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Best Art Schools in Australia

Best Art Schools in Australia: Many consider the art schools in Australia to be the finest in the world if you want to learn the fine art of transforming pencil and paper into brilliance. Therefore, if you have the passion, love, and creativity for the arts, I would recommend enrolling in one of these Best Art Schools in Australia.

Australia’s art schools are regarded as some of the finest in the world and have been recommended by industry experts as a place to build a solid foundation if you want to be a successful creative artist.

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For those in need of scholarships and other forms of financial aid, it is well-known that the top art institutions in Canada provide these forms of assistance to admitted and prospective students. While we’re on the subject, music is considered an art form, and the world’s best music institutions take pride in teaching their students mastery and presentation.

Not to say that some of the talented individuals are not graduates of some of the Best Art Schools in Australia, but the art schools in Australia are steadfast in their desire and enthusiasm to produce some of the most talented individuals capable of competing with the greats.

Average Cost of Best Art Schools in Australia

The state of Australia eliminated complete fee-paying degrees for domestic applicants to Australian art schools beginning in 2001, but this option is still available for international students seeking admission.

The universities and institutions offering art schools in Australia are responsible for determining the complete fees without interference or capping from the government, resulting in a wide range of full fee-paying amounts among art schools in Australia. At this juncture, the price variation among universities comes into play, as some may be less expensive than others.

A standard 3-year arts degree as a full-fee-paying student can accrue tuition costs ranging from $78,000 to $130,000, whereas a Bachelor of Arts and Laws can cost between $150,000 and $250,000. It ranges between $190,000 and $320,000 for those who are contemplating entering the medical field.

In addition, international students may also be required to pay an Overseas Student Health Cover and a commencement fee. Additionally, the scholars will be responsible for their living expenses.

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List of the Best Art Schools in Australia

The following is a list of the Best Art Schools in Australia:

1. University of Melbourne

Best Art Schools in Australia

The top school on our list of the five Best Art Schools in Australia is the University of Melbourne, which ranks fifth in Australia for Art and Design and third in the national rankings. According to the QS Top University Rankings by Subjects for the year 2020, the university also held the lofty 49th position on the global rankings.

Melbourne University, one of the earliest institutions in Australia, has seven campuses. The Melbourne School of Design on the university’s Parkville campus offers a three-year Bachelor of Design degree.

Throughout the first year of education, students develop new design concepts and skills. Students may then choose between two disciplines or a major and a minor. Landscape Architecture and Spatial Systems are among the eleven available disciplines. It is regarded as one of the Best Art Schools in Australia.

The University of Melbourne also offers graduate programs leading to careers such as teaching, with materials available on their website to facilitate this.



Admission to the Melbourne School of Design requires a VCE English or EAL score of at least 25 or 30, respectively. Make sure you comprehend how VCE scaling can affect your study score and your overall ATAR. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) uses subject scaling to guarantee the fair assessment of students’ academic achievement in relation to the study designs.

The Bachelor of Design currently has a minimum ATAR requirement of 88. This course requires no portfolio submissions.

2. The New South Wales University

This exceptional institution ranks second among the five Best Art Schools in Australia; UNSW is the second-best Art and Design University in Australia. The university is ranked 48th in the globe according to the QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2020.

UNSW is ranked third in Australia for graduate employability and fourth overall by QS Top Universities 2021.

The Art and Design campus of the University of New South Wales is located in Paddington, Sydney. It is near to several beautiful parks and a short bus ride away from Bondi Beach.

As one of the Best Art Schools in Australia, The Art and Design department of the university offers six specializations, including degrees in design, media arts, and studio practice. It is also one of the few institutions that offer a degree in art theory.

At UNSW, there are professional studio facilities, including the Black Box, for multimedia performance and still image creation.

Notable UNSW alumni include the art critic Andrew Frost and the performance artist Barbara Cleveland. There are now students from 130 countries studying at UNSW. There are numerous scholarship opportunities available to students who qualify.


UNSW accepts direct applications through UAC.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Study Practice) and Bachelor of Design presently require an ATAR score of 80.

UNSW also offers a portfolio entry program for those who are not recent high school graduates or who do not meet the ATAR requirements.


