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20 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers in 2023

Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Are you a dog lover? Why not turn your passion for dogs into a career? Nothing makes you happier than spending time with a furry puppy by your side, so why not turn your “dog loving” into a career? Get a doggy day or night job, dust out your résumé, and you’ll never have to work a job again. You’re now thinking what the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers are

Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

  •  Animal rights lawyer

This is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Dogs should be able to speak out for themselves and defend themselves against cruelty, but since they are unable to do so, animal rights attorneys’ step in to help. They work to stop injustices, while also giving pets a voice and putting criminals in jail.

Average salary: $119,990

  • Veterinarian

The majority of people contemplate becoming a veterinarian when considering a career working with animals. In fact, it’s one of the most sought-after careers among career day participants. Sadly, very few of them actually achieve their goals. Because training to become a veterinarian takes more than a few hours of study, much like training to become a doctor. You can only accomplish this after committing to your studies for a number of years. You’ll need 8–10 years to prepare for this highly specialized vocation.

If you persist, you’ll be rewarded with what many people regard as the most illustrious professional path in animals. This is also another one out of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Working with a variety of animals, enhancing and saving their lives, and yes, assisting them in transitioning when the time comes, will be how you’ll get to spend your days. Choosing to work as a veterinary technician is an alternative. After completing a two-year training program, you can assist with routine veterinary duties.

  • Dog Walker

Do you enjoy taking dogs for walks in the park? A do walker is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers, Because you might be suited for a career as a dog walker! Since they lack the time or skills to do it themselves, many people depend on others to exercise and socialize their dogs. Find a customer, introduce yourself to their dog, grab the leash, and enjoy yourself! Yes, get paid for it as well.

Many dogs might be left alone while their owners go about their daily lives, such as going to work. Their pups and doggos require care and company. Without having to pay for their daily upkeep and cover their feeding costs, you may save the day, make them feel better, and enjoy being among a variety of dogs.

  • Veterinary Assistant or Technician

Consider training to be a veterinary assistant or technician if being a veterinarian requires too much time commitment. In order to aid care for animals, veterinarians collaborate with veterinary assistants. Through a technical school or college, you can train to be a veterinary assistant.

To get qualified in a variety of veterinary disciplines, like as dentistry or medicine, a veterinary technician must complete two years of schooling. Each day, dogs are a part of these two professions. This is also one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers.

  • Veterinary Dentist

This is also one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Dogs have a serious (and seemingly perpetual) dental issue, so veterinary dentists are in high demand. They can earn the same as professional vets and frequently avoid some of the more upsetting aspects of their work.

However, the educational requirements are just as onerous, so allocate roughly ten years of your life to training.

  • Dog Sitter

When the rest of the family is on vacation, dog sitters’ step in to take care of the puppies. This work normally takes place at the dog’s residence and might range from a daily visit to living with the dog while the family is away. This is also one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Many dog sitters also offer extra services like walking dogs.

There are no specific qualifications, however a pet sitter certification, which typically takes 4-6 weeks to obtain, can strengthen your application. It’s also helpful if you’ve raised dogs for a while.

  • Professional Dog Groomer

Professional dog groomers can earn a nice living. If you have enough dog owners who are prepared to pay for pet grooming, you can start your own freelancing business or work for an existing firm that needs more help.

To groom pets professionally, you must have an extraordinarily steady hand and the ability to manage even the iratest canines who don’t want to stay still in one place. Online professional dog grooming courses are available, although they don’t appear to be a requirement for the position. Check out this JKL diploma program in dog grooming, the Pet Industry Federation’s dog grooming programs, or QC Pet Studies’ dog grooming programs, to name a few.

The equipment and shampoos you’ll need in your bag (we’ve included a list of the essential dog grooming tools to get you started) will depend on whether you’ll be traveling or having folks come to you.

Spend some time imagining your response to more challenging circumstances as well. If you receive a difficult cookie, what will you do? What about a pet with exceptionally delicate skin? Before you possibly accept a job, be aware of how to handle each of these situations. This is also one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers.

