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12 Canadian Universities with High Acceptance Rates

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Canadian Universities with High Acceptance Rates!

Data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) place Canada third among the world’s most popular study abroad locations. Although it has improved recently, Canada still trails the United States and Australia in terms of the number of students planning to study there. The main reason students dream of studying in Canada is because of its excellent educational system and secure atmosphere. Due to the degree of competitiveness, admission to Canadian universities can be fairly challenging, however some have excellent acceptance rates. Let’s investigate the top Canadian universities with high acceptance rates.

Application Process

For all intakes, the application procedure for Canadian universities is the same. For Canadian universities with high acceptance rates, the application procedure is broken down into the following steps:

  1. Visit the university’s official website if you want to enroll there to pursue your course of study.
  2. Verify the prerequisites and the course syllabus.
  3. Select the appropriate university’s application form by clicking on it.
  4. You must first register for an account by providing your phone number or email address.
  5. Your registered contact number will get an email or SMS containing your login information and a verification code.
  6. Using the provided login information, input your personal information ( name, gender, date of birth).
  7. Enter your academic background and provide the necessary paperwork.
  8. Choose your course and submit your application fee.
  9. Every university has a distinct application cost, which can be paid online with internet banking or a debit/credit card.
  10. You can track the status of your application through your account after you submit it.
  11. Some colleges may ask selected students to participate in a virtual interview.

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Required Documents:

A general list of the documents needed to get admitted to any Canadian university is provided below:

  • Official transcripts of grades
  • Passport image captured by a scanner
  • CV or resume
  • Recommendation letter
  • Test results for English language proficiency
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • If the degree certificate is not in English and is in another language, postgraduate applicants must submit a translation.

Canadian universities with high acceptance rates

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Hardest Programs to get into in Canada

Some of Canada’s most competitive programs frequently accept applicants with extraordinarily high average GPAs or admission averages, a low overall acceptance rate, or fierce competition. Among the most difficult undergraduate programs to get into in Canada are the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of British Columbia, the Mechanical Engineering at McGill University, the Smith Bachelor of Commerce at Queen’s University, the Engineering Sciences at the University of Toronto, and the Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University.

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What is an Acceptance Rate?

A college or university’s acceptance rate is the proportion of applicants that are granted provisional admission. This number is calculated by dividing the total number of applications by the total number of authorized candidates.

Students should regularly check the admission rates of their desired university before submitting applications.

Canadian Universities with High Acceptance Rates

These are the Canadian universities with high acceptance rates:

University of Montreal (UdeM)

Chevalier français is taught at The Institution of Montreal (UM), a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As an extension of the Université Laval, the organization was founded in 1878.

The main campus of the school is situated between the Outremont and Côte-des-Neiges neighborhoods on Mount Royal’s northern slope. The institution has more than sixty departments and thirteen faculties. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered by the university.

University of British Columbia

With campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna, The Institution of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university in British Columbia. Having been established in 1908, UBC is the oldest university in British Columbia. It is one of the top three institutions in Canada. The acceptance rate for overseas students at UBC is high.

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University of Alberta:

Canadian universities with high acceptance rates

Edmonton is home to The Institution of Alberta, a public research university in Canada also referred to as U of A or UAlberta. Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, the organization’s first president, founded it in 1908. The university has more than 39,000 students from Canada and 150 other nations, and it has about 400 programs spread over its eight colleges.

Stanford University:

SFU is a public research university with three (3) locations in Burnaby (the main campus), Surrey, and Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. With more than 30,000 students and 160,000 alumni, it was founded in 1965. To increase access to higher education in Canada, the institution was founded. A lot of international students get accepted. There more Canadian universities with high acceptance rates below, read on to find out!

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McMaster University:

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada’s McMaster University (McMaster or Mac) is a public university. Between the Ainslie Wood and Westdale residential areas, the main McMaster campus is located on 121 hectares (300 acres) of land in the Royal Botanical Gardens. There are a total of six academic faculties there.

Canadian universities with high acceptance rates

It provides both undergraduate and graduate studies and was established on April 23, 1887. A lot of international students get accepted.

University of Calgary:

The Institution of Calgary is a public research university in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (also known as UCalgary or U of C). The University of Calgary was founded in 1944 as the University of Alberta’s Calgary branch. Prior to being a distinct, independent university on April 26, 1966, it was founded in 1908. A lot of international students are admitted.

University of Western Ontario:

The University of Western Ontario (UWO), formerly known as Western University, changed its name to Western University in 2012. It is located in the Canadian city of London and is a public research university.

In London, Ontario, on March 7, 1878, Bishop Isaac Hellmuth of the Anglican Diocese of Huron founded the Western University. It included Huron College, established in 1863. A lot of international students get accepted.

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University of Waterloo:

The University of Waterloo is a public research university in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It is also referred to as Waterloo University, UW, or UWaterloo. The organization was started by the associate faculties of Waterloo College. In 1956, on April 4th, it was established.

It was established in response to Canada’s postwar economy’s growing demand for engineers and technicians. Waterloo is the largest post-secondary co-operative education program in the world, and it accepts a lot of international students.

Queen’s University:

In Kingston, Ontario, Canada, there is a public institution called Queen’s University, or just Queen’s. It is located at a public research university in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, England, and around 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres) of land in Ontario are both owned by Queen’s.

Queen’s University was founded by the Church of Scotland in October 1841, per a royal charter from Queen Victoria. A lot of international students are admitted. Read on for more Canadian universities with high acceptance rates.

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Dalhousie University:

A public university with three campuses and medical education facilities in Saint John, New Brunswick, Dalhousie University (abbreviated as Dal) is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Over 4,000 courses and 180 degree programs are offered by Dalhousie University’s twelve (12) undergraduate, post-graduate, and professional faculties.

The organization is a member of the U15, a consortium of highly regarded universities in Canada. In 1818, Dalhousie was established as a non-sectarian university by the institution’s namesake, George Ramsay, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Dalhousie has a high acceptance rate for international students.

University of Ottawa:

The University of Ottawa is a public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is also referred to as uOttawa or U of O. In the heart of Ottawa, on 42.5 hectares (105 acres), is the main campus. The University of Ottawa was established in 1848 as the College of Bytown by Joseph-Bruno Guigues, the first bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa. A lot of international students are admitted.

University of Victoria (UVic)

Appearing last on our list of the Canadian universities with high acceptance rates. A public research university with campuses in Oak Bay and Saanich, UVic (or Victoria) is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The university began as Victoria College, the first post-secondary institution in the province. Up until 1963, when it was reincorporated, the college operated as an associated college (formed). A lot of international students are admitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Canadian university has the best Acceptance Rate?

Top Canadian universities with high acceptance rates include York University and Carleton University.

What Canadian University is the hardest to get into?

One of the most challenging Canadian colleges to get into is the University of British Columbia.

Is Admission to the University of Toronto difficult?

The University of Toronto has a moderately competitive admittance rate.

What GPA is required to study in Canada?

Students must have a letter grade of at least a B or a GPA higher than 2.67 in order to be admitted as international students to Canada University.


Although overall acceptance rates at Canadian universities are higher, even with strong grades and test scores, entrance to many of the nation’s most competitive programs and colleges remains challenging. It is crucial to become familiar with the application process required by the province when drafting an application to any Canadian university. Ensure to check whether the institution you want to attend wants SAT or ACT results, as well as any additional essays or information. You should submit a solid, comprehensive application to improve your chances of being accepted.


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