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Top 15 Courses that shouldn’t be Taken Online

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Courses that shouldn’t be taken Online due to their complexity!

From March 2020 onward, the majority of classes are now online. The autumn semester will see the continuation of remote learning as the pandemic rages in numerous nations, including the US, Australia, and the UK.

However, not all courses are appropriate for online learning. Online learning is far more challenging for courses that call for practical experience. In order to accommodate students, several universities are deciding to offer a combination of in-person and online classes.

Here are some examples of classes that will probably be held in-person at your university/college since they are either completely practical or exceedingly challenging to teach online for extended periods of time. Peruse further to know the courses that shouldn’t be taken online.

The Drawbacks of Online Study

What possible drawbacks may there be with online courses? Read on.

  1. Online courses take longer to complete than classes held on campus.
  2. Online classes make it simpler to put off studying.
  3. Online courses necessitate effective time management.
  4. Isolation may result from taking online classes.
  5. You can be more autonomous by taking online classes.
  6. You must actively participate in online classes.
  7. There isn’t a teacher nagging you to keep on target in online classes.
  8. You may have more freedom with online classes than you can handle.
  9. You must choose your own path for learning when taking online courses.
  10. Self-directed learning is a requirement in online courses.

Courses that shouldn’t be taken Online

Here are the courses that shouldn’t be taken online because of their complexity and practicality:

1. Engineering

Clearly, placing this course here as one of the courses that shouldn’t be taken online would result in a heated discussion. We do want to let you know that this training is not as simple as most people think. Some engineering streams would be easier than others in comparison. But some engineering specialties are quite challenging. Some of those challenging engineering fields are chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering, biochemical engineering, metallurgical engineering, statistical engineering, nanotechnology, etc.

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2. Certified Public Accounting

Without a few chartered accountants, no company could function properly. The chartered accountant course is more difficult to obtain online than most other courses. The candidate must put in a lot of effort, pass numerous tests, show up for exams, and eventually, with practice and perseverance, become a chartered accountant. It takes skilled abilities to add up balance sheets and review years’ worth of accounting for accuracy. This course trains students to carry out these tasks expertly. Getting interesting? Read on to know more courses that shouldn’t be taken online.

3. Medicine 

Of course, the medical course is really challenging. While some medical specialties are renowned to be simple. In general, studying medicine is not an easy subject that can be studied online. The majority of people in the world are aware that, except from a few foundational courses, the majority of medical specialties are extremely challenging—possibly even more challenging than engineering and chartered accounting. While hard work and the ability to memorize information might help candidates succeed in engineering and chartered accountant courses, having just these two qualities will not be helpful in online medical courses. A candidate for a medical degree should have an extensive memory, talent, work ethic, patience, and a strong desire to learn about it.

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4. Quantum Mechanics

This is one of the courses that shouldn’t be taken online because it is one of the most challenging courses and has a very sophisticated character, it is not advisable to take quantum mechanics online. The majority of people might not even comprehend what quantum physics is and how it might be used. Most individuals would only have a broad understanding of quantum mechanics because to television and movies.

Courses that shouldn't be taken online

This training is more than just what you read and see in the media. Candidates for this course should be exceptionally strong in mathematics, adept at solving problems, quick-witted, and motivated to learn the subject. The same as other courses, a candidate cannot be made to take a course in medicine or quantum physics against their will. They could only read it if they are interested in it; otherwise, it would be a waste of time, which is how the course is designed.

5. Pharmacy

The pharmacy course is related to some other courses that shouldn’t be taken online like medicine, although it differs from the medical course. Even while the pharmacy course is harder than most other courses, it is not as difficult as the medical course. There won’t be a world without medicine; pharmacies and pharmaceutical firms will need more drugs in the future.

It is possible to enroll in pharmacy courses at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, but it is more difficult online than most people realize. Pharmacy has many chemistry-based topics that must be learned; if you are not good at chemistry, this course will be even more challenging.

6. Architecture

Similar to engineering, the majority of people believe that anyone with basic sketching abilities and creative flair can pursue a career in architecture. Of course drawing prowess and originality are needed, but these alone are insufficient. The architecture course cannot be pursued without strong mathematical aptitude and physical learning with tutors. Keep reading to know other courses that shouldn’t be taken online.

7. Statistics 

Why is Statistics included among the courses that shouldn’t be taken online?

Contrary to popular belief, statistics is a more challenging course. It is true that enrolling in the course and beginning your studies will help you understand the course’s level of difficulty. Even the act of gathering a large amount of data and placing it in tables requires complexity. It is true that the course is really difficult to understand. Have you tried? Strong memory skills, a large amount of formulas, theories, tests, etc. are required for the course. These factors add up to make statistics a challenging subject.

