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Beyond Borders Scholarships Germany 2024-2025

Beyond Borders Scholarships Germany: Germany is seeking Ph.D. candidates from around the globe who study bordering and bordering phenomena in various countries.

Beyond Borders Scholarships encourages research on contemporary and historical borders and boundaries. It facilitates communication between social science and humanities disciplines.

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BEYOND BORDERS is a research foundation that promotes the study of borders and boundaries throughout history and the present and encourages interdisciplinary exchange among social science and humanities disciplines. Their Call for Proposals for 2023 will be open until March 1, 2023, and will focus on “Borders, Contestation, and Conflict.”

Limits are an integral component of daily existence. Social, political, virtual, and intellectual borders are a topic of intense discussion in both international contexts concerning security issues such as immigration trade and global education, as well as within nations that struggle to deal with growing diversity and shifting notions of national identity and culture.

Geographic boundaries define the breadth and depth of territorial structure, whereas informal social and symbolic boundaries specify norms and values pertaining to cultural, social, and religious activities. Every form of boundary can be viewed as a social construction. They may stem from historical or cultural circumstances, be the result of agreements between nations or parties, or be the result of public debates on contentious issues.

In their increasingly globalized world, where people’s mobility and the constant flow of objects, commodities, ideas, and concepts are part of daily life, the creation and crossing of borders has taken on greater importance than ever before. Borders serve as indicators of political, social, and economic changes that influence our way of life.

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Details of the Beyond Borders Scholarships Germany

  • Country: Germany
  • Sponsor: ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin
  • University: German Universities
  • Program: PhD
  • Nationalities: All national

Benefits of the Beyond Borders Scholarships Germany

Beyond Borders Scholarships

The benefits of Beyond Borders Scholarships includes:

  • At least 1,400 Euros per month may be allocated for Ph.D. scholarships or dissertation completion grants, in addition to 1,200 Euros for startup scholarships.
  • Children beginning at age 18 are eligible for a monthly child allowance of 400 euros for the first child and 100 euros for each additional child.
  • Participation in the ZEIT-Stiftung’s annual conference, for example, provides opportunities for inter-disciplinary exchange between fellows and the advisory board.
  • The insurance covers travel expenses, all visa-related concerns, and the rental of a Berlin apartment for the duration of the scholarship.
  • Berlin’s public transportation is free of charge.
  • A comprehensive training program conducted by digital security experts.
  • During their time in Berlin, students will acquire an appreciation for Reporters Without Borders, a global organization for journalists and human rights.

Eligibility of the Beyond Borders Scholarships Germany

Beyond Borders Scholarships

To be eligible for the Beyond Borders Scholarships for International Students, applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Students from abroad must enroll. Ph.D. candidates are encouraged.
  • Scholarships are available to university graduates both within and without ZIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius.
  • Prospective applicants desiring to enroll in a full-time study program leading to a Doctorate (Ph.D.) may contact current students at ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin Gerd Bucerius, Hamburg, Germany.
  • Candidates for Start-Up Scholarships must intend to complete their studies within one year of receiving funding.
  • The applicant must have above-average academic ability and a project that promises to produce recent and reliable results (except for those applying for Start-Up Scholarships).

Application Procedure for the Beyond Borders Scholarships Germany

The application procedure for the Beyond Borders Scholarships includes:

  • You may pause and save your online application at any time. Simply select “Save Application Temporarily” at the end of the Online Application Form, and all changes will be incorporated automatically when you click “Continue Application” or “Continue Application.” All passwords and user names are modifiable in “Login data”, so if you wish to continue using your application in the future, simply log in with those credentials and select “Continue Application”
  • Be cautious when completing your application. Avoid exceeding the 1,000-character limit (including spaces) allotted for a dissertation abstract. Any information provided regarding other applications will have no bearing on the jury’s ultimate decision.
  • Please submit a 7-page maximum research proposal for a Ph.D. Scholarship or Dissertation Completion Scholarship applications; maximum of five pages for Start-Up Scholarship candidates (references are not required); A research plan with a schedule outline (no more than two pages); a curriculum vitae and copies of your university degree certificates; please ensure that all materials are current.
  • After completing this online form, all documents can be uploaded. PDF attachments are mandatory.
  • Two recommendation letters from university instructors must be submitted electronically via the form. Please click here to activate your supervisor’s name on your online form; your reference will then receive an email containing a link to their reference. PDF documents with a maximum file size of 5MB must also be uploaded as a single file.

