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Dana Investment Advisors Comprehensive Review 2023

Dana Investment Advisors Review!

Mike Dana established Dana Investment Advisors, an asset management company, in Brookfield, Wisconsin, in 1980. They target consultants, businesses, nonprofit organizations, governments, and families with their services.
Asset management company Dana Investment Advisors helps clients navigate the constantly shifting financial landscape. For endowments, foundations, businesses, family offices, and private investors, Dana actively manages a wide variety of public U.S. stock and fixed income investment strategies.

The company’s goal is simple: to offer clients outstanding, individualized service while consistently generating excess profits with fewer risk. Mike Dana, a native of the Midwest and skilled financial manager, established Dana in 1980 to provide services to several business owners and their staff. Even now, the company still has strong entrepreneurial roots. Integrity, trust, accountability, and stewardship are values that Dana maintains as an independent, employee-owned business because they never, ever go out of style. Their track record of providing outstanding results while fostering enduring client connections is proof of these beliefs in action. You are invited to get to know the investment advisors at Dana and find out how they can help you and your family.

  • WebSite:
  • Headquarters: WAUKESHA, WI
  • Size:100 – 200
  • Founded: 1980
  • Type: Private
  • Revenue: $10M – $50M
  • Industry: Financial Services

Dana Investment Advisors

Dana Investment Advisors’ Salary

Base Salary (USD) Average: $73 per hour

What is the hourly wage for Dana Investment Advisors employees in the US?

Hourly salary at Dana Investment Advisors ranges from a low of $64 to a high of $84, with an average rate of pay of $73. Of course, specific pay rates will differ based on the position, division, and region as well as the unique abilities and education of each person.

The average salary of Dana Investment Advisors jobs will differ according to location, department, and job description. The table shows below the name of the job title below you may be interested in including salary range and total compensation.

Digital Services Specialist $16 Dana Investment Advisors
Contact Center Agent $46 Dana Investment Advisors
Collections Manager $28 Dana Investment Advisors
Fraud and Security Specialist $43 Dana Investment Advisors
Digital Support Agent $32 Dana Investment Advisors
Business Anaylst $51 Dana Investment Advisors
Digital Banking Agent $32 Dana Investment Advisors
Loan Documentation Manager $50 Dana Investment Advisors
Universal Banker II $30 Dana Investment Advisors
Bilingual Universal Banker, Mandarin, Cantonese and English $24 Dana Investment Advisors

The Services Dana Investment Advisors Provide

Among Dana’s services are the following:

  1. Investment management services
  2. Wrap fee initiatives
  3. Supervising Financial Accounts
  4. The company doesn’t offer financial planning services like tax, retirement, or budgeting.

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Investment Philosophy of Dana Investment Advisors

Dana’s approach includes investing in both equity and fixed-income securities. This company differs from many other investment management companies that heavily rely on mutual funds in that only a tiny portion of assets are invested in mutual funds. The remaining funds are kept in cash or cash equivalents.

The company takes into account the relative risk vs return of each chosen security for equity-based strategies. Advisors employ both quantitative and fundamental analyses when choosing specific assets. Client goals and time horizon aid advisers in choosing the optimal asset allocation for fixed-income schemes. The above-mentioned methods are used in conjunction with additional indicators and screening tools in ESG-related plans.

Dana Investment Advisors

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Benefits of Choosing Dana Investment Advisors

1. Concentrate On Security Choice

The advisor chooses assets intended to provide alpha over the long run by employing a method of quantitative modeling and basic analysis that has been used by Dana Investment Advisers in institutional products since 1999.

2. Reliable Investment Methodology

The investment process makes use of a number of measures, such as sector-neutral weighting, evenly weighted holdings within sectors, and a maximum position size of 4%, among others, to reduce volatility.

3. Firm History & Pedigree

As of March 31, 2018, Dana Investment Advisors, which was established in 1980 and is employee-owned, managed $7.4 billion. The company has consistently strived to deliver above-market returns while lowering volatility for clients.

4. Heritage: Creating Credible Connections

Dana has maintained its independence and employee ownership ever since they were founded in 1980. The foundation of the Dana Investment Firm is built on reliability, morality, and expertise.

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5. Quality

Dana financial advisors make it a priority to offer individualized client service and are unwavering in their pursuit of providing customers with outstanding outcomes.

6. Expertise

An investing team with broad, specialized skills has been put together by Dana. They are skilled at negotiating complex market landscapes and creating tailored solutions.

7. Consistency

They use a consistent investment strategy created to reduce volatility and increase return consistency. To increase money as efficiently as possible, they look for consistent and predictable results.

What to Consider when Choosing Dana Investment Advisors

This company is autonomous from significant financial institutions and is quite modest. This offers benefits, such as increased focus and a lack of preferences for particular investments or service providers, but it may also result in lower resources. This might not be the best option for you if you want a financial counselor with connections to well-known corporations.

There haven’t been any disclosures on record for Dana in the previous ten years, according to the company’s most recent SEC filing.


Before making an investment, you should carefully evaluate your investment goals, potential risks, management costs, and fees and expenses associated with the Dana Funds. Performance in the past does not ensure success in the future.

There is no assurance that this investing plan or any other will be profitable. Performance of the approach in the past is not indicative of how the services will perform in the future. Investors should think about the expenses, tax implications, and overall objectives between separately managed accounts and mutual funds before investing because there are major differences between them. Greater price volatility, business risk, decreased liquidity, and heightened competition are all risks associated with investing in small-cap companies that are not present when investing in more established businesses.

Dana Investment Advisors

FAQs on Investment Policy

What Net Worth is regarded as Wealthy?

How much wealth do you need to qualify as such? Americans feel that having a net worth of $1.9 million makes one wealthy, per Schwab's 2021 Modern Wealth Survey (opens in new tab). Your total asset value less your total liability amount is your net worth.

What is the typical Net Worth at 70 years old?

The median net worth for Americans in their late 60s and early 70s, according to data from the Fed, is $266,400. The median net worth for this age group is significantly more indicative than the average (or mean), which is $1,217,700. Averages skew higher because of high net worth households.

What kind of Investments should a 70-year-old make?

What should someone in their 70s invest in? Most certainly, investing in Treasury securities, dividend-paying equities, and annuities would be advantageous for the typical 70-year-old. These are all relatively low-risk solutions.

Which investment management company is the best?

Which investment management firm is the best? Vanguard Group, Fidelity, UBS, Schwab, and BlackRock are a few of the top investment management firms. Customers frequently see smaller businesses as being the finest.



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