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Best Supply Chain Management Schools

The delivery of supplies to enterprises, consumers, and governmental organizations—raw materials and finished goods—is supported by the transportation and distribution sector. Continue reading to find out more about the employment forecast, salary range, best supply chain management schools and educational requirements for those working in transportation and distribution.

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Degrees Supply Chain Management and Transportation

As a vast discipline, supply chain management offers degrees in both stand-alone subjects like supply chain management and logistics as well as degrees that mix many subfields like transportation and logistics. These degree programs typically cover topics like product life cycles and the numerous steps that go into making a product, from conception to distribution.

Degree programs in a variety of fields frequently concentrate on one facet of these processes. Degrees in logistics and supply chain management, for instance, concentrate on managing and directing the supply chain, whereas degrees in transportation concentrate on transferring goods.

A degree in transportation and supply chain management may be rewarding for students who are interested in learning how things are moved from production to store shelves or how passenger travel is organized across cities and nations. Here, we examine the many degree programs that are offered.

best supply chain management schools

Majors in Transportation and Supply Chain Management

Students have a variety of concentration options within the broader category of supply chain management. The study of topics including supply chain management, logistics, and transportation are all options for students. Students may also choose to further specialize in a particular field, such ground transportation or air traffic control. We go into more detail about a handful of these specializations below.

1. Supply Chain Management

There are associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in supply chain management. Students majoring in supply chain management study how to coordinate the actions of various supply chain participants, such as suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers. Supply chain management, logistics operations, supply markets, and storage and distribution may be the focus of this major’s courses.

Candidates for these programs may need to have some job experience in supply chain management at the graduate level. Supply chain managers, operations managers, and management analysts are all possible job paths for graduates with degrees in this field.

2. Logistics

At the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, students can pursue studies in the field, which is typically offered as a degree in logistics or logistics management. Students in degree programs in logistics learn how to organize different operational procedures as well as the movement of information and goods within the firm.

Business logistics, materials handling, transportation logistics, and organizational behavior are some possible course areas for logistics majors. A bachelor’s degree and the GMAT may be requirements for those applying to graduate schools in the area. Graduates of logistics degrees typically work as logisticians, though they can also find employment in systems management or inventory/materials management.

3. Transportation Management

Students can typically seek a degree in transportation and logistics management at the undergraduate level, and they may obtain degrees that are particularly in transportation management or transportation at the graduate level. Students majoring in transportation management may study regulations governing various kinds of transportation as well as how to optimize transit systems. Coursework on transportation management, transit maintenance, transportation systems analysis, transportation planning, and other topics may be found in these programs.

A bachelor’s degree and/or prior study in subjects like mathematics and statistics may be required for admission to the graduate levels. Graduates can find employment in dispatching, traffic management, or transportation management.

4. Air Traffic Control

Typically, associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in air traffic control are only offered at the undergraduate level. The most popular degree options for students are in air traffic management or control. In order to give students the knowledge and abilities to efficiently manage air traffic from control towers and interact with all parties involved, these degree programs may employ training and simulations.

Courses in navigation, traffic control, radar, control tower operations, and airspace capacity management are available to students in these programs. Most students who complete degrees in air traffic control go on to work as air traffic controllers.

5. Land-based/Ground Transportation

Although there are graduate and undergraduate transportation management programs, there are normally no degree programs in ground transportation. The field of transportation also offers additional related degrees, such as graduate programs in planning and engineering for transportation or civil engineering with a focus on highway and traffic engineering. When investigating how to improve the effectiveness of transportation systems, students in degree programs in transportation frequently concentrate on ground transportation.

Topics including travel demand, traffic management, urban transportation, and others may be covered in the coursework. Graduates can find employment in distribution, traffic, or transportation management.

Best Supply Chain Management Schools

There are numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees available in the topic of transportation and supply chain management (SCM), which focuses on how to carry items as efficiently as feasible. We’ve put together this resource of the best universities that provide these kinds of programs in order to help you in your search for the appropriate transportation and SCM degree.

