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13 Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree

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13 Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree!

When it comes to parenting and daily living, being a parent can need you to utilize all of your skills. In addition to caring for their children, coordinating family schedules and budgets, and managing their personal lives, mothers usually juggle several responsibilities.

There are options to discover flexible work that employs all of your skills and accommodates your busy schedule if you are seeking the best jobs for moms without a degree. Parents who juggle several responsibilities have many transferable talents, i.e., skills acquired in their personal lives or vocations that can be applied to wonderful flexible jobs.

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The leadership, organizing, and conflict-resolution qualities you developed as a mother will serve you well in your working life. Obviously, careers for mothers can span a variety of industries and expertise levels. There are numerous choices for mothers seeking flexible or stay-at-home jobs that do not require a college degree.

List of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree

The following is a list of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree:

1. Freelance Writer

Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree

A freelance writer is a someone who writes for clients but is not an employee full-time. Freelance writers are capable of producing blog posts, articles, site content, product descriptions, video scripts, marketing copy, and book-length manuscripts.

In the freelance writing industry, there is intense rivalry. Do not allow the negatives discourage you from being a freelancer. The benefits significantly exceed the cons. If you’re a good writer, you should be able to find job. Before you can go full-time, you may need to supplement your income with other occupations, but the work will be rewarding. This is one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree and one of the top occupations for single mothers in 2022.

Average hourly compensation for a freelance writer is $23.43 per hour.

2. Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor leads group classes and provides private exercise sessions. Fitness teachers can operate as independent contractors, but gyms and fitness centers typically employ them. Aerobics, lifting weights, and yoga are examples of instruction. There are a variety of benefits to working as a fitness instructor. You not only maintain a steady income, but also good health. In addition to this, you motivate others to adopt better lifestyles.

Your health and fitness habits will influence the development of your children. It is a terrific profession for those with the ability and stamina to succeed. This Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree requires an exceptional level of physical fitness. Not everyone has the ability to instruct many classes per day. It may be impossible for mothers with restricted physical abilities to pursue this vocation. The good news is that fitness instructor is a highly desirable occupation.

Flexibility coupled with a steady income makes an exceptional opportunity. Requirements include a high level of physical fitness. Depending on your desired area of specialization, you may be required to earn a certification. This is one of the finest careers for single mothers and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

The median hourly wage is $19.48, or $40,510 annually.

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3. photographic artist

A professional photographer takes photographs of individuals, locations, and objects. Photographers can work in journalism, as independent contractors, or as studio proprietors. Most photographers are adept with photo editing software. Numerous photographers specialize in specific areas of photography, such as wedding or portrait photography. Do you possess an acute sense of detail and a steady hand? If so, you may possess the necessary skills to become a photographer. This Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree allows you to earn a living through capturing memories.

Although some jobs require very little initial investment, a good photographer must have a high-end camera, an excellent lighting setup, and a variety of other materials. If you pursue this profession, you may wish to purchase backdrops or, if you are self-employed, a studio space. A portrait photographer is no longer required to have a studio in order to capture portraits. It has become common to conduct numerous types of photoshoots outside.

A mother who pursues a career in photography has flexibility and ready-made practice subjects. A keen eye, photographic understanding, and professional equipment. On average, full-time photographers earn between $30,000 and $40,000. This is one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

4. Artist | Selling Crafts

Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree

Artists get income by selling their works. This includes paintings, sculptures, and jewelry, as well as anything else you’ve handcrafted. Nonetheless, an artist can make a good life with effort and genuine talent. The internet marketplace both expands the customer base and increases market competition. The lowest annual salaries range from $20,000 to $90,000 per year. I’ve also heard of individuals that earn well over $100,000 per year doing this. This is one of the finest careers for single mothers and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

5. School Support Employees

The child puts the pencil down while the adult observes. Examples of school support workers include office secretaries, playground monitors, crossing guards, cafeteria employees, and school bus drivers. Typically, minimum responsibilities include the capacity to work with youngsters. Bus drivers must have a commercial driver’s license and a clean driving record. Moms with school-aged children are aware of the difficulty of finding summer childcare. Working in the school system is a great method to avoid needing childcare.

However, it is rarely sufficient to support oneself. Working in a school may be immensely rewarding for mothers whose spouses contribute financially to the family. The hourly wage fluctuates from $13 and $25, depending on the position. This is one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

6. Salesperson

A salesperson is someone who sells goods or services to others. Some salesmen are salaried, others are paid on commission, while others are paid a combination of both. For sales professions, excellent customer service skills are necessary. Sales is one of those careers that individuals either enjoy or dislike. Those who enjoy it can make a solid life, whereas those who despise it may end up with no money and, ultimately, no work.

The good news is that there are so many various types of sales occupations that you may be able to locate a product that you enjoy selling. An insurance sales agent earns, on average, more than $50,000 per year in a career that is frequently performed from home. Real estate agents who work full-time can earn close to $70,000 per year. Medical Sales Representatives are capable of earning six figures annually.

Find a field that interests you and get to work if you want to be successful in sales. Despite this, selling is a difficult endeavor. In order to reach your commission goals, you may end up working many more hours than anticipated. The benefit of this Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree is that it does not require extensive experience or a college degree to begin.

