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List of Community Colleges in Los Angeles

This list of community colleges in Los Angeles on World Scholarship vault comprises eight public community colleges within the city borders of Los Angeles and a total of twenty-three adjacent community colleges outside the city, in addition to a great number of others.

As a key component of the United States’ higher education system, community colleges guide the professional careers of both part-time and full-time students.

The fact that public community colleges are affordable and offer short-term programs remains a significant element in the rising number of enrollments in higher education.

Obtaining a certificate from a community college often requires enrollment in a 2-year degree program, as compared to universities’ 4-year degree programs.

The first ever general community college in Los Angeles is the Citrus College, established in 1915. Over the years, more colleges have continued to spring up and uphold the culture of academics and education in the city.

Mt. San Antonio College is the largest community college in California at now. The college has 61,962 students enrolled.

In this post, World Scholarship vault will provide you with vital information and statistics pertaining to all community colleges in  Los Angeles Country.

Before moving on to others, let’s list the five best community colleges in Los Angeles for Business and Nursing degrees separately.

List of the 5 Best Community Colleges in Los Angeles for Business

Community colleges provide numerous professional programs. Certifications are granted to students who successfully complete a program.

Nevertheless, this article will highlight the greatest community colleges in Los Angeles for business.

They include the following institutions:

  • Glendale Community College
  • Santa Monica College
  • Pasadena City College.
  • Los Angeles City College
  • East Los Angeles College

1. Glendale Community College

City: Glendale, CA.

Year Founded: 1927.

As one of the best community colleges in Los Angeles  for business, Glendale Community College is one of the most sought-after institutions for business students worldwide.

The institution’s cutting-edge business branch offers programs in Business Administration, Real Estate, and Accounting.

At Glendale Community College, the graduation rate is 15.6%.

2. Santa Monica College

City: Santa Monica, CA.

Year Founded: 1929.

Santa Monica College is an exceptional institution for business students.

The university offers business programs, and the professional success of its graduates is evidence of its remarkable academic and educational achievements.

The business program is available to both part-time and full-time students.

3. Pasadena City College

City: Pasadena, CA.

Year Founded: 1924.

Pasadena City College is the oldest institution on this list of the top community colleges in Angeles schools for business education.

With numerous years of honed expertise in business research and instruction, the institution remains a top community college in business education.

The university provides degrees in Management, Accounting, and Marketing

4. Los Angeles City College

City: Los Angeles, CA.

Year Founded: 1929.

Los Angeles City College was founded in 1929, making it one of the oldest institutions in the district. In addition, it aspires to raise the benchmark for business education through research and new information.

The institution has a 100% acceptance rate and an about 20% graduation rate.

Los Angeles City College is one of the greatest community colleges in Los Angeles for business administration.

5. East Los Angeles College

City: Monterey Park, CA.

Year Founded: 1945.

East Los Angeles College offers an excellent business education faculty.

The college’s Business Administration department provides programs in Management, Accounting, Office Technology, Entrepreneurship, Logistics, Economics, and Marketing.

Similar to other community colleges, East Los Angeles College’s program may be completed in two years and has a graduation rate of approximately 15.8%.

10 Community Colleges in Los Angeles with Housing and Dorms 

Except for Orange Coast College, the majority of community colleges in and around Los Angeles do not offer dorms or accommodation on campus. However, this is typical for community institutions. Only 11 of California’s 112 public college campuses offer housing options.

In the Fall of 2020, Orange Coast College became the first and only institution in Southern California to offer on-campus housing to students. The “Harbour” apartment-style dormitory has the potential to house more than 800 students.

Some institutions without dorms provide students with websites that recommend off-campus accommodation and homestay destinations.

The best community colleges in Los Angeles  with housing and dorm suggestions were identified by World Scholarship vault and are featured in the table below.

Table of 10 community colleges in Los Angeles with Dorms and Housing:

S/N Colleges(Linked to Housing web page of the college)  College Dorms Available Other Housing Options
1 Orange Coast College, Yes Yes
2 Santa Monica College No Yes
3 Los Angeles City College No Yes
4 Los Angeles Trade Technical College No Yes
5 East Los Angeles College No Yes
6 El Camino College No Yes
7 Glendale Community College No Yes
8 Pierce College No Yes
9 Pasadena City College No Yes
10 College of the Canyons No Yes


5 Best Community Colleges in Los Angeles for Nursing Programs 

Pursuing nursing programs at the leading community colleges in Los Angeles prepares you for an amazing nursing profession.

