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100 Best Boarding Schools in the World

100 Best Boarding Schools in the World!

An investment in your child’s education is really no different from any other investment; you make it now in hopes that it will pay dividends later. The benefit of sending your child to a boarding school is that they will receive an education and make friends who will help them lead fulfilling lives.

As with any investment, you should look closely at the people who will be assisting in the development of your children into young adults. When your child reaches the appropriate age, it’s time to pose the important queries, including how many boarding schools exist globally. Are the world’s priciest boarding schools really so good? Of course, what are the best boarding schools in the world? Read on to find out.

Ways to Identify the most Easiest Boarding Schools to Get Into

To find the Easiest Boarding Schools to Get Into, you must consider the following:

1. School Capacity

Smaller boarding schools typically have low acceptance rates because they lack the capacity to house so many students.

Therefore, when searching for the most accessible boarding school, keep an eye out for private or public high schools with substantial enrollment capacities.

2. Submission Time

If you apply after the application window has closed, it may be difficult to gain admission to schools whose application deadline has passed. We recommend that students apply prior to the application deadline. To prevent delaying and forgetting the application date for your boarding school, create a reminder or submit your application promptly.

3. Acceptance Rate

Inferring the admissions difficulty of a boarding school from its acceptance rate from the previous year.

Schools with lower acceptance rates are typically more competitive than those with higher acceptance rates. Boarding schools with an admission percentage of at least 50 percent are easier to enter than those with a rate below 50 percent.

4. Admissions Competition 

Some colleges have a more competitive admissions process than others. Therefore, they receive more applications than they can accept annually.

Boarding schools with a great deal of admissions competition and applications are typically more difficult to enter than those with considerably less competition and applications.

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Considerations When Selecting a Boarding School

When selecting the ideal boarding school for your child, there are several factors to consider.

1. Integrity

Before enrolling a child in a boarding school, it is necessary to investigate its reputation. This is because the reputation of a high school can influence your child’s future applications to other programs and possibilities. Choose the scientific or art high school that best meets your demands and those of your child.

2. The Class Size

Pay attention to the class size of the boarding school to ensure that your child is enrolled in a school with a manageable number of students so that teachers can engage with each student effectively.

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3. Suitable Environment

Ensure that you enroll your child in a boarding school with a favorable learning atmosphere that will promote his or her development and well-being.

Examine the school’s cleanliness, environment, security, healthcare facilities, and any other issues that may affect your child’s well-being and education.

4. Ratings

When investigating the ideal boarding school for your child, pay attention to the recommendations provided by other parents.

This will enable you to determine whether the boarding school is a good fit for your child. Such critiques are available online on blogs, message boards, and even high school ranking websites.

5. Cost

Before selecting a school for your child, you should examine how much you can afford to spend on boarding school. This will allow you to properly plan for your child’s education and avoid financial difficulties. Nonetheless, you can apply for high school scholarships to assist you in covering the cost of your child’s education or alternatively go for cheaper boarding schools available.

6. Student to Instructor Ratio

This is of the utmost importance if you want the best for your child.

The student-to-teacher ratio indicates the number of teachers available to serve the entire student body at the boarding school. A reasonable student-to-teacher ratio may indicate that your child will receive sufficient attention.

Easiest Boarding Schools to get Into

Woodberry Forest School

Woodberry Forest School - Wikipedia

School fees: $62,200 Per Year

Woodberry Forest School is an all-boys residential school for 9th through 12th graders. The school was established in 1889 and has more than 400 enrolled pupils with an average class size of nine. This institution made our list of the Easiest Boarding Schools to Get Into.

Annie Wright Schools

School fees: $63,270 Per Year

The average class size of Annie Wright School is twelve pupils, with 232 day and boarders enrolled. Pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade children can also participate in co-ed programs. However, students in ninth through twelfth grade have boarding and day school options.It is also among the Easiest Boarding Schools to Get Into.

Bridgton Academy

School fees: $57,900 Per Year

Bridgton Academy is recognized as the premier post-secondary institution in the United States, with 170 enrolled students and 12 pupils per class.

