focuses on modifying vector drawings. Because Lunacy is completely free and has no hidden fees, advertisements, or restricted capabilities, it’s an excellent and affordable option for UI/UX designers just starting out who can’t afford to subscribe to pricey graphic design software. While it’s a fantastic tool for novice graphic designers, Lunacy also offers a wealth of sophisticated capabilities, such as an eyedropper tool, pen, ready-to-use UI kit, placeholder text generator, and more.

When working in a group, it’s simple to share a document with up to 100 people and collaborate on editing it, giving and receiving real-time feedback. Because of this, Lunacy is an excellent tool for group projects and graphic design teams to collaborate on.

3. Setka Editor

  • Operating Systems: Mac and Windows

“Everything you need to create content that converts” is how Setka describes themselves. This graphic design tool, which can be utilized in the cloud or within your present content management system, is mostly concentrated on providing improved content branding for your website, advertising campaigns, and social media postings.

The warning? While the Setka Editor can be used for free for a fortnight, businesses will have to choose between the Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plans in order to access the complete feature set and continue using Setka.

4. Canva

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

Canva offers templates that make the process of creating an ebook, infographic, business card, or email header easier. The non-designer creators of the free online design tool provide well-designed, adaptable templates for nearly any kind of design requirement.

The negative aspect? As your skills improve, you might need to upgrade to the commercial version or give one of the more sophisticated free graphic design programs a try. Although Canva’s free edition is ideal for novice designers working with templates, the subscription version offers access to more sophisticated tools and features like team sharing.

5. Adobe Spark

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

A free substitute for the company’s well-known, premium Adobe Illustrator is called Adobe Spark. It isn’t quite as feature-rich, but it can be integrated with other Adobe products. It has a ton of free templates and is simple to use. Spark is a fantastic option if you need to quickly produce posters or videos for advertising campaigns.

The possible negative aspect? This is a fantastic place to start for novices due to its limited feature set, but experienced designers or more involved projects may find it less beneficial. The good news is that you can design anywhere, at any time, because Spark is available for both online and mobile.

6. Krita

  • Platforms: Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows

A free, open-source painting tool created by artists for artists is called Krita. This tool’s ongoing development is funded by donations and is influenced by the demands of the larger designer community. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Krita has an extensive resource management, a feature-rich toolkit, and an adjustable user interface.

If used with the assistance of a skilled designer, Krita is a fantastic tool for companies trying to increase the impact of their graphic design. There are other beginner-friendly programs on our list that are suitable for businesses that require straightforward, efficient solutions.

7. Gravit

  • Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC, and Chrome OS

The developers of Corel Draw also built the vector design program Gravit. Gravit is one of the best free graphic design programs for Mac and Windows; it is also available for Linux and ChromeOS. It has a wealth of vector art creation capabilities and an auto-adjusting interface.

Important to note? You may instantly access Gravit’s “Pro” capabilities, such as working offline and viewing version history, by registering for a free trial. However, unless you’re prepared to pay for a membership, you lose access to these services when your trial period ends.

8. Blender

  • Platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows

Using Blender, an open-source 3D production package, graphic designers may build everything from rendering and motion tracking to rigging and animation. In addition, Blender has a vibrant user community that is dedicated to making the program better and supports 2D animation.

Blender is a strong tool, but it’s not the greatest for novices because of its intricate menus and vast array of design options; to get the most out of Blender, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals of graphic design.

9. Inkscape

  • Platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows

“Draw freely” is Inkscape’s slogan, and the graphic design tool lives up to it; it’s free to use and has a ton of capabilities for both novice and seasoned marketers.

Apart from its extensive format compatibility and excellent vector graphics options, Inkscape is also well-known for its cross-platform support and vibrant community. One disadvantage is that some users who want to quickly produce and share designs may become frustrated by the slow controls.

10. SketchUp

  • Operating Systems: Mac and Windows

SketchUp provides both premium and free design plans; yet, the free edition still has a lot to offer designers. It’s a powerful modeling software that works well for designing furniture and other complicated objects in two or three dimensions.

