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50 KI-Erweiterungen zur Steigerung Ihrer Produktivität

Productivity and efficiency are crucial for success in the fast-paced digital world of today. It can be difficult to stay organized and focused when there are so many things vying for our attention. Thankfully, AI tools are available to assist, providing intelligent solutions suited to your needs.

These AI plugins and extensions are made to assist you in navigating a variety of situations fast, improving the innovativeness and effectiveness of your browsing. With the aid of these AI extensions to supercharge your productivity, you will be able to work twice as quickly by the end of this article.

Things to Take into Account When Choosing an AI Extension

Each of these items is tremendously strong and practical in its own way. To pick the best extension, it is crucial to take your end aim into account. Before choosing the ideal AI extension, you can ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the purpose of this extension?
  • Does it need to be grammar-checked?
  • Am I attempting to produce leads?
  • Do I want it to write text for me?

50 KI-Erweiterungen zur Steigerung Ihrer Produktivität

1. Fireflies

AI Extensions to Supercharge your Productivity
Fireflies_AI Extensions to Supercharge your Productivity

Your browser’s AI-powered intern:

  • Summarize emails, papers, Youtube videos, news stories, and more.
  • Record and transcribe meetings.

2. SciSpace Copilot

The quickest method to browse, read, and comprehend complicated articles.

SciSpace Copilot will provide you with a brief explanation of any word, number, or chart that you highlight.

3. AIPRM for ChatGPT

Get access to a carefully curated library of effective prompt templates for sales, customer service, marketing, and other areas.

Utilized by more than 1 million experts at organizations including Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft.

4. ChatGPT Sidebar

Get ChatGPT and GPT-4’s strength on your browser:

  • Summarize webpages
  • Get definitions and explanations
  • Get translations and grammar checks

5. GPT for Sheets and Docs

Connect GPT-4 directly to Google Sheets and Docs to:

  • Edit and summarize spreadsheets
  • Organize and format spreadsheets
  • Generate new content like blogs and emails

6. Compose AI

Automate email responses to write more impactfully and concisely than before.

7. YouTube Summary by Glasp

Have you found a lengthy, interesting video but lack the time to watch it?

With only one click, you can quickly summarize the main points with this browser plugin.

8. TeamSmart

Get this plugin to handle every task for you, including brainstorming, drafting, and even code review.

9. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

One of the most important abilities in the 21st Century will be prompting.

To locate the most potent prompts to enhance your ChatGPT game, use the Prompt Genius plugin.

10. Merlin

Use ChatGPT and GPT-4 on any website to your advantage.

With this application, you may complete any task on your preferred websites, including creating email responses and tweet replies.

11. HubSpot Sales

The sales tool from HubSpot links your CRM and email account. With the help of this extension, you may move contacts from your email into your CRM without switching back and forth between the two applications.

12. Todoist

You can make extremely well-organized and aesthetically pleasing to-do lists using Todoist, a project management tool, on all of your devices.

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13. Reply

You may study and communicate with potential prospects on LinkedIn with the assistance of Reply’s Chrome plugin. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can quickly and easily identify and validate anyone’s email address, either individually or in bulk.

14. StayFocusd

AI Extensions to Supercharge your Productivity
StayFocusd_AI Extensions to Supercharge your Productivity

You can limit the amount of time you spend on particular websites with StayFocusd, which helps you focus when you need to focus. It is very programmable; for instance, you may set your time limit to 20 minutes on Twitter and only 5 minutes on Facebook.

15. ClickUp

The all-in-one productivity platform ClickUp is made to manage everything from simple projects to daily to-do lists and organize all of your work into one single hub.

16. LastPass 

For all of the accounts you save with this extension, LastPass, a password manager, will automatically fill in the passwords for you. Your LastPass password is the only one you need to remember.

17. Add to Trello

This addon makes it simple to add links as cards to your Trello boards, whether you use Trello for project management, group collaboration, your content calendar, or simply a personal to-do list.

18. Extensions Manager

Without also recommending Extensions Manager, we would not be able to offer you over 50 other extensions to test out. Use this tool to arrange your extensions so they don’t fill up the entire browser window.

