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Best Public Universities in France You Would Love in 2023

Best Public Universities in France!

France has some of the most esteemed public universities in the entire world. The academic standards and research facilities at French universities are well-known.

Speaking of non-technical courses, courses related to the arts and fashion are some of the best options because they are so prevalent across the nation. In summary, France has something to offer everyone, from science and engineering to the arts and fashion. Check out the best public universities in France you can enroll in.

best public universities in France

Advantages of Studying in France


French universities, for instance, offer reasonably priced courses, in contrast to many universities in the US. As a result, you are spared the hassle of applying for and taking out a lengthy student loan. Additionally, the French government provides a benefits program that almost completely eliminates tuition fees for many students. These fee structures are still less expensive than those at other universities in Europe, even though this isn’t always the case.


The nice thing about studying in France is how inexpensive transportation is. In reality, each mainland location of the TER network provides discounts for youth and students. However, a lot of French students in Paris employ the convenient and cost-effective Vélib’ bike rental program.


Many students who go overseas to study eventually return home to look for work. After graduating, it is often difficult to obtain a work visa or a residency permit in another nation. France is not on the list of those nations, which is good news. A one-year work visa may be requested by anyone who completed a full course of study in France.

Disadvantages of Studying in France

1. Language Difference

English-medium alternatives are available for international students at the majority of French universities. Therefore, studying there shouldn't be a problem. However, it is a recognized truth that the majority of the population there speaks exclusively French. Because of this, interacting with other students or the local community may be stressful for you, necessitating additional language study on your part.

2. The cost of private education is high.

A small selection of courses are solely offered at private colleges, despite the fact that public universities offer the majority of the courses. The issue with it, though, is that private institutions can be pricey in France, just like they can be in any other nation.

3. Exorbitant Living

Despite the fact that students can receive financial aid and discounts, studying and living in France can be expensive. The French capital, along with Hong Kong and Singapore, is actually the most expensive city in the world, according to The Economist. Because of this, it might be difficult for you to manage the cost of living there; instead, consider moving to a smaller French city like Poitiers, Brest, or Limoges.

Best Public Universities In France

These are the 15 best public universities in France:


  • Location: Strasbourg
  • Built: 1538
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs are available.

They collaborate with more than 750 universities across 95 nations. Additionally, they collaborate with more than 175 institutions worldwide and over 400 institutions in Europe.

They have 72 research units from all the different disciplinary domains. Over 52,000 students are enrolled there, and 21% of them are from outside.

They take great pains to include the most recent scientific advancements in order to give their students the greatest possible education.


  • Location: the city of Paris
  • Created: 1257
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs are available.

They collaborate in various ways with more than 1,200 businesses. In addition to double courses and double bachelor’s degrees in science and the humanities, they also provide resources for apprenticeship programs.

ESSILOR, Pierre Fabre, and Thales are large group corporations that have 10 joint laboratories with them.

There are more than 55,500 students enrolled there, and more than 15% of them are from other countries.

This school constantly aims to advance in terms of global innovation, creativity, and diversity.

Additionally, they give their pupils the tools and access they need to schedule consultations with psychologists.

The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation has accredited Sorbonne University.


  • Address: Montpellier
  • Built: 1289
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs are available.

They have approximately 50,000 students, and more than 15% of them are from other countries.

They welcome foreign students with a label that reads “welcome to France,” demonstrating their openness and consideration for them.

They offer 600 training courses across 17 sites. They are mobile, research-based, and change-driven.

They provide a variety of disciplinary training opportunities. encompassing many different disciplines, such as engineering, biology, chemistry, and political science.


  • Address: Lyon
  • Created in 1974
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs are available.

They collaborate with 194 other colleges. Their numerous science divisions collaborate closely with the laboratory to achieve a great outcome.

There are roughly 2,300 students there, representing 78 different countries.

By following the ministry advice to “Recruit, Welcome, and Integrate Without Discrimination,” they avoid discrimination in every term. This makes diversity and equality possible.

They have 21 cooperative research units since they are an interdisciplinary institution. Additionally, they provide customized follow-up for courses appropriate for student projects.