In order to determine the top nursing schools, World Scholarship Vault has carefully considered a variety of aspects.

In addition to preparing students for a job, the colleges featured on World Scholars Hub provide a proper support structure to help students achieve their license.

1. Santa Monica College

SMC No. 1 in Transfers for Three Decades - Santa Monica College

City: Santa Monica, CA

Year Founded: 1929

Similar to its excellence in business, Santa Monica College is a well regarded university for nursing education.

The college offers academic experiences that prepare students for a professional nursing career.

An Associate of Science in Nursing is conferred upon completion of the program.

2. Antelope Valley College

University of Antelope Valley - About

City: Lancaster, CA

Year Founded: 1929

About: Antelope Valley College is considered among the top five nursing programs at Los Angeles community institutions.

After completion of the program, the institution grants an Associate of Nursing (ADN) degree.

Antelope Valley College is devoted to provide students with the best available comprehensive education.

3.Los Angeles Valley College

Los Angeles Valley College - Wikipedia

City: Los Angeles, CA

Year Founded: 1949

Los Angeles Valley Institution is another highly regarded community college that offers the top nursing degrees.

With a 100 percent acceptance rate, enrolling in the college’s nursing program is relatively simple. However, students who are accepted into the program must work diligently to earn the degree.

4.Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Harbor College – Diversity ToolkitCity: Los Angeles, CA

Year Founded: 1949

The Associate Degree in Nursing program at Los Angeles Harbor College is one of the most prestigious nursing schools in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles Harbor College remains one of the greatest community schools in Los Angeles for nursing degrees, with courses in a program that trains students to be outstanding professional nurses and caregivers.

5.College of Nursing and Allied Health

School of Nursing and Allied Health | SUNY Empire State College

City: Los Angeles, CA

Year Founded: 1895

The major purpose of the College of Nursing and Allied Health is to train students for professional careers in nursing. The college, founded in 1895, is the city’s oldest specialized institution.

The college admits approximately 200 students annually. After completing the requirements for the Associate of Science in Nursing, between 100 and 150 students graduate annually from this institution.

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List of Public Community Colleges in Los Angeles County, California

The list of community colleges in Los Angeles Country, California, includes eight public community community colleges within the city limits of Los Angeles and a total of twenty-three community colleges in close proximity to the city.

Here is a table which analyzes the community colleges in the county:

Colleges Community College District Acceptance rate Graduation rate Student Population
Antelope Valley College Lancaster, CA 100% 21% 14,408
Cerritos College Norwalk, CA 100% 18.2% 21,335
Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga, CA 100% 21% 19,682
Citrus College Glendora, CA 100% 20% 24,124
College of Nursing and Allied Health Los Angeles, CA 100% 75% N/A
College of the Canyons Santa Clarita, CA 100% 14.9% 20,850
Compton College Compton, CA 100% 16.4% 8,729
Cypress College Cypress, CA 100% 15.6% 15,794
East Los Angeles College Monterey Park, CA 100% 15.8% 36,970
El Camino College Torrance, CA 100% 21% 24,224
Glendale Community College Glendale, CA 100% 15.6% 16,518
Golden West College Huntington, CA 100% 27% 20,361
Irvine Valley College Irvine, CA 100% 20% 14,541
LB Long Beach City College Long Beach, CA 100% 18% 26,729
Los Angeles City College Los Angeles, CA 100% 20% 14,937
Los Angeles Harbor College Los Angeles, CA 100% 21% 10,115
Los Angeles Mission College Los Angeles, CA 100% 19.4% 10,300
Los Angeles Southwest College Los Angeles, CA 100% 19% 8,200
Los Angeles Trade Technical College Los Angeles, CA 100% 27% 13,375
Los Angeles Valley College Los Angeles, CA 100% 20% 23,667
Moorpark College Moorpark, CA 100% 15.6% 15,385
Mt. San Antonio College Walnut, CA 100% 18% 61,962
Norco College Norco, CA 100% 22.7% 10,540
Orange Coast College Costa Mesa, CA 100% 16.4% 21,122
Pasadena City College Pasadena , CA 100% 23.7% 26,057
Pierce College Los Angeles, CA 100% 20.4% 20,506
Rio Hondo College Whittier, CA 100% 20% 22,457
Santa Ana College Santa Ana, CA 100% 13.5% 37,916
Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA 100% 17% 32,830
Santiago Canyon College Orange, CA 100% 19% 12,372
West Los Angeles College Culver City, CA 100% 21% 11,915

* Table is based on 2009 — 2020 data.

