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9 Best Midwifery Programs in the World

Best Midwifery Programs in the World: Midwifery is a great career path. The opportunity to help deliver a baby and witness the birth of a family while working in this field is priceless.

In addition, there are numerous job opportunities for anyone who decides to pursue a career in midwifery due to its high demand.

But depending on where you want to practice, you may need to complete specialized training and apply for a license from the state or a professional organization.

The top midwifery schools in the world will be covered in this article.

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Who Are Midwives?

Midwives are highly skilled healthcare professionals who focus on prenatal and postnatal care.

Additionally, they are well-versed in women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Midwives are essential in ensuring that babies are healthy during pregnancy, that they are delivered safely, and that they are supported in growing during the early postnatal period.

Hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, and birthing facilities all have midwives on staff.

In addition, despite the fact that nurses can easily become midwives after completing a specific training, midwives are distinct from nurses.

The activities of those who work in maternity wards are supervised and coordinated by midwives.

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Best Midwifery Programs in the World

Here are the 10 best midwifery programs in the world:

1. Deakin University

Best Midwifery Programs in the World
Deakin University_Best Midwifery Programs in the World

One of the best midwifery programs in the world is Deakin University.

This educational facility provides a Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery program that will broaden the knowledge of those looking to work in the fields of nursing and midwifery.

Students who complete this program will have the professional competence, practical abilities, and knowledge necessary to become successful registered nurses and midwives.

Deakin University’s Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery curriculum exposes students to the most recent research in this area.

Moreover, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council both endorse this academic program.

2. Vanderbilt University

Best Midwifery Programs in the World
Vanderbilt University_Best Midwifery Programs in the World

One of the greatest midwifery programs in the world is Vanderbilt University.

This higher education facility offers a program that trains students to become licensed nurse-midwives with the information and skills necessary to meet women’s needs.

This course covers a wide range of topics, including illness prevention, preconception counseling, prenatal and postnatal care, gynecology, pre-menopausal care, and many others.

Vanderbilt University’s midwifery program is taught by experts who are currently in practice.

Additionally, Vanderbilt University offers its students the chance to complete a series of clinical rotations at one of the greatest medical centers in the country, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

At this premier educational institution, midwifery students receive training using a thorough learning program that combines classroom instruction, simulated experiences, and clinical experience.

The nursing program at Vanderbilt University features a low student-to-teacher ratio and a wealth of academic resources.

The best university for midwifery education is unquestionably Vanderbilt University.

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3. University of the Sunshine Coast

A renowned university for midwifery education is the University of the Sunshine Coast. One of the top midwifery colleges in the world is the institution.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, this academic institution gives students the chance to learn practical nursing and midwifery skills.

Many world-class clinical facilities are available at the University of the Sunshine Coast for students to get real-world knowledge and experience.

At the University of the Sunshine Coast, midwifery students participate in learning activities that prepare them to have an impact on society.

The University of the Sunshine Coast also provides a course of study that equips students with knowledge of midwifery care.

Without a doubt, this list would be better off with the addition of the University of the Sunshine Coast.

4. Southern Cross University

A Bachelor of Midwifery degree program is available from Southern Cross University that is on par with the standards and caliber of any university in the globe.

Students who enroll in this program graduate equipped with the abilities and information needed to deliver excellent women’s care in accordance with industry best practices.

The demanding academic curriculum of this course focuses on a wide range of topics, including midwifery theory and practice, primary healthcare, prenatal mental health, early parenting, and many other topics.

Due to their excellent technical abilities and ability to work well in a team, people all around the world desire to hire midwives who attended this institution.

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5. University of Washington

High-level nurses who wish to broaden their areas of focus and enhance their capacity to deliver cutting-edge healthcare services to women are encouraged to enroll in the nurse-midwifery program at the University of Washington, which offers a graduate certificate in the field.

Clinical nurse specialists, anesthesiologists, and practitioners are the target audience for this curriculum.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives developed the nurse-midwifery core competencies for fundamental midwifery practice, which served as the foundation for this program’s curriculum design (ACNM).

6. University of Michigan

A top university for midwifery education is the University of Michigan.

The nurse-midwifery curriculum that this school offers prepares future nurse-midwives to address the rising number of infant deaths during delivery.

The curriculum for this course enables students to learn everything they need to know and even more in order to pass the American Midwifery Certification Board exam.

After completing this degree, graduates can find employment at birthing facilities, hospitals, private clinics, public clinics, and many other areas.

7. King’s College London

One of the best midwifery programs in the world is King’s College London.

This school’s midwifery program is overseen by highly esteemed health-related educators and researchers.

Students at this institution can have a comprehensive understanding of the subject thanks to the learning environment there.

Midwifery students at King’s College London, one of the top research universities in the world, participate in studies that aim to identify solutions to the problems mothers encounter before, during, and after childbirth.

Moreover, King’s College London encourages students to rise to the challenge and make a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

This school’s midwifery alumni hold prominent positions in the healthcare industry, and some are well-known experts in their fields.

King’s College London is one of the greatest places in the world to learn how to be a midwife since it also provides some of the most cutting-edge learning facilities for midwifery education.

9. James Cook University

A top university for midwifery education is James Cook University.

Students studying midwifery at this esteemed university take part in events that expand their subject knowledge.

Students who take this course will be prepared to enter the healthcare industry as qualified professionals.

The midwifery program at James Cook University is run by eminent subject matter experts and committed practitioners.

How Long does Studying to Become a Midwife Take?

It takes four years to earn an undergraduate midwifery degree.

Nonetheless, you must finish three years of the nurse-midwifery curriculum and a year of field experience before you may start working as a midwife.

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Best Midwifery Programs in the World
Best Midwifery Programs in the World

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the midwifery program?

3 years.

Is the midwifery program challenging?

Three years are needed to complete the demanding midwifery curriculum. Try to get some rest while you still have the chance. Let yourself to sleep in and unwind with family and friends. There will be plenty of time to complete your study before September arrives.

Is nursing easier than becoming a midwife?

Both nurses and midwives need a variety of social and cognitive skills, but they also have different technical requirements. Midwives must possess in-depth knowledge of birthing techniques. Depending on their area of expertise, nurses might use technical and medical knowledge.

In the UK, how long are shifts for midwives?

You can anticipate working a shift schedule of about 37.5 hours per week, which includes weekends, holidays, early mornings, late nights, and overnight shifts.


A fulfilling career option with many advantages is midwifery. To work as a midwife, you must complete your schooling and earn a degree in the field.

The University of Southern Queensland is the institution that completes the list of the top universities in the world for midwifery education that this article has done a good job of compiling.

Nonetheless, to succeed as a midwifery student, read your books thoroughly each day, be willing to take risks during your clinical rotations, and frequently participate in group study.



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