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Best Business Grants For Disabled Veterans In 2023

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Best Business Grants For Disabled Veterans. Veterans with disabilities should be honored and recognized for their bravery and devotion. Because of this, businesses have developed grants that are intended to benefit injured veterans. You must search for the best grant for your company’s demands as an entrepreneur.

The top ten business grants for wounded veterans in 2023 will be examined in this blog post. Each grant will be described in detail, together with details on its objectives, eligibility standards, application procedure, and help it offers. You will have a thorough understanding of the top 10 business grants for handicapped veterans in 2023 after reading this article, and you’ll be ready to submit an effective application for the grant that best suits your needs.

Best Business Grants For Disabled Veterans

1. StreetShares Foundation

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called the StreetShares Foundation offers grants and other financing possibilities to help veterans and their families develop and sustain their small enterprises. In order to educate, assist, and promote veteran entrepreneurship, this group offers materials that may be difficult for this community to obtain.

This is a fantastic resource for seasoned entrepreneurs due to its outstanding grant program, availability of tools, and coaching. You must adhere to the following standards in order to be eligible for a StreetShares Foundation grant:

  • Candidates must be veterans, members of the reserve, or transitioning active duty personnel (spouses and children of veterans who died in active duty can also apply for this grant).
  • At least 51% of the requesting business organization must be owned by the applicants.
  • The applicants must have modest incomes or be in need of financial assistance to expand or maintain their business.

2. The SBA’s Veterans Advantage

Through this initiative, handicapped veterans who get Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loans will have their interest rates reduced by 5%.

Small businesses owned by service-disabled veterans can receive funds from the SBA’s Service-Disabled Veterans Business Development Program to launch or expand their operations.

The SBA will also take into account candidates who were on active duty during specific times and have disabilities as a result of such service. The candidate must have an honorable discharge status and have been medically dismissed under circumstances other than dishonorable.

3. Warrior Rising

A nonprofit organization called Warrior Rising supports veterans who want to start their own businesses by providing them with cash, business services, and education. Only those applicants who have finished the process of confirming their eligibility and working to develop a sustainable business plan are eligible for grants from this organization. The goal of this program is to equip veterans with the skills they need to succeed as entrepreneurs.

The following standards/eligibility conditions must be satisfied in order to be eligible to apply for a Warrior Rising Grant:

  • Candidates must be veterans or members of their immediate families.
  • Candidates must go through a training session and interview.
  • To be eligible for funding, businesses must have a viable business strategy.

4. The VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)

Veterans with disabilities can start or expand a small business with the help of the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program, which offers them the tools and support they need.

The VR&E program assists disabled veterans in learning about their alternatives for starting their own enterprises, as well as how to locate funding, create a business plan, and advertise. To assist you in succeeding, the VA will offer training, counseling, and other tools.

5. Office of Veterans Business Development Resources

Even though the Office of Veterans Business Development Resources does not award grants, they do support small business entrepreneurs by giving small business programs for veterans or their family priority in terms of availability, application, and usability.

This division of the Small Business Administration (SBA) offers services to mentor, train, and generally support its members, in addition to aiding veteran entrepreneurs in locating and submitting applications for funding or grant possibilities.

6. The Veteran’s Business Outreach Center (VBOC)

The Veteran’s Business Outreach Center (VBOC) Program offers tools, training, and counseling to disabled veterans who want to launch or expand a small business. The VBOC Program helps disabled veterans who wish to launch or expand small enterprises by offering training, advice, and resources. The initiative has given thousands of veterans the tools they need to succeed as business owners, enabling them to flourish.

7. Hivers and Strivers

Through a network of investors, Hivers and Strivers provides finance for US Military Academy alumni to start their own businesses. This organization’s goal is to assist young veterans in starting profitable enterprises that will at least 10 times their initial investment. Through this network of angel investors, young seasoned entrepreneurs with promising business ideas with great growth potential may get capital to launch their startup venture.

To be eligible to apply for financing from Hivers and Strivers, you must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • Candidates must be US Military Academy graduates.
  • The business plan submitted by applicants must have remarkable development potential.
  • Applicants cannot be terminated dishonorably.

8. Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Program

A division of the SBA called the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program tries to set aside a portion of federal contracting funds to help veteran-owned companies. In essence, this initiative helps these small enterprises to compete for government contracts by providing access to set-aside contracts to level the playing field. The access to set-aside contracts provided by this program increases the likelihood of landing a federal contract.

  • By upgrading your account, you can self-identify as a veteran with a service-connected disability.
  • You can gain entry to the Vets First Verification Program, which gives you access to more government contracts, by proving that you are a service-disabled veteran.


  • You must meet the SBA’s requirements for small businesses.
  • Daily operations must be carried out by one or more service-disabled veterans, which might be challenging depending on the disability.

9. The VA’s Adaptive Housing Grants

With the aid of these grants, injured veterans can modify their homes to better suit their needs.

This grant is intended especially for disabled veterans who want assistance with their mortgage or other costs related to buying or building a new house, as well as those looking to renovate or repair their current residence. It may also be used to settle debt or carry out post-natural disaster repairs.

10. The VA’s Grant and Per Diem Program

Through this program, disabled veterans can get grants to start or expand a small business as well as per diem payments to aid with operating expenses.

A monthly stipend is provided by the program to qualified veterans to help with rent, utilities, and other living costs. Whether you served during a period of war or are now retired from active military, you may be eligible for this stipend.

FAQS on Best Business Grants For Disabled Veterans

What Is the Requirement for Grants For A Disabled Veteran?

The good news is that veterans who were hurt while serving in the military can apply for a variety of incentives. The bad news is that choosing the right grant for you can take some time.

All veterans should take the following actions before requesting disability benefits:
First and foremost, be careful you understand the nature of your condition and how your military service contributed to it.

Find out if your handicap qualifies as service-connected, meaning that it developed as a result of your military service. If not, you could not be qualified for any VA benefits (Veterans Administration).

To find out if there are any programs available exclusively for disabled veterans, contact your local VA office. After exiting active duty status, veterans with disabilities can regain their footing with the support of a number of VA programs.

What Are the Challenges For Disabled Veterans in Receiving Grants?

The first obstacle facing injured veterans seeking funds is the lengthy approval process.

Only a select few applicants will be selected due to the lengthy and difficult application process. Veterans with disabilities want to demonstrate their value to the best of their ability, but they also want to know that they have been given a fair chance to be considered, just like everyone else.

Dealing with the red tape involved in award administration presents the second difficulty for wounded veterans. Even if a veteran is successful in getting a grant authorized, there are still several steps to complete before they may earn their money.

It may take months or even years to complete the process. For those who require money right once to take care of themselves or other people who depend on them financially, this is a challenge.

Can you start a business while on VA disability?

Yes. Certainly, you can launch a business while receiving VA benefits. The VA offers a variety of initiatives to assist disabled veterans in starting their own enterprises and even utilizing tax benefits.


Veteran-owned firms frequently receive inadequate financial support and grant possibilities. Small business grants give business owners the chance to get the money they require to launch or operate their enterprise. Not to mention, there are lots of free tools available to support the success of veteran-owned small businesses.

In conclusion, injured veterans can launch a business with the aid of a variety of resources. The assistance offered to those who have served their country goes far beyond these payments. Disabled veterans can use these grants to launch their own enterprises and build a better life for themselves with the correct research, commitment, and hard work.

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