List of 10 cheapest community colleges in Los Angeles for International students 

Tuition is always a decisive factor for the majority of prospective students. Attending programs with the aid of student loans sounds acceptable until enormous debts arise.

World Scholarship vault has investigated and compiled a list of the most affordable community colleges in Los Angeles for international, out-of-state, and in-state students.

The tuition paid by these various groups varies, and we have compiled the information in a table to facilitate comparison.

Table of the cheapest community colleges in Los Angeles for international students:

Colleges In-state Students Tuition Fee Out-of-state Students Tuition Fee International Students Tuition Fee
Santa Monica College (SMC) $1,142 $8,558 $9,048
Los Angeles City College (LACC) $1,220 $7,538 $8,570
Glendale Community College $1,175 $7,585 $7,585
Pasadena City College $1,168 $7,552 $8,780
El Camino College $1,144 $7,600 $8,664
Orange Coast College $1,188 $7,752 $9,150
Citrus College $1,194 $7,608 $7,608
College of the Canyons $1,156 $7,804 $7,804
Cypress College $1,146 $6,878 $6,878
Golden West College $1,186 $9,048 $9,048

*This data considers only tuition fees in each institution and does not consider other costs. 

List of 10 Ultrasound Technician Community Colleges in Los Angeles, CA  

Since World Scholarship vault has determined that ultrasound technicians are in demand, we have created a list of ten ultrasound technician community colleges in Los Angeles.

The ultrasound technician colleges include:

  1. Galaxy Medical College
  2. American Career College
  3. Dialysis Education Services
  4. WCUI School of Medical Imaging
  5. CBD College
  6. AMSC Medical College
  7. Casa Loma College
  8. National Polytechnic College
  9. ATI College
  10. North-West College – Long Beach.

FAQs on Community Colleges in Los Angeles 

Here you will explore some of the commonly asked questions about community colleges, especially community colleges in Los Angeles. World Scholars Hub has provided you with all the answers you need to these questions.

Are College degrees worthwhile?

College degrees are financially and time-wise worthwhile.

Despite the defamation campaign intended to decrease the value of college degrees, acquiring a college degree remains one of the best ways to secure a comfortable financial life and professional employment.

If considerable debts are incurred during schooling, they can be paid off within five to 10 years of graduation.

What kind of Degrees are Awarded in Community Colleges?

Upon successful completion of a program at a community college, the most frequent degrees conferred are associate degrees and certificates/diplomas.

However, just a handful California community colleges offer Bachelor’s degree programs for some.

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What are the requirements to register into a college? 

1.What are the prerequisites for enrolling in college?

  • High school graduation,
  • Certification in General Educational Development (GED),
  • Or a transcript of one of the preceding two.
  1. You may be required to take placement tests such as;
  • The American College Exam (ACT)
  • Academic Assessment Exams (SAT)
  • Or an English and mathematics placement exam.

3.If you intend to apply for in-state tuition, you must demonstrate that you have lived in California for more than a year. You may be needed to provide one of the following:

  • State driving licence
  • Local financial institution account or
  • Voter id.

Students who graduate from a high school in California are exempted from this process.

  1. A final requirement, is the payment of tuition and other necessary fees.

Can I take part time courses at Los Angeles colleges?


You have the option of enrolling in either a full-time or part-time program.

Many students however prefer to enroll full-time.

Are there any scholarships for Los Angeles colleges?

Numerous bursaries and scholarships are offered to college students in Los Angeles. Checking out the institution’s website can supply you with all the necessary information.

What programs do community colleges in Los Angeles run? 

Los Angeles community colleges offer numerous popular programs. Amongst these are:

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Business and Management
  • Communications and Journalism
  • Computer Sciences
  • Legal and
  • Nursing.

Community colleges also run other programs such as;

  • Indigenous Education and
  • Skill Training.


World Scholarship vault believes you have been able to select a community college that is a good fit for you after reviewing the facts on the list of community colleges in Los Angeles.




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