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Brown university acceptance rate

Brown university acceptance rate 2023!

Brown University is one of the greatest universities in the world that provides a superior education and creates some of the most successful individuals in a variety of fields. It is one of the most sought-after universities in the world. Nevertheless, you may be curious about Brown university acceptance rate.

The article examines a variety of statistics, including the Brown university acceptance rate, the application process for overseas students, and the numerous multidisciplinary approaches within the university. The brochure also includes information regarding Brown University’s acceptance rates, entrance procedures, and scholarship opportunities.

Is Brown University Simple to Enter?

Brown university acceptance rate

No, admission to Brown University is difficult. 8 percent is a shockingly low acceptance percentage at Brown University. Prospective students must fulfill rigorous GPA and standardized test score standards to advance to the next phase of the application process. Admission is granted to those who demonstrate an enthusiasm to study.

What is the Brown university acceptance rate?

According to the College Scorecard, the Brown university acceptance rate is 8%. While the institution takes standardized test scores into consideration, they are not required. Accepted students typically have SAT and ACT scores ranging from 710 to 790 and 33 to 35, respectively. To be included in the candidate pool, you will often need nearly perfect grades in all of your high school classes.

What is Brown university acceptance rate for transfer students?

The transfer Brown university acceptance rate is 4.3% as per 2021 data. Only 118 out of 2,746 applications were admitted, and 68.6% of those admitted students enrolled at the institution.

The school has transfer application requirements. Transfer students must have a minimum GPA of 4.0 to be considered for admission to the university. To be eligible for transfer, you must have completed one full year of college coursework prior to your intended enrollment.

What is the Early Decision  at Brown university acceptance rate?

Brown university acceptance rate

The early decision admission rate at Brown University is 14.6% according to the most recent statistics. 896 early decision applications out of 6,146 submitted for the class of 2026 were accepted. In the previous academic year, the university received 5,540 early decision applications and admitted 885 students, for a 16 percent acceptance rate.

Brown university acceptance rate: An Overview

  • Number of Applicants at Brown University per year: 46,568
  • Brown University Acceptance Rate: 6%

In the 2022-23 admissions cycle, Brown University extended its test-optional policy to first-year, transfer, and resumed undergraduate applicants. This allows applicants without test scores to submit their applications before the application deadline. The evaluation and preparation for the academic year include course ratings and teacher insights.

Additionally, the institution in College Hill acknowledged the transfer of high schools to online learning, curricula, and grading practices. In response, it pledged to evaluate student performance in the context of each student’s high school transcript, with no preference for pass/fail or letter grades.

Who Is Admitted to Brown University?

In 2020, Brown University had a total enrolment of 9,948 students. There were 39 percent white students, 15.8 percent Asian students, 10.2 percent Hispanic students, 7.04 percent black students, 5.39 percent multiracial students, 0.312 percent American Indian students, and 0.131 percent Pacific Islander students. 335 students were enrolled part-time, suggesting that 96.6 percent of students were enrolled full-time.

Brown University Enrollment by Ethnicity

Brown university acceptance rate

  • White – 39%
  • Asian – 15.8%
  • Hispanic – 10.2%
  • Black/African American – 7.04%
  • Multiracial – 5.39 %
  • American Indian – 0.312%
  • Pacific Islanders – 0.131%

Brown university acceptance rate by Major

Brown University is a prestigious research institution where undergraduate education is determined by the college. The Rhode Island institution houses many colleges, including the School of Engineering, School of Professional Studies, School of Public Health, and Warren Alpert Medical School.

All of these colleges adhere to a similar admissions procedure, but may have varying requirements, specifications, and acceptance rates. With an admittance rate of only 3.2%, the Warren Alpert Medical School is one of the most competitive medical schools in the world.

Brown university acceptance rate by Major

  • Warren Alpert Medical School: 3.2%
  • School of Engineering: 9.6%
  • School of Public Health: 8%

Brown University Application Deadline: When Is the Application Deadline for Brown University?

The application deadlines for Brown University are November 1 for early decision applicants and January 5 for normal decision applicants. Common App is used to submit applications, and there is a $75 application fee.

Students are required to submit additional essays on the website. Applicants to the Liberal Medical Education or Brown-RISD Dual Degree programs are required to submit program-specific essays.

Brown university acceptance rate Application Deadlines

  • Early Decision Deadline:  November 1
  • Early Action Deadline: January 5
  • Application Fee: $75
  • Common App: Yes

What are the primary motives for attending Brown University?

Brown university acceptance rate

Brown University is an Ivy League college that provides the best education in the world. Below are some of the primary reasons why this university is an excellent choice for your professional university studies.

Explore Your Passions

The curriculum at Brown University is flexible, allowing students to explore their intended majors and courses. Students may experiment with several disciplines on a pass-or-fail basis, as opposed to a traditional grading scale. This alleviates their anxiety, allowing them to pursue existing interests and discover new ones.