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3. University of Technology Swinburne

Best Art Schools in Australia

Swinburne’s School of Design is ranked as Australia’s third-best Art School. According to the QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2020, it is ranked 43rd globally. Swinburne is also the twenty-first best university in Australia, according to QS Top Universities 2021.

Three campuses of Swinburne University are located just outside of Melbourne. Most programs are held on the Hawthorne campus. It is one of the Best Art Schools in Australia.

Despite its emphasis on Design Innovation and Communication Design, this institution offers a wide range of degrees. Additionally, degrees in the visual arts are available.

Swinburne University of Technology has established the Design Factory in order to bring together students and industry collaborators. Students gain professional experience while studying.

The Design Factory is a part of a global network that assists design students in developing their skills.

Swinburne provides scholarships to qualified and interested students. If you meet the eligibility requirements, it is recommended that you register for one of their numerous grants to reduce your tuition costs.It is among the list of Best Art Schools in Australia


Bachelor of Design candidates must submit a portfolio containing three to five original works. Applicants are also advised to submit supporting materials.


4. Sydney University of Technology

UTS is ranked 23rd in the global ranking for Art and Design, is ranked fourth on our list of Best Art Schools in Australia, and was ranked 23rd in the QS Top University Rankings by Subject in 2020.

According to QS Top University Rankings 2020, the university is also the best junior university in Australia. According to the QS Top Institution Rankings 2021, UTS is the ninth top university in Australia.

This university is ideally located in the center of Sydney, only five minutes on foot from Central Station. While UTS is only 33 years old, it features modern structures that complement the environment.

The School of Design at the University of Technology Sydney provides 17 undergraduate degree options. In addition to conventional design degrees, fashion and product design courses are available. Single degrees typically last three years, whereas double degrees last five.

The UTS Housing Service offers four options, all of which are named after Indigenous Australian languages, for students studying away from home.

Scholarship programs are also offered to qualified pupils who meet the established criteria.


Each degree in design has an ATAR prerequisite. The current range for Bachelor of Design in Product Design and Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles is between 78.15 and 94.50.

UTS also offers a portfolio program for those who have not yet graduated high school. To be considered for early offer phases, you must first submit your UAC application by September 30.

Even if you are not admitted via UAC, you can submit a portfolio of work for the Design faculty’s consideration. You must submit a five-page digital portfolio of original course-related work. In addition, a written application is required.


5. University of RMIT

Best Art Schools in Australia

on our list of Best Art Schools in Australia is the prestigious RMIT University, which according to QS Top University Rankings by Subject in 2020 was ranked eleventh globally for Arts and Design courses.

According to the QS Top Universities in 2021, the university is ranked as the eleventh top university in Australia overall in 2021.

The RMIT School of Art offers courses in Fine Arts and Photography. Five distinct Design degrees are offered at this institution. To make graduates more employable, RMIT offers mentorships and joint initiatives with industry.

This university is comprised of three campuses in Melbourne. The preponderance of Art & Design classes are held in the downtown area. As one of the Best Art Schools in Australia, The School of Art has collaborated with Hong Kong Art School, enabling students from both institutions to work together!

Equitable Learning Services at RMIT also assists students with disabilities. The availability of scholarship opportunities for qualified and interested students.


For a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a minimum VCE score of 30 in English (EAL) or 25 in English other than EAL is required. For each degree in art or design, a selection project must be completed. These will vary in degree, but they will always require creative expression!

If the institution requires additional information, applicants may be required to submit a folio containing samples of their best work.


FAQs On Best Art Schools in Australia

Is Australia good for arts students?

According to QS Ranking 2022, 13 arts colleges in Australia were included in the top 230 universities of the world. Australia is a great place to study fine arts, with world-renowned institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian Institute of Music located all across the country.

Is Australia a good place for artists?

It would be a good choice for someone who wants to pursue a career in design or fine arts. Australia is a country that values creativity. It has a rich artistic history, which began in the late 1800s and continues to thrive today. The country also boasts a diverse range of art galleries, museums, and art schools.

How can a foreigner study in Australia?

To study in Australia as an international student, you must hold a valid student visa (subclass 500) for the duration of your studies. This means that you'll need to apply for your visa online before you begin your studies. You can lodge your application inside or outside of Australia.

Is Australia friendly to international students?

Australia is among the top study-abroad destinations among international students because of the excellent education opportunities offered at the world's leading academic institutions

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