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20 Best Party Schools in the US

Best Party Schools in the US: College life is frequently represented in popular culture as a never-ending party with good times and bacchanalian celebrations. Although a little overblown, some colleges have developed a reputation for being very festive. This begs the question, “Should you attend a party school?” Do party schools offer quality education, too?

In this article, I’ll define party schools, rate the best party schools in the US, and discuss how you can still receive a top-notch education from a university known for throwing huge parties.

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Best Party Schools in the US
Best Party Schools in the US

What is a Party School?

There is a thriving party scene on campus at a party school. In other words, there are many of parties that happen frequently, are typically well-attended, and serve as popular student social gatherings.

There are typically many fraternities and sororities at universities that are referred to as “party schools,” as well as high rates of student drug and alcohol usage.

Can a Party School Provide a Quality Education?

Undoubtedly, a party school can provide you with a quality education. Some of the best universities in the US are also some of the top party colleges. As an illustration, US News classified UC Santa Barbara, the top-ranked party school, as the #7 public institution in the US and the #32 national university. A number of the top research universities in the world are a part of the University of California system, which includes this institution.

US News has ranked UCSB, the #16 party school, as the #5 public school and the #28 national university. A number of the top research universities in the world are a part of the University of California system, which includes this institution.

Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that not all students who attend prestigious party institutions partake in the party scene. Many students don’t party, even at colleges with a reputation for partying. Students who don’t party frequently find a group of peers in their residence halls or in a variety of on-campus clubs. There are so many students, especially at big public colleges, that you’re sure to encounter plenty of non-partygoers.

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Best Party Schools in the US
Best Party Schools in the US

How Can a Party School Provide a Quality Education?

There are temptations and parties at practically every college that could interfere with your studying. Because there are more parties and more students who enjoy partying, temptation is increased at party schools.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with going out occasionally while in college, but you have to be careful not to allow it to interfere with your ability to succeed academically.

You can have the odd party and receive a top-notch education as long as you follow these guidelines.

1. Control Your Time

When you’re in college, time management is crucial whether you party or not. Many students experience their first period of independence from their parents while attending college.

If you have a test on Friday morning, you must have the self-control to remain in Thursday night instead of studying and having a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you should not party all weekend if you have a significant paper due on Monday instead begin your paper Sunday evening. Despite the fact that some students can get away with it, I wouldn’t suggest it.

I advise creating a schedule for each semester that will support your academic performance if you want to manage your time more successfully. A large portion of my Stanford classmates would devote themselves to studying Monday through Thursday nights, unwind and have fun on Friday and Saturday nights, then spend the most of Sunday working on their academics.

Depending on your class schedule and academic strengths, you may need to spend more or less time studying and completing assignments, but it’s critical that you establish successful study habits.

You’ll have less time for studying if you work a part-time job, play sports, or engage in other extracurricular activities, so time management will be extremely important.

2. Keep your priorities in mind

You may stop yourself from letting parties take precedence by reminding yourself of why you’re in college. You likely put in a lot of effort in high school and decided to go to college to receive a good education and have access to helpful possibilities.

College is also a pricey investment. You’re not making the most of your educational chances if you put your academics on the back burner to go out and party.

3. Make Smart Class Selections

Pick classes that interest you and will help you graduate with your intended degree while choosing your class schedule.

Too many students attempt to skip Friday or early morning classes in order to avoid having school get in the way of their fun. You might not be able to enroll in every subject that interests you due to your other obligations and time constraints, but ideally, you won’t let your planned partying schedule affect which classes you choose.

4. Keep Your Balance

You’ll probably have to balance a lot of obligations while in college, in addition to any parties you might be attending.

Numerous college students attend lectures, work, and engage in extracurricular pursuits. They can’t party so much that it interferes with their other obligations, yet they can still find the time to work hard and have a good time.

On the other side, a lot of kids neglect to have fun and socialize with their classmates because they spend so much time at the library.
While I don’t encourage breaking the law, some of your best college memories might come from your social interactions with pals. Parties can help friendships develop and grow, and they can also provide you with some memorable memories that you’ll treasure when you’re older and all your pals are too busy to go out.

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20 Best Party Schools in the US

Our list of the best party schools in the US for 2023 is based on Niche’s ranking. The biggest party schools, according to Niche, are those that have a wide range of off-campus and on-campus nightlife choices, as well as student bodies that are “fun, friendly, and into partying.”

Large public colleges are the majority of elite party schools. Larger colleges typically have more fraternities and sororities and a more active social scene because they have a larger student body.

The 20 best party schools in the US, their undergraduate enrollments, and the typical range of standardized test scores of admitted applicants are included in the table below.

Rank School Location Undergraduate Enrollment Middle 50% SAT Middle 50% ACT
1 UC Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 22,480 1230-1460 28-34
2 Tulane University New Orleans, LA 8,231 1340-1500 30-33
3 Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 29,072 1220-1350 27-31
4 The University of Alabama—Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa, AL 27,750 1070-1330 23-31
5 Howard University Washington DC 7,497 1130-1260 22-26
6 University of Wisconsin—Madison Madison, WI 30,063 1260-1460 27-32
7 University of Georgia Athens, GA 27,888 1250-1460 29-33
8 Syracuse University Syracuse, NY 13,832 1180-1380 26-30
9 University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 18,560 1340-1530 30-34
10 University of Illinois–Champaign Urbana Urbana-Champaign, IL 32,107 1200-1460 27-33
11 West Virginia University Morgantown, WV 18,726 1030-1230 21-27
12 Penn State University Park, PA 39,321 1160-1360 25-30
13 University of Mississippi Oxford, MS 15,485 1010-1230 22-30
14 Ohio University Athens, OH 13,896 1050-1250 21-26
15 Miami University Oxford, OH 16,615 1160-1370 24-30
16 Indiana University–Bloomington Bloomington, IN 31,632 1120-1350 24-31
17 University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 20,227 1110-1310 22-29
18 San Diego State University San Diego, CA 28,084 1090-1300 22-29
19 Florida A&M Tallahassee, FL 6,244 1030-1150 20-24
20 Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 34,500 1100-1300 23-29


Best Party Schools in the US
Best Party Schools in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an American party school?

A college or institution that has a reputation for extensive alcohol and drug usage or a general culture of licentiousness at the price of educational credibility and integrity is referred to as a "party school" (often in the United States).

Is NYU a party university?

And while NYU was recognized by Top Universities as the second-best academic institution in the state of New York, it also has a well-deserved reputation as a great party school.

Is Florida a party state?

The nightlife in Florida is well-known, and the state is filled with bars, clubs, and other gathering spots.

What age is it legal to club in the USA?

18 years.

Should You Attend a Party School?

Parties can be a significant part of the college experience, regardless of the institution you attend, even though you aren’t in college to party. Party schools continue to provide high-quality educations while having more parties more frequently.

Similar to this, you can party too much and experience negative effects on your academic performance, legal status, or physical well-being even at a college that isn’t known as a party school.

Your future success and the caliber of your education will be greatly influenced by the decisions you make now, while you are still in school. You can receive an amazing education and have fun while doing it if you choose wisely and set priorities for your time.



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