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Careers in warehousing You Should Consider

Careers in warehousing. You can work in a warehouse as an entry-level employee or as a skilled and seasoned professional. You may focus your job search and make a more informed choice about your future career by being aware of your possibilities in this type of employment setting. The primary responsibilities of a warehouse worker are described in this article, along with a list of 13 different sorts of warehouse jobs and what they include.

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What do workers at warehouses do?

Although there are many different kinds of warehouse jobs, many of them include moving materials and items between different sites using motorized and hand tools. Remember that depending on the employer and your specific job, your specific warehouse duties may differ. Warehouse jobs typically entail processing shipments, storing stock and materials, and receiving shipments. In other jobs, you might pick and pack a range of shipments or orders, or you might pick and fill out forms.

Workers in warehouses conduct tasks linked to receiving and processing incoming materials and items. They might be in charge of managing, arranging, and retrieving goods or packing and shipping orders. Additionally, they are in charge of keeping the workspace tidy and safe, according to all safety and cleanliness standards and regulations, and keeping the shelves, workstation, and pallet area clean. Some of their particular responsibilities can be:

  • Obtaining goods from the distribution center and delivering them to the shipping container for loading
  • Obtaining products for return or delivery and ensuring their accuracy and damage-freeness by comparing their contents to the purchase order
  • Locating lost, damaged, or missing goods and informing the manager
  • Teaching new hires the organization’s and department’s processes and procedures to facilitate quick onboarding
  • Orderly packing of orders in preparation for shipping
  • Inventory control log-based counting and stocking of goods

The average wage for warehouse employees

Salary for this occupation varies greatly depending on your level of expertise and region. They may also differ depending on your employer and the products your employer deals with. The annual average compensation for this position is $44,772

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Warehouse worker requirements


Typically, the only qualification needed for this profession is a GED or high school graduation. You might want to think about enrolling in a logistics associate degree program if you’re interested in using this career as a stepping stone to go up into warehouse management or a logistics function. The fundamental abilities for purchasing, inventory management, storage, and transportation are provided by this degree.


The majority of the training for this position is done on the job, directly under the direction of another warehouse worker or shipping or receiving clerk. Additional training that you can use for this role can also be obtained through a variety of certifications. For instance, some firms might instruct warehouse staff on how to work securely when using lifts or ladders to reach greater levels.

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Although credentials aren’t normally necessary for this career, some specialist qualifications might be based on the range of duties for a particular position. You might wish to think about obtaining credentials even if it’s not necessary. They provide you a competitive edge over other job applicants by demonstrating to employers that you have the drive and desire to advance in your position. They can be helpful if you hope to advance to a more senior warehouse position, like a logistics or warehouse management one. The most popular certifications that you might wish to think about obtaining are:

Forklift certification:

You can operate a forklift in a warehouse setting if you have an occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) compliant forklift certification, which is offered by various organizations. Some positions could need this, and if you don’t have the certification, you might not be qualified for the position.

Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehousing: 

This curriculum educates participants in logistics, distribution, and warehousing management. Students receive training to get ready for careers in distribution centers and warehouses.

Certified in Production and Inventory Management:

Because it mostly focuses on managing inventory in production once it has arrived at the warehouse, the American Production and Inventory Control Society’s (APICS) course is a popular option for warehouse professionals.

Certified Supply Chain Professional:

The supply chain design, planning, and execution as well as supply chain improvement and best practices are the main topics of this APICS certification. For warehouse workers who want to work in supply chain logistics, it’s a terrific option.

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You may be a highly effective warehouse worker by having a variety of abilities. They consist of:

  • Interpersonal abilities: These abilities enable a warehouse employee to function well in a team environment. They consist of verbal communication and active listening, both of which are crucial because a warehouse worker is frequently able to follow thorough directions and interact with other team members.
  • The ability to properly manage your time, physical effort, and mental energy while maintaining attention on the activity at hand is referred to as organization. A warehouse worker keeps their work gear organized and available to complete jobs swiftly and effectively.
  • Time management: Because warehouse environments are frequently hectic, warehouse employees must work swiftly and efficiently to make items available for pickup on time.
  • Technical abilities: These are necessary for this position and include both arithmetic and computer-related abilities. Among other tasks, a warehouse worker may utilize simple math to count inventory and compare arriving shipments to purchase orders.

Workplace for warehouse employees

Typically, warehouse settings with the following features employ warehouse workers:

  • Continually standing
  • Using office supplies such computers, printers, fax machines, and other heavy lifting from shelves or trucks
  • Working possibly on weekends or after hours to fulfill deadlines

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How to become a warehouse worker

1. Pursue your education

For employment as a warehouse worker, the majority of firms just require a high school diploma or GED. Find job openings nearby and research the standard amount of education needed for warehouse worker roles. Obtain the amount of education necessary to be considered for a position.

2. Obtain a certification

It is necessary to receive OSHA-compliant forklift certification in order to operate a forklift in a warehouse. To offer yourself a competitive advantage over other applicants for warehouse worker positions, it is advantageous to earn this qualification before applying. You might want to think about seeking further qualifications if you know you intend to use a warehouse worker role to get warehouse experience for more advanced positions.

