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10 Best Colleges in Vancouver

Best Colleges in Vancouver: In Vancouver, the biggest city and capital of British Columbia, there is something for everyone, from community colleges and nonprofit organizations to public and private schools.

Because of its location, culture, and leading sectors, Vancouver has earned a number of nicknames. Due to its annual average rainfall of approximately 50 inches, the city is known as “Raincouver.”

The third-largest TV and film industry on the continent has its headquarters in Vancouver, which is known to movie buffs as “Hollywood North.”

Architectural experts refer to Vancouver as the City of Glass, which is a reflection of the glass aesthetic seen throughout the city’s central business district.

Since Vancouver is also considered as one of the most livable cities in the world, students from all walks of life may anticipate finding housing that matches their needs. Many theaters, festivals, libraries, museums, symphony halls, and culinary delights can be found in the city.

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Best Colleges in Vancouver

Some of the top universities in Canada, North America, and the entire world are located in a city as lively as Vancouver, British Columbia.

The best colleges in Vancouver are shown below.

1. Vancouver Community College

Best Colleges in Vancouver
VCC_Best Colleges in Vancouver

At the open Vancouver Community College Campus, students come from more than 150 different nations and speak more than 50 different languages.

Since the school is built to immerse students in real-world work environments, the majority of programs at VCC specify that students must train in nearby firms or facilities to acquire workplace skills.

They have restaurants, an auto shop, a spa, a salon, and other facilities that together provide lower-cost services to the Vancouver community.

One successful VCC graduate is Kevin Cherkas, a famous chef who once worked with the renowned Chef Daniel Boulud.

VCC launched the 133,000 square foot, $55 million Broadway campus addition in 2009, housing the college’s health science training programs.

Students can count on cutting-edge facilities and knowledgeable faculty members to support them no matter which occupational path they are passionate about taking.

2. Columbia College

Best Colleges in Vancouver
Columbia College _Best Colleges in Vancouver

The oldest international nonprofit institution in Canada was founded in 1936 and is called Columbia College. The university consistently ranks as one of the top 3 institutions of higher education that send students from abroad to the University of British Columbia.

For seniors who want to finish their coursework more quickly than they might in a typical high school, Columbia College offers a Senior Secondary Program as part of their High School Program.

The Accelerated Secondary Program allows students who complete Grade 10 but do not want to complete high school to enter the transfer program at Columbia College more quickly.

Additionally, Columbia College runs a refugee bursaries program that enables high school refugee students to finish their high school education or pursue an associate’s degree without paying any fees, as well as a University Preparatory Program for high school graduates who are not yet prepared for direct admission to a university.

Every year, Columbia sponsors the Limitless academic conference, where students can share their research with the public and participate in panel discussions.

3. University Canada West

Global University Systems, which also owns and runs educational facilities in the UK, Canada, Israel, India, Germany, and Ireland, is the current owner of University Canada West (UCW), which was established in 2005.

The QS Stars higher education ranking system recently awarded UCW a 5-star rating, making it the third Canadian university and the first in British Columbia to do so.

ApplyBoard has recognized their MBA program as the fourth-best in Canada, and the college consistently wins recognition for its online learning initiatives.

Gainful employment should become available to UCW graduates within a year of graduation; in fact, 100% of graduates find work within six months, 88% of students find work within three months, and 67% find work within one month.

UCW graduates hold positions with some of the most prosperous multinational companies, such as Siemens, Apple, Nestle, and Walt Disney World.

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4. British Columbia Institute of Technology

The BC Institute of Technology, one of British Columbia’s biggest universities, makes an economic contribution of more than $800 million.

Six schools, representing the following fields: Computer and Academic Studies, Building and the Environment, Energy, Transportation, and Health Sciences, make up the over 50,000-student campus.

The BC Institute of Technology, the first permanent trade school in British Columbia, prioritizes real-world skills over academic knowledge at the moment.

96% of BCIT graduates have jobs, and 97% of apprentice graduates find work within a year of finishing their training.

Its graduates go on to achieve great success; in fact, BCIT carpentry alumnus Kevin Hatch just received the Forty Under 40 award from Business in Vancouver, and he hires a lot of apprentices from the program.

5. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

The institution, one of the oldest in British Columbia and the only one devoted exclusively to professional education in arts, design, and media, is named after Canadian artist Emily Carr.

In 2021, Emily Carr was ranked 30th in the world and was crowned the best art and design university in Canada.

A center for the advancement of Aboriginal culture that Emily Carr recently constructed frequently accommodates modern artists, native talking circles, and other activities. ECU and Kerner Studio (of Lucasfilm) joined together in 2009 to establish a stereoscopic 3D research studio with a focus on producing 3D motion pictures.

6. Capilano University

Capilano University was established in 1968 by the residents of Vancouver and the city’s education boards, and it is named after Chief Joe Capilano, a chief of the Squamish Tribe of the Coast Salish tribe. At first, every class met in the evening.