  • Location: the city of Paris
  • Created in 2019
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs are available.

Through the European University association Circle U, they collaborate with London and Berlin. The education code closely regulates its purpose.

There are more than 52,000 students enrolled there, and more than 16% of them are from other countries.

They are a school that is prepared to meet the needs and aspirations of its students on a worldwide scale. Each of their courses stands out by being thorough because they have a great drive for achievement.


They collaborate internationally with more than 400 institutes of higher learning and have more than 47,000 students.

This school, which has a stellar reputation as one of the best public universities in France provides accredited training opportunities for licenses, Masters degrees, and Doctorates.

They guide their students through a thorough research-based curriculum in 275 laboratories.

This institution consistently ranks among the top universities for research output. They offer mobility experiences as part of their academic program.


Over 13% of the more than 55,000 students there are from other countries. They offer their pupils on-site job counseling from experts.

According to a recent estimate, they accept more than 7,000 foreign students annually. There are 11 research departments there, and they all cooperate to achieve the same objective.

It is practical to finish a mobility experience while pursuing your preferred degree program.


Over 67,000 students attend from 145 different countries, with more than 12% of them being foreigners.

Their research spans a wide spectrum, from fundamental to applied, and from small-scale domestic studies to extensive global study.

They have access to local, national, and global resources that will promote greatness.

International students at this institution have the chance to participate in internship programs in their various home nations.


They have more than 3,000 students from more than 60 different nationalities, with more than 33% of them being foreign students.

They promote innovation and entrepreneurship as a means of growth. They offer fantastic anti-discrimination policies.

You have the opportunity to join the AX as a graduate. AX is a group of graduates that offers assistance to one another in the neighborhood.

As a result, you have the opportunity to join a strong, united, and influential network and gain access to a variety of benefits.


They have more than 80,000 students from 128 different countries, with more than 14% of them being foreign.

In their five main teaching and research sectors, they have 113 research units. Additionally, they offer chances to learn new skills and explore business.

The largest multidisciplinary French-speaking university in France and one of the best public universities in France and internationally is Aix-Marseille University.


They have more than 34,000 students, with more than 7% of them being foreign students.

In Burgundy, this university has five other campuses. Le Creusot, Nevers, Auxerre, Chalon-sur-Saone, and Mâcon are the locations of these campuses.

Each of these divisions helps to make this university one of the best public universities in France.

Although a significant portion of their programs are taught in English, the majority of their programs are taught in French.

They offer top-notch instruction and research in all areas of science.


They have more than 17,000 students, with 20% of them being from outside.

They offer 62 degrees, ranging from undergraduate to doctoral, according to their 2021–2022 curriculum.

They offer numerous possibilities for world-class education over the course of a lifetime, both at the professional and organizational levels.

This university works with 3,000 businesses. Every year, they also welcome new researchers.

They have 181 research laboratories as a way to support their goal of being a famous academic institution of the highest caliber.

28 Nobel prizes have been awarded to Paris Sciences et Lettres University.


They are distinct from other institutions because of their partnerships with 39 other nations and their advantage in advanced digital technology.

There are 1,500 students there, and more than 43% of them are international students. They come from more than 40 different countries.

They are ranked as the second-best French engineering school by Times Higher Education.

The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation has recognized Telecom Paris as the top institution for learning digital technology.


They have 75 research units in addition to 600 courses and sectors. This institution unites the powers of public higher education in Grenoble and Valence.

Academic structures, research structures, and central administration make up this university.

This school has about 60,000 students, 15% of them are from outside. They are creative, practice-focused, and field-oriented.

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has accredited Université Grenoble Alpes.


They have more than 47,000 students, of which 10% are from 134 different countries.

best public universities in France

They stand out for their innovation, research, and high-quality instruction. They provide degree programs in a number of disciplines, including sport, health, and science and technology.

This institution is a part of the Paris region’s Université de Lyon. 62 research units are present.

best public universities in France


These are just few of the best public universities in France, do make an extensive research about the university you seem perfect for you. Best regards as you prepare to study in France. Au Revoir!



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