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Best D2 Schools for Baseball

Baseball. With a 99 percent Academic Success Rate, the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia took the top spot in Division II for the first time. Saint Michael’s College, Point Loma Nazarene University, and Bentley University were next in line with 98 percent ASRs.

What is the finest D3 baseball school, then? The top school for D3 Men’s Baseball athletes this year is Johns Hopkins University. This significant higher education institution is located in Baltimore, Maryland. In the 2018–2019 academic year, 1,747 students received bachelor’s degrees from the private, non-profit institution. Also, are D2 sports superior to D3 sports? Many gifted athletes chose D2, some for a more diverse collegiate experience and others for the chance to play all four years or receive more playing time. D3 often gives student-athletes the opportunity to have a “regular” collegiate experience while still being able to engage in sports.

Is D1 or D2 superior, as is frequently asked? D1 athletes are more talented and frequently stand a higher chance of earning scholarships and making it to the professional ranks in their sport. D2 athletes, however, have more time to devote to their studies and indulge in extracurricular activities. It all boils down to whatever league better suits your interests and abilities.

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Best D2 Schools for Baseball In 2022

Public, urban, all-encompassing Columbus State University grants bachelor, associate, and professional certificates. More than 30 undergraduate majors, 17 graduate degrees, and a number of pre-professional programs are offered by the university. The institution also provides classes and courses online.

The main campus of CSU is located in the heart of Columbus. Additionally, the institution has satellite campuses at the Eastgate, Northland, and Westland malls throughout the city.

There are 16 teams in the Columbus State baseball program, 15 of which play for the school. The 16th group is the National Club Baseball Association’s Columbus State Cougars (NCBA).

The Cougars compete in the South Region of the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA). Over the course of their involvement in the league, they had one NCAA World Series victory.

The baseball team at Southern Arkansas University has a rich history that dates back to the program’s founding in 1950. The Muleriders have since gone on to win four National Junior College Athletic Association national championships and have qualified for the playoffs 11 times.

In 1972, after placing second in the state tournament with a 26-8 record, the Muleriders made their first appearance at the national competition. Under the leadership of head coach Monroe Ingram, Southern Arkansas won its first state championship the following year. He went on to win two more championships between 1973 and 1979.

Ronnie Wooten succeeded Moore as head coach for seven seasons (1980–1986), guiding Southern Arkansas to two additional state titles (1981 and 1983), before resigning to join Dixie State College (Utah). Taking over as head coach from 1981 through 2003, Steve Goodheart brought the Muleriders back to the NCAA World Series in 1988, when they placed third out of eight teams. The Muleriders won nine championship titles under Steve’s leadership.

Allen Gum was appointed head coach of Southern Arkansas from 2006 to 2010 after serving as a longtime assistant coach. After losing their opening game to eventual champion Laredo Community College, Gum led SAU back to the NCAA World Series in 2009, where they finished second out of eight teams (Texas).

The American Midwest Conference is a member of the Illinois Springfield baseball team. The Division II Prairie Stars are a member of the Great Lakes Valley Conference. Brian Rowland is the team’s head coach. He has been the head coach at Illinois Springfield since 2007, and in that time, he has amassed a record of 148-439-3.

The Prairie Stars had a 7-24 overall record and a 2-12 record in conference games in 2019. During the season, their opponents outscored them 219 runs to 170 runs. Their offense, which hit.350 for the season with 16 extra-base hits and 24 RBIs in 52 games, was paced by junior infielder Paul Miller. Despite being one of only two players to hit above.300 for them at any point during the entire season due to how inconsistent their lineup was throughout the entire 2019 that year, Driven Another set him apart from most of his teammates and he struggled to put up consistent numbers from start to finish throughout his junior campaign.

Bryan Velasquez, a sophomore outfielder, provided for him on defense last season by stealing 13 bases in just 34 games while also hitting.362.