Do you enjoy capturing pictures and dogs? If so, this is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers position for you! With a career in canine photography, you may bring praise to Rover’s gorgeous pictures! Many dog owners want to post pictures of their puppies on social media, like Instagram, but many aren’t particularly good photographers. You might be able to satisfy their needs.

You’ve come to the right place if your specialty is snagging Rover and Spot in their sexiest attire. This position was created specifically for you. Put your dog’s friends or other canines from the dog park together to create your portfolio. then begin distributing information to secure compensated gigs. Think about how much fun it would be to attend dog-friendly weddings, doggie parties, and fancy boutique photo shoots as a special guest.

  • Dog Trainer

Do people frequently refer to you as the “dog whisperer”? So perhaps you ought to think about going into the dog training business.

We strongly advise folks to look into the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers because this career requires more training than some of the other jobs on the list (UK). Decide what you want to teach dogs before beginning any form of dog training: For training a service dog or K9 unit, there are specialist courses, therefore you’ll need to modify your skills.

You can even take up the cause of assisting typical dog owners in better training and comprehending their canines, which is an admirable endeavor. This is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Again, dog training gives you the choice of working independently or collaborating with a larger organization; each has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Dog Breeder

Breeders of dogs rear the animals and sell them to pet stores or other households. States typically have laws governing these companies, but if you are good at breeding dogs, they can become the focus of your entire life since this employment typically entails residing with them full-time. This is also one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Then, register your kennel and begin acquiring breeding dogs. Get as much breeding and business management training as you can. Before starting a dog breeding business, it typically takes at least four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration (a master’s is even preferable, but not necessary).

  • Pet Store Sales Associate

Pet stores are entertaining settings, and as a sales associate, you won’t need to be an expert to enjoy spending time there. All you need is a positive attitude, a love of animals, and the desire to provide a hand to other animal lovers. This is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers.

  • K9 Officer

In addition to regular police officers, there is a special breed of K9 officers and their handlers who stand out from the crowd. In order to find and apprehend criminals and keep the streets safe for defenseless bystanders, K9 Officers and their handlers always have each other’s backs.

This is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. You must be able to work well with these highly trained, specialty dogs if you’re thinking about pursuing this vocation. Not only will you need to train your dependable K9 special agent, but you’ll also need to take care of them at all times. Then, in addition to getting paid nicely for it, you get to drive about with your dog at work all day while hanging out.

First, you’ll gain experience working as a typical police officer. After that, you and your dog will undergo months of specialized training to prepare you both for potential field scenarios, this makes it one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers .Finding bombs and drugs, pursuing and locating suspects, sniffing out and locating evidence… These are unusual breeds of well-trained dogs. They have a strong work ethic and sharp minds. Additionally, they have an exceptionally keen sense of smell. What a wonderful career you’ll have—one that you can be proud of.

  • Dog Baker / Chef

Dry, flavorless kibble that doesn’t match the nutritional demands of dogs is unacceptable. Dogs today are pleading for food of a higher caliber, which is made for humans. That’s where you step in with meals created by chefs using wholesome, natural ingredients.

The discerning dog parent of today wants top-notch canine cooks to elevate Rover’s dining experience to a whole other level with creative, sound baked products and/or gourmet top shelf meals. This really fun, amazing career can begin in your kitchen if you enjoy baking and cooking. And fortunately for you AND your resident dog tester, you can take this career to the dining room and the bank! This is another one out of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers..

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  • Canine Agent

Do you like watching dogs on screen or in television shows or videos? If yes, this is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. They did not arrive there by chance only because they are adorable. The agents and trainers for the animals are independent. You get paid as a canine agent for finding four-legged superstars with fur. Think about the well-known tale of Bonny the Shih Tzu.

This four-legged star of “Seven Psychopaths,” who was discovered on Craigslist, made it to the red carpet after being discovered by a dog-lover agent, who helped her achieve fame. Do you own a canine that is smart, handsome, and well-mannered? After then, you may represent them and pursue a career as an A-list dog.

