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50+ Best Universities in Australia for International Students

The majority of the universities listed below are not just among the best universities in Australia for international students, but some are also ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. It is not uncommon for a large number of international students to seek education in Australia. Australia’s educational system prioritizes equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Australia is not only home to some of the world’s finest universities, but its natural beauty also makes it an ideal destination for a tour at the end of each semester.

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50+ Best Universities in Australia for International Students

1. Australian National University (ANU)

Objective Statement: To enhance Australia’s reputation through outstanding research, teaching, and contribution to the transformation of society.

About: The ANU is one of the most popular public universities in Australia.

Its emphasis on elevating the academic priorities of Australia has made it one of the 50 best universities in Australia for international students. Therefore, it is not unexpected that the institution is also one of the world’s top 100 universities.

2. University of Sydney

To improve lives by generating leaders of society and training the Australian population with leadership abilities so that they can serve our communities at all levels.

Additionally, the University of Sydney is one of the best universities in Australia. The institution focuses on preparing students to attain predetermined objectives in a variety of professional courses.

3. University of Melbourne

To assist graduates in becoming well-rounded, intelligent, and skillful professionals who have a positive global influence.

About: The University of Melbourne provides a favorable atmosphere for students to think critically and creatively across disciplines to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing world.

4. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Objective Statement : To make a difference by concentrating on future-critical issues through pioneering research and continuous innovation.

About: Being among the Best Universities in Australia for International Students,The University of New South Wales prepares students for careers relevant to the global community by incorporating innovation and participation into the learning process.

5. University of Queensland (UQ)

Mission Statement: To favorably impact society via the pursuit of excellence in knowledge creation, preservation, transmission, and application.

University of Queensland (UQ) is one of the best universities in Australia for international students. The university believes that knowledge prepares students for effective leadership and takes concerted efforts to guarantee that all students acquire exceptional talents while pursuing their degree of choice.

6. Monash University

Objective: The mission statement is to effect change.

About: Monash University is a university of distinction that seeks to effect social change via organised learning.

The social influence of its alumni on the global society is a priority for Monash University.

7. University of Western Australia (UWA)

Objective:To give students with the opportunity to get relevant work experience for their future careers.

About: The University of Western Australia is a school where all students can find welcoming communities while enrolled in a program.

Amongst other disciplines, the college provides courses in Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Science, Biological Sciences, Architecture, Business and Commerce, Data and Computer Science, Education, and Engineering.

8. University of Adelaide

Objective: In the pursuit of excellence.

About: As one of the best universities in Australia for international students, the University of Adelaide emphasizes research, innovation, and inclusivity in its curriculum.

To take advantage of the community’s benefits, however, students must be sufficiently motivated to pursue advancement.

9. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Mission Statement: To improve knowledge and learning via research-informed instruction, impactful research, and industry partnerships.

About: The University of Technology Sydney is one of the most prestigious public colleges of technology in Australia, renowned for introducing breakthrough technologies and processes to the world.

Among other disciplines, the college provides Analytics and Data Science, Business and Communication, Design, Architecture and Building, Education, Engineering, Health, and Law.

10. University of Wollongong

Objective: To inspire a brighter future through education, research, and collaboration.

About: The University of Wollongong is renowned for preparing students to respect innovation and change via academic activities.

The University of Wollongong provides value and imparts knowledge to its community members.

11. University of Newcastle, Australia  

Objective: For a better, more wholesome way of life,

linked communities and economic expansion

About: The University of Newcastle, Australia focuses on giving the next generation of scholars with a sense of belonging in a healthy community, thereby preparing them for a world that is constantly changing and a sustainable society.

12. Macquarie University

Objective: Serving and engaging students, faculty, and the larger community via transformative learning and life experiences, the discovery and dissemination of ideas, and innovation via partnerships.

About: As one of the 50 best universities in Australia for international students, Macquarie University adopts a distinctive and innovative learning philosophy.

