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Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US

An excellent college degree is business, especially for people who consider themselves to be creative, innovative, and leaders. A business major offers the best of both worlds because a graduate will have a degree that is both comprehensive and useful. The college you attend will give you a benefit when you start your job, just like any other major.

It’s crucial to make a sensible decision because attending a school with a solid business undergraduate program can provide you an advantage in terms of experience, future job offers, and even your beginning wage. If you’re determined to major in business and attend one of the best undergraduate business schools in the US, do your research and tour colleges carefully. Your future is a marathon, not a sprint.

What Is a Degree in Business?

It’s typically thought that those who declare their major as “business” mean “business administration.” There are, however, a number of majors that fall under the business category. Any business degree will open doors to a wide number of industries, but a business administration degree tends to be the most comprehensive and offers a better understanding of the corporate world. Although it’s simple to find colleges offering business majors, attending one of the best undergraduate business schools can help you acquire a career and a decent education.

Business administration, finance, marketing, international business, management, and entrepreneurship are some popular majors for business degrees. Although these or similar majors are offered by the majority of schools, the names and areas of study of the majors can vary. Students can select a concentration within a single business major at several of the colleges on this list.

Choosing a business school major relies on the industry you wish to work in. Fortunately, a business degree will provide you a well-rounded education that is both data-driven and creative, so you won’t be limited to one type of employment.

What about an MBA?

After finishing your undergraduate studies, you may want to think about getting an MBA, or master of business administration. With the help of an MBA, students may test their analytical and problem-solving skills by applying the theory they learn in business school to real-world situations.

You might or might not think about earning an MBA depending on what you want to do after graduation. Before enrolling in an MBA program, students frequently complete their undergraduate degrees and work for a while with the belief that after gaining experience, they will be prepared to become leaders or managers at their companies as well as experts in their fields.

Many MBA students have years of experience in their fields, and MBAs have a better degree of analytical thinking and a deeper understanding of corporate strategy and how companies operate. Your preparation and qualification for higher level business management responsibilities are both goals of an MBA. As a result, MBA holders can anticipate earning much more money.

There are many part-time and online MBA programs available in addition to full-time MBA programs, which typically last two years. Some businesses additionally cover the cost of their employees’ MBA programs.

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11 Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US

A top business school should be able to connect you with employers and give you the training and experience you need to land the career you want. Businesses are very interested in the graduates from some of the top undergraduate business schools since they know the students have received a top-notch education.

This list of the best undergraduate business schools in the US includes highly regarded programs that offer challenging coursework that gets you ready for your future career. They ought to be experts in finding jobs for students.

1. University of Pennsylvania

Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US
Wharton School of Business

The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is a highly selective program with an acceptance rate of just 6% and consistently ranks at the top of lists of the finest undergraduate business schools. Forbes claims that Wharton is “oozing with opportunity” and that some of the best corporations in the country will be waiting up to offer you a job once you graduate.

2. The University of Virginia

The McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia provides students a thorough curriculum that comprises two years of liberal arts education and two years devoted to their focus. You can concentrate in finance, marketing, accounting, management, or information technology through the school of commerce. The institution encourages all students to schedule time for study abroad because it offers a wide range of study abroad alternatives. You can spend a week or a whole semester studying abroad.

3. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan boasts that 98% of its undergraduate business students received an offer within three months after graduation. Ross also has students work through a curriculum like an MBA program, so you gain practical training in your classes. If you have an interest in a certain industry, the school also lets you focus on other subject areas. For instance, you can major in business with a focus on healthcare administration, giving you the opportunity to specialize in that area.

4. The University of Washington

Business administration is the only major available to University of Washington Foster School of Business students. However, students can choose a concentration in operations and supply chain management, accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources management, information systems, or marketing. Alumni from UW have launched businesses that now generate $82 billion in yearly revenue and 300,000 new jobs. There are 28 organizations relating to business that students can join in the business school alone.

5. Notre Dame University

Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business
Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business

Students can major in accounting, business analytics, business technology, finance, management counseling, and marketing at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Students have access to Notre Dame’s extensive advising service, which helps them develop their abilities and resumes in their junior and senior years of college after guiding them through their general education requirements in the first two years. Additionally, there are 40 distinct study abroad programs available to students in 20 other nations.

6. New York University

While NYU Stern’s MBA program is well-known, its undergraduate business curriculum is equally extensive and esteemed. Stern students have the option of obtaining a dual degree in business and cinema or a BS in business and political economy in addition to a BS in business. The BS in Business/MS in Accounting degree can also be finished by students in four years plus one summer session. Given that NYU Stern is located in the global commercial hub of New York City, there are several chances for students to pursue their passions and have an impact.

7. The University of California, Berkeley

In addition to being the second-oldest business school in the US, the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley is also one of the most modern. Haas takes pride in encouraging students to develop and explore while fusing learning from the past with fresh ideas. Students have the option of majoring in biology and business, management, entrepreneurship and technology, or global management. Additionally, when they graduate, about 75% of full-time undergraduates are employed.

8. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Kenan-Flagler Business School capitalizes on the adaptability of a business degree by giving students a rigorous program that covers every facet of the industry in addition to hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. , the business school at Chapel Hill offers a dedicated services team that is well-trained and skilled in assisting students land jobs. With a median base income of $72,000 and 98% of job seekers now working, the class of 2020 is impressive.

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The application of business ideas to students’ technological, mathematical, or scientific talents is a particular area of emphasis at MIT Sloan. The majority of the coursework is likewise devoted to management. The Sloan undergraduate community is tiny, and the university places a strong emphasis on its sense of community. Of course, MIT has a lot of ties to major corporations and venture investors that might assist their entrepreneurial students who are interested in the sciences.

10. University of Texas, Austin

The McCombs School of Business at UT Austin, which features top-ranked graduate programs in business and marketing, holds its undergraduate programs to the same high standards. UT Austin prides itself on being “human focused” and wants to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in the commercial world. Along with the standard business majors like business, government and society, and information, risk, and operations management, McComb also offers degrees for the contemporary business environment.

11. Carnegie Mellon University

Core courses in business, math, and computer science are offered at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business Administration, and students can select one of eleven specialties. In order to connect students with mentors, enable them to gain practical experience, and ultimately place them in a position after graduation, Carnegie Mellon works directly with recruiters and corporate partners. The industrialist mindset and forward-thinking approach of Carnegie Mellon are well known. In order to help its business students look to the future of business, technology, and other fields, Carnegie Mellon also applies these ideas to them.

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Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US
Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a business school the same as a university?

In North America, a business school is frequently thought of as a university program that grants undergraduate bachelor's degrees and/or graduate Master of Business Administration degrees. Some universities in Europe and Asia focus primarily on teaching business courses.

What distinguishes management from business school?

A business school is the preferable choice if you wish to enroll in a business course because it is a focused institution for business education. A management school, on the other hand, offers many additional courses, and the studies there may not be specialized.

Is Harvard Business School a private or public institution?

The graduate business school of Harvard University, a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts, is known as Harvard Business School (HBS).

Next Steps After Enrolling at an Undergraduate Business School

Although selecting a college is not simple, it is only the first step. Choosing the best school for you and your goals is crucial, even while attending a top school offers incredible chances and a top-notch education. A wonderful initial step is touring and visiting schools, as well as speaking with existing students to make sure you can envision yourself there. Looking into what it takes to attend one of the best undergraduate business schools in the US and investigating universities with business majors is a wonderful place to start if you’re prepared to devote your college career to studying and excelling in business.



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