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Best 12 Data Analytics Certifications Online for 2023

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Best 12 Data Analytics Certifications. Data science includes data analytics. Data analytics is used to draw conclusions from data by relating patterns and trends to corporate objectives. Data analytics frequently compares organizational ideas with data assets, and the approach is frequently centered on business and strategy. Data analytics focuses more on contextualizing historical data than it does on AI, machine learning, and predictive modeling.

In light of this, we’ve put together this list of the top data analytics credentials from reputable universities and top online professional education providers. The specified certifications provide students with the education they need to pick up new abilities and improve in their careers. This is not a comprehensive list, but it does include the top online data analytics certificates from reputable organizations. We made sure to include information on each certificate, as well as Solutions Review’s opinion of it.

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Benefits of Data Analytics Certification

You will gain a number of advantages in your field by taking data analytics or data science courses. Here are 5 advantages of holding a certification in data science.

  • High need exists for data expertise

Data skills are routinely required for the most sought-after IT professions, which is hardly breaking news. The worldwide job market is currently seeing the greatest rise in positions for data scientists and analysts.

  • You’ll develop into a knowledgeable expert

Being a certified data analyst will confirm your current data science abilities and ensure that you develop sophisticated skills that are difficult to find in your industry.

  • An advantage for your portfolio or resume

A certification in data analysis will improve your skills on your CV or portfolio, improving your chances of networking and finding work.

  • Gives you a seal of approval

You will have the authority of being acknowledged as a pro in your area if you are a certified data analyst.

  • You’ll advance your career and be useful

Data experts will become more and more important in all companies and sectors as technology develops. A significant asset to the world is therefore anyone with data abilities.

Best 12 Data Analytics Certifications Online for 2022

  1.  Big Data MasterTrack Certificate

Data analytics, data visualization, and statistical machine learning certification are all offered by this MasterTrack training course from Arizona State University.

Website: Coursera

Through real-world projects created by Arizona State University academics, you will learn to use mathematical theory and decision-making approaches that are essential to big data analysis, classification, clustering, and association rule mining. You can achieve the Big Data MasterTrack Certificate, a steppingstone to Arizona State University’s online Master of Computer Science degree, by dedicating to online study for 6–9 months.

2. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

In less than six months, students who complete this beginner-level certification module will have the in-demand abilities. Additionally, it provides a thorough understanding of the procedures and methods followed by junior and associate data analysts.
Website: Coursera

Learn in-demand skills that can help you land an entry-level job over the course of 8 courses. You’ll gain knowledge from Google employees whose careers in data analytics started with solid foundations. You’ll get ready for careers such as database administrator, junior or associate data analyst, and more. After earning the credential, you can submit a direct job application to Google and more than 130 U.S. companies, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.

3. MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

You will learn how to code in SQL as well as everything else you need to know in this course on SQL for data science. By learning an in-demand skill with this course, you can improve your resume while also creating, designing, and using SQL databases.

4. IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R Professional Certificate

This entry-level certification course from IBM teaches students how to build relational databases and tables, use Excel spreadsheets for data analysis, and finish the analytical process.
Website: Coursera

Anyone looking to build the portfolio, tools, and job-ready abilities necessary for a position as an entry-level data analyst or data scientist is the target audience for this professional certificate. With the help of these eight online courses, you will gain the fundamental knowledge required to work as a data analyst or data scientist and to effectively use tools like Excel, Cognos Analytics, and the R programming language. You will also gain experience in the role of a data analyst or data scientist.

5. IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

With more than 3,000 evaluations, this IBM data analyst certification module boasts 4.7 stars. Without a degree or prior experience, it enables students to develop data analysis abilities that are suitable for the workforce.
Website: Coursera

Learn the fundamental abilities needed for an entry-level data analysis position through this nine-course IBM Professional Certificate to put yourself in a competitive position in the booming data analyst employment market. Various data sources, project scenarios, and data analysis technologies, such as Excel, SQL, Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and Cognos Analytics, will be used in your work.

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7. SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate

You may learn how to prepare data using SAS Data Studio, view data using SAS Visual Analytics, and generate interactive reports with the help of this adaptable, introductory course from SAS and Coursera.
Website: Coursera

You will discover how to access and alter data, analyze data using a range of interactive reports and graphics, and create and share dashboards to visualize your data using SAS Visual Analytics. Business analyst, researcher, statistician, and data scientist are just a few of the professions where knowledge of SAS Visual Analytics is helpful.

8. SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate

You will be prepared to learn SAS statistics, modeling, and programming abilities like ANOVA, regression, logistic regression, business applications of modeling, and modeling difficulties through this practical certificate program.
Website: Coursera

This program is for anyone who wish to improve their statistical and predictive modeling abilities in order to produce data-driven business outcomes. This credential is an important testament to your competence if modeling data for business outcomes is important to your career or sector. Examples of data can be used in a wide range of subject areas because they are sufficiently general.

9. Machine Learning for Analytics MasterTrack Certificate

You may learn how to understand AI algorithms, data mining methods, and predictive analytics in as short as five months by taking this University of Chicago certification module.
Website: Coursera

Positions in data analytics and data science are expanding rapidly across numerous industries. With the help of this online certificate program, you’ll learn the skills necessary to develop in your job at the graduate level. Through real-world projects created by professors, you will learn to use mathematical theory and decision-making processes that are essential to solving business problems.

10. Data Structures and Algorithms

In 5 months at a suggested pace of 9 to 10 hours per week, this edX training will deliver certification in data structures, data visualization, tree data structures, and data analysis thanks to a cooperation with George Tech.
Website: edX

Learn how to distinguish between several linear data structures, including queues, stacks, linkedlists, and arraylists, and choose the best one for the job at hand. Utilize the course visualization tool to evaluate the performance of data structures.

11. Statistical Analysis in R

Two skill-building courses are included in this self-paced certification program, along with qualified instruction. If students complete the self-paced course in three months, they should train for the suggested five to ten hours per week.

The fundamentals of statistical inference, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, frequently employed tests, Pvalues, statistical and practical significance, and more will be covered. Additionally, students will learn how to use R to create mixed-effects linear models, generalized linear models, ANCOVA, and linear regression with covariates.

12. Data Processing and Analysis

You will be certified in how to preprocess sizable datasets, store data using SQL, and more by completing this edX and ITMO University session. It has three separate, self-paced courses and should take about 4 months to finish.
Website: edX

Both in research and business, there is an increasing need for qualified data analysts. The Professional Certificate in Data Processing and Analysis equips you with the intellectual background and practical skills you need to tackle data analysis difficulties in your line of work.

FAQS on Best 12 Data Analytics Certifications Online

What are the Benefits of Data Analytics Certification Training?

Industry-wide adoption of data analytics gives qualified professionals the advantage and freedom to work in any area.
Use Excel and Power BI data analytics tools to find important business insights.
By earning Microsoft and Cloudera data analytics certifications, you can improve your employment opportunities abroad.

Professionals with training in data analytics can earn higher compensation. In the US, the average annual income for workers with a certification in data analytics is between USD 62,000 and USD 86,000.
With the help of industry-recognized Data Analytics certificates, you can forge a successful career path.
Professionals with certification in data analytics will aid businesses in increasing productivity, streamlining operations, identifying new opportunities, cutting waste, and many other things.
Data analytics certified professionals will be given increased job responsibilities, allowing them to advance in their careers.
Gain market value by earning certifications in data analytics that show you understand how to transform raw data into usable data.

What are the Data Analytics Certification Process?

By collecting information from several certification classes, one can become a Data Analytics certified professional. The following are the steps to becoming a certified professional in data analytics:

Choosing appropriate Data Analytics Certification training from a recognized training provider
Pay for the Data Analytics Certification course.

Examine the Koenig training materials to get ready for the course in advance.
Attend the Data Analytics course and ask any questions you have regarding the various vendor exams.
Utilize practice exams and appropriate imitation exams to get ready for the Data Analytics exam.
Apply online at Pearson Vue and other test centers for the certification exam to pass it.
Gaining certification in data analytics will improve your professional prospects and open up new opportunities for you.


It is time for businesses and professionals to better grasp data analytics and how to use it to make better decisions in a data-driven world. Any type of data gathered may be your data; if identified, it will assist you in streamlining and/or optimizing your operations. Data analytics certification programs assist professionals in this respect by enabling them to analyze and deal with raw data for human consumption in the form of discovering new opportunities, removing bottlenecks, and increasing overall productivity.

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