13. Curtin University

Objective: To enhance Learning and Student Experience, Research and Innovation, as well as Engagement and Impact.

About: Curtin University is a pioneering institution committed to enhancing the quality of education and the learning experience. By enhancing educational standards, the institution achieves a goal of positively transforming society.

14. Queensland University of Technology

Objective: To be the university for the real world through close connections with industry.

About: The Queensland University of Technology offers a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and research programs and is sometimes referred to as “the university for the real world.” The institution has strong ties to industry and its curriculum is geared toward applied research.

It is a prestigious university in Australia.

15. RMIT University

Statement of Mission: A global university of technology, design, and business

About: RMIT Institution is a world leader in Arts, Education, Sciences, Business Management, and Engineering and is a university of academic excellence.

The institution encourages students to investigate the cultural spaces, resources, and collections of Australia. It is one of the best universities in Australia for international students.

16. Deakin University

Objective: Create opportunities for living and working in a connected and dynamic world.

About: The Deakin University is an international institution renowned for its innovative and cutting-edge approach to education. The college provides a tailored education strengthened by world-class programs and cutting-edge digital engagement.

17. University of South Australia

Statement of Mission: To educate and train global learners from all backgrounds by instilling professional skills and knowledge, as well as the capacity and motivation for lifelong learning.

About: The University of South Australia is the enterprise university of Australia. Academic research and innovative teaching are the foundation of the institution’s culture of innovation and inclusiveness.

18. Griffith University

Statement of Purpose: To challenge the status quo through adaptation and creativity, and to create daring new trends and innovative solutions ahead of their time.

About: Excellence is celebrated at Griffith University. The institution’s academic community is unusual and unconventional. Due to its emphasis on adaptability and creativity, it has produced professionals who are relevant in their respective industries.

19. University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania (UTAS): Rankings, Fees, Courses, Admission 2022,  Requirements & Scholarships

Objective: To provide every student with an experiential education and an amazing adventure.

About: The University of Tasmania is one of the best universities in Australia for international students. It is an institution that honors excellence and would be an excellent fit for you.

University of Tasmania’s learning environment is distinctive and serene.

20. Swinburne University of Technology

Objective: To deliver high-quality research and industry relationships that foster positive change for students, faculty, and the community.

About: Swinburne University of Technology is a technology-based institution that provides a vast array of undergraduate, graduate, and research programs.

The institution has global acclaim and is paving the way in innovation, industry engagement and social inclusion.

21. La Trobe University

La Trobe University - Course Seeker

Statement of Mission: To deliver and transform education via strong industry participation, social inclusiveness, a willingness to innovate, and, above all, a resolve to make good change.

About: La Trobe University is an inclusive university in Australia that develops knowledge and teaches students to become experts in their respective fields.

22. Bond University

Objective:To provide an individualized approach to education that produces graduates who stand out from the crowd.

About: Students at Bond University participate in an inclusive program. Students are actively involved in the educational and research processes.

Equally as it emphasizes team sports, the institution promotes individual education. Bond University graduates stand out wherever they are found.

23. Flinders University

Flinders University | University Info | 152 Bachelors in English -

To become widely renowned as a global leader in research, an innovator in contemporary education, and the provider of Australia’s most entrepreneurial graduates.

About: As another best university in Australia for international students, Flinders University is committed to positively transforming lives through education and the promotion of knowledge through research.

24. University of Canberra

University of Canberra | University Info | 5 PhDs in English -

Mission Statement: To challenge the current quo in an unrelenting quest of innovative and superior ways to teach, learn, conduct research, and add value on a global scale.

About: At the University of Canberra, a comprehensive, progressive teaching and learning strategy is utilized to facilitate student learning. In addition, the institution’s ties to industry make it easier for students to gain real-world work experience prior to graduation.

25. James Cook University

JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY (00117J) - Marvel Immigration

Statement of Mission: To provide graduates with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to excel and thrive in the global workforce.

