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Best colleges in manhattan 2023

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Best colleges in manhattan. Manhattan is at the top of the list of excellent institutions that provide graduates with a decent return on their investment since the majority of its graduates do not have trouble finding employment after graduation.

In addition, Manhattan’s colleges perform better than expected in areas like starting salaries and mid-career earnings, earning the designation of “value-added” from organizations like Forbes, World Report, Brookings, Payscale, and U.S. News.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 universities in Manhattan to assist you in choosing which schools there might be a suitable fit for you.

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Best Colleges In Manhattan

1. St. John’s University

A Roman Catholic university having campuses on Staten Island and Manhattan is called St. John’s University. The Congregation of the Mission formed it in 1870 with the goal of providing an increasingly large immigrant community with a top-notch higher education.

The university has campuses abroad in places like Limerick, Ireland, Rome, Italy, and Paris, France. Five undergraduate and six graduate schools make up St. John’s. It is one of the greatest universities in Manhattan and provides more than 100 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional certificate programs.

The university will have 15,690 undergraduate students in 2020. Students from 46 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and 119 other countries make up the student body. More than 190,000 St. John’s graduates are spread out over the globe as of 2020. The total cost of attendance is $46,050.

There are more than 180 academic, professional, and extracurricular student groups at St. John’s, including the St. John’s Bread and Life program, which supports and helps the less fortunate. Since 1956, Greek groups have been a part of campus life.

2. Fordham University

One of the top universities in Manhattan, Fordham University was established in 1841. With a total undergraduate enrollment of 9,399 students and $55,776 in tuition and fees, it is a private college.

Since Fordham University has campuses all around New York City, students can reside there while attending classes. The school’s original Bronx location, Rose Hill, is conveniently located close to the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Gardens, and Little Italy. The other two Fordham campuses are Westchester in West Harrison, New York, and Lincoln Center in Central Park.

Students at Fordham University can travel between campuses via the school’s burgundy Ram Van shuttle, which operates every half-hour. In NCAA Division I, the Fordham Rams compete as a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference. The Jesuit university Fordham University does not have a Greek system.

One of Fordham’s graduate programs is the highly regarded Fordham School of Law, which is home to the nation’s first Fashion Law Institute. Some prominent alumni include NBA sportscaster Mike Breen, former Connecticut Rep. Robert Giaimo, and former US Postmaster General John E. Potter. Students at Fordham University can travel between campuses using the school’s Ram Van, a burgundy shuttle that runs every half-hour. In NCAA Division I, the Fordham Rams compete as a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference.

3. Columbia University

On the grounds of Trinity Church in Manhattan, King’s College, a private Ivy League research university, was established in 1754. Today, Columbia University is located in New York City.

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious research institutes in the world and provides undergraduate and graduate students with a prestigious learning environment in a range of academic and professional fields.

The first nuclear pile, the first nuclear fission reaction in the Americas, the first proof of plate tectonics and continental drift, lasers and masers, nuclear magnetic resonance, brain-computer interfaces, lasers, and masers, much of the initial research and planning for the Manhattan Project during World War II, and more were all pioneered by Columbia scientists and scholars.

Columbia University is one of the top universities in Manhattan with twenty schools, including four undergraduate and sixteen graduate programs. It is well known for its research projects, which include the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and accelerator facilities with major tech companies like Amazon and IBM.

4. New York University

Private research university New York University has its primary campus in Manhattan’s bustling Greenwich Village district. By act of the New York State Legislature, it was established in 1831.

In 2020, NYU’s undergraduate enrolment will number 27,444 students, and tuition and fees will be close to $55,900.

Since its inception, NYU has been a pioneer in higher education, embracing an urban identity and a career-focused middle class. They are at the top of the list of finest colleges in Manhattan because they support a worldwide vision that motivates its 19 schools and colleges.

Today, NYU is one of the most renowned and respected research universities in the world, with highly esteemed academic programs and acceptance rates of less than one in five undergraduate applicants.

5. The Rockefeller University

America’s first biomedical institute is Rockefeller University, a private institution of higher learning in New York City’s Upper East Side. It was established in June 1901.

The institution offers doctoral and postdoctoral degrees and focuses on biological and medical sciences.

The Rockefeller University Press is the publisher of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, the Journal of Cell Biology, and the Journal of General Physiology. As of October 2020, Rockefeller University had 38 Nobel laureates associated with it, ranking it among the top universities in Manhattan.

