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Best CDL Driving Schools in NJ (New Jersey)

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Best CDL Driving Schools in NJ (New Jersey). Many CDL driving schools in New Jersey offer top-notch instruction for truck drivers. If you attend school full-time, it will take you 3–6 weeks to complete your NJ truck driver training. Several institutions do, however, also provide part-time instruction that includes evening and weekend possibilities. Also, several colleges aid qualified students in finding employment. As a result, you won’t need a job after graduation. In addition to this, further benefits may be offered based on the school you choose. Thus, this post is for you if you desire a CDL education in New Jersey! See the top 15 CDL driving schools in New Jersey for 2023 by reading on.

Requirements for a New Jersey Commercial Driver’s License

Below are the requirements for a New Jersey Commercial Driver’s License.

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States or a non-US citizen with lawful permanent resident status.
  • Again, you must have a basic NJ driver’s license (Class D).
  • You should have a minimum of 20/40 vision in each eye with or without glasses.
  • You must be physically healthy and fit.
  • You must be able to recognize amber, green, and red colors.

Generally, all CDL/CLP drivers are required to complete the CDL Holder Self-Certification form and, if necessary, provide a current medical examiner certificate. Your background check or medical examination findings may cause you to lose your eligibility for a CDL driver’s license. Moreover, there won’t be a CLP fee refund if that occurs.

List of The Best CDL Driving Schools in New Jersey

The top CDL driving schools in New Jersey for 2023 are listed below. Let’s now examine them one after the other.

1. The E-Z Wheels Driving School

Regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity, they are dedicated to offering all clients high-quality driving instruction, training, and services. One of the top CDL driving schools in New Jersey in 2023 will be E-Z Wheels Driving School, which has seven campuses throughout NJ. Every office also features a classroom and a place to watch educational films. Moreover, they have two forklifts, a school bus, a class C bus, four huge class B buses, five straight trucks, twenty tractor-trailers, and seven cars in their fleet.

And these automobiles satisfy New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission requirements (NJMVC). We also appreciate that their instructors are upbeat, kind, knowledgeable, and NJMVC-licensed. They can all speak English and Spanish well, and two of them can even speak Portuguese well.

2. Express Driving School

Express Driving School is the next school that made it into our list of the top CDL driving schools in New Jersey. It gets you ready to apply for different licenses from NJMVC. They distinguish themselves from other institutions by offering their students individualized CDL instruction. They are able to work more productively as a result. You may be sure that Express Driving School will prepare you to drive safely since it employs the most recent videos and texts. You will also get knowledge on how to operate a motor vehicle mechanically.

3. Jersey Tractor Trailer Training

One of the first CDL driving schools in New Jersey is this one. When it originally started in 1984, it was also one of the first truck driving schools. It’s interesting to note that their teachers have a combined expertise of over 320 years. How incredible! Also, they have taught over 8,000 people in the transportation sector. Law enforcement agencies and Fortune 500 corporations frequently send their employees to this driving school to obtain CDL Licenses due to their reputation.

Moreover, Jersey Tractor Trailer Training places its pupils in jobs. Thus, after you finish your training, you won’t be as concerned about finding employment.

4. Bradway Trucking, Inc

Moreover, Jersey Tractor Trailer Training places its pupils in jobs. Thus, after you finish your training, you won’t be as concerned about finding employment. Also, their program is made to assist you in obtaining a class A or class B license.

5. Mr. Driving School

They give prospective CDL drivers state-approved training. Having been in the driving education business for more than 20 years, you can be confident you’re learning from the finest. One of the top schools in Middlesex and Somerset County is Mr. Driving School because to its distinctive teaching methodology. Also, since 2006, Mr. Driving Academy has been assisting people in developing their driving skills. You may develop the essential driving abilities and virtuous driving practices by enrolling in this driving school. You might also check the school’s website or drop by whenever to take a tour.

6. Driving Academy

One of the few top CDL driving schools in NJ that will provide a guaranteed training program in 2023 is Driving School. If you want your CDL Driving Schools results to be assured, you should sign up for their program. To further prepare you for obtaining a CDL and passing your road test, their courses include more than 100 hours of instruction. They also provide you an unlimited number of chances to pass your road test. You will just need to make one payment, and the school will keep bringing you for road tests until you pass without charging you more. They will continue to work with you until you obtain your CDL, in other words. Seems intriguing. Right?

7. Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training

This CDL Driving Schools training facility has been educating truck drivers for more than three decades. They have 140 pieces of equipment in their fleet. In addition, they offer guidance to the trucking sector on hiring, keeping, and complying with regulations regarding drivers. Smith & Solomon seeks to offer the top driving schools around the country. Moreover, they are committed to educate all students on the risks and responsibilities associated with operating a commercial motor vehicle. At Smith & Solomon, training programs and defensive driving classes make sure you learn driving skills that will last a lifetime.

