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Best Online Cybersecurity Degree Bachelor’s Programs

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Best Online Cybersecurity Degree. Employers appreciate online cybersecurity degrees just as much as traditional degrees obtained from brick-and-mortar programs in the current job environment. Employers typically aren’t aware of whether a student obtained a degree online or in a traditional classroom unless they voluntarily disclose information about their degree and the college of their choice. The only exception would be if the student had gone to a university that was exclusively known for its online programs. Today, students can obtain a degree from highly regarded institutions online. Some institutions that initially only provided on-campus education now include online options. The same curriculum is frequently offered through online programs, but in digital form.

Online degrees are becoming more and more popular, but there are some dubious possibilities as well. These courses are not accredited in cybersecurity, or perhaps at all. Students who choose to pursue an online degree in cybersecurity—or any other subject, for that matter—should consider the school’s and its programs’ accreditation. For American enterprises, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) offers cybersecurity solutions. The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence collaborates with educational institutions to identify the colleges and universities that offer top-notch cybersecurity programs.

Best Online Cybersecurity Degree Bachelor’s Programs

1. Penn State World Campus

The online BS in Security and Risk Analysis from Penn State Global Campus is an excellent choice for your aims when you’re seeking for the top online cyber security degree for your job. Students will learn how to apply the appropriate tools to address security risks to organizations or individuals as part of the degree program. Additionally, it aims to give students the knowledge and abilities necessary to assess system risk and create secure network systems.

For students who desire to work in cyber security, Penn State Global Campus offers online courses. The degree program offers a solid foundation in the abilities required for many jobs in the cyber security sector. Being an online program, it enables students pursuing a bachelor’s degree to work at their own speed and achieve their objectives.

2. Syracuse University

Students can get ready for the demands of working in a developing business by earning a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity administration online from Syracuse University. The bachelor of professional studies program acknowledges the growing threat brought on by greater technology advancements and equips students with the knowledge and abilities to counter these risks by teaching them how to use the right tools for enhanced security.

The emphasis on fostering critical thinking abilities as they relate to technology and cyber security is a significant way that Syracuse University’s programs vary from others. The degree program works to make sure that students are ready for whatever obstacles they might encounter as they advance in their professional goals. It provides students with a solid technological basis as well as knowledge of various facets of cyber security.

3. Oklahoma State University

Consider Oklahoma State University’s Bachelor of Technology in Information Technologies with a focus on Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics when looking for the best online cyber security degree for your objectives. Students who enroll in an online degree program can go at their own pace and finish their degrees whenever it suits them. It enables students to balance their academic goals with their personal commitments or ongoing employment.

The ability to apply financial aid to the online school is a significant way Oklahoma State University differs from other programs. For online students, the institution does accept financial aid from federal and state sources. Under the right situations, scholarships from the institution may also be applied to the degree program. For students to be eligible for scholarships or financial aid, an FAFSA may still be required.

4. Drexel University

Drexel University’s BS in Computing and Security Technologies may be the online bachelor’s degree in cyber security that will best serve your long-term objectives. In order to prepare students for the challenges of their professions, the degree program emphasizes getting practical experience with the skills utilized in cyber security. The degree program advises students to study on their degree while completing internships and other similar occupations that will give them experience in their industry.

The emphasis on practical experience sets Drexel University apart from other online cyber security programs. The degree program is geared around working adults who have expertise in a technological industry or who wish to move into a career in cyber security. It encourages students to look for chances to advance their skills and acknowledges the importance of acquiring experience through employment.

5. Oregon Tech

Students can concentrate on a career in cyber security by choosing Oregon Tech’s online BS in IT with an emphasis in Information Security. Students are prepared for the problems that can come in their jobs through the degree program. It aims to equip students with the skills necessary to manage network administration, system analysis, and data breaches. By giving students a solid foundation in cyber security, it guarantees they have the abilities to deal with difficulties in achieving their long-term career goals.

The Enterprise Technology and Cybersecurity Lab at Oregon Tech gives students practical experience in the industry. The lab work prepares students to manage the obstacles of their careers. With simulations that let students develop advanced abilities, it also makes sure that pupils have practical knowledge. With appropriate instruction and improved lab activities, the school places a strong emphasis on preparing students for the rigors of a career in the security business.

6. University of Arizona

Students can complete their BAS in Cyber Operations online at the University of Arizona at their own leisure. The emphasis of the online cybersecurity degree program is on giving students the useful skills they need to work in the security sector. The program places a strong emphasis on giving students practical experience so they may get ready for the demands of working in a fast-paced setting.

The Cyber Virtual Learning Environment made available to online students is one distinctive feature that makes the University of Arizona stand apart. Students have a virtual and secure environment in which to experiment with the practical use of their abilities. It enables them to gain practical experience utilizing the software and tools that support cyber security objectives. Students are also given the tools they need to assume leadership positions when working in operations.

7. Lewis University

A self-paced BA in Information Security and Risk Management curriculum is available through Lewis University. Students can work around their own schedules and objectives because the curriculum is offered both on-campus and online. Students can work on their coursework and classes whenever they have time thanks to the online program. If they choose the more conventional on-campus education, they can also enroll in classes on the campus.

Lewis University’s emphasis on the application of information security policies sets it different from other programs in a big manner. It acknowledges the necessity of practical experience for learning and offers the resources required for skill development. After earning their degree, students will be prepared to handle a fast-paced work environment thanks to the emphasis on implementing methods.

8. Bellevue University

A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is available from Bellevue University through both its on-campus and online programs. Working at their own pace enables students to concentrate on completing their objectives. Since classes can be taken on-campus or online, there is more flexibility to accommodate a student’s schedule and circumstances. It offers pupils the chance to complete their coursework whenever they have free time.