In the year between high school and college, young men are trained at this college preparatory institution. Bridgton’s 60% acceptance rate indicates that admittance could be easier for those who choose to enroll.

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The Cambridge School of Weston

The Cambridge School Of Weston -

School fees: $69,500 Per Year

Cambridge School of Weston invites applications from students interested in enrolling in their 9th through 12th grade day or boarding programs.

Additionally, the institution offers a one-year postgraduate program and an immersion program. Accepted students have access to more than 250 courses with varying timetables.It ls also regarded as one of the Easiest Boarding Schools to Get Into.

Top 10 Boarding Schools in the World

Before proceeding to the 100 best boarding schools in the world, the top 10 boarding schools worldwide are listed below:

Phillips Academy Andover:

  • Type: Independent, coed high school
  • Grades: 9th through 12th, Postgraduate
  • $66,290 for tuition
  • Andover, Massachusetts, United States

An autonomous, coeducational secondary day and residential school, Phillips Academy was established in 1778.

It has more than 1,000 students from more than 41 states and 47 countries, including 872 boarders.

150 electives are among the more than 300 courses Phillips Academy provides. In order to educate its pupils for life in the outside world, it provides a liberal education.

Grants are made available by Phillips Academy to students in need of money. In fact, Phillips Academy is one of the few independent institutions that fully satisfies the proven financial need of each student.

The Hotchkiss School:

  • Type: Private coed school
  • Grades: 9th through 12th and Postgraduate
  • $65,490 for tuition
  • Location: United States, Lakeville, Connecticut

Private day and boarding school The Hotchkiss School was established in 1891. It is one of New England’s finest private high schools.

More than 620 students from more than 38 states and 31 countries attend The Hotchkiss School.

Hotchkiss offers a curriculum based on real-world experience. More than 200 academic courses are available in seven departments.

The Hotchkiss School offers financial aid totaling more than $12.9 million. In actuality, financial aid is awarded to more than 30% of Hotchkiss students.

Coate Rosemary Hall:

  • Coed, independent, college-preparatory school
  • 9th through 12th grade, Postgraduate
  • $64,820 for tuition
  • American state of Connecticut’s Wallingford is the location.

The Choate School for Boys was established in 1890, and Choate Rosemary Hall changed its status to coeducational in 1974. It is a private day and boarding school for gifted pupils.

More than 300 courses are available at Choate Rosemary Hall in 6 distinct subject areas. At Choate, teachers and students share knowledge in authentic and engaging ways.

More than 30% of students receive financial aid based on need each year. For the school year 2021–2022, Choate allocated around $13.5 million for financial aid.

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Groton School:

Groton, Massachusetts, United States

Private co-educational day and boarding school Groton School was established in 1884. Boarding students make about 85% of the student body.

In 11 departments, Groton School provides a range of academic courses. A Groton education will teach you how to think critically, communicate fluently both orally and in writing, reason quantitatively, and comprehend the perspectives of others.

For families making under $80,000 annually, Groton School has waived tuition and other costs since 2007.

Phillips Exeter Academy:

  • Type: Coed, private school
  • 9th through 12th grade, Postgraduate
  • $61,121 for tuition
  • Exeter, United States is the location.

John and Elizabeth Phillips co-founded Phillips Exeter Academy, an independent co-educational boarding and day school, in 1781.

More than 450 courses across 18 disciplines are available at Exeter. The world’s largest high school library is located there.

The Harkness method, a student-driven approach to education, was developed in 1930 at Phillips Exter Academy and is used to teach students at Exeter.

The $25 million that Phillips Exeter Academy invests in financial aid. Financial aid is received by 47% of students.

Eton College:

  • Type: Boys exclusively public school
  • Grade: beginning in Year 9
  • Termly tuition is £14,698.
  • Location: Berkshire, Windsor, England, United Kingdom

Eton College, a public residential school for males ages 13 to 18, was established in 1440. With over 1350 pupils, Eton is the largest residential school in England.

One of the top academic programs is available at Eton College, along with a sizable co-curricular program that fosters participation and excellence.