Diverse Student Body

Brown University has a strong history of drawing international students. Approximately 10% of the student body is comprised of Rhode Island residents. If you value meeting new people to explore diverse viewpoints, challenging ideas, and limitless learning opportunities, then this university is ideal for you.

Culture that is liberating and accessible

The university’s atmosphere promotes exploration and open-mindedness. The open curriculum attracts a broad student body comprised of clever, hardworking, and creative individuals.

Participation in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and events, is widespread.

Application Hints for Brown University

Here are some application recommendations for this distinguished college. These recommendations are beneficial for both international and domestic students. You must investigate alternative admissions techniques and offerings to ensure you cover all bases. Ensure that you are familiar with the admissions cycle and deadlines.

Connect With Alumni

The institution maintained an alumni interview program via which interested students could talk with alumni and gain insight into the college’s culture. While this program has been eliminated, you can still speak with undergraduate graduates to have an accurate understanding of what it’s like to apply or be a student there.

Obtain Teacher References

The university places considerable emphasis on your recommendation letters. These letters provide the admissions committee with an overview of your character as a student. It is not sufficient to simply state that you are an excellent student; specifics should be provided. You should approach your teacher in advance and explain the type of endorsement you require.

Submit a Video Portfolio

Students can submit a two-minute video portfolio as part of the admissions process to provide admissions officers with additional information about themselves that is not included in the application. Although it is not a need, it is one of the things you can utilize to help you stand out. You can discuss your reasons for choosing the university, your academic interests, and the individuals who inspire you.

Admissions Requirements for Brown University: First-Year Applicant Checklist

Current students at Brown University inspire strong curiosity and originality.

Undergraduate applications are submitted online using the Common Application, which leads you through the process of submitting the required credentials as a first-time applicant or transferee. The application consists of three sections: general information for all institutions to which you are applying, university-specific quotes, and school documents from previous schools.

  • Use the Common Application to submit your application.
  • Submit the application fee of $75.
  • Upload a copy of your official high school transcript.
  • Your school counselor or official will offer you with a report card containing your academic performance.
  • Recommendation from a counselor
  • Two recommendation letters from your teachers.
  • Scores on standardized tests (optional for 2022-2023 academic year).

Brown University SAT Requirements

Below are the minimum SAT scores required for admission to Brown University. A 25th percentile score indicates that 25 percent of students scored at or below that level, whereas a 75th percentile score indicates that 25 percent of students scored above that level.

  • 51% of Students Submitting SAT Scores
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 720 (25th percentile) and 770 (75th percentile) (75th percentile)
  • 740 (25th percentile) on the SAT Math; 800 (75th percentile)

Brown University ACT Requirements

Brown university acceptance rate

Below are the minimum ACT scores required for admission to Brown University. A 25th percentile score indicates that 25 percent of students scored at or below that level, whereas a 75th percentile score indicates that 25 percent of students scored above that level. The middle 50 percent of admitted students have an average score between 33 and 36.

  • 30% of Students Submitting SAT Scores
  • ACT Total: 33 (25th percentile), 35 (75th percentile)
  • ACT English:35 (25th percentile); 36 (75th percentile) (75th percentile)
  • ACT Mathematics: 25th percentile = 31 (75th percentile)

What GPA Do I Need to Meet Brown University’s GPA Requirements?

Brown University requires an approximate GPA of 4.00. Students who rank in the top 10 percent of their high school class are often admitted to the school, which has exceptionally rigorous academic standards. To compete with a substantial portion of candidates, you’ll need virtually perfect grades in all of your courses.

According to U.S. News & World Report, Brown University is ranked fourteenth nationally and first in Rhode Island. Additionally, the school boasts the best average GPA in the state.

Brown University Tuition: How Much Does Attending Brown University Cost?

The cost of tuition alone at Brown University is $62,680 per year. Other costs such as lodging, meals, and personal expenses bring the total to approximately $83,683. Regardless of the financial position of your family, you must be prepared for this significant expenditure.

The costs are split in half. Each semester, direct or construction charges are charged directly to students’ accounts. Included are tuition, housing, meals, and necessary fees. Estimated indirect costs vary based on the particular student. Books, personal expenses, and travel expenses are included. In addition, the cost of attendance does not include the student’s health insurance plan or individual expenses.

FAQs On Brown university acceptance rate

What GPA do you need to get into Brown?

You should also have a 4.08 GPA or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score. For a school as selective as Brown University, you'll also need to impress them with the rest of your application.

Is Brown difficult to get into?

Brown University is a competitive college. The undergraduate Brown University acceptance rate is 5.5%. For the class of 2026, the Early Decision Brown University acceptance rate was 14.6%. This is a drop from the class of 2025 Brown Early Decision acceptance rate, which was 15.97%.

Is Brown University still Ivy League?

The Ivy League is an athletic conference consisting of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale.

Can I get into Brown without SAT?

Brown is test optional for all applicants this year. For international applicants, we continue to highly recommend the TOEFL if students are able to access these exams. We will also accept the Duolingo as a means of demonstrating English proficiency.

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