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The Best Law Schools in Los Angeles 2023 Rankings

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Best Law Schools in Los Angeles: Due to its proximity to the Mexican border, Los Angeles, the second-biggest city in the United States by population and the largest by landmass, is home to a sizable and diverse population, which includes many immigrants.

The so-called City of Angels is a bustling center for entertainment, technological, and financial industry issues in addition to its thriving cultural and social scene.

Downtown Los Angeles is home to many Fortune 500 corporations and enormous technological companies like Google, YouTube, and Facebook, providing law students with a wide range of professional prospects close to their preferred school.

Attending a law school in Los Angeles is the smart move for students who intend to practice in the Southern California region, as many lawyers eventually create careers in the location in which they attended law school.

There are many legal schools to choose from, but not all of them grant a J.D. All programs are made the same. Students should carefully analyze what each institution has to offer them when deciding which law school in LA is the best choice.

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Best Law Schools in Los Angeles

The following law schools are listed in order of their placement on US News & World Report’s ranking of the nation’s top law schools for 2022.

4. Southwestern Law School

Best Law Schools in Los Angeles
Best Law Schools in Los Angeles

Students at Southwestern Law School have more choices for J.D.-granting degree programs. than any other law school accredited by the American Bar Association, with four distinct study programs, each with a different schedule and teaching style.

The institution offers a part-time night program in addition to a traditional full-time, daytime degree program. The additional two J.D. The programs are more atypical.

One of them is the Part-time Legal Education Alternative at Southwestern program (PLEAS). This four-year, part-time program is created to accommodate the demands of law students who must provide for children or elderly relatives. One of the pioneering initiatives of its sort in the nation.

The PLEAS program offers students the chance to participate in a unique mentorship program run by Professor Jenny R. Fee, the authorized faculty advisor for the initiative.

PLEAS students have numerous opportunities to schedule individual sessions with Professor Fee in addition to their group meetings over the course of the program. Students are assisted by the lecturer in making future course plans with a focus on their professional goals.

The SCALE program, also known as Southwestern’s Conceptual Approach to Legal Education, is an expedited J.D. a course that approaches legal education in a different way. Students can obtain a J.D. through SCALE, the first program of its kind to be approved by the ABA. in only two years, a degree.

The 1975-founded accelerated SCALE curriculum is relatively flexible after the first year, giving students a variety of opportunities for summer electives, second-year electives, and participation in honors programs.

In order for SCALE students to acquire the necessary practical expertise and knowledge for lawyers, full-time externship positions with active legal practitioners are assured.

Additionally, the school offers joint J.D./M.B.A. degrees. degree programs through a collaboration with the Drucker Graduate School of Management at Southwestern.

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3. Loyola Law School

Best Law Schools in Los Angeles
Best Law Schools in Los Angeles

In terms of the best evening programs offered outside of the east coast, Loyola Law School came in first place.

The institution is also tied for eighth place in the nation’s top part-time law schools according to the US News and World Report rankings for 2022.

The school touts a strong commitment to ethics and the public interest and is the first one in California to have received approval from the American Bar Association to impose such a requirement.

Furthermore, Loyola students frequently go beyond the statutory requirement of 40 hours of pro bono work.

In truth, in keeping with the school’s alleged commitment to achieving social justice, Loyola students have assisted in preventing the death penalty and lengthy jail for five people who were falsely convicted.

Over 40,000 hours of free legal labor are performed by Loyola Law students each year for charity organizations.

The school’s thriving Public Interest Department provides students with a variety of resources to support their pro bono work, including public interest fellowships, summer grants, and post-graduate scholarships.

For students who are interested in studying public interest law, the college also houses a variety of other programs, clinics, and centers, including the Public Interest Law Concentration.

Participating students receive a certificate recognizing their accomplishments after completing the program.

In terms of educating its graduates for careers as lawyers for Big Law Practice, Loyola is ranked third best in the nation by the legal publication the American Lawyer.

The employment rate for the Loyola class of 2020 is 86.71%, with the majority of graduates finding jobs in California soon after graduation.

