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15 Best Online Game Development Schools In the World

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15 Best Online Game Development Schools In the World!

I suppose that one of the reasons you began searching for the Best Online Game Development Schools in the World was because you enjoy playing video games.

Nevertheless, you want to enhance yourself by earning a Best Online Game Development Schools degree, which is equally essential. Hey! Simply relax because you are exactly where you should be!

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But before we delve into it, you should realize that the number of Best Online Game Development Schools have expanded significantly since their debut. Increasing numbers of schools and universities are expanding their offers for distance education. In a world when everyone appears to be busier and has less disposable income, a rising number of students are pursuing online degrees.

Is an Online Degree in Game Design Valuable?

Online classes allow you to learn from anywhere, including your home, office, hotel room, or vacation home. You can access online classes anywhere you can bring your laptop computer and connect to the internet.

Video Game Designers, developers, and artists are currently in the greatest demand in the globe. For instance, Newzoo anticipated that the Video Game Design sector would generate revenues of $152.1 billion in 2018. This is an increase of 13.4% over the previous years. The video game industry is one of the world’s largest entertainment industries. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect is that it is still expanding.

As a result, Gaming Universities and Schools strive to match these objectives. Therefore they now offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Video Game Design and Video Game Art, as well as online programs.

Students will benefit from selecting an appropriate and economical online curriculum for game design classes. Especially those who require greater course load flexibility.

Video Game Designer Degree Prerequisites

Those who wish to earn a degree as video game designers must meet certain standards. Either on campus or online.

Several universities demand a bachelor’s degree (bachelor of fine arts in game design) in computer science or video game design. This is for individuals who wish to build games at an advanced or master’s level. Nonetheless, a high school diploma is required for those who wish to enroll in bachelor’s degree programs.

Also, you must possess experience in computer science, programming, or art. Also, you must be familiar with computer languages, software, and 3D modeling programs.

In addition, a video game designer must be creative, able to convey a story, and capable of working in a team. You should also be able to spend long hours staring at a computer screen while at work.

List of the Best Online Game Development Schools In the World

The following is a list of the Best Online Game Development Schools In the World:

1. Sheridan Technical School

Best Online Game Development Schools

Sheridan Technical College offers a game design curriculum that, if completed successfully, leads to state certification and license. They refer to the program’s visual design as Game/Simulation/Animation.

It includes numerous themes, such as game engine technology, 2D and 3D animation design, storyboarding, development approaches, and other pertinent works. This brief program awards certification rather than a diploma. The duration of the course for a full-time student is merely six months.

The program lasts for twelve months for part-time students. This course is 600 hours long. Nonetheless, the price is only about $2100. There are prerequisites, such as the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) exam.

If you intend to investigate the game design degree at Sheridan Technical College, this document outlines the qualifications and requirements of the program in greater detail.

If you are a game lover interested in learning about the world of game creation, this shorter certification path may be a choice for you.

The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE), AdvancED, and the Accreditation Committee for Education in Nursing (ACEN) have approved Sheridan Technical College.

According to our ranking, this institution is regarded as one of the Best Online Game Development Schools in the world.

2. University for the Advancement of Technology

As one of the Best Online Game Development Schools, The University of Advanced Technology’s eLearning is the ideal combination of technologically advanced modules and traditional instruction. The online UAT courses are organized according to 5-week modules, one at a time. Students take three courses per semester, 15 weeks per semester. With a rigorous curriculum and conventional methods, UAT asynchronous learning environments are ideal for students who are constantly on the move.

UAT provides three online video game design licenses, including Game Arts and Animation, Online Game Design, and Game Programming. While the Bachelor of Arts is ideal for the creative student who wants to write stories and develop his character, the Bachelor of Science is ideal for the student who wants to study science.

Bachelor of Science in Online Game Programming may be more appropriate for technology and science majors who are more interested in leveraging game programming for other vocations. Such include recreation, business, research, and education. There are a total of 120 credit units loaded for these three programs.

The Higher Learning Commission has granted UAT accreditation. According to our ranking, this institution is regarded as one of the Best Online Game Development Schools in the world.

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3. Mountain College of Art and Design

Being of the Best Online Game Development Schools, The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) provides its online students with a one-of-a-kind learning experience by incorporating the philosophy of tiny liberal arts colleges into the virtual learning environment.

This implies that the RMCAD virtual learning environment is comprised of smaller, more intimate classes in which students frequently collaborate on projects or engage in discussions with their peers and teachers.

