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Best UX Design Courses Online

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Are you looking for the Best UX Design Courses Online? Here are the top eleven! Having expertise in UX design can be very beneficial in today’s technologically advanced world. While it is possible to learn UX design on your own, enrolling in a school is a terrific approach to gain the skills you’ll need to break into the industry and start working.

You’re in luck because there are numerous online UX courses available right now that are appropriate for a variety of purposes. It’s crucial to take your goals into account while selecting a UX design school to devote your time, money, and effort to.

Are you merely wishing to dabble in UX design? Do you wish to hone the abilities you already possess? Or are you prepared to make a whole career change?

The top 11 online UX design courses to take in 2023 have been compiled by our team. We’ll give you a brief overview of each course so you can decide which is ideal for you and your professional aspirations.

Best UX Design Courses Online

1. Google UX Design Certificate

The Google UX Design Certificate is one of the most recent additions to the UX learning environment. This completely online UX design course is offered by Coursera and is excellent for novices who want a flexible, affordable introduction to UX.

You can master the fundamentals of user experience design on Coursera for the price of a membership ($39 per month), working through practical assignments and tests along the way as you go from ideation and wireframing to user research and high-fidelity prototypes.

At a weekly pace of 10 hours, the course is expected to be completed in six months. Be ready to study independently because this course does not provide any one-on-one mentoring, except from peer-to-peer feedback and discussion forums.

2. DesignLab

DesignLab provides self-paced online courses that educate in-demand UX design skills in both full-time and part-time formats.

The DesignLab UX Design Academy is a comprehensive online course that gives novices the UX design skills and career support they need to get employment in the area. It is an excellent choice for those considering a complete career move into UX design. As a student, you will have a personal career counselor who will assist you in your job hunt once the course is over.

3. General Assembly

The intensive, beginner-friendly UX design curriculum from General Assembly is a wonderful option if you’re new to the area or have some expertise but want to formalize your practice. Although being an online course, it has set class schedules from Monday through Friday and requires full-time participation.

Key UX methodologies like wireframing and prototyping will be covered in the course, along with popular subjects like service design and design leadership. This course might be right for you if you don’t mind paying a bit more and prefer to learn in a classroom rather than driving.

4. SuperHi

The goal of SuperHi’s Introduction to User Experience Design course is to give novices the knowledge and abilities they’ll need to design useful, understandable user experiences. Despite being an entry-level course that is reasonably priced ($149), participants can expect to learn about every aspect of the iterative UX design process, including user research, wireframing, prototyping, UI design, and user testing.

This course is an accessible and cost-effective alternative for gaining a thorough introduction to the discipline, regardless of whether you’re hoping to start a career in UX design or you’re already a non-digitally focused designer who wants to design for the web or apps.

5. Udemy

Next up is the User Experience Design Basics Course on the well-known learning portal Udemy. This course, taught by industry pro Joe Natoli, is a great choice for anyone hoping to learn the fundamentals of UX design on a budget.

This ten-hour course will provide you a thorough grasp of how to conduct UX—from research to strategy—and is made up of on-demand videos, followed by tasks where you will apply what you’re learning, so it sinks in.

6. LinkedIn Learning

A subscription-based online learning portal called LinkedIn offers more than 4,000 courses taught by professionals in the field. Each course is divided into chapters and short films that last about five minutes each.

This nine-hour course, Improve your talents in UX design, which is intended for students wishing to hone and broaden their UX design skill set and improve their portfolio, is one of the most well-known UX design courses available on the platform. A free month is offered to new users of LinkedIn Learning after which they can choose between a basic or premium subscription.

7. Interaction Design Foundation

The highly regarded Interaction Design Foundation’s User Experience: The Beginners Guide course is next on the list. With a membership, which costs €11/month, there is a free UX design course available.

Learners will be introduced to a wide range of topics, from usability principles to visual design, in this seven-week online course on user experience design. To help you hone your abilities even further, the course even takes you through instances of both successful and unsuccessful UX design.

This course, which incorporates content from the company’s other courses, provides both an overview of user experience and a sneak peek at the more in-depth courses they have to offer. You’ll be directed to the courses you can enroll in if a particular subject interests you after each class.

