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10 Best Computer Science Bachelor Degrees in USA

Computer science is one of the most well-liked and lucrative disciplines for overseas students. Due to the abundance of internationally renowned universities in the US, computer science is the third most popular major among overseas students.

Due to a variety of characteristics, including:

  1. Educational quality,
  2. Quantity of ongoing publications and research projects
  3. Graduate employment rate,
  4.  Level of financing available.

The computer science bachelor degrees in USA are ranked highly. International students can pursue highly recognized degrees that are valued in the workforce both here in the United States and back home by enrolling in these top computer science colleges.

computer science bachelor degrees in USA

According to US News and World Report, computer science departments in the US are so highly regarded that seven out of the top ten universities worldwide are in the US. MIT, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Stanford University, located in Stanford, California, are the world’s top two universities, respectively. University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University are ranked four and five in the report, respectively (Cambridge, Massachusetts).

According to US News and World Report, the top three computer science schools in the world are all US institutions. They are California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, at number seven, University of California, Los Angeles, at number eight, and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at number nine. Unsurprisingly, these are the colleges that top the list of the best computer science programs in the US.

What is Computer Science?

The third most common major among foreign students entering the United States is computer science. The strong demand for computer scientists is due to a variety of factors, including the field’s great job stability, unusually high starting salary, and wide range of employment options. However, a foreign student who is thinking about studying computer science needs to know what computer science is.

What exactly is computer science then? Computer science, in general, is the study of computer technology, including both hardware and software. However, computer science is a broad field, and in today’s technology-dependent world, the necessary skills are both transferable and in demand in virtually every industry. As a result, there are many different subdisciplines within the area of computer science, the majority of which are fully-fledged specialized sciences in and of themselves. Computer theory, hardware systems, software systems, and scientific computing are the four main subfields that make up the field of computer science.

Depending on the intended use of the computer science degree, students will select credits from among these sub-disciplines with varied degrees of specialization. Understanding exactly what computer science is (and where a student’s interests sit within this huge area) is of utmost importance to understanding how to study computer science, even though the majority of rigid specialization occurs at the graduate level.

Advantages of Studying Computer Science in the USA

Here are some reasons why earning computer science bachelor degrees in USA is beneficial;

1. You can enroll in top universities in the United States.

Who hasn’t heard of Columbia University, MIT, Caltech, Stanford University, or Georgia Tech? When it comes to higher education, many institutions are already household names, especially in IT. The competition is tough, though, as enrolling in one of these universities is the goal of every young programmer in the globe.

2. Less theory and more practice during the IT Bachelor’s program

American colleges put a strong emphasis on teaching you the practical skills needed to create programs and software when it comes to computer science education. Your theoretical classes will therefore be less frequent than your projects and assignments.

You are also urged to participate in initiatives sponsored by the institution or your lecturers. These tasks may be compensated or conducted as competitions, such as those for app developers.

3. Gain knowledge about popular IT specialities from professionals

It comes as no surprise that well-known business figures and IT professionals hold seminars and talks on the newest trends in computer science given that the U.S. is a hub for IT organizations. Since businesses are frequently looking for promising interns to join them, and you could be one of them, they have a clear interest in sending their specialists to teach at colleges. Some of the I.T specializations include;

  1. Business information systems bachelor’s degree
  2. IT bachelor’s degree
  3. Video game bachelor’s degrees
  4. Web Technologies Bachelor’s
  5. Cloud Utilization
  6. IT security bachelor’s degree

4. Exciting careers around the globe

Returning to the present All companies need computer skills because computer science and IT are fields that are constantly evolving worldwide. By 2020, there will be 200,000 additional IT positions in the United States, which is to be expected considering that all significant IT corporations have their headquarters here. Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook all on the table. For programmers, it’s paradise.

If staying in the United States proves to be a challenge for an international graduate, the rest of the world is your oyster; most Western nations allow recent graduates to earn roughly 48,000 USD per year. Speaking of current trends, earning a bachelor’s degree in the United States will unquestionably equip you for the employment of the future. When it initially debuted, it seemed futuristic; now, let’s have a look at the best computer science bachelor degrees in USA.