You can learn on the job and immediately begin earning money. A certification training may be required for a number of sales roles. On average, a sales representative earns about under $60,000 per year. This is one of the finest careers for single mothers and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

7. Chef

A chef is an individual who makes food for others. A pastry chef specializes in desserts and baked foods. A sous chef is the second-in-command in the kitchen. The chief chef is the chef in command of the entire kitchen staff. Typically, but not always, head chefs create restaurant menus and supervise the meal preparations of sous chefs and line cooks. Chefs may work for restaurants, operate food trucks, or be self-employed.

The hourly wages of chefs in the United States range from $11 to $36. This is one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

8. Shopper

A shopper is someone who purchases items on behalf of others. The grocery shopper is currently the most common type of shopper, though other personal shoppers may pick up random items for specific clients. Are you a shopper who dislikes spending money? There are numerous services that allow you to shop for another individual. Instacart is one of the most popular of these services. You use an app to connect with the company you’re working with, select a client from a list, and then go shopping.

You won’t be able to support yourself solely on the money you earn from shopping, but you will be able to supplement your income while doing something you already enjoy. This is one of the finest careers for single mothers and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

Salary: A shopper earns about $13 per hour.

9. Nail Technician or Hair Stylist

A stylist is someone who cuts, styles, shampoos, and dyes people’s hair. A stylist may offer extensions and chemical treatments for the hair. Some stylists also apply cosmetics. A nail technician offers manicures and pedicures to clients. A skilled stylist is tough to find. If you have the ability and willingness to deal with hair, you can amass a highly devoted customer base. Being a stylist, also known as a beautician, requires an understanding of various hair types and an eye for what looks good on clients.

A stylist who does not have a consistent flow of customers will not be able to meet their expenses. This is one of the reasons why hair stylists have a high turnover rate. Many employers need hairstylists and nail technicians to get cosmetic licenses prior to employment. This is one of the online careers for stay-at-home mothers without a degree and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

Hourly compensation: $15.74

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10. Assistant Administrative Manager

Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree

An administrative assistant aids in the office administration. Answering phones, taking notes, providing customer service, performing basic computer work, and performing a variety of other office chores as assigned are all required. In workplaces, receptionists, administrative assistants, office managers, and general office workers are in constant demand. They frequently serve as the office’s face and backbone. This essential Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree exists in a number of office environments. Jobs may be full-time or part-time, depending on the office’s needs.

Although some computer experience and customer service skills are essential, formal education is not a prerequisite. This is one of the finest careers for single mothers and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree. Administrative assistant salaries begin about $16 per hour.

11. Virtual Assistant

An administrative assistant is a virtual assistant, often known as a VA. As a virtual assistant, you will provide assistance to a business. You may be responsible for answering phone calls and emails, taking notes, providing customer support, collecting data, and performing a range of other remote activities. Have you observed how I referred to the distant task? A virtual assistant will work from home, which is one of the key distinctions between a virtual assistant and an administrative assistant.

This is an advantage that many mothers will value. Depending on the job and the skill sets you bring to the table, you can make anywhere from $12 to $20 or $30 per hour. This is one of the online careers for stay-at-home mothers without a college degree and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.


Expertise with computer usage. Rapid Internet connections and a conducive environment for working from home.

12. Social Media Manager

As social media’s importance in our daily lives has grown, so too has its significance in the success of businesses. In the modern age, companies recognize that their relationships with customers may make or break a firm. As a result, businesses strive to be actively involved in whichever social media platform their client base employs. Businesses must pay someone to maintain their social media accounts on a part-time or full-time basis because there are so many different social media channels on which to engage customers.

For this position, you must be organized and attentive to detail. Remote employment will require a high-speed internet connection and a home office. This is one of the finest careers for single mothers and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

The hourly compensation of a social media manager is roughly $16.28.

13. Proofreading

Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree

You may confuse a proofreader with an editor if you are unaware of their respective functions. While their occupations are similar and overlap, they each have distinct responsibilities. During the initial phase of the revision process, an editor will normally edit the article. The editor examines the structure and style of the text. In severe situations, an editor’s modifications may require the rewriting of entire paragraphs, pages, or chapters, or even the entire book.

Or, even better, I’m sure you’ve seen those misspellings on a billboard or advertisement that become internet memes. As a proofreader, you are responsible for proofreading written information to prevent instances like these from occurring. A keen eye for detail and a command of the English language are essential.

The median salary for a proofreader is between $15.22 and $26.02 per hour, depending on expertise and the job at hand. This is one of the finest careers for single mothers and one of the Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree.

FAQs On Best Jobs for Moms With No Degree

Do single mothers struggle financially?

Pew reports that 30% of single mothers and their families are living below the poverty line, compared to 17% of single-father families. Money problems start almost as soon as one parent moves out. If both parents are working outside the home, the split will sharply reduce income for both.

What do single mothers need most?

Aside from setting goals, single mothers need to take care of themselves. Whether it's making sure you eat well, taking time to exercise, keeping in touch with friends, getting enough rest, or even seeking professional counseling if you need it -- you'll be a better mom if you make yourself a priority.

Can I be wealthy as a single mom?

Yes, being a single parent is hard, but you also live in a time of unprecedented wealth, convenience, and professional and economic opportunity. Focus on what you do have—including the love of your children—and seek ways to give back a slice of the abundance you enjoy.

Why is life so hard for single moms?

There is an emotional challenge that single mothers go through, a sense of loneliness and depression when mothers cannot share the good and bad experiences with someone or have a partner to share the work with. Lack of financial support. Single mothers often feel guilty for not providing enough for their kids.

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