Students are encouraged to collaborate with students from various degree programs to broaden and diversify their artistic abilities.

The Bachelor of Fine Art in Game Art Online program at RMCAD is also one of the few that promises individual discussion sessions with program instructors to produce a deeper knowledge than is possible in regular courses.

The RMCAD offers a degree in online video games, which provides a novel perspective on video game design. In other words, games must not only function but also offer fully immersive enjoyment.

This curriculum is ideal for individuals interested in the intersection between artistic design and game creation. Level design, business and copyright, lighting and texture, and character rigging and animation are among the hallmarks of this online degree program in video game design.

According to our ranking, this institution is regarded as one of the Best Online Game Development Schools in the world.

4. Technical Community College of Guilford

Guilford Technical Community College provides a two-year partner program in simulation and game creation. Over these two years, the GTCC curriculum trains students for a variety of employment fields.

This range includes anything from government agencies to the entertainment industry.

This diploma requires 66 credit hours to complete. The courses are planned in a certain order, hence limiting students’ course selection flexibility.

The goal of your classes at Guilford Technical Community College is to build upon what you have already learned. You understand how to complete video game levels. Some states do not qualify for participation in the online game design program. Those with a viable choice at Guilford Tech!

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools grants Guilford Technical Community College its accreditation. According to our ranking, this institution is regarded as one of the world’s Best Online Game Development Schools.

5. Savannah College of Art and Design

Best Online Game Development Schools

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media at Savannah College of Art and Design focuses on game production. The game development emphasis involves 180 credit hours, and the tuition for full-time students is $37,560.

They also offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts in game creation, but it is not currently available online. However, online degrees are offered for Minor, M.A., and M.F.A. programs.

Teachers and professors at Savannah College emphasize how humans interact with machines. They enjoy pushing the limits of how people interact with and experience the virtual and physical worlds. Advance IT Center, a renowned training facility for graphic design and outsourcing, suggests Savannah very early on.

In a research conducted in 2015, 97% of undergraduate and graduate respondents at the Savannah College of Art & Design said that they were employed, continuing their education, or doing both.

Moreover, 88% of respondents reported working in their field of study or a closely related occupation.

SCAD contains trustworthy data to support the success of your program and should be considered if you prefer to challenge the status quo and think outside the box.

The Commission on Colleges and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools have granted Savannah College of Art and Design accreditation. According to our ranking, this institution is regarded as one of the world’s Best Online Game Development Schools.

6. Davenport College

As one of the Best Online Game Development Schools, The University of Davenport believes that well-prepared workers can alter communities and improve the lives of everyone. Your value system begins with your institution’s desire to provide a market-savvy, reputable higher education.

Its objective is to equip students for success and advancement in their graduate professions.

Davenport University provides a Computer Science degree with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture and Algorithms, and Gaming and Simulation.

According to our ranking, this institution is regarded as one of the world’s Best Online Game Development Schools.

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7. Southern University of New Hampshire

Technical support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week is one of the university’s most impressive characteristics. This is definitely for online students, who have Internet-based access to the university library and bookstore.

We are committed to liberal arts and recognize the importance of art and design in all spheres of life. We offer numerous programs to assist imaginative individuals in bringing their ideas to reality while simultaneously earning a living.

The Bachelor of Arts in Game Arts and Development degree at SNHU requires 120 credits and costs $320 per credit hour. In addition, they allow you to transfer up to 90 credits toward your university degree.

Moreover, they offer a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming & Development, which requires 120 credits and costs $320 per credit hour. Meanwhile, tuition for full-time and part-time U.S. service members and spouses of those on active duty is $225 per credit hour.

Southern New Hampshire University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Higher Education Commission. According to our ranking, this institution is considered as one of the Best Online Game Development Schools in the world.

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8. Baker College

Baker College is an approved institution that provides online degree programs in a variety of disciplines. Its internet program is named Baker Online, which makes up for its lack of creative naming in terms of excellence.

Baker Gaming’s software development program is routinely updated to suit the actual needs of the gaming industry, which reduces the amount of time spent studying outmoded skills. Tuition rates are $405 per credit hour.

Baker’s game software program ends with a superior design project. You will learn game modeling, programming, and animation skills during the curriculum. The curriculum in game software development requires 120 credit hours to complete.

Baker University’s Academic Quality Enhancement Program (AQIP). Yet, based on our ranking, this institution is considered as one of the world’s Best Online Game Development Schools.