James Cook Institution, the second-oldest university in Queensland, is also one of the top universities in Australia for international students.

Through specialization and research, the school cultivates students’ self-assurance and fortitude.

26. University of Western Sydney

Statement of Mission: To equip the next generation of leaders, innovators, and thinkers to comprehend the global challenges facing the world and the role they must play in meeting these difficulties.

About: The University of Western Sydney is an institution that believes in developing society-changing leaders.

The university ensures that its students be global leaders in several sectors.

27. Victoria University, Melbourne  

Objective: In the future, we will continue to provide excellent outcomes for education, industry, and our community, as stated in our mission statement.

About: Success is frequently achieved by deviating from the usual. This is one strategy that has enabled Victoria University to become a center for adaptability and innovation. The institution overcomes obstacles to pioneer innovative solutions.

28. Murdoch University

Objective:To provide structure, support, and space for students to build their own paths to become graduates who are not just job-ready, but also life-ready.

About: Murdoch University is a one-of-a-kind university that offers professional programs in a wide variety of academic disciplines, including but not limited to Business Management, Arts, Engineering, Law, Health, and Education.

29. Central Queensland University

Objective: For diversity, outreach, engagement, research, learning and teaching, and inclusivity, as well as growth and extension of student success, research excellence, social innovation, and community participation.

About: As one of the best universities in Australia for international students, the Central Queensland University aims to produce professionals via outstanding research and academic activities.

30.  Edith Cowan University

Objective: Through education and research, we alter lives and enrich society, as stated in our mission statement.

About: Edith Cowan University is a teaching- and research-oriented institution. The purpose of the institution is to assist society.

31. Charles Darwin University

Objective: To be the most connected university in Australia by being brave and making a difference in the Northern Territory, Australia, and the world.

About: Charles Darwin University is a prestigious academic institution. The organisation investigates and discovers answers to problems that create local and international concern.

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32. University of Southern Queensland

Objective: A supportive environment that is committed to learning and teaching.

About: The University of Southern Queensland is one of Australia’s premier institutions for overseas students. Its learning environment is very inclusive of students and is an excellent place to acquire new knowledge.

33. Southern Cross University

Statement of Mission: To be driven by excellence and a persistent desire to improve the quality of teaching and research.

About: More than 700 professional programs are available at Southern Cross University. The institution is proud of its remarkable collegiality and great accomplishments.

34. Australian Catholic University

Objective: The mission of this organization is to instill greatness.

About: The Australian Catholic University is another remarkable institution that made this list of the 50 best universities in Australia for overseas students.

The school values students’ aspirations for advancement and makes concerted attempts to assist them realize their goals.

35. Charles Sturt University

Objective: To equip students with skills and knowledge and to alter communities through wisdom.

About: Charles Sturt University is an institution whose persistence and perseverance in tutoring yield positive results for its students. In any professional setting, Charles Sturt University graduates stand out.

36. University of New England

Objective: To give pupils with an individualized and adaptable approach to learning.

About: The University of New England provides more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Curriculum and research at the school are designed to help students realize their aspirations for the future.

37. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The Mission Statement: N/A

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology takes a distinctive approach to education, and students are encouraged to enhance their disciplines via study and research. It is an excellent institution for international students who respect intellectual tolerance.

38. University of the Sunshine Coast

Mission Statement: To become the premier rural university in Australia.

About: With an emphasis on creating chances for everybody and becoming the greatest institution in Australia, the University of the Sunshine Coast is also included on this list of the best global institutions in Australia for international students.

39. Federation University

The mission statement is to improve lives and communities.

About: The Federation University is an academic institution that has built an innovative and integrated process for lifelong learning in which all students participate.

Students at Federation University acquire excellent employment and research skills that enable them to engage in lucrative professional activities throughout their careers.

40. University of Notre Dame Australia  

Statement of Mission: to honor individuals and realize that each student have unique traits and talents.

