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Brewery Career Review: 20 Pros and Cons

Brewery Career Review & Guides 

Brewing science has a lot of untapped promise. More and more microbreweries and brewpubs depend on the skills of expert brewers to keep their taps gushing and their patrons happy. Brewer science training will enable you to contribute to improving people’s social life.

You can learn about the whole process of brewing beer in a brewing school, from handling the grain and analyzing the malt to regulating the quality and developing the flavor. Additionally, you can research the science of fermentation and discover effective packing techniques. Additionally, the dynamic industry of beer production may provide you a host of remarkable chances as a result of your training.

Brewery Career Review

Brewers produce beer and occasionally other alcoholic beverages, and they ensure that the brewing process is carried out effectively and hygienically to ensure that the final product is of the highest caliber. Learn about this job in our brewery career review.

Brewery Career Review: All you need to know about the Brewing Industry

  • Average annual pay: The annual pay for brewers is $47,000; most earn between $38,000 and $56,000.
  • Job Security: Brewers have a respectable level of job security due to the enormous demand for beer and the fact that brewmasters possess highly specialized knowledge, making them difficult to replace.
  • Job satisfaction: It is fairly high among brewers because the industry is their exclusive interest.
  • Work-life Balance: Brewers have a good work-life balance because they don’t often have to work on the weekends or late at night.
  • Physically & Mentally Demanding? – Brewery work can be physically demanding.
  • Future Prospects: Decent, as there will likely always be a demand for skilled brewers and a high level of beer consumption.
  • Requirements: Although having a fancy degree will help you land a good job and advance more quickly than your rivals, you don’t necessary need one to become a brewer.

So begin developing the abilities you’ll need to succeed in the beer-making industry.

What abilities do Brewers require?

Brewing itself demands meticulousness, arithmetic, chemistry, and the ability to concentrate on exact measures and recipes, as well as the ability to manage the other staff, supplies, inventory, accounting, and other challenges that come up while running any business.

What do Brewers put on for the job?

You need clothing that is light, breathable, and easily clean when it comes to producing beer. Additionally, you need clothing that can withstand heavy wear and tear.

In the UK, how much money does a Brewer make?

In the UK, brewers typically earn £28,333 annually, or £14.53 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at £23,000 annually, while those with the most experience can earn up to £46,700 annually.

What should I wear for a job interview at a Brewery?

A neat button-down shirt worn with khakis or a sophisticated pair of denim looks great on both men and women. Avoid wearing dresses if you're a woman because they're typically impractical in beer situations and make it harder to find the balance between being over- and under-dressed.

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Reasons you should Consider Brewery Career

Are you prepared to consider a profession that focuses solely on brewing fantastic beer? Included in our Brewery career review, here are four top reasons to graduate from a brewmaster school with a beer certification:

1. Brewers are paid for producing beer.

Do you have a strong interest in or a growing enthusiasm for brewing beer? Most homebrewers who go on to become professional brewers first developed their love of experimentation and testing new recipes to find the perfect taste or flavor. For some, the ability to generate money while producing beer is sufficient justification for entering this industry.

2. Brewers are not confined to a desk.

An office job is not what a brewmaster does. Being physically active while working on a range of brewing-related chores, such as moving grain and cleaning tanks to perfecting recipes and leading brewery tours, is a great way to stay in shape. You might even get to oversee beer tastings and see others take pleasure in your labor of love.

3. Brewers work in a sector with growing possibilities.

Upon completing a training course in brewing science, many opportunities may arise.

4. Brewers can work in a variety of locations.

Training in brewing can equip you to open your own brewery or land a job in one of the many breweries across the nation. Using the Canada Brewery Industry as an example, BeerCanada reports that the number of breweries in Canada increased by 8% between 2019 and 2020. With 350 breweries spread throughout the country, Ontario has the most, followed by Quebec with 240 and British Columbia with 200.

Benefits of Working as a Brewer

  1. Weekends are frequently off the schedule for brewers.
  2. You are not required to work in the evening or at night.
  3. Brewers generally have a good work-life balance.
  4. Brewers are not subject to a lot of stress at work
  5. Most brewers don’t have issues with sleep.
  6. It’s part of your profession to sample good beers.
  7. Brewers are not required to hold a traditional office position.
  8. Brewers can remain active at work
  9. Optimistic future for brewers
  10. To become a brewer, you don’t always need a degree.

Brewery Career Review

Brewery Career Review: The Disadvantages of Being a Brewer

  1. Brewers struggle to make a good living.
  2. It’s difficult to support your family as a brewery employee.
  3. Even some brewers need to hold down a second job.
  4. You could experience old age poverty.
  5. You must engage in physically demanding work.
  6. It’s challenging to significantly improve people’s lives.
  7. There are a lot of repetitious tasks.
  8. Over time, you can grow disinterested in your profession as a brewer.
  9. Not recommended if you don’t enjoy drinking alcohol
  10. Brewmasters are held to a high standard of accountability.
  11. Brewers cannot conduct their work remotely.
  12. Brewers have few opportunities for promotion.
  13. In the future, intelligent machines might replace some jobs.

Brewery Career Review



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