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Best Free Email Marketing Service

Best Free Email Marketing Service. The ground beneath you can shift at any time when the channels via which you contact customers are not owned by you. That’s the sweet spot for email marketing. The good news is that there is a plethora of free email marketing solutions accessible, with all the functionality you require to develop your email marketing strategy—and then some.

I looked into and evaluated more than sixty free email marketing applications to determine which ones would work best for different use cases and kinds of businesses. The top six free email marketing apps are listed below.

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What makes the best free email marketing service?

The quantity of sends and subscribers includes at no cost. In this sense, several free email marketing platforms are giving out thousands of free sends per month; however, other platforms have low caps, which means your “free” platform won’t stay free for very long. Throughout the test, I kept this in mind.

  • Email personalization and templates. Your email marketing business shouldn’t have to begin from scratch. The greatest solutions include a minimum of a few beautifully crafted and polished templates to let you launch your free email campaign right away. Additionally, the email editor must be exceptionally user-friendly in situations where no free templates are available.
  • Segmenting an audience. Delivering the correct emails to the right people at the right time is essential for success with email. This implies that any free email campaign software you select must have functional audience segmentation options for expanding enterprises.
  • Mechanization. Email marketing needs to be scalable, and a growing company must be able to automate everything from transactional emails to triggered campaigns and beyond.
  • Flexibility. Speaking of, you don’t have to grow out of email marketing simply because you’re starting off doing it for free. When needed, the top free email marketing software can transition to a premium plan, adding more features and higher limitations along the way. It can also expand with your organization.
  • Complete features for email marketing. Many useful applications are available that are tailored to specific email formats (such as transactional or newsletter emails), but for the purposes of this discussion, I’ve concentrated on fully functional apps that you can utilize for all aspects of your email marketing business.

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Best Free Email Marketing Service


Although MailerLite’s free newsletter service lacks pre-made themes, the dynamic, pre-designed content blocks more than make up for it. MailerLite makes it easy for seasoned email marketers to quickly create fresh campaigns and unique templates by providing blocks for highlighting numerous articles, videos, RSS lists, products, apps, events, and more.

Emails can contain more than simply text and pictures. A countdown timer is included that dynamically displays the amount of time left before a deal ends or until you launch a product. In addition to adding product details, you can embed a video and use a dynamically updating RSS block to bring in your most current blog entries. Sending interactive emails as opposed to merely digital letters is a terrific use for it.

MailerLite’s free package offers extensive automation and audience segmentation capabilities in addition to email content. Automation processes can be quickly mapped out using an easy-to-use builder, or you can start right away with one of the 15 brand-new pre-built flows. Segments can be created both once and persistently, and aggregate statistics can be seen by segment as well.

Additionally, MailerLite connects with Zapier, allowing you to automate tasks like forwarding Mailchimp subscribers to MailerLite and adding new MailerLite subscribers from Google Sheets.


Everything you need is available at HubSpot. The comprehensive and cost-free email marketing capabilities include reporting, up to 2,000 emails each month, and ten active lists. You can add more HubSpot solutions for CRM, complete marketing automation, customer support, sales, and more when you’re prepared to grow.

As soon as your signup is complete, the email tool launches the editor, allowing you to get started right away. The user guide covers all the information required to create stunning, successful campaigns in HubSpot, making it the next point of contact for anyone new to the platform or email marketing in general. The new AI tools from HubSpot make things even simpler.

One thousand static lists and ten “active” lists (with extremely fast options to segment, for example, hard-bouncers or recipients who open but don’t click) are included in the free plan.

HubSpot has a sizable free plan, but if you use it more, the price can go up fast. The entire Marketing Hub is reasonably priced at $18 per month, but you’ll have to shell out more money if you require a lot of contacts or capabilities like A/B testing, bespoke reporting, or omnichannel marketing automation.

Additionally, HubSpot works with Zapier, allowing you to copy fresh leads from your advertisements into HubSpot and instantly generate and update HubSpot contacts from your contact management platform. Here are some pre-made workflows to get you started, along with some additional HubSpot automation ideas.

Brevo (Sendinblue, previously)

Brevo is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a single tool to manage all of your sales and marketing requirements. A number of new features have been added since Brevo rebranded from Sendinblue, including a fully functional CRM, unified solutions for sales meetings, calls, and chat, and simplified deal tracking.

In addition to these, the app continues to provide a range of goal-based templated automation flows. You can select your workflow to enhance interaction, boost traffic, expand sales, or cultivate connections.

With only a few clicks, you can modify emails and set up your account. Brevo offers a wide variety of campaign types, including online push, Facebook Ads, SMS, WhatsApp, and email campaigns. The process of creating a campaign is also simplified. From there, you can use a drag-and-drop editor and hundreds of pre-made templates to create your emails. Next, distribute them via email newsletters or schedule their distribution using Brevo’s automated procedures.

