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20 Best Software Engineering Schools Online 2023

20 Best Software Engineering Schools Online in 2022.

Degrees in software engineering can open up a wide range of tech-related career prospects. Every organization and industry uses computers in some capacity, and to help assure efficiency and security, they all require software developers and computer programmers.

A degree in any of the best software engineering schools online can help working adults who wish to advance their education and develop their abilities.

best software engineering schools online

What Is an Online Software Engineering School?

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in software engineering are taught how to code, secure computer networks, and develop software. The curriculum develops the technical abilities required to identify and apply technological solutions. When building software and programs for specific projects, degree candidates also learn to take into account aesthetic elements, usability, and purpose. In this article, we shall discuss 20 best software engineering schools online.

Requirements for Earning a Degree in Software Engineering

From one college to the next, there are different criteria for an online degree in software engineering. However, a solid academic foundation, particularly in science, math, and physics, is the most typical qualification.

Students who are interested in software engineering online programs must have demonstrated proficiency in subtopics including calculus, geometry, and algebra.

The majority of the top best software engineering schools online programs also require significant work experience in database administration and programming. Read further to know the best software engineering schools online.

best software engineering schools online

20 Best Software Engineering Schools Online

The following is a list of the best software engineering schools online as at 2022 ranking;

  1. World Campus at Penn State
  2. West Virginia University
  3. State University of Arizona
  4. Champlain University
  5. University of St. Cloud
  6. Saint Leo University
  7. University of Southern New Hampshire
  8. University of Eastern Florida
  9. State University of Oregon
  10. Bellevue University
  11. Virginia’s Strayer University
  12. Husson University
  13. University of Limestone
  14. Davenport University
  15. Hodges College.
  16. Illinois University
  17. Old Dominion University
  18. Dakota State University
  19. Regent University
  20. Fort Hays University

Read about the aforementioned best software engineering schools online below.

1. Penn State World Campus

For creative thinkers who love coding and programming, mathematics, chemistry, and physics, this online software engineering curriculum from ABET is a great choice. You’ll collaborate with actual businesses on a senior design project sponsored by the industry.

Students who enroll in Penn State’s online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering program receive a strong foundation in the field through a combination of in-class instruction, hands-on software development experience, and design projects.

2. Western Governors University 

The online bachelor’s program in software development offered by Western Governors University may be ideal for you if you’re interested in software engineering degrees and have a strong interest in technology and coding.

Through this online curriculum, you’ll obtain a strong foundation in computer programming, software engineering, web development, and application development.

3. Arizona State University

Arizona State University is a top-notch institution for online learning and prides itself on being among the top online colleges for software engineering.

To enable you to adapt learning around your schedule, the school places a high importance on study methods that are as flexible as possible. Whether you want to undertake flexible online studies in software engineering.

4. Champlain University

A tiny but prestigious student body makes Champlain, a private university established in 1878, one of the top online colleges for software engineering.

Views of Lake Champlain can be seen from the main campus in Burlington, Vermont. The college was recognized as one of the “best and most intriguing institutions” and as the “most innovative school in the North” by the 2017 Fiske Guide to Colleges.

5. St. Cloud State College

The Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering program at St. Cloud State University is appropriate for working people who wish to advance their education without endangering their responsibilities to their families and employers.

The course gives students a thorough understanding of the subject and equips them for careers in the field or further education through the integration of software development, project management, engineering concepts, and computing abilities.

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6. Saint Leo University 

Students receive the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the expanding fields of information and computer science through Saint Leo University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree.

Real-world issues with software, hardware, system integration services, and multimedia design, development, maintenance, and support are dealt with as they learn how to resolve them.

7. University of Southern New Hampshire

The online degree programs offered by Southern New Hampshire University are attended by more than 80,000 distance learners. SNHU is exceptional in its dedication to meeting the needs of each individual student thanks to its vast support services.

These resources are available to students pursuing an online B.S. in Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering.