8. Law

There are some who believe that studying law is the same as studying for any other subject. This is untrue; the legal field is distinct from all other academic fields. Even the most challenging technical and medical fields differ from this training. There are various streams to choose from, and the course’s focus is on thousands of laws that have been written over the years. While working, lawyers could consult their books. They must be well-versed in both the definitions of each legislation and the practical applications of those laws. It’s not as simple as most people think. The qualities of a lawyer are presentation, problem-solving abilities, communication, and patience, which the candidate must develop while studying law.

9. Chemistry 

Chemistry is one of the courses that shouldn’t be taken online. This course might be considered major league. Although practically everything and every degree includes chemistry, focusing in the subject is a brave move. This course is not advisable to be taken online. While chemistry is simple in school, it becomes exceedingly challenging online. It is advised to study chemistry in a physical college if you find high school chemistry to be simple and engaging; otherwise, no expert would advise studying it online. Contrary to what most people believe, chemistry is a constantly developing field of study.

10. Automobiles

Automotive courses are also courses that shouldn’t be taken online. Students must get technical hands-on training while working on vehicles or other machinery in order to prepare for the workplace.

11. Astrophysics

Due of its many subfields, astrophysics is regarded as the one of the courses that shouldn’t be taken online. This course will teach fluid dynamics and nuclear physics to someone who is interested in learning about stars and suns. Because it covers topics like biology, chemistry, classical mechanics, and physics, the course is considered challenging.

Courses that shouldn't be taken online

Additionally, people will be well knowledgeable about geology, climatology, and exotic objects like accretion discs and gravitational lenses. It is an incredibly fantastic course, but it also needs a lot of practicals, effort and knowledge.

12. Meteorology

Another well-liked and challenging course that examines climate, weather, and environmental changes is meteorology. The course covers topics like physics and arithmetic to learn about the variations in the atmosphere. Throughout the course, students will learn about the layers of gases, violent storms, tornadoes, climatology, hydrology, agriculture, tropical cyclones, and several other topics. You also need strong computer and communication skills, as well as the ability to work well in a team. You also need to be very knowledgeable in both science and maths. Although the course and the scientific subject are relatively comparable, the latter demands appropriate training and practical experience. Read on for the last three courses that shouldn’t be taken online.

13. Fine Arts

The term “fine arts” refers to artistic expressions that are aesthetically and visually appealing and have also been shown to be the most powerful means of communication. It’s one of the courses that shouldn’t be taken online since one needs to make their art understandable for the general public. A person must possess a creative mind and an equally creative eye in order to engage in the fine arts. Painting, multimedia and animation, design, architecture, dance, music, theater, and many other aesthetic mediums are examples of fine arts.

14. Finance

This popular subject in the Commerce stream of study has a connection to every facet of monetary management and establishment. One of the courses that shouldn’t be taken online, finance requires a person to have the analytical skills, novel funding methods, etc. in addition to knowledge of financial management, accounting, risk management, and other topics.

15. Foreign Language

A foreign language isn’t only a person’s “second language,” which is another crucial component of our ranking of the courses that shouldn’t be taken online. It’s a language that’s not used in the country where the speaker is from. A person must be committed and interested to succeed in a foreign language course.

To better grasp the application, one needs be familiar with the history of the culture and the linguistic evolution. A person needs to develop new cognitive patterns in order to learn a foreign language or even visit the country for in-depth comprehension.

Courses that shouldn't be taken online

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Study

What challenging aspects of online learning?

Online education inevitably results in a significant loss of social interaction. But we're not just referring to casual conversations among friends. Additionally, there is less social connection between teachers and students. For pupils who have become accustomed to their professors' presence, this may be particularly challenging.

Do students study more effectively online or in person?

Researchers examining the efficacy of distant learning discovered that while in some cases, distance education students somewhat outperformed traditional classroom students in terms of grades and test scores, the average performance outcomes weren't all that different.

Do students gain anything from online education?

More freedom for the learner is one of the main advantages of online education. You can arrange your employment schedule (as well as your interests) around your academic obligations. More so if you are enrolled in an online course, especially one that is available on demand.

What is a common blunder made when studying online?

Undervaluing online learning. Sometimes, students misjudge the amount of time they must spend on their studies or believe that online education doesn't demand the same level of commitment as traditional classroom instruction. Actually, online students require even more dedication and drive to learn and finish their assignments.

After going through the courses that shouldn’t be taken online, are you interested in studying online? Check below for some online programs you can take.


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