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10 Best Free Wireframe Tools

Best Free Wireframe Tools. Wireframing is the foundation of every UX UI product design, much like breathing is an essential part of life. Talking about creating a stunning design without wireframe tools is merely a fallacy.

Despite the fact that a designer cannot function without a wireframe tool

Despite using numerous wireframing tools, you might not have had all the information you needed to create a great design. We can assist you if you’re looking for the greatest tools without spending an arm and a leg.

The top free wireframe tools with distinctive characteristics have been assembled in this article. You can navigate using the table of contents below.

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Best Free Wireframe Tools

The top free wireframe tools are listed here. Be aware that just because they are free doesn’t mean a membership will cost you money. It simply implies that you can start with one of their free trials or one of their basic, unrestricted subscriptions.

  • UXPin
  • Adobe XD
  • Axure RP
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Mockplus
  • Fluid UI

1. UXPin

Best Free Wireframe Tools

Cost: Starting at $19 for each editor per month

One of the best wireframe tools is UXPin. You get a strong, user-friendly GUI, straightforward icons, and a reliable set of UI components with this wireframing tool.

Additionally, you can import and export files from this tool to Sketch and Photoshop, enabling you to later transform your wireframes into finished prototypes.

An elegant user interface, reading of sketch and P5 files, and top-notch presentation capabilities are some outstanding collaboration features. The absence of a free version of this tool is its lone flaw.

2. Adobe XD

The cost of Adobe XD starts at £9.98 per month (for a single app) or £49.94 per month (for Creative Cloud).

Another excellent wireframing tool that we suggest is Adobe XD, especially if you enjoy design. The vector-based design tool in question is compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows.

It allows you to doodle a wireframe and produce storyboards, site maps, and flowcharts. The application also contains advanced capabilities including cross-platform compatibility, creative cloud integration, and other features.

The fact that Adobe XD is compatible with other Adobe products, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Stock, is exciting.

The main disadvantage is that the complete version requires a membership; therefore, unless you have a Creative Cloud subscription, there is no free version.

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3. Azure RP

The cost of Axure RP starts at $25 (pro) per user per month.

This Axure RP is the perfect option if you are interested in UX Pro design. One of the best free wireframe tools available is this one. With the help of this tool, you can design high-fidelity wireframes as well as low-fidelity ones and add more functionality.

You can use it to generate interactive HTML mockups for both websites and applications, and the built-in sharing feature lets you view your app design on your phone.

This tool has a learning curve that is uncommon in other free wireframe tools, which is another intriguing feature.

For seasoned UX experts who wish to hand off their designs to developers, this is a fantastic alternative. Keep in mind that only Windows and macOS support it.

4. Paper prototyping

Price: Free

Regarding time and financial costs, accessibility, learnability, and practicability, pen and paper are the best free wireframing and prototyping tools.

The main distinction between pen and paper and other free wireframe tools is that pen and paper are both inexpensive and accessible. No matter where you are, you can rapidly create a wireframe with a few lines.

The main issue with this tool is that it is only appropriate for little projects, not large ones. To preserve widgets and present the entire project, the large software could require a lot of your energy.

It only works with Android, too.

5. Balsamiq Mockups

Price: A desktop starts at $89 for a single user, while a web version starts at $9 per month.

Balsamiq Mockups is the following in our list. Balsamiq Mockups makes it really simple to pick up and start creating wireframes, even if you have no prior expertise. Instead of producing a polished prototype, this tool is ideal for producing a straightforward, low-tech wireframe.

It is simple to use and requires little training. The only drawback is that designs aren’t always best served by low-tech wireframes.

Despite this, this is a great choice for non-techies and lean UX teams because to the well-integrated communication tools and user testing.

Be aware that web browsers, Mac, Windows, and Linux all support Balsamiq.

The main issue is that Balsamiq Wireframes lacks animations and interactive elements, making them unsuitable for creating larger prototypes. Therefore, you must be able to program interactions and export them as an interactive PDF if you wish to emulate the user experience of your product.

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6. Photoshop

Cost: Starting at $19.99 per month when bundled with Adobe Creative Cloud

Do you require a tool with lots of functionality and industry standards? Photoshop has you completely covered. Photoshop is the industry standard when it comes to design software in general. There are no unique features for wireframing; for instance, there are no libraries of interface elements.

No reason prevents you from using it for wireframing, though. Photoshop may very well be the greatest because of how seamlessly it integrates with other Adobe products and services like Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts.

7. Sketch


Another free wireframe tool is Sketch. It is a fantastic tool for making straightforward wireframes, and its Symbol function enables you to automatically repeat elements across your layout. If you want to develop a complete prototype, there are lots of third-party UI kits available for download.

Furthermore, it is a one-time purchase and doesn’t require a subscription, unlike Adobe products.

This tool offers an easy-to-use interface with a strong UI focus. The fact that it is only compatible with Mac is the only drawback.


Single user costs $120 per year; Businesses pay $990 per year.

An online static wireframe design tool is called If you’re a dedicated minimalist designer, this tool should be your dish. You can use the website right away even if you choose not to register.

The interface is good and clear; designers won’t be diverted by the drawn-out website introduction or the annoying popping box, and you’ll be able to polish your design with all of your attention.

This free wireframe tool’s limitation is the absence of animation and interactivity capabilities, as well as the lack of tools for making mockups, presentations, prototyping, screen capture, and feedback management.

9. Mockplus

Price: Basic-free; Pro-$29 per month

Another tool on our list of free wireframe tools is Mockplus. It is a quick wireframe tool that enables you to complete flawless interactive wireframe work as quickly as you can.

Similar to this, Mockplus offers a wealth of materials that are at your disposal. Additionally, it permits direct MP file export from Sketch, making Sketch a convenient tool for prototyping.

In addition, Mockplus offers eight options for distributing and testing wireframes or prototypes that address network and platform limitations. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, a mobile device, or a browser, you have a lot of alternatives.

Additionally, because mockplus features a Mindmap Design Mode, you may finish any project’s page structure with just one click.

The only issue with this tool is that because it only offers low and medium fidelity wireframes, you cannot produce high fidelity designs.

10. FluidUI

$8.25 per month; Pro: $19.08 per month; Team: $41.58 per month. Fluid User Interface

On our list of Free Wireframe Tools, Fluid UI comes in last but not least. A special free tool for wireframing designs is called Fluid UI. It aids in animations and gestures. A high-fidelity wireframe design is also present. More than 2500 widgets and icons in this application are specially designed for creating wireframes,

Additionally, it enables users to export the complete view for usage as a flow document. Another intriguing feature of Fluid UI is the ability to provide real-time team communication.

Noting that you cannot upload numerous photos at once presents the sole difficulty.

FAQs on Best Free Wireframe Tools

Which of the following is a free and open source tool for wireframing?

Wondershare Mockitt - a popular open-source wireframe software to create wireframes, prototypes, mockups, UI/UX design and other designs

How to design wireframes for free?

Figma Clique favorite.
InVision Clique favorite.
Pencil Project.
Miro Clique favorite.

What re the top things to remember in creating better wireframes?

Be clear about your objective.
Sketch your ideas on paper first.
Use a properly-sized canvas.
Grid it out.
Strive for consistency.
Think in terms of flow, not individual screens.
Aim to have the content early in the process.
Use color intentionally.

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