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20 Best Web Apps for Online Consultation

Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. Operating a consulting firm is no joke. There are a few web apps for online consultation that are universal and greatly simplify the work process regardless of the sector you specialize in.

If the most frequently asked question in your mind is How to grow a consulting business, you are probably already aware of the following fundamental steps: build relationships with clients, increase productivity, master project management, be organized, and don’t undervalue the influence of strong branding and marketing trends.

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What advantages does effective apps offer?

Building and maintaining relationships with your consumers is crucial. Every small firm needs CRM since they boost operational productivity. You must have a tool to handle every step of the onboarding, nurturing, and conversion processes. In addition, a whole new effort is put into making the most of your team’s and your own time to increase productivity. You can do all of that and more with the aid of good apps. They can promote organizational excellence, better project management, and more efficient process processes.

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Best Web Apps for Online Consulting

  1. Followup.cc

This is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. This is a really useful addition to your company’ Gmail inbox. It provides two options, one for the personal CRM and the other for the emailer. The former, with which you can also create reminders and make notes, can assist you in keeping track of all crucial emails. Real-time notifications are another option that provide you with timely information when recipients open your emails.

The purpose of the personal CRM front was to establish and maintain commercial relationships. It may take the role of address books and spreadsheets, ensuring that you always stay in touch with key people. All of these can be kept in your Gmail account, where notes can also be added.

The Starter Pack of Followup for email has a monthly cost of $18. The monthly cost for the Salesforce edition, which includes a CRM input, is $40.

2. 3veta

Online service providers, especially online consultants, typically rely heavily on video sessions. This is also one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. A consultant scheduling tool called 3veta enables you to set up appointments, secure bookings, videoconference with clients, and even collect payments. Additionally, you can add your own name and brand to the conference rooms to make the experience even more tailored and professional.

With 3veta, neither the consultant nor their customer needs to install anything; everything takes place in the browser. However, if you like, you can always download the iOS and Android apps.

For organizations wishing to share their calendars internally and be booked by outside parties, 3veta is the ideal platform. Additionally, all of the video, scheduling, and payments take place on the site; no other location is necessary.

3. Pipedrive

This is a well-liked CRM program that offers data from multiple sales in a visually pleasing manner. This might assist you in improving the efficiency and transparency of your sales process. It is simpler to arrange customer and lead information using this visual pipeline, and input is also more readily available.

Emails may be sent out with ease thanks to Pipedrive’s simple email integration. To reduce time and effort, automation tools are used. Additionally, the CRM software gives you options for reporting and functions for sales forecasting. Reminders that connect with the Google Calendar are also included. The Silver plan’s monthly price is $14. The Gold plan costs $28 per month, and the Platinum plan costs $56 per month. This is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation.

4. Awork

Awork is a SaaS software package that offers guidance through written materials, webinars, live online sessions, or face-to-face encounters. Projects, availability schedules, and team coordination are all possible. You can also make to-do lists by topic or deadline using the app.

This app is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation, you may include thorough descriptions, sub-tasks, and attachments, you will know precisely what the next step for each project entails. Awork also offers a timer feature in case you need to submit tracked time to your billing software or produce configurable reports. Enterprise ($15/user/mo) and Premium ($10/user/mo)

5. Teamgate

Teamgate is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation, It is the program your business requires if you’re a consultant who uses Zapier, Quickbooks, MailChimp, or Zendesk. It keeps operations straightforward while assisting you in customizing and naturally expanding your organization.

A seamless onboarding team supports its other key qualities, which include the user-friendly interface, customer service, and support.

The Starter plan is $9 per month. For more features, you can also utilize the Professional ($22/month) or the Enterprise ($65/month) plans.

6. Hubstaff

One of the biggest difficulties consultants’ encounters is juggling a large number of ongoing projects. Hubstaff is one of the many Best Web Apps for Online Consultation that may essentially relieve you of a few duties.

The app allows for quick deployment and provides simple online time tracking for you and your team. You may make sure that the monthly timesheets are handled properly as well. As consultants, you probably travel to different client locations. Hubstaff offers this with a GPS location and other corporate capabilities, as well as strong mobile time tracking apps and simpler reporting. For a single user, there is no charge. The Basic plan’s monthly cost per user is $5. Use the Premium plan, which starts at $10 per user, to get the full set.

7. FactoHR

FactoHR is a comprehensive system that manages all issues pertaining to the personnel in your company. One of the main issues dealt with by this automated platform is keeping track of employees’ working hours and figuring out their production levels.