Best Computer Science Bachelor Degrees in USA

An overseas student must understand how to study computer science, or, in other words, how to successfully navigate amid this sea of sub-fields and specialities, due to the enormous range of disciplines that a computer science degree encompasses.

The following are 10 best computer science bachelor degrees in USA as at 2022:

  1. Mathematics in Practice
  2. Digital audio/image
  3. Machine intelligence
  4. Micro Programming
  5. Bioinformatics
  6. Networks and Management
  7. Networks in Computer Architecture
  8. Cryptography
  9. Applied Computer Science
  10. Running Systems

Other best Computer science bachelor degrees in USA you can take are;

  1. Game development for computers
  2. Robotics
  3. Digital graphics
  4. Modeling and Simulation
  5. Programming for computers
  6. Application Development
  7. Systems Software
  8. Management of Data
  9. Internet Development
  10. Create databases
  11. Concurrent programming
  12. Development of iOS
  13. Mobile Development
  14. Memory Devices
  15. Computer-Aided Physics

With so many alternatives, the best course of action for any overseas student looking to make serious preparations for their future on the job market is to have a definite emphasis in mind when studying computer science in the United States. Knowing how to study computer science and effectively planning which type of degree to receive will depend on how well the student understands the discipline of computer science.

Additionally, choosing the best computer science bachelor degrees in USA as a student will determine what kinds of computer science careers the student is eligible for upon graduating. Planning a specialized computer science degree that will allow you to pursue the career you want is therefore of the utmost importance.

Computer science careers

Every industry has a significant demand for computer science professionals. Furthermore, these computer science departments now receive more financing as a result of the strong status of US computer science universities. For international students studying computer science, this growth in financing has a number of repercussions, including the field’s notable specialization and diversification.

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The computer science bachelor degrees in USA international students will be acquiring have a wide range of possible applications in the field of computer science. The following positions are directly related to your degree:

  • A Software Analyst
  • Application creator
  • Internet security expert
  • Analyst for Data
  • Analyst for Forensic Computers
  • Game Creator
  • Games Creator
  • Engineer in machine learning
  • Tester for Penetration
  • Computer Programmer
  • Technical Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer

computer science bachelor degrees in USA

Computer Scientist Salary

In addition to the wide range of careers these degrees can lead to, Money Magazine lists computer science graduates as one of the top paid majors. Following are some examples of computer science occupations along with their national median salaries:

  • $80,500 for a software developer
  • $84,000 for a software test engineer (STE)
  • $98,000 Senior Software Engineer
  • $115,000 Software Development Manager
  • $116,000 for a software architect
  • $74,800 for a programmer analyst
  • $93,800 Systems Developer
  • $58,000 Web Developer
  • Test Engineer for Software Development (SDET) $82,000
  • Analyst for Application Support $69, 000
  • $68,300 Computer Systems Analyst
  • $85,100 for a Database administrator (DBA).
  • $62,900 Systems Administrator
  • $83,300 Systems Engineer (IT)
  • $81,900 Systems Analyst
  • $59,000 Network Administrator, IT
  • $83,900 Network Engineer, IT
  • $81,500 Business Analyst, IT
  • $111,000 Program Manager, IT
  • Specialist in Information Technology $64,200

Top 10 Colleges to Study Best Computer Science Bachelor Degrees in USA

  1. MIT
  2. Stanford College
  3. California State University, Berkeley
  4. Harvard College
  5. Technology University of California
  6. Pittsburgh-Mellon University
  7. Cornell College
  8. Illinois University of Urbana-Champaign
  9. College of Washington
  10. Princeton College


For overseas students hoping to get the most out of their educational experiences, the abundance of well-funded and well recognized computer science colleges offers an incredible range of chances and benefits. Students will have the chance to benefit from studying in a growing sector of one of the world’s most healthy economies, and computer science bachelor degrees in USA are respected by businesses all around the world. Increased funding, good post-graduation job placement rates, and the availability of specialized knowledge are some of these advantages.

That final benefit is that computer science bachelor degrees in USA are well-funded and highly regarded and this is particularly significant. It enables the growth and funding of specialization within any of the numerous computer science sub-fields.

We hope you find this article helpful when you are choosing from the available computer science bachelor degrees in USA.


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