8. Eastern Florida State University

Brevard Junior College became Eastern Florida State College in 1960. Today, EFSC is a full-fledged four-year institution that grants a range of associate’s, bachelor’s, and professional certificates. The outstanding Bachelor of Applied Science program at EFSC is one of the best and most cutting-edge online degree options available.

The B.A.S. in Program and Software Development is designed to train students for professions as web developers, database administrators, computer support experts, or software developers. Other tracks for the B.A.S. degree include Computer Project Management, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Networking Systems.

9. The University of Oregon

A post-baccalaureate degree program at Oregon State University called the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is available for those looking to get a second bachelor’s degree online.

University of Oregon appears on the list of the best software engineering schools online. The program’s objective is to offer potential students with a degree that will enable them to learn more about the field of computer science from a variety of academic backgrounds. Students must finish 60 quarter credits of major requirements in order to graduate with a B.S. in computer science.

10. Bellevue University 

In addition to its conventional courses offered on its main campus in Bellevue, Nebraska, Bellevue University is dedicated to turning out graduates who are prepared for the workforce.

The institution of higher learning has frequently been rated as one of the best software engineering schools online.

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in software development are equipped to handle the dynamic and constantly evolving demands of the software engineering sector.

Many of the students in the Bellevue Software Development program are working software developers who want to grow in their careers or hopeful newcomers who want to get the essential experience to get a job in the field.

11. Virginia Strayer University

The Arlington, Virginia campus of Strayer University accepts students from all across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and beyond.

This school’s online programs come with all the resources of a large university, such success coaches and career assistance services.

12. Husson University

Why is Husson University among the best software engineering schools online?

The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology degree at Husson University is made to equip students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to assist businesses in achieving their objectives by creating computer information systems, software, and websites.

As part of this extensive study, students will obtain a full understanding of corporate software and specialized utility packages.

13. Limestone University

The Computer Science and Information Technology Department at Limestone College offers a focus in Programming for students interested in a career in the field.

14. Davenport University

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is available from Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with three specialization options: artificial intelligence, computer architecture and algorithms, and gaming and simulation.

15. Hodges University 

The Hodges University Bachelor of Science in Software Development program is intended to train students for professions in the creation and maintenance of computer information systems.

The curriculum makes use of a range of skill sets to help students hone their software development competence.

16. Illinois University

This university already has the top-ranked computer science department in the country. To make sure the student is on the right track with his pursuit of a degree, a personal UI is assigned to him the moment he enrolls at this institution.

17. Old Dominion University 

Old Dominion takes pride in providing its students with practical laboratory experience. They provide BSCS, a program with a focus on cutting-edge mathematics and science. The students are required to complete challenging work in order to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

18  Dakota State University 

Conventional engineering jargon and the teaching of programming languages are not priorities at Dakota State University. It challenges its students to find solutions to the most contemporary issues in the computing industry.

19. Regent University

Since it was founded, Regent University has received numerous honors. The US World and News survey listed it among the Top Five reasonably priced private Christian universities.

20. Fort Hays University

Students at Fort Hays University learn how to design software and troubleshoot software-related issues. Additionally, it digs more deeply into the topics of networks, information security, and electronic media.

best software engineering schools online

Most Asked Questions on Software Engineering Schools

What is the Duration of an Online Software Engineering Degree?

Depending on the university where you pursue your degree, a software engineering program can take anywhere from one to four years to complete.

Cost of Software Engineering Online Program

Online software engineering degrees can cost between $3000 to $30000 at reputed engineering colleges throughout the world.

Job Opportunities as a Software Engineer

Job opportunities for software engineers include;

1. Developer of applications.

2. Analyst for cyber security.

3. Game creator.

4. Manager of information systems.

5. IT advisor.

6. Web designer.

7. Web developer.


We assume that you have carefully read through our whole discussion of the best software engineering schools online and have already made a decision.

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