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FAQs On Beyond Borders Scholarships

Beyond Borders Scholarships

Which scholarship is easy in Germany?

DAAD scholarships in Germany requirements aren't too difficult to meet. To secure DAAD funding, applicants must have completed a Bachelors degree or be in their final year of studies.

Which is the fully funded scholarship in Germany for African students?

The DAAD Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for students who aspire to further their educational careers in Germany. The DAAD Scholarship 2023 in Europe will be provided to the students at different levels of education whether they want to get themselves registered for a Master's program or Ph. D. program.

Can I study in Germany without money?

The cost of studying in Germany is free in Public Universities. However, students would be required to pay an administration fee at the start of every year/ semester. This is a negligible amount. The Germans take their education system very seriously and have everything calculated to the last cent.

Can I apply in Germany with low GPA?

For Technical Universities you need a higher CGPA, a Good score. Like minimum of 3.2 or 3.3 is required if you want to get admission into Technical Universities in Germany. Getting admission into universities that are located in Big cities like Hamburg, and Frankfurt there will be more Job Opportunities.

Is it possible to study in Germany without speaking German?

Yes. There's plenty of International Degree Courses taught in English (in the first semesters, at any rate) for students whose command of the German language isn't sufficiently good to warrant their studying be done entirely in German. Both before and during the program there are German language courses offered.

Benefits of studying In Germany

1. Diverse Course Options Available

International universities offer a wide variety of courses, including research opportunities and skill-based training. This serves to expand your educational opportunities and broadens your personal horizons. With certain programs, it is even possible to take multiple courses simultaneously. Thus, you can pursue your passion while attending college.

2. Enhances Communication and Language Abilities

You will interact with people from all over the world while attending a college abroad, which will help you develop intercultural communication skills. This is a very valuable skill that is well worth the effort to acquire.

For instance, to study in Germany, you must learn German, as the majority of Germans do not speak English. This can increase your odds of landing a position in your desired field. Foreign language proficiency is preferred in a number of careers, particularly international relations and diplomacy. When applying for certain positions, your language proficiency can be a crucial factor in your competitiveness.

3. Increases your employability

One of the primary reasons to study abroad is to acquire a competitive advantage when entering the workforce. Employers will assume you have the courage, adaptability, cultural awareness, and knowledge of how others work and think if you pursue a degree abroad. This makes you exceedingly desirable to prospective employers. The compensation packages and employment opportunities offered by leading technology companies to international degree holders are unparalleled.

4. Concentrates on Skill Development

Not only can studying abroad help you grow academically, but it can also help you develop skills that will help you acclimate to different college environments. In addition to developing critical thinking skills, exploration can teach you how to pose questions and locate answers.

5. Improves Your Network

Large communities of students from all over the world congregate at international universities, providing ample opportunities to interact with people from various aspects of life. This can help expand your network by fostering valuable relationships with a variety of individuals. The larger the network, the greater the likelihood of gaining access to a lucrative career as well as a superior social environment.

6. Scholarships and Financial Aid

Numerous foreign universities offer merit-based scholarship programs or financial aid to international students in order to support their education and daily expenses, notably housing costs. Once accepted as a student, you will receive this assistance for the duration of your course.

7. Expands Career Opportunities Abroad

Depending on your field of study, researching abroad can provide numerous employment opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing an MBA, consider searching for programs in Germany, which is home to renowned business centers.

Employers seeking to engage foreign workers want to ensure that prospective candidates can operate effectively in a global setting. Studying abroad allows you to highlight crucial skills and experience on your resume, such as intercultural communication and a deep understanding of international affairs.

8. Research Alternatives

Abroad, research opportunities are significantly more developed and accessible than in India. This is a significant advantage of studying abroad for Indian students. Numerous students accomplish their research and go on to become professors. Others return to India after complete their higher education abroad, which allows them to update their resumes and accelerate their job search.

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