Tigerville, South Carolina’s North Greenville University is a private, Christian liberal arts college with the postal code 29688. The institution, which offered more than 50 undergraduate programs, master’s, and doctoral degrees, was founded in 1892.

Jan McDonald is the director of athletics at North Greenville University. What baseball division is North Greenville? Baseball in Division II has been completely dominated by them recently. 2,481 students are enrolled at now. Crusaders is the nickname of the team. Red and black are the school colors.

Students may participate in NCAA Division II intercollegiate competitions through North Greenville University Athletics. Seven men’s sports and six women’s sports are played by the Crusaders. The Mott Baseball Complex on campus is where the Crusaders play their home games. When the venue first opened in 2010, it had a grandstand with 500 seats, a press box, and a food stand.

They currently hold the title of 2022 NCAA Division II Baseball Champions after amassing an impressive 471 points with a 54-10 record.

The Sea Lions are the name of the school’s athletic team. In San Diego, California, Point Loma Nazarene University’s athletic teams compete. Baseball Hall of Famers Kerry Morris and Kerry Everett attended Point Loma College and received their degrees.

Their three-year transition from the NAIA to NCAA Division II was completed in the summer of 2014 when Point Loma became an active member of the NCAA. They were also a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA), primarily competing as an independent in the West Region of the Division I level.

The Point Loma Sea Lions offer programs in baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, American football, flag football, lacrosse, and other sports. All of the programs are made to be enjoyable while teaching fundamental abilities and sportsmanship.

For more than 50 years, the Tampa Spartans baseball program has been a mainstay in the Tampa Bay region. The Spartans have produced a large number of professional athletes and have won 11 Florida State Championships. Currently in his seventeenth season with the team, former major leaguer Joe Urso is the Spartans’ head coach.

The University of Tampa Baseball Field, which had a seating capacity of 750 when it first built in 1939, serves as the Spartans’ home field. The team’s colors are red, black, and vintage.

As a founding member of the Florida High School Athletics Association, the Spartans were established in 1977. (FHSAA). Under the leadership of head coach Brian Sabean, who also happened to be the team’s final coach that year, they finished 1984 with a 21-7 record and won their first state championship. He led his team to its first state championship during his tenure, earning him a reputation as one of the greatest coaches in Florida high school history.

In Winter Park, Florida, there is a private, coeducational liberal arts college called Rollins College. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has 2,127 undergraduate students enrolled as of 2020. Since 1992, Rollins has been listed as one of the top 10 Southern master’s colleges.

Francis Knowles was among the ardent Congregational Church members who had the vision to start Rollins College in 1885. The first college in the state of Florida was Rollins College. Blue and gold are the colors of the school. The school’s mascot, an osprey, is whence the term “Tars” originates.

Florida’s Orlando is 19 miles north of the university. It has a variety of structures on 140 acres of land, with an about 1,000 square foot overall space. There are many green areas on the campus, including ponds, parks, and athletic fields. Additionally, Rollins College possesses a number of old homes that have been converted into dorms for full- or part-time students.

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With six Lone Star Conference titles, 10 appearances in the NCAA Tournament, and two trips to the Division II College World Series, Angelo State is a top-25 NCAA Division II baseball program.

Head coach Kevin Brooks, who just finished his ninth season with ASU in 2022, is in charge of the Rams. After Chris Hanks left for UTSA, Pustejovsky was elevated from assistant coach to head coach. In Brooks’ first campaign at Angelo State, the Rams went 17–19. Throughout his 20 years of coaching experience, Brooks has worked with National League All-Star Lance Berkman with the Hays Larks in baseball. The USA Olympic Baseball Team won the 1995 National Baseball Congress (NBC) Championship Series, with the Hays Larks placing second.

Numerous All-Americans have also come from ASU, including current Cleveland Indians pitching coach and former MLB pitcher Scott Radinsky, who was named to the first team in 1976. In addition to producing strong team statistics on the field, Angelo State has had eight players picked in Major League Baseball drafts since 2009, including 2011 fifth-round choice Scott Diamond and three players each year from 2009 to 2011. The latter was chosen by the Minnesota Twins out of high school.