3. Update your CV

Update your resume to reflect your greatest degree of training, employment history, certifications, and transferable abilities for a warehouse worker. Use this list to demonstrate how you have used the abilities after examining the ones needed for this position. A warehouse worker’s major tasks should be mentioned when describing past roles.

4. Apply for a job application

Find positions in your area by searching for them, then focus on those for which you are best qualified. A warehouse worker typically has no prior experience and is an entry-level position. Apply for entry-level warehouse roles if you discover during your search that prior experience working in a warehouse setting is necessary, and once the necessary amount of time has passed, move up to the position of warehouse worker. Apply with an updated résumé and a cover letter that is tailored to the position you’re applying for.

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Careers in warehousing You Should Consider

There are many different occupations you might think about if working in a warehouse is something you’re interested in. You’re sure to find a job you’re interested in, whether you prefer managing shipping and receiving or holding stock. Knowing the different warehouse occupations that are available will help you pick one that best suits your abilities and experience. Take into account these warehouse positions, their typical national salaries, and their main responsibilities:

1. Stocking associate

The average national wage for a stocking associate is $26,250 annually.

Stocking staff members’ main responsibilities include receiving shipments at a business and checking for accuracy. Additionally, they stock goods on the sales floor of a store or at a warehouse. Stocking staff members also keep track of the store’s inventory, create price labels for goods, place orders for replacements, package goods for transportation, and return damaged goods as necessary.

2. Stocker

$26,374 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Stockers’ main responsibilities are to make sure there is enough goods on all shelves and in all storage spaces in a warehouse. They organize supplies, keep track of product records, organize deliveries of goods, store goods, and label them. Before moving packages to the proper area, stockers also receive, unload, and unpack shipments. They also check the labels on each package.

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3. A warehouse worker

$26,915 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Among their many responsibilities, warehouse workers fill, pack, ship, and load orders in addition to monitoring and retrieving stock. They also receive and process various inventories and resources. Along with pulling goods, packing boxes, and placing orders, warehouse workers also prepare orders. Additionally, they accomplish deliveries by traveling to and from vendors in a car.

4. Laborer

$28,246 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Primary responsibilities: Workers at a warehouse or other setting, such as a construction site, undertake manual labor. On a daily basis, they employ a variety of instruments, including hand and power tools, and they support other crafts at work.

5. Material handler

$28,413 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Pallets and raw materials are moved by material handlers to production lines as their main responsibility. Additionally, they transport completed goods to a warehouse or shipping container. Additionally, material handlers operate forklifts, packaging machines, filing machines, and other motorized equipment and vehicles inside of warehouses.

6. A receptionist

National average yearly salary: $28,496

Receiving employees’ main responsibilities are to process and receive incoming and outgoing goods and supplies at a warehouse. Additionally, they maintain a store’s stockroom, assure the upkeep of the inventory, and unload and stock the goods.

7. Stocking associate

Payout average: $29,120 year.

Warehouse clerks’ main responsibilities include unloading and loading trucks, filling out purchase orders, and making sure the warehouse has all the necessary tools to function. Additionally, warehouse clerks stack goods, guarantee machinery is operating properly, and carefully pack goods.

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8. Loader

$29,453 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Loaders’ key responsibilities include managing the warehouse’s inventory. They manage numerous machines, track loaded and unloaded goods from a warehouse, and load and unload delivery trucks. Additionally, loaders participate in a team effort to guarantee the efficiency of all warehouse operations.

9. Receiver

$29,941 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Receivers’ main responsibilities are to pick up incoming cargo at a warehouse. They keep track of shipments, certify their accuracy, and attest to their receipt in good condition. Additionally, receivers unpack shipments, look through packing lists, inspect and note shipment faults, and confirm that the contents of each box match the orders.

10. Shipping and receiving clerk

$30,222 annually is the average pay in the country.

Primary responsibilities include preparing goods for shipment and recording shipping information to confirm the contents of each shipment. They prepare each item for transportation, receive products, discard broken ones, keep track of inventories, and assist with unloading as needed.

11. forklift operator

$30,618 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Forklift drivers’ main responsibilities include moving cargo to different spots inside a warehouse. They transfer any incoming cargo to the warehouse’s loading dock and shift these products to the proper location for storage. Some forklift operators additionally assist with inventory management, machinery inspection, merchandise damage detection, shortage reporting, and inventory record keeping.

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12. Warehouse specialist

$30,784 per year is the average pay in the country.

Warehouse specialists’ main responsibilities are to make sure that every operation takes place without hiccups. They assist in inventory management, shipping, and receiving. Specialists in the warehouse also complete orders, package goods for shipping, and schedule delivery pickups.

13. Warehouse manager

$57,787 per year is the average pay in the country.

Warehouse managers have a thorough understanding of all warehouse operations. Orders are processed, employees are trained and managed, financial records are kept, budgets are managed, various warehouse operations including receiving and distribution are overseen, and warehouse operational regulations and procedures are enforced.

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