For creating product pages with detailed dimensions and photographs, SketchUp is a terrific tool with an intuitive UI. It also offers excellent support. Limited storage space for free plans and lack of mobile support are some downsides.

11. Gimp

  • Platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows

Gimp, one of the most well-known open-source design tools, is frequently contrasted with Photoshop, its nearest paid rival, with users fervently defending their preferred platform.

Gimp is a highly praised free design program since it can swiftly produce fresh designs from scratch, supports all file formats, and makes digital retouching simple. Furthermore, Gimp has an interface that can be customized, opening up additional tools for more seasoned designers to utilize. Important to note? No Photoshop plugins are supported by Gimp.

12. DocHipo

  • Online platform

Marketing professionals searching for user-friendly graphic design tools frequently choose DocHipo. For creating all of your marketing materials, including flyers, brochures, presentations, business cards, social media postings, and advertisement images, you’ll have access to free designs. This graphic design software’s unique design components, which include animations, stickers, icons, illustrations, and more, are one of its benefits. Additionally, hundreds of free typefaces and millions of stock pictures are available. With only a few minutes, even beginners can easily customize designs with DocHipo’s drag-and-drop editor. It’s a great option for graphic design software for novices because of its user-friendly interface. Users have the option of using a free plan or upgrading to a subscription version for more sophisticated features.

13. Genially

  • Operating System: Windows

With a user-friendly interface and a wealth of choices that let artists produce original artwork, Genially makes design simple. You can use the pre-built templates in this software or add interactive elements like layers, buttons, and hidden text. The number of projects you may develop with Genially’s free edition is unlimited, and the platform is now used by over 12,000,000 people globally for community support and design.

Still, there’s a catch. Even while the free edition has a lot of features, some are exclusive to expensive plans, like offline viewing and brand customisation.

14. Paint 3D

  • Operating System: Windows

The beloved Microsoft design tool is back, better than ever, and now offers even more features. Paint 3D offers realistic textures, 2D cutout creation, and a plethora of 3D tools and effects, albeit it can’t match some of the more powerful design tools on our list.

Paint 3D is a wonderful place to start if you’re a novice searching for a simple graphic design program with an easy entry barrier. Since Microsoft created the tool, there is hardly any learning curve, and it automatically functions well on all Windows 10 devices.


Is there a clear benefit to choosing one platform over another when the majority of the tools on this list are accessible on PC, Mac, and mobile devices? In a nutshell: Not really. All of these tools’ functionality is available on any platform of your choice.

The lengthy response? If you’re just starting out, your best bet is definitely a PC or smartphone. Macs’ user interface (UI) is less user-friendly than that of PCs and mobile devices, despite the fact that they are still powerful machines for graphic design. If you’re new to graphic design, you probably don’t need to go through this learning curve.

Mac-based solutions may be more appealing to experts in marketing and graphic design due to their emphasis on functionality rather than aesthetics.

FAQs on Best Free Graphic Design Software

What is the best free software for graphics design?

PhotoDirector – Best Overall.
Lunacy - Best for Layer Editing.
Figma - Best for Web Design.
Canva - Best for Stock Content.
Vectornator - Best for Typography.
Vectr - Best for Collaboration.
Corel Vector - Best for Colors.
Krita - Best for Illustrators.

What is the number 1 graphic design app?

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the best graphic design software and photo editor in the world. Designers and illustrators all over the world use this software for a host of tasks including 3D modeling, typography, and drawing.

Is Canva a graphic design software?

Canva is a cloud-based graphic design tool used to create on-brand marketing content, sales presentations, training videos and more by companies of all sizes. This solution includes features such as drag-and-drop design and photo editing with access to custom fonts, frames, shapes, grids, and icons.

Is CorelDraw free or paid?

You can also export directly to YouTube, Facebook, or save to Google Drive. The program comes in a Mac version and a Windows version. There's no "pro" option; you get the full software for free.

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