19. Toggl Track

Consider utilizing the Toggl Track Chrome extension if you frequently find yourself devoting too much time to one task, leaving you with no time left over to finish other chores. It starts a timer inside the convenience of the browser.

20. Print Friendly & PDF

The Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension makes it simple to save a page in a print-friendly or PDF format whenever you need to.

21. Scribe

By capturing your screen, the free plugin Scribe quickly generates step-by-step instructions manuals. It transforms your mouse movements and inputs into textual instructions and screenshots.

Best Security Extensions

22. HTTPS Everywhere

A website protocol called “HTTPS” makes sure a site is secure before you view it. Even though you may be able to recognize this tag at the top of most websites, it is not entirely common on the internet and does not ensure that the website you are visiting is completely secure.

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23. Click&Clean

It can be time-consuming to delete your browser history if you frequently search for and download work-related materials during the workday. Simply put, it takes too much time to repeatedly open your history page and manually erase your cache or download log.

24. J2TEAM Security

A typical firewall is not J2TEAM Security. Initial virus prevention is provided by this Chrome addon. Furthermore, it makes sure that your Chrome browser applies the “HTTPS” security tag on blogging sites, enabling you to personalize your website block list and prohibiting you from reading user blogs that are judged risky.

25. Ghostery

Ghostery is an advanced ad-blocking extension created to get rid of adverts that interfere with or interrupt your ability to see particular website content. Additionally, it masks your browsing information to prevent ad-tracking technologies from gathering sensitive personal data.

26. Checkbot

Checkbot blends technical SEO with cutting-edge security to help you assess a website’s safety and search engine optimization.

27. Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security is referred to be a “web reputation plugin,” and it checks each website you visit for questionable content. The extension will also alert you if the website you are visiting has a poor reputation in general.

28. FlowCrypt

You may send and receive encrypted emails (and attachments) to and from your coworkers thanks to this security addon for emails. One of the greatest ways to guarantee that your emails remain private and secure while being sent to the receiver is to use this method.

29. Fair AdBlocker

One browser plugin, Fair AdBlocker, delivers both malware and adware. You are protected by the tool from viruses as well as obtrusive pop-up adverts.

30. Speedtest by Ookla

AI extensions to supercharge your productivity
Speedtest_AI extensions to supercharge your productivity

Find out how quickly websites load and how fast your internet connection is. You can switch to a different internet connection if necessary with the use of this information, and you’ll also get to check performance statistics for your own website.

31. Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN enables you to surf material from other countries or hide your identity online for nothing. You can use the application to browse the web privately and secretly without having to pay for an additional VPN service.

AI Extensions for Social Media

32. Bitly

With the help of this extension, marketers can quickly and easily shorten URLs and post them directly from their browsers on social media. With an Enterprise plan, this is personalized and very helpful for social media marketers.

33. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo offers information on the effectiveness of content. Click the plugin to display stats like a piece’s amount of social shares and backlinks while you’re on a website.

34. Pinterest Extension

With the help of this plugin, you may quickly save items to your Pinterest boards without leaving what you’re doing. This application has the neat feature of displaying many pinnable items from each website so you may save more than one thing to your board at once.

35. Save to Facebook

Users can collect links, photos, and videos they find on Facebook in their accounts by using Facebook’s “Save” feature. Facebook becomes a central location to save content you’re interested in reviewing later thanks to this extension, which enables you to do the same from anywhere else on the web.

36. RiteTag

Before you submit anything, RiteTag lets you see how hashtags are doing on Twitter and Facebook. RiteTag evaluates the hashtags you start typing in real time and color codes them once you log in with your Twitter or Facebook credentials.

  • If your hashtag is green, it means it will help people find your content right away.
  • If your hashtag is blue, it implies it will eventually increase the visibility of your work.
  • Your hashtag should be replaced if it is gray since it is receiving little engagement.

If your hashtag is red, you should use a different one because it’s so widely used that your content will get lost in the noise.

