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10 Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs

Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs!

You are considering pursing a master’s degree in Canada but have not yet decided which program to enroll in. This blog post provides information on the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs, offering a variety of options to assist you in deciding which course to pursue.

A master’s degree allows you to specialize in the discipline you wish to enter and equips you with professional knowledge and skills in that subject. Therefore, upon completion of a master’s degree program, you are qualified for leadership, managerial, and other positions of prominence.

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There are numerous reasons why someone would pursue a master’s degree, including any of the following:

  • To change professions and investigate new career avenues
  • To become more professionally and academically oriented
  • To distinguish oneself from others in the workforce
  • For promotion within your organization
  • For a greater salary
  • To enter a new field and investigate its opportunities.
  • To obtain a better-paying position
  • As a chance to travel and study abroad in search of brighter pastures

These are a few of the primary factors why so many individuals pursue a master’s degree. The country in which you earn your master’s degree offers additional advantages, particularly if it is Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia. The reason for this is that these nations are highly regarded for providing quality education and degrees of international standing.

This article focuses on the best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs; in the future, we will publish similar articles for other countries to provide readers with a variety of options. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

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List of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs

The following is a list of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs:

  • Masters in Psychology
  • Masters in Human Resource Management
  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Masters in Civil Engineering
  • Masters in Finance and Accounting
  • Masters in Pharmacy
  • Masters in Public Health
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering

1. Master’s Degree in Psychology

Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs

As one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs, Psychology is the scientific study of the psyche and behavior of humans. Due to its significance in modern society, it is a discipline that will never die out, and as a result, the professionals in this field grow in stature daily. A master’s degree in psychology will provide you with enhanced professional skills, knowledge, techniques, and experience, which can increase your salary. It is one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs.

Masters in psychology takes 1-2 years to complete in Canada and some of the top universities offering the course include the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and York University. In Canada, the average salary for psychologists is $102,955 per year.

2. Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is an integral part of an organization, charged with placing individuals with the appropriate qualifications and experience in the appropriate positions. In addition, they supervise the employees and the entire administration of an organization. Either a master’s degree in HRM or years of experience are required to become an HR professional.

Obtaining a master’s degree in human resource management in Canada is worthwhile because the profession is in high demand and pays well, making your degree valuable. A master’s degree in HRM from Canada will also increase your opportunities to become CEO or establish a business. In Canada, the average HRM salary is $97,391 per year. It is also one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs.

3. Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Computer Science must be one of the most diverse and significant disciplines in the modern world. Those with a certification in one computer science specialization are highly valued. If you have a master’s degree in computer science, you will be offered a managerial position, such as the director of the company’s computer department, immediately.

A computer science master’s degree is valuable and worthwhile in Canada and around the world. The advantage of obtaining a master’s degree in computer science is that it allows you to choose a professional specialization. Canada’s universities offer specializations in data science, cloud computing, data analytics, software development, software engineering, and artificial intelligence in computer science. The average annual salary is $74,100. It is one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs.

4. Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

As one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs, Civil engineers are the professionals responsible for designing and constructing infrastructures such as museums, skyscrapers, hospitals, bridges, and roads. The need for these infrastructures will not end, thus, civil engineers will never go out of business and this presents an excellent opportunity for you to jump in.

Consider pursuing a master’s degree in civil engineering if you wish to acquire professional expertise in the field of civil engineering. You have the opportunity to assume management positions, such as managing construction initiatives or a construction company. To prepare students for careers, Canadian universities offer full-time and part-time master’s degrees in civil engineering. The average salary of a civil engineer in Canada is $72,020 per year.

5. Master’s degrees in Finance and Accounting

Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs

A master’s degree in finance and accounting is one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs. According to Job Bank, there will be up to 88,000 job openings for financial auditors and accountants in Canada between 2022 and 2031, which will be filled by 79,800 people, leaving approximately 8,200 unfilled positions. This means there will be an increased demand for those with degrees in finance and accounting which presents an opportunity for you.