As the first Canadian university to receive accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Capilano is renowned for its emphasis on education. The new Center for Childhood Studies will be built on the main campus starting in the middle of 2022 and is expected to open in late 2024.

Students who are interested in athletics will be drawn to Capilano University Blues games because the institution has won 14 Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association national championships in its history.

One of Capilano University’s most well-known graduates is the singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan, who holds a doctorate in fine arts. Since then, Capilano graduates have won honors consistently; in 2017, seven alumni and two teachers from the jazz program were nominated for Juno awards.

7. Langara College

Langara, also known as the “house of lessons,” got its name from the Musqueam First Nation, on whose territory it is located. Admiral Juan de Langara of Spain, who made numerous significant contributions to the area of cartography, is the name of the neighborhood.

One of the best undergraduate colleges in British Columbia, Langara offers career studies, continuing studies, and university studies.

Students can anticipate receiving instruction from professors who are authorities in their fields.

For instance, Canadian actor and film director Kathryn Shaw is in charge of Studio 58 at the School of Theatre Arts, which has been named one of Canada’s top 5 drama schools. Out of the hundreds of auditioners, the school only admits 16 per semester for a 2-year production or 3-year acting degree.

8. University of British Columbia

Kwantlen Polytechnic, which was founded in 1981, is the only polytechnic university in Canada that emphasizes practical hands-on skills; in fact, a large portion of its degrees involve a field experience component.

In each of their five campuses in Surrey, Richmond, Cloverdale, Langley, and Civic Plaza, the maximum number of students per class is 35.

KPU provides distinctive programs that are not available at other Canadian or American universities. For instance, they are the only ones in Western Canada that offer degrees in product design and fashion technology.

Moreover, the institution is the first public university to provide an acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine program.

The only place in British Columbia where students can get a brewing diploma is Kwantlen, which also has the first Master Brewers Association-approved brewing program. The only program of its kind on the continent is the Bachelor of Horticultural Science in Urban Ecosystems.

In 2018, the brand-new Wilson School of Design opened its doors to students. Other more complimentary services are available to students, including free access to fitness facilities and English language instruction (which alumni and employees can enjoy, as well).

9. Simon Fraser University

The Vancouver campus of Simon Fraser University was established in 1989 and is regarded as the “intellectual core of the city.”

The institution consistently ranks among the top 250 universities in the world as well as the best universities in Canada.

In addition, they were voted the best comprehensive university in Canada by Maclean’s University Rankings, and out of the top 15 research universities in Canada, they came in second for research impact.

The Coast Capital Venture Connection, a student-business incubator housed at SFU, teaches students how to commercialize and profit from their research. The institution established one of Canada’s earliest and largest co-op education programs and placed more than 8,500 students in internships with multinational corporations; as a result, Forbes Magazine named the institution a top employer.

Both the teachers and alumni of Simon Fraser are highly regarded. The Denial of Death author Ernest Becker spent his final years teaching at SFU. He won the Pulitzer Prize for this book.

Three Rhodes Scholars have graduated from the institution, while 11 SFU students have recently been inducted into the Royal Society of Canada, which is the country’s highest academic accolade.

10. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia, which has been operating since 1915, is currently rated as one of the top 20 public universities in the world. In its existence, the school has committed an incredible $759.1 million in funding to 10,000 initiatives.

They were ranked seventh among North American Public Institutions and second-best in Canada for 2022 by the Timer Higher Education Global University Rankings.

Third place and a first-place tie in the global rankings for Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Impact (their research has given rise to 233 new enterprises!) are other rankings.

Dr. Pieter Cullis’ research lab at UBC developed the lipid nanoparticle delivery system that allows the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine to enter human cells. Dr. Cullis and six other coworkers were recently named to the Order of Canada in 2021.

Students won’t be surprised to discover about the several well-known graduates who have made significant contributions to a variety of professions given the school’s illustrious reputation.

Eight Nobel laureates (five of whom were academics, including economist Daniel Kahneman) and 71 Rhodes Scholars are on the long list.

UBC alumni have won 63 medals at the Olympics, 19 of which are gold, and three Canadian prime ministers—John Turner, Kim Campbell, and Justin Trudeau—started their careers there.

Best Colleges in Vancouver
Best Colleges in Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there good colleges in Vancouver?

Vancouver is well known for its top-notch schools and universities as well as the high caliber of instruction provided there. The goal of educational institutions in Vancouver is to give students the finest setting for conducting ground-breaking research and gaining real-world experience.

What’s the average salary in Vancouver?

The average pay in Vancouver is $62,250, 14.3% more than the $54,450 national average.

What kind of budget must I have if I want to study in Vancouver?

The majority of students who are getting ready to move to Vancouver may be curious about Vancouver's cost of living. The entire price ranges from $2,700 to $3800 per month, to provide a succinct response to this query.

What profession offers the best income in Vancouver?

The most paying profession in Vancouver is surgery. They make about C$478,000 year on average, which is more than 7 times the city's median income. Most people don't find it strange that surgeons are the best paid professions in Vancouver.



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