  • Work at a Shelter

Helping the homeless, abandoned, and rescued dogs find new permanent homes is one of the most crucial tasks for dog lovers. Staff members receive a paycheck, whereas volunteers do not. This is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. Both can make you feel good and healthy amounts of warm fuzzies when you improve the life of another living thing.

Volunteers provide companionship for animals, boost staff morale, and act as a temporary family for animals in search of a permanent home. In order for pet parents to find their perfect dog and the dogs to find happy homes, staff members keep everything running smoothly. There is simply no way to quantify that, and it was time well spent.

  • Become an Animal Communicator

Dogs and all other animals use energy and telepathy to communicate mind to mind and heart to heart. Like most individuals, you may have forgotten the skills you were born with to perform this. This is also another one out of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers. No matter what other career you choose, being able to communicate with dogs is THE most crucial animal job ability you can have.

Your capacity to understand what the dog is experiencing, and thinking will be needed by veterinarians, trainers, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, and everyone else. You become a better dog lover and protector as well as a more efficient dog trainer when you can ask them questions, explain methods, talk about behavior issues and training, and get them ready for what’s to come.

Therefore, no matter what line of work you decide to pursue, start by learning how to communicate with dogs so you may access their secret inner world of needs, wants, and emotions. Best Jobs for Dog Lovers, this will allow you to have idea of better ways to communicate with dogs

  • Service Dog Trainer

A rewarding career path with dogs is training service dogs. Service dogs must spend several years with a trainer learning specialized and specific abilities before they may assist others. This is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers.

Although there isn’t a specific training course for training service dogs, you can become certified and trained by attending a service dog school. Additionally, you’ll need to be skilled in training dogs such that they comply with your commands 100% of the time. You must also learn about the usage of service dogs as a tool for persons with disabilities.

  • Search-and-Rescue Worker

The use of specially trained canines by search and rescue personnel to help locate catastrophe victims is common. This work is not for the weak of heart because it may be incredibly rewarding but also emotionally damaging. It’s highly demanding, so be sure you can handle the job’s physical demands before applying. It is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers.

  • Animal Cruelty Investigator

Another position where your love for dogs must be matched by your capacity to witness them in the most trying circumstances is this one. In this one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers, you’ll frequently experience heartbreak, but you’ll also frequently save priceless dogs from terrifying creatures. A degree in criminal science or a field closely connected to animal science is required for this position. Additionally advantageous is previous work as a vet tech, trainer, or animal control officer.

  • Animal Control Worker

Animal control officers are crucial to the humane treatment of stray animals, despite the fact that it might feel like being a cop who arrests dogs. In the end, it’s much better for a dog to be safely collected and transported to a shelter (hopefully one that doesn’t kill) than it is for the dog to risk its life on the streets. The joy you experience when you help a family find their lost dog is also indescribable. This is one of the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers.

FAQS on Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

What jobs can you get with a dog show degree?

Dog enthusiasts who value elegance, grace, and dignity might wish to pursue a career in the dog show industry. You might work with training, pampering, and competing in dog shows, or you might be a judge. To cope with the dogs, you'll need a keen eye for detail and patience. Animal Translator

Should you turn your love for dogs into a career?

Maybe you might think about making your passion for dogs a part-time or perhaps full-time career. We investigated some of the finest occupations for dog lovers, how much money you can make doing it, and some of their benefits and drawbacks! Check to see if you can work with dogs in the future!

How many hours does it take to become a certified dog trainer?

300 hours of classroom time are required for the Certified Pet Dog Trainer program, in addition to ongoing education.


The above Best Jobs for Dog Lovers are all fantastic options for making a living while spending time with dogs. Additionally, they are diverse enough that you may almost likely discover one that matches your personality and skill set, allowing you to locate the ideal job for you. As you can see, there numerous careers involving animals outside being a veterinarian.

But bear in mind that sometimes adopting an animal is the most effective approach to aid them. Find a job that you enjoy if none of the aforementioned dog-related ones do; then, when you’re not working, take care of your own dog. And keep in mind that you can buy more snacks and toys the more money you earn.

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