The availability of accelerated courses at Bellevue University sets it apart from other courses in a significant way. Students can work more quickly using the online degree program. This enables students to finish their degrees earlier and concentrate on achieving their career goals. Depending on their circumstances, students can either work at a slower speed or follow the accelerated course material.

9. Maryville University

The Maryville University BS in Cyber Security is a solid choice when researching programs for a career in cyber security. The degree program is offered both online and on a conventional campus. When working on the online program, students have the flexibility to work at their own pace or keep up with personal commitments.

The emphasis on offering students specialized courses of study sets Maryville University apart from other institutions. The defensive route allows students to concentrate on understanding how to protect businesses or organizations from external threats. They can also choose the offensive route, which examines ways to increase security through aggressive behavior. General track is the last track. Although it may not provide the same level of specialization, it does allow pupils to acquire general information that applies to both offense and defense.

10. University of Illinois at Springfield

Students can get a BA in Information Systems Security from the University of Illinois at Springfield both online and on-campus, which provides a solid foundation in computer science and related subjects. Also, it guarantees that students are capable of managing the dangers connected to computers, networks, and other Internet-related devices that could worry businesses and other organizations. Students can work in the security sector with an emphasis on computer systems and network security thanks to the online degree program.

The University of Illinois at Springfield sets itself apart from other programs in part because of its emphasis on giving students a strong foundation. Before going on to the specialized skills related with cyber security, students study about computer science. This emphasis allows students more flexibility to handle a variety of complex activities for their professional goals and guarantees that they are prepared for any challenges they may encounter when working in a fast-paced setting.

11. Norwich University

A BA in Cyber Security is available online from Norwich University, preparing students for the demands of the current technology environment. The online degree program guarantees that students are able to tackle the requirements of a fast-paced career. It equips students with the solid computer science foundation they need to advance in their careers in cyber security.

Norwich University’s emphasis on educating working adults sets it unique from other universities in important ways. Students can customize their degree to match their long-term employment goals thanks to the elective courses offered in the online degree program, which allows them a flexible approach to their education. Its adaptability makes sure that pupils can reach their long-term objectives.

12. Old Dominion University

Before tackling the challenges of cybersecurity, students enrolled in Old Dominion University’s online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program have a solid grounding in math, science, engineering, and computer science. It enables pupils to concentrate on identifying workable answers to problems and worries that might develop in the future. Students develop the critical thinking abilities required for employment by placing an emphasis on assuring a broad understanding of computers before moving on to specialized skills.

The designation by the National Security Agency is a significant feature that sets Old Dominion University apart. The organization has designated the institution a National Center for Academic Excellence. Students can feel confident that they are receiving the best degree possible to suit their long-term objectives because it is particularly acknowledged for the Cyber Operations Fundamentals category.

13. Robert Morris University

To assist students in concentrating on their aspirations for a future in the security business, Robert Morris University offers a BS in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics online or on the school’s campus. The degree program combines the legal expertise students need to operate in the field of forensics with technical expertise and knowledge. The degree program acknowledges that students must learn how to deal with potential security breaches or prevent issues, but they also need to be able to trace a breach when cooperating with law authorities.

Robert Morris University distinguishes itself in part by emphasizing a wide awareness of the cyber security sector that narrows into more intricate concepts. The degree program offers students a comprehensive emphasis that enables them to comprehend the strategies employed to achieve their objectives. It enables pupils to analyze a situation critically and use the appropriate techniques to solve the underlying issues.

14. Purdue University Global

An online cybersecurity bachelor’s degree from Purdue University Global enables students to concentrate on achieving their career goals in the security sector. The institution is aware of the expanding demand for experts to manage security concerns as technology advances. By giving students a solid foundation for their jobs, it offers a solution.

Because it offers an accelerated program for the online cyber security degree, Purdue University Global sets itself apart from competing institutions. With the ExcelTrack for the accelerated program, students can work more quickly and finish their degree programs when it’s convenient for them. The ten-week courses give students enough time to complete their coursework without wasting any time.

15. Southern Illinois University Carbondale

A BA in Information Systems Technology is available both on-campus and online at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Prior to moving on to more specialized skills and abilities, the degree program focuses on computer application capabilities. This guarantees that pupils are knowledgeable about using computers and the dangers of using the Internet or network technologies.

The emphasis on providing students with practical experience through computer activities sets Southern Illinois University in Carbondale apart from other schools. Throughout the curriculum, students investigate network communications, maintenance, and troubleshooting to acquire useful skills that support their long-term employment objectives.

FAQs on Best Online Cybersecurity Degree 

Which online university is best for cyber security?

The best private institution that provides an online cybersecurity degree program is Maryville University, which offers a fully online learning experience. Maryville's online cybersecurity degree program is available for both bachelor's and master's degrees.

Which degree is best for cyber security?

MS in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership.
MS in Cyber Security Engineering.
MS in Computer Science.
MS in Computer Engineering.
MS in Information Assurance.
MS in Information Technology.
MBA (with specialty)

Can I study cyber security degrees online?

Online cybersecurity bachelor degree programs mimic traditional, campus-based programs in terms of academic requirements. Like a campus-based program, online cybersecurity bachelor degrees usually require 120 credit hours.

Which school in Nigeria teaches cyber security?

Air Force Institute Of Technology, Kadunna (AFIT)
Al-Hikmah University, Illorin (AHU)
Bayero University (BUK)
Caleb University, Lagos (CUI)
Clifford University, Owerrinta.
Dominion University, Ibadan.
Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin.
Federal University, Dutse (FUD)

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