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Best Paying Jobs in Energy Worldwide in 2023

Is a career in energy a good choice? This is a challenging question that should consider a variety of factors, such as the best paying jobs in Energy currently on the market, individual interests and skills, the demand for oil and gas jobs, and options for “green” energy careers.

The planet requires energy. It needs energy for transportation, lighting, electronics, appliances, medical equipment, and a plethora of other modern conveniences.

The world also needs experts who can succeed in careers in the energy sector. It requires individuals who are aware of the fundamental concepts underlying energy, including how to transform a raw material into the movement of a car, heat for a home, or electricity for a school.

Energy professionals come from a diverse range of backgrounds. You can find software developers, chemists, engineers, technicians, managers, and more anywhere. How many best paying jobs in Energy are there in the sector? The number is probably in the thousands when you take into account all the various roles, from technicians to engineers to accountants!

What It is like Working in the Energy Sector

Working in the energy sector can look very different to different people. For example, someone working in the renewable energy sector won’t operate the same machinery as someone working on a natural gas dig site.

Jobs within the energy sector can span many areas. Software developers, financial analysts, and information systems managers will mostly work in an office setting. Chemists will work in the lab. Installers and machine operators will work on-site. Those with energy engineering careers will likely experience each point of the energy harvesting cycle.

The right online education can help you start one of the best paying jobs in Energy, regardless of whether your goals are to develop a brand-new energy source, enhance an existing energy resource, or simply manage and lead people in a cutting-edge industry. You need the right education, and an online degree can help, to be able to work in these best paying jobs in Energy and frequently lucrative jobs.

Best Paying Jobs in Energy:

Here are the top 10 best paying jobs in Energy you can dive into;

1 Architectural Manager:

  • $144,830 in median pay.
  • Education: Bachelor’s Experience: 5 or more years
  • Growth: 3%

Creating energy-efficient buildings is becoming more and more important, and architectural engineers help reduce waste by creating buildings that use fewer resources and less energy. They carry many responsibilities that may not include energy (training staff, for example), but make detailed plans, lead research, and check technical accuracy, all of which can be focused toward the reduction of energy use.

This is one of the best paying jobs in energy, and managers can expect median salaries of $144,830 a year. The top 10% in this career can do even better, earning over $208,000 annually. Like most management jobs, you need at least five years of experience, but once you gain this experience you can enjoy these fantastic careers in energy.

2. Petroleum Engineer

  • Median Salary: $137,720
  • Education: Bachelor’s Experience: None
  • Growth: 3%

Is oil & gas production a good energy career path? While there are many opinions, it’s certain that this is one of the best paying jobs in energy. It brings a fantastic salary, and you have the chance to work in a career that supports some of the world’s most important vehicles and industrial applications. While the world is moving towards renewable energy jobs, there is still massive job potential for petroleum engineers, especially with a master’s level education.

These oil and gas jobs bring a median salary of $137,720, and the top 10% can expect earnings over $208,000. In this career, you will be responsible for designing oil-extraction equipment, drilling new oil fields, evaluating production methods, and finding newer, safer, and more efficient ways to fill the world’s energy demands.

3. Chemical Engineer:

Best paying jobs in energy

  • Median Salary: $108,770
  • Education: Bachelor’s Experience: None
  • Growth: 4%

Using the basic principles of chemistry, biology, math, and physics (among others), chemicals engineers solve problems that include many everyday products, including fuel. From large-scale manufacturing to testing new methods, chemicals engineers are often at the forefront of energy advancement, and the careers can be considered oil and gas jobs or it can apply to renewable energy.

The top 10% in this career earn over $176,090 a year, making this one of the best paying jobs in Energy . It certainly has its challenges, and involves countless complex problems, but this is still one of the most interesting positions available.

4. Atmospheric Scientist:

  • Median Salary: $95,380
  • Education: Bachelor’s Experience: None
  • Growth: 6%

The wind-energy industry needs a wide variety of experts, including atmospheric scientists, who can provide advice on the best places and techniques for harvesting wind energy. Atmospheric scientists understand the weather, and they can make predictions that enhance wind energy, making this among the best paying jobs in Energy and also best green jobs.