The employees are given the ability to input their duties and the appropriate deadlines for doing them thanks to the software and specialized application. The managers further examine this to periodically assess employee productivity. This guarantees that the timesheet is kept organized and current so that ongoing projects can be efficiently tracked.

In addition, as a consultant, you may quickly determine the project costs and get printable data regarding clients, projects, work schedules, and much more.

FactoHR offers many options based on the size and particular demands of the firm, hence its pricing is not made public. So that you can receive a quote that is tailored to your needs. This is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation.

8. Accelo

Accelo is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation and it is timesaving and productivity-enhancing consulting apps that firms may use. The key to effective project management is meeting deadlines and making the most of your time. Cutting back on manual inputs and automating many of the procedures is the best approach to accomplish it.

Your ability to better track your time is one of Accelo’s few advantages. It collects your activities throughout the workweek and combines with any other platforms you may be utilizing. It also automates the billing process. It can be used to issue invoices for projects that are monitored by the application. It enables you to connect it to a different accounting program and maintains consistency in data between apps. Giving clients access to shared documents allows you to work with them on your projects, which is another important function.

Costs: Plus ($24/month), Premium ($39/month)

9. TMetric 

The application automates time tracking for consultants and assists with correct client billing. It will track every minute you spend giving advisory services, allow you to set multiple hourly fees, and let you build thorough reports so you can see which clients are the most lucrative. Due to TMetric’s availability on the web, mobile, and desktop, you may record your work time regardless of where you are with your customer (at the office, online, traveling, etc.).

Price: The free plan has limited functionality and is supported for teams of up to 5 users. More features are accessible with the paid subscription, which has a starting price of $4 per user each month. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation.

10. Compose

A desktop application and browser extension (for Chrome and Firefox) are available that automate the production of how-to documents. After doing the task you wish to demonstrate to a client, simply click “Record,” and Scribe will automatically record the instructions, capture screenshots, and highlight your clicks. After that, you have the option to edit screenshots, remove steps, add new instructions, and more. The days of making guidelines manually in Word documents or joining a Zoom session to demonstrate a process are long gone. Additionally, you can save time in the long run by sharing common guides with all of your clients. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation.

Price: With some restricted capability, the free plan allows for limitless document creation within web apps. The desktop program and additional features like screenshot redaction are available with a paid subscription of $29 per month.

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11. Evernote 

For several reasons, this app is among the finest for taking notes. It provides a blank page for you to record the meeting’s minutes, as well as space for managing and saving your projects and other important documents. It is fantastic at maintaining the effectiveness and organization of coaching and consulting work. This is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation.

Templates, web clippings, syncing notes, handwriting search, notebooks, tagging, and document sharing are among the additional capabilities. The Basic plan is cost-free. The monthly charges for Premium are $8 and for the Business plan are $16.

12. SendX

You can’t overlook the abundant results you obtain from email marketing when it comes to marketing. While we’re on the subject of emails, you really can’t get decent outcomes without good software. SendX is one such tool to check out.

It is an extensive online email marketing tool that can be utilized by any consulting firm. It makes it simple to create email marketing campaigns, maximize engagement, and expand the email list. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. Additionally, you can upgrade your email campaigns and select from 1500+ ready-to-use templates to increase audience engagement and step up your email game. A/B testing, an automated advance email sequence, and a drag-and-drop email editor are other capabilities.

  • Price: The starting price for the email plan is a low $7.49 per month for 1000 members. For specific pricing for the business and enterprise plan, get in touch with them.

13. Brand24

Think about Brand24 as a consulting program geared toward rumors. With the help of this application, you can find out exactly when and about what your company is being discussed online. This is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. You can take advantage of a variety of indicators, including mention and sentiment analysis, conversation volume charts, and brand mentions. Additionally, you’ll be able to interact with individuals and view their impact rates.

One of the best web apps for online consultation, this one can significantly improve your branding and marketing plan. You’ll be able to identify flaws more quickly and address problems before they get worse.

Price: 14-day free trial, plus ($49/mo), Premium ($99/mo), and Max ($299/mo) pricing

14. Drip

You can quickly manage your email marketing with Drip’s assistance. Your email marketing campaigns and newsletters can reflect the aesthetic of your internet consulting firm. Do you want it to be fun and colorful or formal and businesslike? You can get both through Drip. Additionally, you can automatically update the email database when grouping your subscribers. Not to mention that it lets you see who opens your emails so you can identify potential clients. This is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation.

Pricing for 500 email contacts is $19/month with a 14-day free trial.