About: The University of Notre Dame is a private Catholic university that instills students with knowledge through research and learning while upholding catholic values.

The school trains students not only for the pursuit of a vocational path, but also for a rich, fulfilling, and contemplative life.

41. Menzies School of Health Research

Objective: Be a lighthouse for development, sustainability, health improvement, economic advancement, and change.

About: The Menzies School of Health Research has existed for over 35 years and is a lighthouse for the Australian people’s development, sustainability, health improvement, economic advancement, and transformation.

42. Australian Defence Force Academy

Statement of Mission: To protect Australia and its national interests, to promote security and stability in the globe, and to serve the Australian community in accordance with government directives.

About: As a tertiary institution that mixes military training and higher education, the Australian Defence Force Academy’s inclusion on this list of the best universities in Australia for international students is unexpected. However, the Academy is available to all students interested in joining the Australian Armed Forces.

There is also the advantage of earning a wage while studying.

43. Australian Maritime College

Mission Statement: To assure the continued relevance of our course offerings to worldwide demand.

About: Multiple Maritime programs are established at the Australian Maritime College in partnership with industry and government entities to prepare students for a career on the water.

Graduates of the Australian Maritime College are always in high demand around the world due to the college’s comprehensive and complex curriculum.

The Australian Maritime College provides courses in Maritime engineering and hydrodynamics, Maritime business and international logistics, Ocean seafaring, and Coastal seafaring.

44. Torrens University Australia

Objective: To employ a supportive approach to learning that is suited to every lifestyle or stage of life.

About: At Torrens University Australia, students find a vocation they enjoy. The instructional method is distinctive and inclusive of all students.

45. Holmes Institute

Mission Statement: To pursue optimal teaching practices and provide a dynamic, student-centered learning environment.

About: The Holmes institute is the premier vocational school and higher education institution in Australia.

The college is open to both international and native students. The Holmes Institute instills rational thought, intellectual integrity, and social responsibility in its students.

46. Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

Objective: Offering students the unique chance to mix practical learning with traditional academics is our mission.

About: The Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE is a research institution at the forefront of multidisciplinary endeavors.

These research projects encourage students to attain proficiency and professional status in a variety of subjects, including engineering, computing, architecture, management, natural and social sciences, the humanities, and the arts.

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE is an excellent option for overseas students.

47. TAFE South Australia

Objective: Focusing on practical, hands-on skills and experience guarantees that students graduate with a competitive edge and the skills valued by employers.

About: TAFE South Australia is an institution that utilizes practical, hands-on experience to generate the highest academic outcomes. This outstanding academic institution allows international students to enroll in its programs.

48. Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

Objective: N/A

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is a private institution affiliated with Australia’s Torrens University.

Its primary educational programs focus on business and hotel management.

It is the premier hotel management institution in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

49. Cambridge International College 

Mission Statement: To be Australia’s premier independent educational institution.

About: Before becoming embroiled in a fraud lawsuit, Cambridge Overseas College was one of the greatest institutions in Australia, particularly for international students.

However, the university is still noteworthy since it once offered a vast array of undergraduate, graduate, and research programs.

Cambridge International College was one of the most prominent EduCo International Group members. Currently, it is permanently closed.

50. International College of Management, Sydney

Mission Statement: To give a unique learning experience to students.

About: The International College of Management in Sydney is one of the best universities in Australia for international students to study and earn a degree overseas. It is an outstanding study and research institution for students of various nationalities.

51. IIBIT Sydney  

Objective: Deliver programs to foreign students with an emphasis on personalised, supportive learning experiences in a setting that is innovative and exciting to students, staff, and partner organizations.

About: As an independent institution whose primary purpose is academic achievement, the IIBIT Sydney aids students in becoming educated professionals in their respective disciplines.


After reviewing the best universities in Australia for foreign students, you might also like to read the cheapest 10 universities in Europe for international students. If you have any questions, please use the comment area and we would be happy to assist you. Best of luck!




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