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12 Best Trade Schools in Chicago

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Best Trade Schools in Chicago 2022 Ranking 

If you are debating whether it is wise to enroll in a trade school program rather than a four-year university, we will have to say that you are somewhat more likely to get employment in the field you studied after graduating from a trade school.

What is Trade School?

A trade school, often referred to as a vocational school, is a post-secondary institution that provides students with the knowledge they need to work in a particular industry.

Trade schools in Chicago offer specialized career training for a variety of industries, including health, information technology, skilled trades, and wellness.

Best Trade Schools in Chicago FAQs

Is it Possible to Attend Trade Schools in Chicago, Illinois While Working?

Yes, you are free to select a schedule that suits your needs.

Is a Trade School Diploma Enough for a Successful Career?

You have a variety of career alternatives if you have a trade school credential.

What Are the Conditions for Admission to the Best Trade Schools in Chicago, Illinois?

While some people will opt to attend accredited universities, others will research online options, and a select few will choose local trade schools.

Depending on your area of interest, earning a trade school diploma is a smarter, more economical way to quickly pick up new skills and gain access to a fulfilling career.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started as well as a list of prerequisites.

1. Age restrictions

You must be at least 18 years old, or 17 years old with parental or guardian agreement, to enroll in a trade school in Chicago, Illinois.

The sort of program you choose to enroll in will affect the cost of your certification; while some courses are inexpensive, the majority are not.

A trade school degree typically costs $33,000. However, there can be extra costs for textbooks and course materials.

2. Evidence of English language competency

You'll need some fundamental communication abilities if you want to enroll in one of Chicago's top trade schools. The majority of trade schools in the nation, however, demand proof of your proficiency in English.

3. Diploma from high school

For admission to Chicago's best trade or vocational schools, a high school diploma or general education development (GED) certificate as well as a 2.0 GPA are frequently necessary.

4. The Career Programs Assessment Test, which evaluates essential math, reading, and writing abilities, is one national exam they could request.

How long are Trade Schools in Chicago?

In contrast to a four-year university, trade schools do not grant bachelor's degrees. After completing the program, you'll typically be awarded a diploma or trade certificate as proof that you did it well.

The length of the curriculum varies based on the school, although it typically lasts between eight months and two years.

Best Trade Schools in Chicago

12 Best Trade Schools in Chicago


Oakton Community College is ranked as the first on the list of the best trade schools in Chicago. A reputable public university is located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Popular degrees including nursing, nursing assistant, and liberal arts and humanities can be obtained for about $6,338.

Additionally, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 and a term GPA of at least 2.00 for each term of attendance in order to be admitted to Oakton. Additionally, the beginning income for Oakton grads is $28,500 on average.


The National Center for Construction Education and Research, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Council on Occupational Education, and HVAC Excellence all accredit HVAC Tech. In 1994, it was founded.

The institution is crucial to a student’s development because it offers chances for both professional and personal advancement.

You must demonstrate that you have the drive and physical capacity to complete this challenging course in order to be admitted to this academy. Read further for other best trade schools in Chicago available.

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A vocational school in Chicago called the West Chicago Professional Center trains students to work in the field of emerging technology.

As one of the best trade schools in Chicago, the school offers the HVAC Technician, Electrician Technician, and Combined Program programs. The price of this college, however, primarily depends on the course of study.

The combined curriculum costs $8578, the HVAC Technician program costs $4541, and the Electrician Technician program costs $4367.


This institution provides a top-notch education that opens doors to rewarding career opportunities. There are programs for medical technicians, surgical technologists, and assistants.

MCC offers eligible students an annual average of $3,337 in financial aid despite its $15,922 tuition. Read further for other best trade schools in Chicago.


This institution provides business studies as well as paralegal, criminal justice, and law enforcement administration programs.

These programs will give you the chance to acquire practical technical skills that are in demand by businesses in a variety of industries.

You will be able to pursue any opportunity in a number of exciting industries around the world once you have finished your study.

Additionally, to reaffirm their stand as one of the best trade schools in Chicago, MacCormac College offers assistance to qualified students in the form of financial aid, student housing, or temporary employment.

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Bell Mar Beauty College, a private, for-profit institution in Cicero, Illinois, was founded in 1985 and offers programs lasting less than two years. The cosmetology school is a non-degree-granting institution.

At Mar Beauty, you will receive practical training from instructors with experience in the field, enabling you to pass the state licensing test and begin working as a cosmetologist.


This institution provides 11-week programs that give students practical experience in a real-world clinic environment to help them excel in the dental industry.

Additionally, this institution offers quick homework assistance as well as access to over 20 publications, study aids, sample tests, and essays.

To be accepted into Dental Assistant Academy, you must meet the minimal requirements, pass a written test, and a manual dexterity test.


One of the best trade schools in Chicago is Elgin Community College. The institution offers certificate programs in Natural Sciences, Automotive Mechanics, and Liberal Arts and Humanities.

In addition, 3,215 students are enrolled in total, with a 100% acceptance rate. Its graduates can earn a starting income of up to $29,600 for a little $3,190 tuition.


Our list of the best trade schools in Chicago would be lacking without Coyne College. The college offers daytime and evening classes to make getting an education as comfortable as possible.

Best Trade Schools in Chicago

The goal of Coyne College is to assist students in developing their problem-solving skills, which are crucial for developing into helpful, effective employees.

Additionally, CC offers many engineering and health-related areas, all with excellent mentoring.


Chicago’s Universal Technical Institute is a career school that may give you the training you need to accomplish your objective.

This college offers skill trade courses in the automotive, mechanical, and collision repair industries.

And with the training you’ve got, you’ll be ready to start your career in any industry after you graduate from this college.


66 undergraduate students are enrolled in the for-profit SOLEX. This college offers a pretty varied learning program that includes part-time, full-time, and evening students for only $18,199.

Best Trade Schools in Chicago

Additionally, SOLEX offers students financial aid to assist them in covering their living expenses and college costs.


Last school on the list of best trade schools in Chicago. The school offers a package that includes head mannequins, an entire set of tools, and high-quality cosmetics.

Each student also receives an electronic Career Success Tablet with access to popular social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter as well as tutorials, reference materials, entertaining applications, photos, and videos.


Our recommendation is to select a vocational school rather than a standard college or university if you have a certain occupational career goal in mind in order to obtain your diploma and future job in a significantly shorter amount of time. This article on the best trade schools in Chicago must have been helpful.


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