15. Forecast

Forecast claims to provide “all you need in one beautifully user-friendly platform to manage your projects, resources, and budgets.” The program helps you get started on your projects straight away without wasting any valuable time by automating the majority of tedious administrative tasks.

Since the program can teach you how to evenly distribute the workload among your complete resource pool and when to add more staff, you can also learn how to manage your resources more effectively. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. You’ll have complete data visibility and be able to choose superior company strategies.

Lite ($27/mon), Pro ($46/mon), and Custom

16. GetResponse

Growing their network of contacts is the most crucial activity for professionals launching a consulting business in order to increase awareness of their brand. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. The excellent marketing platform GetResponse makes it easy to create email marketing campaigns and maximize engagement. You can build landing pages and link them to the campaigns of your choice, which is one of its benefits.

Additionally, if you wish to engage with your audience, you can utilize the app to create webinars.

Price: Free trial for 30 days, Basic ($10.66/mo), Professional ($72.98/mo), Max (custom pricing)

17. Hubstaff 

Working from home might be difficult when it comes to managing all of your everyday responsibilities. If you work in a team and all of your coworkers are far away from you, it demands even higher organizational skills. Hubstaff is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation and makes it easy for you to effortlessly fill the timesheets for each month and effectively track the activities of the team. To guarantee that your performance is top-notch, the app provides a variety of connectors and integrates seamlessly with other platforms.

Additionally, you can take use of the automatic paycheck option based on time monitoring, or you can just utilize the GPS position to track how long you spend moving from place to place.

Desk Free, Desk Starter ($7/mo), Desk Pro ($10/user/mo), Enterprise, and a 14-day free trial are the available price options.

18. Online consulting with Mavenlink web applications

The majority of consulting firms handle a variety of assignments. They range in size from smaller to larger, but they all demand logistical abilities, planning, and focus. Using the project management tool Mavenlink, you can make sure that your projects are moving forward. It develops a timetable and action plan that is effective and takes into account your personnel and budgetary resources. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. It conveniently allows you to keep track of all your outcomes on one dashboard and connects quickly to your CRM.

Pricing: To find out more, get in touch with them and briefly describe your company.

19. Monday 

In order to expand your consulting business, you must concentrate on effectively managing your tasks. Even though there are several web applications for online consulting that provide project management, Monday.com is one of our top suggestions. There, you can make distinct boards for each client, making sure to provide specific information on their development. You may modify a project’s structure, chat with your team members in real-time, and export all of your data to Excel in case you need to share it with clients. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. These attributes all provide great value to consulting firms.

Individual is free, Basic is $8 per month, Standard is $10 per month, Pro is $16 per month, and Enterprise is $20 per month.

20. Databox

A dashboard reporting tool called Databox makes it simple to track and report on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, including SEO campaigns, email marketing campaigns, PPC ads, and more. It is one of the Best Web Apps for Online Consultation. They offer over 200 marketing dashboard layouts that are available for free, so there is no need to start from scratch. Additionally, every template is totally editable.

Price: They provide a freemium plan that comes with 60+ Databox Integrations, 3 Data Source Connections, and all standard features. Starter plan is $72 per month.

FAQS on Best Web Apps for Online Consultation

Do online consultants make a lot of money?

In the United States, the expected yearly income for an online consultant is $84,927, with an average pay of $54,902. The projected extra compensation is $30,024 year; it may take the form of cash incentives, commission, tips, and profit sharing.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Web Apps For Online Consulting?

1.Project Management Tools
2. Branding and marketing
3. Legal Matters

What are the best web apps for online consulting?

2. Scribe
4. Evernote
5. Followup.cc
6. Pipe drive
7. FactoHR
8.. Hubstaff
9. Databox
10. SendX
11 Brand24

What are consulting methodologies?

A professionally developed framework for data and analysis are consulting approaches.

Additionally, the analysis you provide should be founded on a tried-and-true set of methods and exercises for effectively addressing your client's problems.

Do you need a degree to be a consultant?

Yes, a degree is required to work as a consultant. In actuality, the majority of employers favor hiring applicants with master's degrees.

Do consultants use Excel?

Absolutely. Excel is actually one of the main analytical tools that consultants employ.


Consultancy business has always been a booming industry, even before the E-commerce and internet boom. This is due to the fact that it still covers a diverse variety of industries.

There will always be a need for consultants to support firms and enterprises in achieving their ideal objectives, whether the field is health, accounting, finance, coaching, business, etc. Many firms have shifted online and slightly away from the typical conventional ways since the internet explosion. One industry that took advantage of the opportunities the internet offered was consulting. 

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