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9. Liberty College

More than 95,000 students are registered online at iberty University, an evangelical Christian school. With the 100% online Bachelor of Science from Liberty University in Information Technology – Game Design, you can study what you like to do while offering many employment prospects.

Their bachelor’s degree in game design will equip you with the abilities necessary for success in the gaming business. While giving a network of individuals who share your passions and aspirations.

Our teachers at Liberty have real-world experience in game creation and are ready to help you become a Christ-centered champion.

In the 2019-202 academic year, tuition is $455 per credit hour for part-time students and $390 per credit hour for full-time students. It lasts approximately 3.5 years. In addition, a $50 application fee will be added to your account once you submit your request. The degree takes 120 credit hours for completion.

This curriculum consists solely of 8-week online courses. It is a rapidly expanding online school that devotes the majority of its resources to enhancing its online program.

Liberty University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. In terms of academic quality, affordability, and accessibility, the school ranked in the top five of more than 2,100 online colleges and universities.

Yet, based on our ranking, this institution is considered as one of the world’s Best Online Game Development Schools.

10. The Online Division of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Students can acquire a bachelor’s degree for this subject through the Pittsburgh Art Institute’s online game art and design course. This degree requires 180 credit hours to be completed. Their online Bachelor’s in Game Art & Design program is comparable to those offered by other colleges on our list.

The abilities covered include Scripts, Materials and Lighting, Digital Storytelling, Character Design, Storyboards, Game Strategy, Level Design, and Game Production. The Pittsburgh Institute of Art excels in the area of professional services. On the first day of registration, you get access to career-related materials.

These resources include access to independent internships and opportunities, CV creation software, career evaluation instruments, and other useful resources.

Even after graduation, the Pittsburgh School of Art provides support with interview preparation, editing services for cover letters and resumes, and personalized job search tools. pertaining to the selected domain and its geographic location.

In their Art and game design page, they list all necessary system requirements (for your PC). Before attempting to immerse yourself in this online course, it is a good idea to investigate this resource. The bachelor’s degree program in online video games is more career-oriented.

The program teaches students to work in a fast-paced setting in order to take a game concept, generate concept art, and commercialize both. Simply a standard procedure that many game creators endure daily.

The Middle States Higher Education Commission accredits the Pittsburgh Institute of Art. Yet, based on our ranking, this institution is considered as one of the world’s Best Online Game Development Schools.

11. College of Baltimore
Best Online Game Development Schools

The University of Baltimore, founded in 1925 and located in the heart of the city, emphasizes “career-focused education.” The institution provides over seventy programs and certifications.

Since 2003, the simulation and game design degree program at the institution has been offered in a hybrid format. Although students have access to online courses, they must attend classes on weekdays at either the main campus in Baltimore or the Shady Grove location.

Students enrolled in the online game design program may select between technical art and coding and development as their area of concentration. To earn a bachelor’s degree in simulation and game design, students must earn 120 credits, including 38 prerequisites in Mathematics, Language, Social Studies, and Biological and Social Sciences. Students must also fulfill 39 prerequisites in courses such as game design fundamentals and game screenwriting.

Students then earn 15 credits in 3D art, production, and code. Also, the curriculum demands a synthesis project that allows students to collaborate with industry experts. Online courses incur an additional $41 per credit hour or $64 per credit hour of tuition (depending on the state) (out of state).

The Middle States Council on Higher Education has accredited the University of Baltimore (MSCHE). Yet, based on our ranking, this institution is considered as one of the world’s Best Online Game Development Schools.

FAQs On Best Online Game Development Schools

Can I learn game development online?

Whether you want to create a simple mobile app game or develop a rich, virtual universe, an online gaming development course can be a good place to start. Our portfolio of game development courses offers our learners the chance to develop skills and explore their interests in the industry.

Are game developers in demand?

According to, salary and work abroad opportunities appear to be the key motivators for moving jobs. All this results in high demand for game developers.

Is a game dev degree worth it?

Yes, a bachelors in game design is worth it for many students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting an employment growth in computer systems design and related services, specifically 22% in the applications software development industry over the next 10 years.

Can online gaming be a career?

Gaming is one of the key industries that is generating a variety of job opportunities right now and is too big for India to ignore. Those keen to enter this booming industry have many promising opportunities as studios are actively hiring for talent that possesses the relevant skills as well as a passion for gaming.

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