Experiential learning possibilities at Loyola include practica and field placements, clinics, externships, and other concentrations that integrate rigorous academic study with practical work in the field.

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2. University of Southern California Gould School of Law

The University of Southern California Gould School of Law was the region’s first law school, opening its doors in 1900.

The Gould School of Law at USC has a 120-year legacy of enrolling some of the most diverse student bodies in the nation, including more international students than any other law school.

Twelve female students graduated from USC Gould in 1911, a year before the women’s suffrage movement became widely popular.

They soon established Phi Delta Delta, the nation’s first women’s law student group.

Today, USC Gould has continued to innovate legal education, growing into a prestigious legal institution that is ranked among the top 20 law schools in the nation.

Over 10,000 lawyers from around the world are now part of the school’s alumni network.

The school’s incoming class of 2024 is no exception to its historical practice of accepting only the top candidates, with a median undergraduate GPA of 3.84 and a median LSAT score of 168.

USC Gould’s acceptance rate as of 2020 is only 19.2%, making enrollment extremely competitive. However, considering the esteemed reputation of the university, the USC Gould admissions office has every right to hold applicants to such high criteria.

After graduating from USC Gould, more than 500 alumni have gone on to work as state or federal judges.

USC Gould offers 15 different dual degree programs, emphasizing the value of multidisciplinary study to create a solid and thorough understanding of legal theory and practice.

The college was one of the first institutions to identify the value of multidisciplinary studies in 1965, and it has since pioneered the principles of interdisciplinary legal education and clinical training.

1. University of California, Los Angeles School of Law

According to the US News and World Report’s annual ranking of the top American law schools, the University of California Los Angeles School of Law routinely ranks as one of the country’s top law schools, coming in at number 14.

UCLA is one of the newest of the top-ranked law schools, having been founded in 1949. The institution has earned a reputation for providing very high-quality education throughout its existence.

More than 18,000 alumni who are pioneers in the legal profession as well as in politics, business, and social justice make up the current UCLA Law alumni network. Reunions and other activities are frequently held at the school, allowing current students to meet with alumni and receive mentoring.

The college provides a challenging learning environment that is at the forefront of the most recent developments in the legal profession.

UCLA students get the chance to learn from some of the most knowledgeable experts there are with over 60 full-time faculty members who are widely regarded as some of the most significant legal scholars in the world.

UCLA provides a wide range of resources, including a number of well-funded centers, programs, and institutes on campus, in addition to having an outstanding faculty.

One of the top legal schools for media and entertainment law is UCLA Law, which frequently receives top rankings. The business/corporate law, tax law, constitutional law, and environmental law programs are among the top 10 in the US, and many of their other programs are also well regarded.

UCLA Law is currently a leader in terms of scholarly influence, having graduated more critically acclaimed theorists than any other school as of 2021.

UCLA offers nearly unrivaled job prospects with over 400 law firms and legal companies visiting the school each year.

Incredibly, 96% of UCLA’s 2018 graduating class members found legal employment within 10 months of graduation.

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Best Law Schools in Los Angeles
Best Law Schools in Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Which legal profession pays the highest salaries?

One of the best paid categories of lawyers worldwide is trial lawyers. There are thousands of civil litigators working throughout the world, but those that deal with high-profile, high-dollar, and high-stakes cases get paid the most.

What is more lucrative than being a lawyer?

However, the research reveals that on average, doctors earn more than lawyers. To some people's astonishment, the actual gap is not even close. More specifically, while the average lawyer earns $118,160 annually, the average doctor earns $208,000.

Who is a lawyer versus an attorney?

All lawyers, counsels, and attorneys have received legal education and training. As previously stated, lawyers must pass the bar test in order to practice law in courts. Lawyers may or may not practice law and may or may not have passed the bar exam.

Is the Bar Exam difficult?

The quick response is yes. The bar exam, which is given in every state and all U.S. territory, is well renowned for having a very high standard of difficulty. The national bar exam pass percentage for first-time test takers has increased to 79.64%.


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