About 90 students did not pay any tuition for the academic year 2020–21, while 19% of students got financial aid. Eton spends roughly £8.7 million on financial help annually.

Harrow School:

  • Type: Public school, a school for guys only
  • £14,555 in tuition per term.
  • Location: Harrow, United Kingdom of Great Britain

Under a Royal Charter issued by Elizabeth I, Harrow School was established in 1572 as a full-boarding institution for boys ages 13 to 18.

The Shell year (Year 9) of the Harrow curriculum is separated from the GCSE year (Remove and Fifth Form) and the Sixth Form.

Harrow School provides merit-based bursaries and scholarships each year.

St. Paul’s School:

  • Type: coed, preparation for college
  • Grades 9 through 12
  • $62,000 for tuition
  • Concord, New Hampshire is the location.

St. Paul School was established in 1856 as a school for males only. In Concord, New Hampshire, there is a coed college preparatory school.

The academic programs at St. Paul School cover five subject areas: humanities, mathematics, sciences, languages, religion, and the arts.

Over 200 students at St. Paul School received financial help totaling $12 million during the 2020–21 school year. In the school year 2021–2022, financial aid was obtained by 34% of the student body.

Lawrenceville School:

  • Coed preparatory institution
  • Grades 9 through 12
  • $73,220 for tuition
  • Location: United States, New Jersey

The Lawrenceville neighborhood of Lawrence Township in Mercer County, New Jersey, in the United States, is home to the coed preparatory boarding and day school known as Lawrenceville School.

The school employs the discussion-based Harkness learning methodology. In nine departments, it provides a wide range of academic courses.

Scholarships are available at Lawrenceville School for qualified students. About one-third of our students receive need-based financial aid each year.

The Deerfield Academy:

  • Secondary coeducational institution
  • Grades 9 through 12
  • $63,430 for tuition
  • Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA is the location.

In Deerfield, Massachusetts, the United States, there is an independent secondary school called Deerfield Academy. It is one of the nation’s oldest secondary schools and was established in 1797.

Liberal arts courses are rigorously taught at Deerfield Academy. It offers educational programs in 8 fields of study.

37% of students at Deerfield Academy receive financial aid. Deerfield grants are free money given based on need. There is no need for repayment.

The top ten boarding schools in the world list has come to an end. Let’s now swiftly review the 100 best boarding schools in the world.

