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Colleges With Full-Ride Scholarship.

Colleges With Full-Ride Scholarship.

Are you an high achieving student looking to apply for a full-ride scholarship in some colleges in the country of your choice? This is the best place to get list of colleges that offers full ride scholarship.

colleges with full-ride scholarship means that all expenses are being covered which includes transportation, housing, books and meals.  Some schools offers what is known as full-tuition scholarship, this is that it covers everything except the cost of living.

Recruiting people into for this scholarship are always competitive in nature because these colleges are prestigious ones. Full-ride scholarship aren’t competitive again once a school grow into becoming a competitive one.

Here is a list of colleges with full-ride scholarship, these are:

  1. California Institute of Technology: This type of scholarship covers your tuition fee throughout your the course of you studying. It also gives out extra stipends for activities related to education.
  2. Emory University: This is also regarded as Emory Scholars Program. This is a scholarship which is based on full merit. This scholarship comprises of three aspects, which are: the Emory Scholars Program, the Goizueta Scholars Program and the Oxford Scholars Program.
  3. The University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor: This covers the full cost of the scholarship, which is renewable every year till you are done with your undergraduate studies. The University of Michigan, funding is up to the total sum of $10,000 used in supporting the experiential learning initiatives.
  4. Purdue University: This covers an undergraduate educational full costs. It also provides the sum total of $10, 000 for funds to cover the expenses for the experiential learning endeavor.
  5. University of Houston: This covers all compulsory and tuition fees you would be needing while studying for the four years as an undergraduate, meals for two years, on campus housing,. Their scholars are also awarded stipends up to the sum total of $3,000, it also gives room to build a community among the tier one scholars. Students who are regarded as out-of-state will be receiving waivers for the non-resident tuition.
  6. Duke University: This scholarship is given within the duration of four years for undergraduate, it covers the mandatory fees and board and room, undergraduate tuition. While, granted this scholarship you stand a chance of getting access to the extracurricular activities and academic activities offered by UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke. You are also at advantage of getting three international experiences or summers of domestic, professional development opportunities and extensive scholars community of Robertson, staff and alumni.
  7. Clemson University: Candidates who are chosen for the National Scholars are given awards of four-year-merit-based scholarship. It covers the fees and tuition and are given awards every semester. The scholars participate in the summer group abroad study after their first year.
  8. University of Mississippi: The University offers lots of awards which covers the cost of tuition, Undergraduate students who meet the stated requirements are eligible to apply for it.
  9. Oberlin College: The Oberlin Merit Scholarship helps in assisting in the fees and the cost of tuition and an enrichment fund of $5,000.
  10. University of Kentucky: These comprises of four scholarships, which are:
  • Patterson Scholarship: The scholars are awarded with full cost of tuition for the students who are in-state and out-of-state and a stipend for housing.
  • Otis A. Singletary Scholarship: The candidates will be granted full cost of tuition for out-of-state and a stipend for housing.
  • Presidential Scholarship: This type of scholarship covers the cost of tuition for both out-state and in-state students.
  • Governor’s Scholar Presidential Scholarship: This type of scholarship covers all the cost of the in-state tuition.

11. American University: This type of program scholarship is mainly designed for minority underrepresented students, but anyone who is a student may apply. They are granted mandatory fees, full tuition, U-pass, room, board and books.

12. University of Miami: The University of Miami scholarship covers housing, meals, cost of tuition, insurance and textbooks. It covers the laptop allowance, university health insurance, enrichment fund for activities like undergraduate research, conferences, leadership development, study abroad and unpaid internships.

13. Wofford College: The candidates will be nominated by the guidance counselor of the high school which the award covers the covering tuition, room, board and fees.

14. Barry University: The scholarship is only awarded to those talented and driven students, the scholars are awarded expenses that covers their tuition, room and board, books and transportation. They receive the amount of $6,000to study abroad or for other experiences in learning.

15. The George Washington University: This scholarship is only available to the Stephen Joel Trachtenberg (SJT), high school seniors which covers the books, fees, tuition, room and board for the four years you would be using at the university.

16. St. Lawrence University: This covers the full-tuition for the period of four years or the eight semesters, the scholarship is awarded to the university best male and female during their first year which is determined by their character, leaderships and academics.

17. University of Delaware: This award covers only the cost of the tuition, the room and board and an enrichment fund of $2,500 for experiencing learning.

18. Louisiana State University: This scholarship is awarded to scholars, it covers the cost of their attendance throughout the four years, with an enrichment experience such as research opportunities and the studying abroad programs.

19. Rhodes Scholarship: Candidates of this type of scholarship are to represent their college at the in on campus program, hosting prospective students and conducting campus tour.

20. Lewis and Clark College: This type of scholarship are awarded to students with personal accomplishments and exceptional academic, it covers the cost of tuition with a stipend of $2,000 for use during the students’ fourth semester project.

21. Soka University of America: The scholarship covers the direct costs like room and board and the tuition and also costs like supplies, travel, books and personal expenses. The scholarship is given to international applicants and those who graduated from any African nation and must have a high educational achievement.

22. Southern Methodist University: The scholarship coves the fees for the whole period to be spent in the university. The scholarship will cover the expenses for a round-trip transportation and campus room and board retreat.


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