Tuition expenses, retention rates for students, graduation rates, and other data from the US Department of Education were among the elements we took into account when compiling our ranking. We also took into account how distinctive each program was as well as the extracurricular and internship options available to further a student’s education. Explore our list of the top universities that offer degree programs in SCM and transportation below.

1. The University of Tennessee – Knoxville

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville is at the top of our list and offers a number of outstanding degrees in the area, including:

  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (online)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration in Global Supply Chain
  • PhD in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Supply Chain Management concentration
  • Master of Science on Supply Chain Management Tri-Continent

The Global Supply Chain Institute, a facility that collaborates with large organizations and offers students employment chances, and the NeXxus Initiative, which fosters networking and mentorship opportunities for women in SCM programs, are both available to students here.

With undergraduate students being obliged to do an internship or co-op and graduate students receiving support from a success coach, this school tries to completely prepare students for successful jobs.

2. Bryant University

The exceptional Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Global Supply Chain Management degree program offered by Smithfield, Rhode Island’s Bryant University has produced graduates who now hold positions with Amazon, Hasbro, and the US Department of Defense.

Through a variety of priceless experiential learning opportunities, this curriculum enables students to acquire knowledge relevant to the real world. Students can, for instance, take part in the Global Supply Chain Management Practicum, where they collaborate with actual companies to solve a supply chain problem, or they might look into internship opportunities. Additionally, there are opportunities to participate in the Bryant Supply Chain Leadership Association student club, go to the Supply Chain Networking Night, and study abroad.

3. Rutgers University – Newark

For nearly every level of student, Rutgers University – Newark in New Jersey offers an SCM program, including the outstanding degrees listed below:

  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics
  • Master of Business Administration with a Supply Chain Management concentration
  • PhD in Management with a Supply Chain Management concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

All of these top-notch programs have impressive job placement rates for graduates, with 92% of those in the BS program and 100% of those in the MBA in Supply Chain Management programs finding jobs within three months of graduation.

Rutgers knows how important flexibility is to its students, which is why the excellent MS in Supply Chain Analytics program with a STEM designation may be taken full- or part-time, and the MS in Supply Chain Management has an easy-to-use online format. The fantastic opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research at the university’s Center for Supply Chain Management can also benefit graduate students.

4. Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

A fantastic Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree with an optional logistics management focus is available to students at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. This university has a strong business internship program that places students in startups, large organizations, and franchisees. Another outstanding program offered by this Shippensburg institution is a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management. Both the professional, part-time option, which includes evening classes, and the fully online option, which requires two years to finish, are available. Through the Graduate Research Grant Program, which offers financial support for research initiatives, graduate students can follow their interests in research.

5. Michigan State University

Michigan State University students take advantage of a special program structure that combines online learning with several on-campus sessions, enabling them to work while finishing their degree in as little as 21 months. This East Lansing-based university also offers a fantastic bachelor’s degree program in supply chain management that offers students a challenging curriculum and the opportunity to join the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA), which provides them with valuable networking possibilities. However, there are still other choices available to individuals who want to teach at the university level and conduct extensive SCM research. They can choose to obtain a thorough PhD in logistics from Michigan State University.

best supply chain management schools

6. Florida Institute of Technology

The Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne offers two outstanding master’s degrees: a master’s in science in supply chain management that is flexible enough for working professionals to complete, and a master’s in science in management with a focus on transportation management that is targeted toward a diverse population of students from various fields.

Additionally, this institution provides a number of excellent degree programs in logistics, such as a Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management program and a Master of Science in Logistics Management with a special optional emphasis in humanitarian and disaster relief. All Florida Institute of Technology students receive instruction from business experts with practical management and supply chain operations experience who have worked in a variety of industries, including business and the military.

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7. Fontbonne University

The St. Louis, Missouri-based Fontbonne University provides a reputable online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program with condensed, 8-week courses. Students will be prepared to acquire the Council of Supply Chain Management SCPro Level One Certification after finishing this curriculum, which was carefully created by local St. Louis company and SCM specialists. Those who already hold a degree but wish to gain a little more expertise in this area may choose to finish the 18-credit online Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate program. The tiny student-to-faculty ratio in these programs, which is 10:1, serves to stimulate and promote individual attention from teachers.