Although you can’t send as many emails at once as you can with other free email marketing tools, you can manage more contacts and divide them into targeted lists—the free plan includes an unlimited number of contacts. Brevo also has an inexpensive $12 whitelabeling add-on that can be added to any plan, and you can purchase pre-paid credits to send more emails than your daily allotment.

By integrating Brevo with Zapier, you can increase its functionality and automatically generate new Brevo subscribers from leads from Facebook Lead Ads, Mailchimp, Google Contacts, and more. Explore more well-liked Zapier automation solutions for Brevo, or start with these suggestions.


Mailchimp, one of the most well-liked email marketing applications because of its approachable branding, is a wonderful spot to launch your email marketing campaign if you want to grow it rapidly. In its free plan, the software offers a landing page builder, list segmentation, retargeting advertisements, A/B testing, and customer journey mapping.

Mailchimp is a user-friendly editor that offers practical advice and industry best practices, making it a viable choice for novice and expert email marketers alike. For instance, a sidebar informs you, among other things, about the ideal character count and the usage of emojis in subject lines when creating one.

When you’re prepared to go beyond the features of the free plan, Mailchimp offers three distinct subscription packages that enable scaling possible. Additionally, Mailchimp can manage email campaigns of any scale, so you won’t ever need to move to a different tool if you can afford to let it expand with your needs.

Because Mailchimp and Zapier are integrated, you can do things like automatically add leads, spreadsheet entries, and new form responders to a Mailchimp list. Discover more about Mailchimp automation, or begin using one of these pre-configured workflows.


Sender is your greatest option if you want a lot of value at no cost. 2,500 subscribers, 15,000 emails a month, and complete access to more sophisticated services like automation and audience segmentation are all included in the opulent free plan. Sender’s truly shines out at a time when the majority of email marketing applications are curtailing their free plans.

Although there aren’t many elegant email templates available, the program does provide about 40, the majority of them are of a respectable caliber. Although it isn’t my favorite, the drag-and-drop editor functions. The automation tool is simple to use and comes with 11 basic triggers, although it lacks pre-built processes. In addition to the typical dimensions you would anticipate, you may also create audience groups based on many eCommerce-specific ones.

Speaking of which, you’ll undoubtedly need to upgrade at some point if you want to use Sender for eCommerce, but the commercial plans are also really cheap; for $47.50 a month, you can have up to three users, 10,000 subscribers, 120,000 email sends, SMS functionality, and whitelabeling.

Additionally, you can use Sender and Zapier to automate additional tasks related to your email marketing strategy, such as publishing emails to additional channels and synchronizing new Sender subscribers with other apps. Though you can integrate Sender with thousands of other apps in your IT stack, these are some ideas.

Loops (Web)

Loops is an email marketing program that was designed with automation in mind from the ground up. The program refers to these automatic procedures as “loops” (thus the name), and even on the free plan, they are limitless.

Many of Loops’ features are tailored for SaaS organizations, which is why they were created. You can quickly set out automations for popular subscription use cases, such as welcoming new paid customers, inviting people to upgrade, and promoting engagement, with 17 pre-built loops to select from.

Additionally, the program has audience segmentation, which is simple to use but basic. All things considered, Loop’s user interface is clear, uncomplicated, and incredibly intuitive.

There is a major catch to this recommendation: Loops only offers a few plain text email templates and a rich text editor. This is a wonderful alternative if that fits your email marketing plan, but be aware that you won’t be creating elaborate, visually stunning campaigns.

Zapier and Loops may be used to send events to Loops, add new subscribers from other apps, and do a lot more to expand the possibilities for automation. Here are a few illustrations for you.

FAQs on Best Free Email Marketing Service

What is the best free email marketing tool?

MailerLite for advanced email marketers.
HubSpot for segmentation.
Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) for all-in-one marketing and sales features.
Mailchimp for a growing email marketing program.
Sender for the most generous free plan.
Loops for email marketing automation.

Is there a free service like Mailchimp?

Most alternatives to MailChimp have free plans. But Omnisend, Mailerlite, and Sendinblue provide more features for free. With Omnisend, for example, you get unlimited contact list size, 500 monthly emails, popups, automations, SMS, web push, professional email templates, and A/B testing.

How to get free email addresses for marketing?

Make sure there's something in it for them (and never, ever, spam)
Offer useful resources.
Use Facebook ads.
Offer free tutorial videos.
Promote your newsletter signup throughout your website.
Get personal.
Use popups to promote special offers.
Host contests!

Is Mailchimp free to use?

We offer 4 types of Marketing plans: Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium. Whether you're just starting out, growing your business, or already working with a large number of contacts, we have an option that fits your marketing needs.

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