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10 Best Online SQL Courses

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Best Online SQL Courses. Database manipulation and access are among the most in-demand IT talents. Your career as an IT professional will benefit from online IT skill development. Curiously, you can enroll in a wide variety of online SQL courses. This article lists the top SQL courses and examines topics relating to those courses. You can discover solutions to your inquiries about this IT talent. The sequence of discussion is listed in the table of contents below.

What is SQL?

The acronym SQL stands for Structured Query Language. A relational database’s data can be stored, manipulated, and retrieved using this computer language.

Databases can be queried for information by programmers who are proficient in this language. According to Wikipedia, SQL is a standardized programming language used to manage relational databases and carry out different tasks. The most popular language for gathering and arranging data is this one. You can add, amend, and remove database records using SQL.

How Does SQL Work?

Several frameworks and versions of SQL are available. The most popular database, MySQL, facilitates SQL’s function. It allows for the management of the back-end data for web applications.

To begin, you essentially need to run a SQL query. A query optimizer then processes the query after this is completed. It compiles in three stages once it gets to the SQL server: parsing, binding, and optimization. It checks syntax when compiling at the parsing stage. The binding phase performs query semantics checks. And the technique to create the query execution plan in the last phase.

Typically, SQL is employed for:

  • Carrying out database queries
  • Putting data into a database
  • Obtaining information from a database
  • Deletion of database records
  • Updating database records
  • Establishing new databases or tables in an existing database
  • Establishing access controls for views, processes, and tables
  • Generating views and stored procedures for a database.

Does SQL suffice to land a job?

Absolutely, you can find work quickly if you have a SQL certification and knowledge. At now, there is a high demand for IT expertise. So, if you study this computer programming language, you can get the majority of DBA employment. The majority of employers will want a degree in computer science as well as experience and industry understanding.

Others may require relevant qualification and experience with the specific SQL version that is employed in the sector.

Is it worth knowing SQL?

It is undoubtedly worthwhile to develop an IT expertise that can generate hundreds of dollars in a short amount of time. Learning SQL can help you hone your IT abilities and improve your ability to analyze data and create visualizations and models. Writing scalable and effective queries is crucial for most businesses.

Companies that handle petabytes of data are therefore willing to spend a fortune for this expertise. In fact, it is one of the abilities that is advised to be learned.

Should I start with Python or SQL?

In spite of the fact that both IT skills will be very important in 2023, it is advisable to master SQL first. The majority of what you might learn in R or Python is based on it. By default, most data scientists must be able to work with SQL. So, it is preferable to start with the fundamentals if you are just getting started in the career. Remarkably, SQL has a relatively straightforward syntax.

SQL is hence simpler to understand than Python.

How Can SQL Earn Me Money?

You may use your SQL expertise to earn money in a variety of ways. You can either work for an organization or work independently. Also, you are free to work as a SQL consultant. You may manage a SQL-based business that supports the database management of other companies.

Lastly, you can apply for SQL jobs on talent websites and make money as a side business or a full-time job.

How Long Will It Take to Master SQL?

Depending on how quickly you pick things up, it can take two weeks or months. Slow learners will require more time, whereas average learners will pick things up in two to three weeks. Make sure you comprehend SQL’s fundamental ideas during the learning process. You must use them in practical situations and efficiently to become fluent.

How can I get an online SQL course?

Any respectable online learning site offers SQL courses. Your greatest options will be Udemy, Coursera, and a few colleges with programs in it.

You must be highly tenacious and committed to completing your training if you want to study SQL online. To obtain shareable credentials, you might also need to pay a fee and successfully complete your screening tests.

Best Online SQL Courses to Take

Your IT skill set will grow if you learn SQL. It’s interesting to note that you may take these courses online. For you in 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the top SQL courses available online. We compared the course content and price when determining the top online SQL courses. The better a course outline is for you, the more robust it is at a lower cost. So, all-inclusive, less expensive courses will undoubtedly be at the top of our list.

1. 200+ SQL Interview Questions

This SQL online course is perfect if you wish to work for a business, work as a consultant, or freelance on talent sites. Essentially, this course teaches SQL from the perspective of an interview. As a result, you obtain a thorough understanding of potential interview questions.

Also, it exposes you to all you require to learn IT (SQL) skills. This course teaches you a lot about crucial SQL principles and gets you ready for your upcoming interview. Sign up for this course right away if you enjoy satisfying your curiosity. It’s interestingly only $108.98. Compared to the value it gives, that is nothing.

You will be able to update your SQL knowledge and be prepared to respond to the most typical SQL interview questions after completing this course.


2. The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert

This training can be useful for people with no prior database knowledge. This thorough learning curriculum introduces students to MySQL through an online SQL course. It is an introductory course that takes 20 hours to complete.

This Udemy course, taught by Colt Steel and Ian Schoonover, costs just $108.98. By selecting enroll now from the list below, you can begin. The following subjects are covered in the course:

  • Build your own database or use one that already exists.
  • Create sophisticated SQL queries that span several tables.
  • Create a web application with NodeJS and MySQL.
  • Use SQL to simulate real-world data and produce reports.
  • Use data to respond to inquiries about business performance or sales.

3.  SQL for Newbs: Data Analysis for Beginners

One of the best SQL classes on the internet is this one. It works best for beginners that want to explore SQL. This course is taught by Peter Sefton and David Kim. The course was described as “a course you will complete. For this course, 67 813 students have signed up. It also just costs $148.98. The following subjects are covered in the course outline.