8. University of Arkansas

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree program at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville have the opportunity to further their education by completing a required internship and selecting a minor in marketing, retail, business analytics, economics, or another subject. At this institution, graduate students can choose from a wide range of programs, such as:

  • Master of Business Administration with a track in supply chain
  • PhD in Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

The school’s Supply Chain Management Research Center is open to all students, allowing them to do research, participate in networking activities, and visit career fairs for businesses. For SCM students, this university also provides a ton of internship chances.

9. Central Washington University

Central Washington University, which has a campus in Ellensburg, offers two outstanding undergraduate degrees in the area: a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a focus in Supply Chain Management. The BS is a more conventional degree, but the BAS is specifically for students with an associate or technical degree and uses a hybrid style of online and in-person sessions.

No matter whatever curriculum they choose, students at this institution have access to a wealth of possibilities outside the classroom, including peer support through the Supply Chain Management Association, networking opportunities, research opportunities, and industry exposure through the Supply Chain Management Institute.

10. Park University

Park University, which is based in Parkville, Missouri, provides a fantastic Bachelor of Science in Management/Logistics and a superb Associate of Science in Management/Logistics, both of which have an emphasis on SCM and operations. These courses have been carefully crafted to assist students in obtaining significant, career-enhancing certifications, such as those provided by the American Production and Inventory Control Society and the National Association of Purchasing Management.

These programs are provided in both online and in-person forms, giving students unrivaled flexibility and demonstrating Park University’s commitment to helping students in every way.

11. Georgia College & State University

The oldest logistics-focused program in the state is the prestigious Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree program offered by Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville. With the requisite 30 credits, this program can be finished in a handy 100% format. Additionally helpful to students is the school’s Institute for Logistics and Transportation Studies, which enables them to network with business leaders, look for job possibilities, and do research. Students can also join the Georgia College Logistics Association (GCLA), which organizes field trips to business sites and trips to industry conferences.

12. Iowa State University

Within six months of graduating, 98% of students from Iowa State University’s outstanding Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management program were employed, enrolled in graduate school, or serving in the military. Additionally, a PhD in Supply Chain Management and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Supply Chain Management are offered by this Ames-based university. There are several options for students to enhance their business and SCM skills outside of the classroom. Two of these are the Gerdin Leaders Academy (GLA), which focuses on professional development, and the CyBIZ Lab, where students can work on transdisciplinary projects for actual firms.

13. Georgia Southern University

Students can get a fantastic Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, which offers two emphasis areas: one in operations and supply management and one in logistics and multimodal transportation. This bachelor’s degree provides excellent internship placements to assist students get much-needed real-world experience. Past employers where students have worked include DHL, Target, and R&L Global Logistics.

The Logistics Association, which includes lectures, industry speakers, and field trips to significant business facilities, also offers students the possibility to join. The renowned PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree program is available to those who are interested in doctoral-level education and focuses on preparing students for jobs in academia and empirical research.

14. Auburn University

The outstanding Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management program at Auburn University boasts graduates who have gone on to work for well-known corporations like Georgia-Pacific, Amazon, and Dollar General. The average pay for these graduates from 2017 to 2019 was impressively $58,929, making it the most of any other major in the business college. Students in this school, which is situated in Auburn, Alabama, are successful in part because they receive instruction from business executives and are obliged to finish research-focused projects and case competitions.

A minimum of ten weeks of career-enhancing internship is also required of each student, and the program works with over 300 businesses to place each one of them in the ideal setting.

15. University of Michigan – Dearborn

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management and the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, both of which can be combined with an MBA, are two fantastic options for students at the University of Michigan – Dearborn to pursue a degree with a supply chain emphasis. These incredible degrees are offered through the College of Business, which also provides access to the Internship and Career Management Center (ICMC), which helps students locate internships and employment, prepare for interviews, and hold networking events. Graduate students can study in Singapore, while SCM undergraduate students can spend 5 weeks studying abroad in Italy or 1 week in Taiwan.

