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20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe

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20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe. Numerous flexible study options are available for students planning to study abroad at the best European Universities for Psychology Studies, according to the QS World University Rankings.

For international students interested in psychology, there are numerous higher education options available. Today, there are many excellent colleges and universities from which students can choose for their psychology education. The study of psychology is fascinating. Psychology is defined by Ohio University’s psychology department as the scientific study of the mind and behavior. The study and comprehension of the interactions between the mind, the brain, and behavior are top priorities for psychologists.

If you’re an international student who enjoys assisting those who are struggling with mental health issues or is curious about how the human mind and behavior work, psychology might be the field of study for you. Psychology offers a wide range of research opportunities and career options for aspirant students. International students have a wide range of excellent options when choosing their university because psychology programs are almost always offered at European universities. You might find our article on studying in Europe interesting.

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20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe

  1. University College London

The UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences is ranked second in the world for psychology by the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021, It is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

UCL is ranked as the top university in the UK for research power in the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience by the UK’s Research Excellence Framework 2021.

They are members of the Faculty of Brain Sciences and pioneers in the fields of language, behavior, and the mind.

2. University of Cambridge

This University is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe. The primary objectives of the psychology department at the University of Cambridge are to carry out excellent research and to impart courses in psychology and related subjects.

Top-notch research is carried out by this department, which is distinguished by its varied and cooperative methodology.

93% of the submissions Cambridge made to the Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience UoA in the REF 2021 were deemed to be “world-leading” or “internationally good.”

3. University of Oxford

World-class experimental research is carried out by the Oxford Department of Experimental Psychology to comprehend the psychological and brain factors that are significant to human behavior. They incorporate their discoveries into evidence-based public benefits in fields like education, business, policy, and mental health and wellbeing.

Additionally, they aim to develop the next generation of outstanding researchers in an inclusive, diverse, and international environment, using cutting-edge methodology and rigorous theory. They aim to engage students in science education and inspire them. The University of Oxford is among the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

4. King’s College London

They will introduce you to different approaches to applying psychological science and guide your exploration of how these approaches might be applied to various contemporary issues. The British Psychological Society has approved the psychology program at this university.

5. University of Amsterdam

In order to comprehend the human mind and behavior better, eminent researchers from all over the world collaborate independently in the psychology department at the University of Amsterdam.

6. Utrecht University

The University College Utrecht’s psychology programs expose students to the questions that psychologists ask as well as the lingo and methods that they frequently use.

Additionally, two distinct student types were considered when designing the entire set of courses: those who wished to pursue graduate-level psychology and those who desired to pursue careers in other areas. This University is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

7. Karolinska Institute

This institute is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe. Research on the confluence of psychology and biomedicine is done by Karolinska University’s Division of Psychology.

They oversee the vast majority of the university’s undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses as well as the majority of the psychology program’s courses at Karolinska Institute.

8. University of Manchester

Their outstanding research serves as the foundation for their innovative psychology course.

Students quickly pick up the knowledge, skills, and experience that employers are looking for.
They work together across disciplines and outside the University, bringing the brightest minds together to develop cutting-edge solutions to the most pressing global issues. They conduct a wide variety of research that is unmatched in the UK. The University is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

9. University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is ranked second in the UK for overall research quality and third for combined quality/breadth in the fields of clinical psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology.

With particular expertise in cognitive neurosciences, the psychology of individual differences, language and communication, as well as theoretical and practical work on social interaction and child development, their active research community is concerned with the brain and mind at all stages of life.

10. Catholic University of Leuven

The Psychology Theory and Research program at the Catholic University of Leuven seeks to guide students toward becoming independent researchers in psychological science.

The faculty offers a challenging and engaging learning environment with research-based instruction given in close proximity to top academics worldwide. This is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

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11. University of Zurich

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at the University of Zurich aims to foster students’ capacity for systematic and scientific thought while also presenting a fundamental understanding of many psychological specialties.