  • Investigate user behavior
  • Get practical customer and business insights
  • Make decisions based on data.
  • Analyze and monitor your marketing efforts
  • Learn attractive marketing statistics, such as that 1 in 4 individuals enjoy toast.

4. Introduction to Databases and SQL

The monthly cost of this online SQL course is $23.33. If you put in at least two hours per week of study, you may finish it in three weeks and it is entirely online.

This Future Learn course is instructed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Also, it looks at how to search for and work with data using SQL. Participants in this session will learn about primary keys and table relationships. The creation of joins for searching multiple tables is another skill covered in the course.

This course’s final week examines aggregating and exporting data from databases. A total of 17 778 students have registered. To begin, click the enroll now button below. The following subjects will be covered in the course outline:

  • What purposes serve databases?
  • Why use a spreadsheet or database?
  • Build SQL queries to search a database.
  • How primary keys function
  • Use SQL commands to add data.
  • Add relationships to tables within a database
  • Employ joins in searching across many tables
  • Group data in a database

5. SQL – MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The best way to learn technical and non-technical aspects of business intelligence and data analytics is through this online SQL course from Udemy.

It investigates how to reach the fundamental concepts behind ecosystems, blockchains, and technology. Around 138 726 students have enrolled in the course, which was developed by 364 Careers. English, French, and seven additional languages are all supported. The price of this online SQL course is $198.98. You will learn the following in roughly 9.5 hours:

  • Database Management System- Basics
  • Relational Database Management
  • SQL’s Triggers, Locals, And Sequences
  • Coding In SQL
  • Creating A Database
  • Working With Data Tables
  • SQL Joins And More

6.  Oracle SQL: Become a Certified SQL Developer From Scratch

The most widely used relational database is Oracle. The creation of databases, tables, and stored procedures is covered in this course.

The fundamental SQL principles of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER statements, join, group by, where clause, and other functions will be taught to students along with how to build SQL queries in the Oracle database. The course costs $108.98 and is offered on Udemy.

7. SQL For Data Science

This course’s main goal is to assist students in becoming proficient in SQL. Aspiring data scientists can delve further into data analysis by taking an online SQL course on Coursera.

More than 377 029 pupils have already enrolled. It is also completely free. Click the enroll now button below to begin. The following is covered in the course outline:

  • SQL Basics
  • Retrieving and Selecting Data using SQL
  • Calculating, Sorting, and Filtering Data with SQL
  • Joins and Subqueries in SQL
  • Analyzing and Modifying Data with SQL

8.  Building Basic Relational Databases in SQL Server Management Studio 

Almost 4, 917 students have enrolled in this guided project on Coursera already. This introductory course covers the fundamentals of SQL Server Management Studio. The creation and deployment of a basic query in SSMS will be covered in class.

You will discover how to generate and execute SQL statements to create tables and columns in an hour and five minutes. You will undoubtedly become more adept at implementing these fundamental ideas in SSMS in SQL Server training if you finish the hands-on exercises. Cost of this course is $9.99.

9. SQL & Database Design A-Z™: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL

This SQL training is not intended for beginners. It discusses complex ideas like indexes and how to write SQL queries with several tables and join them. Students would also investigate ideas related to database design, such as normalization. The various join types are thoroughly explained, along with how to construct fundamental SQL queries.

You must be familiar with both Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL in order to benefit the most from this course. Real-world data science exercises can help students improve their data analytics abilities. This course is offered by Ligency 1 Team, Kirill Eremenko, and Ilya Eremenko on Udemy for $188.98.

10. Analyzing Big Data with SQL

Coursera is used to deliver this introductory course. Students who enroll in this course will master the fundamentals of SQL in about 18 hours.

A thorough explanation of SQL SELECT and its related clauses is covered in the course outline. Apache Impala and Apache Hive are the main SQL engines covered in the course. It is assumed that learners have prior knowledge and expertise with SQL before participating in this program, and there are some hardware requirements for the VM.

The training starts in February and offers a free trial period. The course description includes:

  • Orientation to SQL on Big Data
  • SQL SELECT Essentials
  • Filtering Data
  • Aggregating and Grouping Data
  • Combining Data
  • Limiting and Sorting Data


A excellent approach to start the year is by picking up a new Technology skill. One of the most valued talents is SQL. It’s interesting to note that you may master this IT talent online.

These are also the top online classes available on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, FutureLearn, Educative, edX, etc. for learning the basics of SQL and databases. These are great SQL courses for both new and seasoned programmers who are not familiar with SQL.

A solid understanding of SQL will help you find a better job and assist in your present day-to-day activities because SQL abilities are always in demand and are actually required along with other programming talents.

FAQs on Best Online SQL Courses

Can I learn SQL in 2 months?

It should take an average learner about two to three weeks to master the basic concepts of SQL and start working with SQL databases. But in order to start using them effectively in real-world scenarios, you'll need to become quite fluent; and that takes time.

What is the best site to learn SQL for a complete beginner?

SQLZoo. SQLZoo is an interactive, Wiki-based tutorial that offers lessons and projects for beginners in SQL. Students start with basic functions such as COUNT, SUM, and AVG, and end by building intermediate projects. The lessons center around interactive coding challenges that are meant to be self-explanatory.

Which SQL is most in demand?

Today, MySQL is one of the most popular and widely used SQL databases. It is also one of the most used databases in Web Applications. Some of the world's largest Web-Scale applications (e.g., Facebook, Uber) uses MySQL.

Can SQL get you a job?

SQL developers are the most in-demand professionals because of the expanding dependence on data and information. It's a career path offering high salaries, in-demand work, contact with the latest technologies, and promising career opportunities.

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