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37. Puffer

With Buffer, sharing material to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn networks is simple. Customers of Buffer can also use the extension to schedule articles directly from their browsers, avoiding the need to visit the Buffer website. Additionally, you can schedule posts for later publication.

38. App for Instagram Chrome Extension

Want to monitor Instagram alerts without having to check your phone constantly? Users can view the activity on their Instagram post straight in their browser by using this extension.

39. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Do you frequently use Reddit for personal or professional purposes? And are you a particular admirer of Reddit’s earlier iteration? Installing the Reddit Enhancement Suite Chrome extension can make browsing posts more easier and improve your overall experience on the website. Only the original Reddit version is compatible with this plugin.

40. SocialAnalyzer

A social media monitoring application called SocialAnalyzer enables you to keep track of the most popular postings in one of your target markets or businesses. Check out the most current articles and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to see how people are responding to the information that is already being published.

41. HubSpot Social

Do you currently use HubSpot as a service? You may post directly from your browser to your social media profiles with HubSpot Social. Additionally, you can share a quote from an external source directly to your social media feed and schedule postings in advance.

Add-ons for SEO

42. SEOQuake

AI extensions to supercharge your productivity
SEOQuake_AI extensions to supercharge your productivity

With the help of the Chrome addon SEOQuake, SEO marketers may quickly learn more about various websites without ever leaving their current page. On a Google results page, you may quickly get information regarding search rankings and backlinks for the search results.

43. Check My Links

Check My Links delivers on its promises: It swiftly scans web pages and displays the links that are functional and the broken ones. Marketers can make sure that their own websites are operating properly for their visitors by using this addon.

44. NoFollow

NoFollow crawls websites rapidly and recognizes links that have the no-follow metatag. Due to the fact that no-follow links aren’t crawled by search engines and don’t increase search engine authority, SEOs can use this plugin to check whether other websites are creating followed, or indexed, backlinks to their website.

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45. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

An excellent SEO tool for both newcomers and seasoned pros is Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. You may gain SEO insights for each website and term while conducting a Google search thanks to the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, a Google Chrome plugin that resides in the search engine results page (SERP).

46. Impactana

The Chrome toolbar from Impactana provides a variety of SEO, social media, and content marketing data on any website. Its two most important metrics are “Impact,” which gauges SEO factors including click-through rate, backlinks, and time on page, and “Buzz,” which gauges a website’s social media reach.

47. Keyword Surfer

In the same way that the Arel=”noopener” target=”_blank” hrefs Chrome plugin suggests similar keywords for your business-related searches, Keyword Surfer does the same.

48. Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Utilize the Serpstat Website SEO Checker extension to evaluate the performance of your rivals. You can identify a competitor’s CMS, sitemap status, structured data, and more based on the security of their website.

49. SEO Minion

By providing you with access to your competition’s website metrics and data, SEO Minion enables you to conduct thorough competitor research. Additionally, you can use these helpful tools to inspect your own webpages and articles to make sure they are in top condition: you can highlight all links, check for broken links, and see how the page will appear in the SERPs.

50. Link Research SEO Toolbar

You can view a website’s primary metrics with the help of the Link Research SEO Toolbar and determine how well it competes.

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In what ways will AI boost productivity?

The potential influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on productivity and economic growth is significant. AI can boost overall efficiency and production by automating repetitive operations and freeing up workers to concentrate on more difficult and innovative jobs.

How does AI encourage workers?

Using granular recommendations and expanding their understanding of the work they undertake, A.I. enables people to become more proficient.

What advantages does AI provide for workers?

Automating normal work for staff is one of the main advantages of integrating AI/ML. Employees can concentrate on more challenging and inventive tasks that call for human ingenuity by dumping boring and repetitive work.

What ways may AI enhance workplace security?

AI has the potential to increase workplace safety by lowering human error, automating activities, and giving workers real-time feedback. AI has a variety of applications in terms of worker safety. AI can be used, for instance, to track staff activity and spot potential pitfalls.

AI extensions to supercharge your productivity
AI extensions to supercharge your productivity


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