The Master of Science in Psychology program also expands on the bachelor’s curriculum. Nevertheless, in contrast to the latter, it qualifies graduates for a respectable career as psychologists or for opportunities for further education, such as PhD programs. The University of Zurich is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

12. University of Bristol

Their degrees provide access to postgraduate programs and professional psychology training, and they are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). Psychology graduates from Bristol go on to enjoy rewarding careers in fields that are related to psychology. The university is one of the Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

13. Free University Amsterdam

The intersection of health, behavioral patterns, and cognitive styles is the main topic of the VU Amsterdam Bachelor of Psychology program. How do these differ from one person to the next, and what can we do to change them?

14. University of Nottingham

You will study the foundational areas of psychology at this university’s psychology department.

This will give you a broad knowledge base and introduce you to a variety of subjects.
Additional modules that examine the psychological or biological approaches to therapy or addiction will be required of you. Additionally, you’ll discover more about disorders like depression, schizophrenia, aggression, and many others. This is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

15. Radboud University

At Radboud University, you can choose to enroll in either the English-taught program or the bilingual program (where the first year is taught in Dutch, followed by a gradual increase in English-taught classes in the second and third year).
You will have the option to design your own individualized learning path based on your interests and desired career field beginning in the second year.

In the third year, you will have the option of completing a portion of your program while studying abroad. Radboud University and its affiliated research institutes conduct extensive research in the areas of the brain and cognition, children and parenting, and behavior and health. The Radboud University is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

16. University of Birmingham

Child development, psychopharmacology, social psychology, and neuroscience are just a few of the many topics you can study when studying psychology at Birmingham.

They are one of the largest and busiest psychology institutions in the UK thanks to their outstanding reputation for research and teaching in all areas of contemporary psychology. This is one of the Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

17. University of Sheffield

This university’s psychology department carries out research on a variety of topics, such as the complex interactions between neural networks and brain function, the biological, social, and developmental factors that influence who we are, and expanding our understanding of physical and mental health issues and how to treat them.

92% of their research is rated as world-leading or internationally excellent by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021. This is also one of the Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

18. Maastricht University

The psychology department at this university teaches about the investigation of mental processes like language, memory, thinking, and perception.

You’ll also learn how an MRI scanner can measure brain activity and analyze the factors that influence behavior in people.
You can pursue a career in a number of contexts thanks to this unique combination.
With a master’s in this field, you can work as a manager, researcher, study advisor, or clinician. You can start your own company or work for a clinic, court, or sports organization. The University is one of the Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

19. University of London

The university is one of the 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe. The psychology program at this university will give you a contemporary viewpoint on the study of the human mind.

You will gain a thorough understanding of human behavior while learning how to apply psychological science to a variety of contemporary and social issues.
A new curriculum has been added to the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience that places a focus on statistical analysis and quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

20. Cardiff University

At this university, you will study psychology from a scientific angle, with an emphasis on its social, cognitive, and biological components.

Since this course is embedded in an active research environment, it will assist you in developing crucial quantitative and qualitative skills that will aid in your ability to predict and understand human behavior.

This course, which is taught by our enthusiastic, active-research academics from one of the top psychology research departments in the UK, has been accredited by the British Psychological Society. The Cardiff University is one of the Best Psychology Universities in Europe.

FAQS on 20 Best Psychology Universities in Europe

In the UK, how long is a psychology master’s program?

It typically takes at least three years to complete postgraduate studies, which combine academic and practical work. The area of psychology you choose to work in will determine the precise type of training you need to complete.

Is psychology a challenging course?

One of the more difficult psychology degrees, and many of your assignments will require you to cite your sources and provide proof for many of your claims.

The majority of psychologists work where?

A psychologist can work in any setting, including mental health clinics, hospitals, private practices, jails and prisons, government agencies, colleges and universities, veteran hospitals, and correctional facilities.


Are you prepared to locate the ideal college where you can earn a degree in psychology? More mental health professionals are needed and receiving the appropriate training will equip you with the skills you need to address patient or client needs. Just remember that being a competent mental health professional is more important than being an ideal one. A professional psychologist’s job involves caring about the clients they work with and being aware of their limitations.

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