8. Winsor’s Tractor Trailer Driving School

You will definitely receive your CDL Driving Schools license if you take their classes. Winsor’s Tractor Trailer Driving School also merits a spot on our list of the top 2023 CDL driving schools in New Jersey with a 4.3-star rating on Google. You may learn to drive a commercial truck at Winsor’s Driving School, and their programs will prepare you for a career in commercial trucking. Also, after finishing your course, you get access to the employment procedure in their network organizations. But, that’s not the end of it! As a student, you will also be given a lifelong work guarantee. How incredible!

9. Providence Driving School

The Providence CDL Driving School is situated in Bayonne, New Jersey, at 834 Broadway. Moreover, they offer behind-the-wheel training for:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Motorcycles

They also help you with your written and road tests. If you want a certificate of insurance discount, Providence Driving School may provide one upon request. Nevertheless, this is only available to pupils who have completed six hours or more of driving instruction. Also, this institution offers reasonable costs, first-rate services, and free door-to-door transportation.

10. Superior Driving School

This driving school has educated multiple New Jersey drivers and holds the necessary state certificates. The director of the school, more so, has been a CDL driver for 25 years (ten years instructing and fifteen years on the road). As a result, in 2023, we rank it as one of the top driving schools in New Jersey. Furthermore, their teachers have an average of over 13 years of professional CDL expertise. In addition, the school meets the requirements listed below:

  • It is certified and state-licensed by the NJMVC.
  • The school is a member of the NFIB.
  • It is a member of the NJBIA.

Hence, these accreditations demonstrate that they are among the top NJ-based programs for truck driver training.

11. Authority Driving School

Authority Driving School provides everything you need to get your CDL, including CDL classes A, B, C, and Bus. They offer a motivating and encouraging environment so that you may develop and learn. They are particularly dedicated about creating innovative and assured truck drivers. Thus, Authority Driving School is the best choice for you if you wish to graduate with the self-assurance and moral character necessary to drive. When you have completed your program, you will join the teaching and staff of the institution or its brilliant alumni organization.

12. 160 Driving Academy

Obtaining your CDL at 160 Driving School will enable you to start your journey toward a position paying an average of $50,340. You don’t need to worry about your funds in the meanwhile because the college helps many students with their expenses. They accomplish this by receiving complete tuition reimbursement from their affiliated trucking companies or assistance with training from the government. Other justifications for attending 160 Driving School include:

  • You will be in demand after completing your course.
  • 160 Driving Academy has committed instructors
  • They offer many tuition options

160 Driving School is one of the best CDL driving schools in New Jersey since it has locations outside of New Jersey.

13. Joseph’s Truck Driving School

Joseph’s Truck Driving Academy takes pleasure in offering its students a cost-effective, academic, and career-focused experience. You are guaranteed the greatest CDL driving experience thanks to their abundance of 30 years’ worth of expertise. You will learn the proper methods for inspecting trucks and operating them when you enroll in their CDL program. Your road test will go well if you do this. Nonetheless, we appreciate that Joseph’s Truck Driving School helps students find employment. So, finding employment after graduation won’t be difficult for you.

14. Mike’s Driving School, Inc

In 2023, Mike’s Driving School will be among the top NJ CDL driving schools. Since 1993, our driving school has been training safe drivers. They also provide CDL programs and driver education. Their knowledgeable, kind, and experienced teachers make learning to drive easier. In order to aid in your understanding and speed up your learning, they also provide one-on-one teaching. Moreover, these cars feature two controllers for steering directions.

15. North Ave. Driving School


The last school on our list of the top New Jersey CDL driving schools for 2023 is North Ave. Driving College. It has a reputation as one of the top driving schools in NJ because to its 4.7-star Google rating. This driving school has been providing its students with top-notch instruction since 1995. Moreover, North Ave offers instruction for motorbike and automobile tests. They hold a license for a driving school and are qualified to provide written and eye exams to 16-year-olds.

How To Register For CDL Driving Schools in New Jersey

It’s not too difficult to enroll in a CDL program at a New Jersey driving school. Below are some guiding steps.

  • Find out more about the NJ CDL driving schools and the available licenses.
  • Verify that you satisfy the standards of the school you’ve chosen.
  • You can enroll after selecting a Class A, B, or C license if you satisfy the school’s prerequisites. Advice: You might go to the school to take a tour or learn more about it.
  • Start your classes after paying your fee.


You may enroll in your selected school now that you are aware of New Jersey’s top CDL driving schools. In addition, the educational institutions we included in this post have licenses and certifications from the NJMVC. They therefore have everything necessary to give you CDL driving instruction.

FAQs on Best CDL Driving Schools in NJ (New Jersey)

How much does CDL training cost in NJ?

The average tuition for CDL training courses in New Jersey is around $11,400.

How much do CDL drivers make in NJ?

The average Commercial Truck Driver salary in New Jersey is $62,990 as of January 26, 2023, but the range typically falls between $55,690 and $72,290.

Which CDL license is the best?

A Class A CDL allows you to have more opportunity and variety in your career and is the best choice if you are looking for a long-term career as a driver. If traveling the country appeals to you, Class A CDLs allow for interstate travel

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