Both the pay and the growth for these energy jobs are fantastic, and the top 10% can expect salaries over $147,000. You also have the chance to apply your skills to one of the top renewable energy jobs when you work as an atmospheric scientist.

5. Materials Engineer:

  • Median Salary: $93,360
  • Education: Bachelor’s Experience: None
  • Growth: 2%

Materials engineers perform a variety of functions that make products better. They are involved in everything from tiny computer components to massive infrastructure materials, and they have a deep understanding of metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials. Many of these engineers create new materials for vehicles, helping to make them lighter and more fuel efficient. Others might be involved with the creation of new housing glass, helping to better trap heat. The applications for a materials engineer toward energy use is virtually limitless.

To become a materials engineer, you need a science-related education that includes chemistry, computer programming, mathematics, and more. All of these will help you excel in this career, where the top 10% can expect earnings over $148,000 with the help of a master’s degree.

6. Environmental Engineer:

  • Median Salary: $88,860
  • Education: Bachelor’s Experience: None
  • Growth: 3%

These professionals have their hands in a variety of interesting areas, including the proper extraction and use of energy. Performing a variety of tasks from designing projects to monitoring environmental improvements, they help create a safer, cleaner future for the country and for the world.

This career includes recycling, waste disposal, public health, and sustainability, making it an important part of many different aspects of environmental health and energy use. This among the best paying jobs in Energy and everlasting jobs, and it’s an exciting area for anyone who wants to enjoy one of the most important renewable energy jobs.

7. Power Plant Operator, Distributor, & Dispatcher:

Median Salary: $85,950
Education: HS Diploma Experience: None
Growth: -16%

Is a job in energy a good choice? If you look at the salaries for these best paying jobs in Energy, it would appear the answer is “yes.”

Nuclear power remains an important part of the energy sector, and when handled properly it can be a reliable and safe method for powering cities and facilities all across the world. To ensure the safe use of nuclear energy, we need operators, distributors, and dispatchers.

These professionals, who only need a high school diploma and the appropriate training, can earn a high income. While previous experience is not required, there will be extensive testing and on-the-job training for this career. The top 10% in this area can expect wages exceeding $117,000, although there will be a big reduction due to an increase in power-generation from a single plant (one plant can provide enough power, thus less employees is needed) as well as smart-grid technologies that may eliminate careers for distributors.

8. Nuclear Technicians:

  • Median Salary: $82,080
  • Education: Associate’s \sExperience: None
    Growth: -19%

Trained in special equipment, nuclear technicians work in energy production by monitoring levels of radiation to maintain a safe environment. This is one of the most important and best paying jobs in Energy because they measure radiation, test air, water, and soil samples, monitor equipment performance, and carry out many other tasks to improve nuclear energy.

You need at least an associate’s degree in nuclear science or a closely related field to work as a nuclear technician. Although many technicians have experience from the U.S. Navy, which uses nuclear energy for a variety of purposes, the education typically comes from a technical institute. Although this profession is included among the best paying jobs in Energy, it will also become less profitable as a result of rising efficiency and evolving technology.

9. Agricultural Engineer

  • Median Pay: $80,720
  • Bachelor’s degree Education: None
  • Experience: 2% growth

Even though you might not think that agriculture and energy are two distinct subjects, the development of biofuels makes it plausible to claim that an agricultural engineer is also employed in the energy sector. The overarching objective of this profession is to produce more with less. To achieve the best outcomes, this entails working with equipment, buildings, power sources, and environmental concerns.

10. Solar Software Developer

One of the best paying jobs in Energy is that of a solar software developer. Solar energy systems utilize software that allows operators to watch and customize aspects of production. Like other tech careers in energy, software developers will work in an office. They need at least a Bachelor’s degree, and a Master’s degree in the field is helpful.

  • Average Salary: $110,140
  • Job Outlook, 2020-30: 22% Projected Growth
  • Recommended Program: Sustainable Business M.B.A, plus IT training.


Advanced training is frequently needed for these best paying jobs in Energy because they frequently involve the use of computer software, testing procedures, management techniques, and more. Calculus, physics, and chemistry are the three subjects that most engineers take, but business, public administration, and economics courses are also beneficial.

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