Best colleges in manhattan

6. Stevens Institute of Technology

The Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), known as “America’s First Family of Inventors,” is one of Manhattan’s top universities. Edwin A. Stevens wanted to leave enough money in his will to create a university, thus he founded SIT in 1870.

The academic schools at SIT are the School of Business, School of Systems and Enterprises, College of Arts and Letters, and Charles V. Schaefer Jr. School of Engineering and Science. The Hoboken campus is home to all of the schools, as well as a number of residence halls, restaurants, sports venues, and research institutions.

At SIT, three other top-notch national research centers are hosted. While the Marine Security Center looks into port and maritime security, the Systems Engineering Research Center is connected to the US Department of Defense. The last Center of Excellence unites engineering specialties and shipbuilding at the Atlantic Center for the Innovative Design and Control of Small Ships.

6,900 undergraduate and graduate students from the university’s three schools and one college work closely with instructors in an interdisciplinary, student-centered, entrepreneurial setting.

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7. City College New York

The most esteemed college in the City University of New York system is City College of New York. It has been committed to educating a diverse student body for 174 years. Undergraduates at City College have access to close to 70 majors.

At City College, there are over 20 research institutions with specialties in the social sciences, engineering, and sciences. It is situated in an urban area and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 12,587 students. In-state tuition and fees are $7,340, and out-of-state tuition and fees are $19,010.

Popular CCNY campuses with well-known programs include the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, Grove School of Engineering, and Division of Humanities and Arts. The CUNY School of Medicine’s Sophie Davis Biomedical Engineering program enables students to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in seven years.

Both former New York City Mayor Edward Koch and former Secretary of State Colin Powell attended CUNY. Ten Nobel laureates have graduated from the college, elevating it to the top tier of Manhattan’s colleges.

Popular CCNY campuses with well-known programs include the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, Grove School of Engineering, and Division of Humanities and Arts.

8. The New York City Campus of Berkeley College

With campuses in New York and New Jersey, it was established in 1931. Because Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission for Higher Education, it is considered to be among the greatest universities in Manhattan.

Numerous business and cultural monuments are just a few steps away from Berkeley’s midtown skyscrapers, which are located between 41st and 43rd Streets and between 5th and Madison Avenues. They are the location of some of the most renowned real estate in the world.
Because it is a global hub for commerce, finance, design, and other industries, the city is excellent for internships and job prospects.

The campus is close to Grand Central Station and has access to adjacent buses, trains, and subways. There are numerous attractions nearby, including Broadway theaters, libraries, churches, and historical places.

9. Marymount Manhattan College

Private Marymount Manhattan College can be found in New York City’s Upper East Side. There are 1,571 undergraduate students there, with women making up 80.1% of the total and men making up 19.9%.

The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary founded Marymount Manhattan College in 1936 as a two-year women’s college and an extension of Marymount College, Tarrytown in Tarrytown, New York. The University of the State of New York’s Regents granted MMC an unqualified charter as a four-year, independent institution.

1 721 undergraduate students attend Marymount, and the total cost of attendance is $37,410.

Marymount Manhattan maintains two residence halls, one of which is a 32-story tower on 55th Street in Midtown, despite the fact that the majority of its students live off-campus. MMC, also known as Marymount Manhattan College, does not have a varsity sports division. Nevertheless, it does feature about 40 student organizations, including a dance club, making the MMC one of the top universities in Manhattan.

10. Hunter College

The City University of New York’s Hunter College is a prestigious public institution that sees liberal arts and science education as a cornerstone of personal growth and an essential building block for a more equitable and inclusive society.

In order to continue their long tradition of expanding opportunity, it seeks students from all backgrounds to take part in a demanding educational experience that will prepare them to become leaders and innovators in their communities and around the world. Hunter also adds to the intellectual discussion by supporting the excellent research and innovative endeavors of gifted teachers.

Hunters College, which is in the heart of New York City, takes advantage of the energy of the city to make the most of its incredible resources via teaching, research, and creative expression while also giving back to it through service and citizenship.

In Manhattan, Hunter College takes pride in offering each student a top-notch education. Central Park is only two blocks distant from its main campus. Out of the roughly 60 options, nursing, computer science, and medical laboratory sciences offer the highest salaries.


Consider enrolling in one of the top schools in Manhattan if you want to study in a place where you’ll have better career chances after graduation. It College is a well-known innovator in the world for putting students in positions of success with large multinational corporations like IBM, Google, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo.

One of the most valuable investments you can make for yourself is in a high-quality education.

We trust that this post has provided you with all the details you need to find the top colleges in Manhattan.

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