By joining the Women in Business (WIB) club, which provides networking and mentorship options to female students, or the Supply Chain Association (SCA), which organizes plant visits and guest lecturers, students can network with their peers and forge relationships.

16. Portland State University

Students at Portland State University in Oregon have the option of earning their degrees online or on-campus for both the Bachelor of Science in Supply and Logistics Management program and the Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management program. Impressively, the university is one of only two institutions in the country to be recognized by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), and the master’s program is one of just three global supply chain management master’s programs approved nationally by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). Through internships and other opportunities with firms like Nike and Adidas, two well-known worldwide brands, students in these programs take advantage of the university’s close proximity to important supply chain hubs.

All students can join the Supply and Logistics Management Association (SLMA), which helps them develop leadership skills and more, and graduate students can take part in a brief field study in Asia where they study international operations.

17. Duquesne University

The exceptional Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management program at Duquesne University places a strong emphasis on practical learning. This university offers students opportunities to study abroad, alumni with whom they can network, and notable internship possibilities close to its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania campus. Graduates of this bachelor’s program have landed jobs at prestigious and prosperous businesses like US Steel, Heinz, and Lockheed Martin.

This university also offers a fantastic Master of Science in Supply Chain Management degree program with a STEM designation that includes hybrid and in-person classes and a curriculum that gets students ready for the APICS and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certifications. Students in these programs have the option to collaborate on cutting-edge research at the Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management with academics and business partners.

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18. Marquette University

Students can earn a fantastic Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Operations and Supply Chain Management degree from Marquette University or a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management degree from the same institution. Both degrees can be earned online and offer part- and full-time options as well as optional on-campus workshops. The Center for Supply Chain Management, located at this university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provides students with chances for applied learning through activities like field visits to manufacturing and distribution companies, networking gatherings, and an applied procurement course that places students in actual companies.

Additionally, this institution offers the Women in Supply Chain (WISC) Scholars Program, which connects female students with mentors and employment prospects. The programs give students a ton of internship opportunities in addition to all of the center’s offerings.

19. John Carroll University

Students at John Carroll University have the opportunity to acquire a superb Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management degree with the option of adding a focus in either marketing or data analysis. By collaborating with significant companies like Sherwin-Williams Co. and Progressive Corp., this university in University Heights, Ohio, fully exploits its proximity to the important metropolis of Cleveland.

In addition to regularly performing community service at schools and outreach facilities, students are encouraged to seek internships with businesses in the manufacturing, transportation, and biotechnology sectors. Since this university also adopts a worldwide perspective, students have the option of studying abroad in a variety of countries, including South Africa, China, and Australia.

20. University of Northern Iowa

Students can prepare for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification through the UNIBusiness study abroad program at the prestigious University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, where they can take preparatory courses, take the pre-certification exam, and then complete a 6-week internship in Italy or Ireland. The unique chances don’t end there, though, as students regularly take part in the General Motors/Wayne State Competition, which focuses on finding a solution to a GM supply chain problem. Teams from this institution frequently place in the top 3. This fantastic program assists all students, especially first-year ones, in locating the ideal internship to better equip them for their future professions.

best supply chain management schools

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of time required to become a supply chain manager?

In most cases, supply chain managers who start out in their careers receive on-the-job training. Most of them have at least five years of experience working in supply chain management, procurement, or logistics. Others join the armed forces and earn expertise as dispatchers or logistics clerks.

What is Supply chain management?

Students who pursue an MSc in supply chain management are introduced to every facet of internal product and goods transportation. From the receipt of raw materials required to produce commodities to the delivery of finished goods to clients, the supply chain includes everything.

Where can I start a career in supply chain?

A foundation degree, BTEC HNC/HND, or a degree in a field like logistics, international transport, or supply chain management are the most typical entry points into this field. Having said that, a solid degree in business or finance is recognized in the sector.



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