100 Best Boarding Schools in the World

Best Boarding Schools in the World

1 Phillips Academy Andover Andover, Massachusetts, United States
2 The Hotchkiss School Salisbury, Connecticut, United States
3 Choate Rosemary Hall Wallingford, Connecticut, United States
4 Groton School Groton, Massachusetts, United States
5 PhillipsExeterAcademy Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
6 Eton College Windsor, United Kingdom
7 Harrow School Harrow, United Kingdom
8 The Lawrenceville School New Jersey, United States
9 St. Paul School Concord, Massachusetts, United States
10 Deerfield Academy Deerfield, Massachusetts, United States
11 Noble and Greenough School Dedham, Massachusetts, United States
12 Concord University Concord, Massachusetts, United States
13 The Loomis Chaffee School Windsor, Connecticut, United States
14 Milton Academy Milton, Massachusetts, United States
15 Cate School Carpinteria, California, United States
16 Wycombe Abbey School Wycombe, United Kingdom
17 Middlesex School Concord, Massachusetts, United States
18 The Thacher School Ojai, California, United States
19 St Paul’s School London, United Kingdom
20 Cranbook School Cranbook, Kent, United Kingdom
21 Sevenoaks School Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
22 Peddie School Hightstown, New Jersey, United States
23 St. Andrews School Middletown, Delaware, United States
24 Brighton College Brighton, United Kingdom
25 Rudby School Hutton, Rudby, United Kingdom
26 Radley College Abingdon, United Kingdom
27 St. Albans School St. Albans, United Kingdom
28 St. Mark’s School Southborough, Massachusetts, United States
29 Webb Schools Claremont, California, United States
30 Ridley College St. Catharines, Canada
31 The Taft School Watertown, Connecticut, United Kingdom
32 Winchester College Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
33 Pickering College Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
34 Cheltenham Ladies’s College Cheltenham, United Kingdom
35 Thomas Jefferson Academy Louisville, Georgia, United States
36 Brentwood College School Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada
37 Tonbridge School Tonbridge, United Kingdom
38 Institul Auf Dem Rosenberg St. Gallen, Switzerland
39 Bodwell High School North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
40 Fulford Academy Brockville, Canada
41 TASIS The American School in Switzerland Collina d`Oro, Switzerland
42 Mercersburg Academy Mercersburg, Pennslyvania, United States
43 Kent School Kent, Connecticut, United States
44 oakham School Oakham, United Kingdom
45 Upper Canada College Toronto, Canada
46 College Apin Beau Soleil Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
47 Leysin American School in Switzerland Leysin, Switzerland
48 Bishop’s College School Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
49 Aiglon College Ollon, Switzerland
50 Branksome Hall Toronto, Ontario, Canada
51 Brillantmont International School Lausanne, Switzerland
52 College du Leman International School Versoix, Switzerland
53 Bronte College Mississauga, Switzerland
54 Oundle School Oundle, United Kingdom
55 Emma Williard School Troy, New York, United States
56 Trinity College School Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
57 Ecole d’ Humanite Halisberg, Switzerland
58 St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Texas, United States
59 Hackley School Tarrytown, New York, United States
60 St. George’s School Vancouver Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
61 Nancy Campell Academy Stratford, Ontario, Canada
62 Oregon Episcopal School Oregon, United States
63 Ashburg College Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
64 St. George’s International School Montreux, Switzerland
65 Suffield Academy Suffield, United States
66 Hill School Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States
67 Institut Le Rosey Rolle, Switzerland
68 Blair Academy Blairstown, New Jersey, United States
69 Charterhouse School Godalming, United Kingdom
70 Shady Side Academy Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
71 Georgetown Preparatory School North Bethesda, Maryland, United States
72 Madeira School Virginia, United States
73 Bishop Strachan School Toronto, Canada
74 Miss Porter’s School Farmington, Connecticut, United States
75 Marlborouh College Marlborough, United Kingdom
76 Appleby College Oakville, Ontario, Canada
77 Abingdon School Abingdon, United Kingdom
78 Badminton School Bristol, United Kingdom
79 Canford School Wimborne Minister, United Kingdom
80 Downe House School Thatcham, United Kingdom
81 The Village School Houston, Texas, United States
82 Cushing Academy Ashburnham, Massachusetts, United States
83 Leys School Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
84 Monmouth School Monmouth, Wales, United States
85 Fairmont Preparatory Academy Anaheim, California, United States
86 St. George’s School Middletown, Rhode Island, United States
87 Culver Acadermies Culver, Indiana, United States
88 Woodberry Forest School Woodberry Forest, Virginia, United States
89 Grier School Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States
90 Shrewsbury School Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom
91 Berkshire School Sheffield, Massachusetts, United States
92 Columbia International College Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
93 Lawrence Academy Groton, Massachusetts, United States
94 Dana Hall School Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States
95 Riverstone International School Boise, Idaho, United States
96 Wyoming Seminary Kinston, Pennsylvania, United States
97 Ethel Walker School Simsbury, Connecticut, United States
98 Canterbury School New Milford, Connecticut, United States
99 International School of Boston Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
100 The Mount, Mill Hill International School London, England, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there worthwhile Boarding Schools in South Africa?

In South Africa, there are some incredible boarding schools that are well worth the money and offer the best education to your child. Some of these institutions expose kids to constructive activities that enhance their social skills, self-discipline, and confidence. All you have to do is pick the school that will be the best fit for your child.

What is the Ideal Age for Boarding School Admission for a Child?

Your child should be at least nine years old, according to experts. This is due to the fact that they must be able to express themselves clearly, have solid parental relationships, and have a sense of their own identity.

What Qualities should a Boarding School have?

The following are some key factors to consider while looking for boarding school for your child: location, tuition and total cost, extracurricular activities, and whether it is coed, religious, or single-sex.

College placement; Facilities and Staff; Reputation are also included.


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