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Top 6 California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online

The top California Real Estate License Renewal courses online provide a variety of course selections, instruction methods, and study resources. They assist real estate agents in completing the 360 hours of coursework required by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) to upgrade to a broker license, in addition to the 135 hours of prelicensing education, 45 hours of continuing education (CE), and other requirements. Based on pricing, convenience, and overall value for students, we picked the six top providers of California Real Estate License Renewal courses online to help mentor aspiring and seasoned real estate agents.

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California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online

  1. California Reality Training: Best California-specific licensing training for all stages of your real estate career.
  2. Colibri Real Estate: The best option for aspiring agents looking for a self-paced learning environment for prelicensing education.
  3. Kaplan: Best for seasoned agents seeking to upgrade to a broker license.
  4. The CE Shop: The best CE for agents that have license renewal education to finish.
  5. California School of Real Estate: Best for aspiring agents who require a California-focused licensure exam guide and study resources is the California School of Real Estate.
  6. Aceable Agents: For new agents pursuing their first license or seasoned agents in need of continuing education, Aceable Agent offers the best text-based courses.

Each of the top providers of California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online are reviewed below:

1. California Reality Training: Best Overall for All Licensing Stages:

California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online
California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online


  • Accommodates different learning preferences
  • One year from the date of purchase
  • Inexpensive individual training


  • 14-day maximum for refunds
  • Not all of the material in textbooks is covered in videos.
  • No post-licensing training is available

California Realty Training, which, as its name suggests, specializes on The Golden State, offers the overall best online real estate courses in the state. Depending on their learning requirements, students can choose from a variety of course formats, including live webinars, on-demand videos, and self-paced learning options.

Whether you prefer a self-paced alternative or a classroom setting, California Realty Training has you covered. Real-world examples are used in the school’s courses to simplify difficult ideas so you’ll be ready to pass your certification and launch a lucrative real estate career. Each California Realty Training exam preparation package also comes with digital flashcards, a personalized practice exam generator, access to more than 1,200 mock state exam questions, and advice on how to ace the test.


2. Colibri Real Estate: The best Institution for Self-paced Prelicensing Education

California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online
California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online


  • provides assistance for post-licensing through its Career Hub.
  • guarantees a Pass or Don’t Pay option.
  • consists of a range of course formats


  • includes no live instruction
  • There is no Pass Guarantee included in the Basic plan.
  • No actual school to go to for assistance

Colibri Real Estate is a fantastic school to finish your California real estate prelicensing programs since it offers a variety of packages and course styles at a lower than average pricing range. Although it is more expensive than some other options for going to school, you can choose from a variety of packages that include post-licensing career tools that other providers do not offer as well as from self-paced or on-demand video options.

Exam practice and interactive Q&A sessions with instructors help new agents pass their exams on the first try. Additionally, Colibri Real Estate has a “Pass or Don’t Pay” guarantee in the majority of its packages that entitles you to a reimbursement if you fail your exam. This is a guarantee that isn’t provided by other suppliers, and it can make students feel at ease at a stressful moment.


3. Kaplan: Best in California for Upgrading to a Broker License


  • Different course formats
  • Free course sample
  • Various programs are offered, including courses for individual brokers.


  • Does not provide affordable prices
  • There is no assurance of round-the-clock customer assistance
  • Neither 1:1 tutoring nor a pass guarantee

Check out Kaplan for the online post-licensing courses required to upgrade to a broker license in California when you are prepared for the duties and higher income possibilities of a broker. Depending on your schedule and learning style, you can complete the 225 broker prelicensing hours required by enrolling in livestream, on-demand, or self-paced online courses.

You can combine classes and class formats to create a truly personalized learning experience. Various course packages are available. Benefits of livestreaming classes for your post-licensing education California real estate agents, as you can interact with other agents who are starting their careers in a new direction. For creating your network and fulfilling license requirements, it is a great choice.


4. The CE Shop: Best for Personalized Continuing Education:

Whether it’s your salesperson or broker license renewal, renewing your real estate license may be a big pain. The CE Shop is your best California real estate school for completing license renewal hours for new or seasoned agents, with options to individually tailor or buy a comprehensive package.

You can access your course whenever you choose with The CE Shop’s self-paced LEAP 2.0 platform for its online real estate courses in California. It has interactive exercises and a platform for students to engage in real-time discussions with other course participants. For agents who want to learn more about various real estate market issues, the customisable feature is ideal.


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5. California School of Real Estate: Best California-focused Licensing Institution

One of the best real estate license preparation programs in California, California School of Real Estate focuses on the sales agent and broker exams. The institution offers students a concentrated exam review guide, which is a 178-page outline form with all the details on what will be on the state exam, such as the issues of property ownership and land use rules and laws.

The institution offers “POWERPREP ONLINE,” a comprehensive online study program. The DVD, practice exams, and audio CD may all be added to the program in this way so that you can watch and learn from the comfort of your own home. You can reach the state’s top teacher and foremost authority on a direct line seven days a week if you have any issues or inquiries.


6. Aceable Agents: Best Self-paced & Text-based Prelicensing & CE Courses

Aceable Agent is the ideal option for real estate agents looking for affordable online real estate education. Self-paced courses are great if you need to fit learning around a hectic schedule because they are text-based but still crammed with information. The emphasis of Aceable Agent’s education is on preparing agents for success through real-world examples and useful coursework they can utilize right away in their business.

Additionally, the mobile application will sync with all other devices, enabling you to resume where you left off without losing any finished progress. Aceable Agent’s student concierge is accessible seven days a week to assist you with mobile app troubleshooting if there are any issues with the app. On the school website, you may also take a free exam to discover if you’re prepared to take the California real estate exam.


California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online
California Real Estate License Renewal Courses Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my California real estate license after it expires?

If your license expires, you have up to two years after the expiration date to renew it.

What occurs if your California real estate license is allowed to expire?

You have up to two years after the license's stated expiration date to apply to renew your real estate license in California if you forget to do so on time. But until your renewal is finished, you will have to pay a "late fee," and you won't be permitted to practice real estate.

How long does it take in California to renew a real estate license?

Your real estate license must be renewed every four years in the state of California. You must finish a 45-hour initial renewal course in order to renew your real estate license in California for the first time.

In California, how quickly can you finish real estate school?

Depending on a number of circumstances, completing real estate school and obtaining a real estate license in California often takes 2 to 5 months. This can change based on your pace and whether you decide to attend a traditional classroom setting or an online real estate school for your education.



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