West Chester Institution, a public university in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was first established in 1871 as West Chester Normal School. The university has more than 8,000 students enrolled and offers more than 50 undergraduate majors in addition to more than 20 graduate programs. There are many opportunities for students to get engaged in the university, as there are more than 300 student organizations total, including Greek life organizations.

One of the top programs in Pennsylvania, the West Chester Baseball Program has been active for more than 30 years. Head coach Mike LaRosa, who graduated from West Chester University in 2005 and has been coaching ever since, is in charge of the team. The stunning Serpico Stadium Complex on the West Chester University campus is where the squad plays its home games. The stadium comprises six lit fields, 1000 spectator seats, locker rooms, food stands, a press box, and indoor batting cages.

The West Chester Baseball Program provides a range of chances for athletes to hone their abilities through training, competitions, and games.

The winning of a National Championship is West Chester’s yearly objective! With a record of 36-15 in 2022, they finished sixth in Division II, which was one of their best finishes.

Baseball at Southern New Hampshire is among the best in the nation. In 2015 and 2017, the team captured five NCAA Division II National Championships. The group also participated in the championship contest in 2009, 2011, and 2018.

The accomplishments of Southern New Hampshire are evidence of the region’s long tradition of producing top athletes. More than 100 former Spartans who attended Southern New Hampshire went on to play professionally. Former Major League All-Stars Josh Beckett (Boston Red Sox), Mike Lansing (New York Mets), and Jason Bay are among the program’s impressive alumni (Pittsburgh Pirates).

The Southern New Hampshire University Athletic Department sponsors the Southern New Hampshire Baseball Program. The initiative fosters the social, intellectual, and physical growth of baseball players.

The curriculum includes lessons in hitting, fielding, pitching, throwing, running the bases, and game strategy. Participants also gain knowledge of baseball regulations and how they relate to actual game circumstances. The aim of SNHU Baseball is to give participants a chance to learn the abilities needed for competitive play. Through team activities like coaching clinics and team camps, SNHU Baseball gives players the opportunity to hone their leadership abilities in addition to their technical abilities.

FAQS on Best D2 Schools for Baseball In 2022

Can D2 athletes play in the NFL?

Florida Buccaneers We have been tracking Division II football players in the NFL for the past five seasons. 90 DII players made rosters across the league in 2017, which was when it all started. It decreased to 83 players in 2018, and to 49 players in 2019, almost a 50% decrease. The number of DII players in the NFL increased to 54 in 2020.

How many Division 2 Baseball teams are there?

There are currently roughly 274 Division 2 college baseball programs in the NCAA. There can be a maximum of nine scholarships for each team.

Can a D2 school become D1?

Even though their membership is in a different division, a Division II or III institution may choose to compete in Division I in one sport (other than football or basketball) and must follow the rules of Division I for that sport.

What GPA do you need to play D2 sports?

At least 2.2 GPA is required in your core courses. On the Division II sliding scale, which balances your test score and core-course GPA, achieve an SAT combined score or an ACT sum score that matches your core-course GPA. If your test score is low, you must have a higher core course GPA to qualify.


The top baseball teams compete at the Division-I level, but the sport is played at many different levels. Baseball is played by over 300 NCAA collegiate teams; not just any team will do. To succeed at this level, you need exceptional talent and unwavering tenacity.

Any younger player who plans to attend a Division 2, 3, or NAIA institution should consider the enjoyable project of playing college baseball. In the United States, there are so many top-notch programs that even if you don’t succeed elsewhere, you have dozens upon dozens of other universities to pick from. The top D2 baseball programs have a solid track record of producing talent. Professional teams can select players from these colleges in the draft. The top D2 baseball programs are adept at fostering their players’ personal development in addition to their baseball skills. You must locate the top D2 baseball school that meets your needs if you want to become a professional baseball player.

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