Canada’s master’s degree in finance and accounting has prepared some of the world’s finest finance auditors and accountants for these positions. This degree requires two years of full-time study to complete. This degree can qualify you for positions as a senior accountant, financial controller, financial analyst, or accountant with an average annual salary of $84,293. It is one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs.

6. Master’s Degree in Pharmacy

Consider studying the following master’s degree program that offers a decent job in Canada. Consider becoming a pharmacist if you have an interest in the medical profession but cannot tolerate blood or are uncomfortable working in a hospital. You will not treat open wounds or perform surgeries; instead, your primary responsibility will be to dispense the correct medications to patients in accordance with physicians’ orders and to ensure that patients adhere to the prescription.

A pharmacy master’s degree will equip you with in-depth knowledge and professional experience. According to the Canadian Pharmacists Association, there is a national deficit of pharmacists in Canada, which is one of the profession’s most appealing characteristics. As a result, there is an increased demand for professionals in the field, making it an in-demand occupation. The average annual salary of a Canadian pharmacist is $95,564. It is one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs.

7. Masters in Public Health

Canada has a national demand for healthcare professionals, including those in the public health field. In Canada, those with a master’s degree in public health can earn up to C$123,000 per year. With this degree, you can pursue roles such as healthcare administrator, public health nurse, healthcare consultant, health and safety engineer, and biostatistician, among others.

The University of Toronto, UBC, the University of Ottawa, the University of Calgary, and the University of Guelph are among the best institutions for the MPH. Between 1.5 and 2 years are required to complete the program.

8. Master’s degrees in electrical engineering

Because engineering dominates the Canadian labor force, engineering graduates have favorable employment prospects in Canada. Electrical engineering is one of these disciplines, and it provides a variety of specializations, including IT communication, manufacturing, construction, aerospace, computer hardware, and software design.

The top five universities in Canada that offer a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering are the University of Waterloo, Western University, UBC, McGill University, and Queen’s University. Depending on the program’s route, completion takes between one and two years. Glassdoor reports that the national average salary for a master’s-level electrical engineer is $83,229 per year. It is also one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs.

9. MBA is a graduate degree in business administration.

In Canada, the MBA is one of the most sought-after master’s degrees. It is offered with a variety of sector-spanning specializations, including healthcare. MBA programs are prevalent in Canada and are available in online, on-campus, and hybrid formats for full-time and part-time students.

Schulich School of Business, Smith School of Business, Ivey Business School, and Rotman School of Management are among the leading MBA programs in Canada. The average annual salary for MBA graduates in Canada is $90,000.

10. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering is one of the Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs. The programs offer specializations in biomedical engineering, robotics, mechatronics, applied mechanics, and materials science, among others, in which students can concentrate and acquire essential skills.

Consider the University of Waterloo, the University of Alberta, McGill University, the University of Calgary, and the University of Toronto for a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. In Canada, it takes two years to complete this program. The average annual salary of a Canadian engineer graduate is $123,877.

FAQs On Best Masters Programs In Canada For Jobs

Can I get a job after doing Masters in Canada?

Yes. International students who have pursued a full-time program at a Canadian Institute for a minimum of 8 months may apply for a post-graduate work permit.

Which master’s degree is in most demand?

Master of business administration (MBA), master of science in nursing (MSN), and master's in information technology degrees are among the most popular and highest-paying master's degrees. To boost your earning potential, you can also pursue a master's in engineering management or a master's in marketing.

Can I work full time while doing Masters in Canada?

You may be eligible to work in Canada while studying, if your study permit includes a condition that says you can work on or off campus. You must also meet all the other requirements. You can only start working in Canada when you start your study program. You can't work before your studies begin.

Can I convert my student visa to work visa in Canada?

This is also known as an open work permit. With an open work permit, you may work in any role, anywhere in Canada. Upon completing the requirements for your studies, you have 180 days to apply for an open work permit.

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