8. UX Academy

UX Academy’s Beginning UX Design Course will teach you the fundamentals of user experience and give you the confidence to take on new, daring, and inventive projects. It features weekly, live online lectures and small class sizes.

Although enrollment costs around $7,649, there are options for monthly payments. This eight-week, part-time program, taught by outstanding instructors committed to your success, will provide you all the skills necessary to be successful in UX design.

9. Skillshare 

Before making any significant investments, you could want to just try out UX design, in which case Skillshare might be the right choice. Skillshare, which focuses on enabling people to learn creative skills through portable, bite-sized lessons, offers free registration and access on the web and mobile.

As an alternative, a Skillshare subscription will grant you complete access to the platform’s Premium catalog’s over 20,000 classes as well as additional features like offline watching. The free Skillshare basic membership is followed by a premium membership that costs $1 for the first two months before increasing to $19 per month (or $99 per year) after that.

Users can select from a wide range of UX design lessons that are offered for free on the site, such as this Intro to UX: Foundations of Usability course, which provides you with the frameworks, tools, and strategies to produce an outstanding user experience in just 90 minutes (includes guidance for a hands-on project).

10. Coursera

The free Introduction to User Experience Design course on Coursera was created by the Georgia University of Technology and is delivered by Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga.

The course, which is made up of lecture videos, readings, and quizzes, covers all the fundamentals of UX design and is excellent if you want a quick, reasonably complete overview without a lot of hands-on experience. The course syllabus is simple and clear, and the lectures are quite engaging. The entire course can be completed online in around six hours. You’ll receive a completion certificate at the conclusion as verification of your participation, which you can share on LinkedIn.

11. CareerFoundry

Anyone who wants to move from a complete beginner to a work-ready UX designer in under a year with a job guarantee should enroll in CareerFoundry’s UX Design Program.

The course was developed internally by subject matter experts and is entirely online, making it the perfect choice if you need to fit your studies around other obligations. After enrolling, a personal tutor and an expert mentor will be assigned to you, and you’ll have access to the online learning platform.

You will work on practical projects that serve as the foundation of your professional portfolio while having access to all course material online. To learn more about the operation of the program and determine whether it is the best option for you, you can speak with a program advisor directly.


There is a growing need for UX designers as more companies recognize the value of offering a great user experience.

Such fields as psychology, interface design, and human-computer interaction are all combined in this field. UX designers are thus in a unique position to develop solutions that satisfy the requirements of both users and corporations. UX design is a highly lucrative industry in addition to being in high demand.

It’s a wonderful feeling to observe how your designs improve people’s lives. UX design is undoubtedly a worthwhile job option if you’re seeking for a demanding one. The good news is that there are a ton of online UX design courses available to you so you can pursue a rewarding career in this burgeoning industry while studying at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from wherever you choose.

FAQs on Best UX Design Courses Online 

What is user experience design?

User experience design is the perceived value of a product, depicted as a feedback loop where it passes between businesses and users. The product is typically developed into an app, service, or software system by companies, then tested for various use cases before it becomes accessible. On one side of the loop are users who decide whether each product is valuable. If it is, they are expected to take action on the product, such as using it to achieve a positive outcome. In return, this elevates the value of said product and transfers it back to the businesses creating and promoting them.

What do User Experience Designers do?

User experience (UX) designers or consultants are involved in developing digital products to ensure they have legitimate value by relying on the principles of usability, cognitive psychology, and visual design communication. UX designers are in charge of making usable prototypes of website and app interfaces received by the end-user. They work alongside UX researchers, interaction designers, and front-end developers to decide whether a product meets the visual requirements at every step of development and testing. Companies often adopt different tools and processes since there are multiple ways to approach UX design depending on the user's interests. Some UX consultants find it helpful to think about design choices according to their technical feasibility and business viability. These insights allow them to create a user persona and formulate a model of what the final product might look like. This potential solution to user problems is then presented to a stakeholder for approval.

Can I learn UX design online?

Yes, you can study UX design online with Uxcel's library of courses, assessments, lessons, and curated career paths. You can improve UX design skills, take relevant assessments, and gain UX certifications to help you build your UX design knowledge and land your dream UX role.

How much does it cost to do an online course on UX design?

Many online UX courses are available between a price range of $0-$20,000. With Uxcel, you get access to hundreds of UX courses, lessons, and assessments at a subscription of $8/month.

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