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Best Medical Schools in Colorado

Best medical schools in Colorado: Finding a respectable medical school without the aid of a reliable resource can be challenging.

Many prospective medical scholars frequently base their decision on recommendations and counsel from other scholars. However, there is more to it than what first appears, therefore important choices like this shouldn’t be taken without careful consideration and investigation.

Medical science has demanding entrance standards because it is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. Here are the things concerning the best medical schools in Colorado you should be aware of.

About Colorado’s Medical Schools

The most notable topography aspects of Colorado include its gorgeous and mountainous landscapes, high altitude, desert areas, and other breathtaking features. Additionally, it is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country, including medical colleges.

Future doctors should have a look at the institutions on this list. Both are highly regarded institutions with top-notch programs that place a strong emphasis on clinical practice and patient-centered treatment. A vision to provide the greatest and most affordable care to neglected populations across the state and the country serves as the foundation for the missions of these schools. The schools fulfill their commitment to producing outstanding doctors by providing committed teachers, cutting-edge facilities, and extensive clinical networks.

We chose the institutions based on where they were ranked among medical schools by US News & World Report. Another consideration was the caliber and scope of their clinical experience chances, as well as the impact on the local community.

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Best Medical Schools in Colorado

Colorado only has two medical schools, however those two are worth a prospective medical student’s consideration. The best medical schools in Colorado are listed below.

2. Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

best medical schools in Colorado
best medical schools in Colorado

If you want to study medicine in Colorado, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is an excellent option. The school produces an astonishingly large proportion of graduates who work in primary care. It is one of the highest in the country, per US News & World Report.

Rocky Vista also has many graduates working with underserved and rural populations, which is helpful information for future medical professionals who aim to improve access to high-quality treatment while providing competent and compassionate care. It has achieved this as the first for-profit medical program in the country. It combines outstanding instruction and training with a dedication to helping neglected areas, making it as well-known as any non-profit medical program in the nation.

Despite being a for-profit institution, it is held to the same academic and medical accrediting standards as other colleges and has established a reputation for producing top-notch outcomes and positively impacting the community. In fact, the campus’s current location was picked because of how many underdeveloped counties it is close to. The school was founded to address the severe lack of doctors and the high cost of healthcare in these regions.

A clinic run by RVUCOM offers a variety of services, such as telemedicine, primary care, osteopathic manipulative treatment, and internal medicine. Medical students are taught to become internal medicine and research leaders in the Rocky Vista Health Center’s distinctive internal medicine residency program. The curriculum is run in conjunction with the resident-only Skyridge Internal Medicine program.

The core of the RVUCOM curriculum focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and an osteopathic approach. The concept that a patient is a “complete person” and not just a collection of symptoms is instilled in students. Although the foundations of human physiology and scientific research and technique are generally covered in the first two years of education, students begin receiving clinical experience as early as the first year. Over the course of the final three years, students receive an increasing number of opportunities to contact with patients in a variety of settings while being supervised by doctors. Because of RVUCOM’s expanding clinical training network, this is possible.

When it comes to educating the next generation of capable and caring medical professionals, RVUCOM lives up to its reputation. The College of Osteopathic Medicine, despite being a relatively new institution, has been successful in placing its students in the most sought-after specialty residencies around the nation. The John Hopkins Hospital, the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, the Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems, and many other institutions have accepted students from the Class of 2021 for residencies.

RVU requires its student doctors to pass the COMLEX national exams as a result of its devotion to the highest standards in education and training. To become a licensed practitioner of osteopathic medicine, candidates must pass the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX). Recent years have seen an unparalleled 97% pass rate for the COMLEX among RVUCOM students.


A prospective student who is interested in RVUCOM should have an MCAT score of around 506 and a strong academic background. The average cumulative GPA of admitted students has risen above 3.40 in recent years. The MCAT and a respectable GPA won’t be enough to get you in; prospective candidates need to separate out from the competition. Two ways to distinguish yourself from the competition are through supplemental essays and letter of recommendations.

One letter of recommendation from a medical professional who has had contact with the applicant in some capacity is required by the school. Even while RVUCOM accepts more out-of-state applicants than in-state ones, having ties to Colorado might enhance a candidate’s resume.

1. University of Colorado School of Medicine (Aurora, CO)

best medical schools in Colorado
best medical schools in Colorado

The University of Colorado School of Medicine is a member of a university system that has significantly boosted Colorado’s economy and has a history of exceptional clinical and scientific successes. One study estimates that the school’s economic impact will be about $14.9 billion in 2019. The School of Medicine is a part of an economic powerhouse in addition to being a leader in research, education, and healthcare services.

According to the most recent US News & World Report rankings, the CU School of Medicine is among the top 10 medical schools in the US for primary care and among the top 50 for research. Additionally, it ranks first for both pediatrics and family medicine. The fact that the school has been at the top for a number of years in a row speaks to its enduring excellence and influence.

It undoubtedly sees a return on its research and educational investments. The School of Medicine’s top-notch faculty is one of its most important assets. The faculty of the CU School of Medicine received various honors and achievements in 2020. Todd Bull, MD, has received numerous awards for excellence in Critical Care and Pulmonary medicine and has published his findings in prestigious journals. He also graduated from the CU School of Medicine!

The school blends a sizeable academic component with intensive, experiential instruction in a clinical or field environment, like all top medical schools do. The School of Medicine’s curriculum is divided into an Essentials Core and a Clinical Core. The Essentials Core’s objective is to provide students with a strong foundation in scientific ideas and inquiry, as they are skills that will be valuable throughout their medical careers.


With an acceptance rate of under 2%, admission to the CU School of Medicine is exceedingly tough. The median MCAT score for approved students was 514, and their average cumulative GPA was a strong 3.83. However, as we already indicated, having an outstanding academic record alone won’t be enough to earn you a job. To ascertain whether a candidate would be a suitable fit for the school and would be able to prosper in the program, additional elements of the application will be taken into account. Candidates have an opportunity to shine and increase their chances of acceptance in secondary essays and interviews, therefore it is crucial to invest a lot of effort into these areas.

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best medical schools in Colorado
best medical schools in Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Colorado institution offers the top medical curriculum?

The oldest, most reputable, and highly rated medical school is the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The second is a very new program called Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. It is renowned for being the country's first for-profit medical school.

Can doctors earn a million dollars in the USA?

According to the 2021 Physician Wealth Report, 56% of doctors reported having a net worth of over a million dollars overall. Only 11% of family doctors have a million-dollar net worth before the age of 45, and the majority of them become millionaires by the time they are 55.

In Colorado, how many medical schools are there?

Only two medical colleges, one allopathic and one osteopathic, are located in Colorado. Both the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine and the University of Colorado School of Medicine are extremely selective institutions, just as colleges in other states, and each has its own particular character.

Is living in Colorado pleasant?

Colorado has continuously been rated as one of the greatest states in which to live by numerous publications.



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